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Masked Reviewer I: Raven

Name: Raven
Age: 15

Self-Bio: The main user for this account and an extremely angry female. Loves anime, manga, video games, pocky, her computer, books, writing, sleep, (formerly loved) Square-Enix, Riku, Roxas, and marching band. Has an extreme problem with sending out flames to stories that hurt her eyes, her favorite characters, or just the general craft of writing.

I am: Normally pretty easy to get along with. However, if you don't like something I said in the review, don't feel it was constructive enough or perhaps too constructive and I hurt your feelings, feel free to say something to me, either by my e-mail or a private message. Keep in mind, however, that I will always sign my reviews. You might get something from someone else on the account- In that case, don't flame me or my stories or tell me you're going to kill my mother over it. Get in touch with them. And if their bios aren't up just yet, well, don't worry. They will be soon.

Writes: Kingdom Hearts, various anime catagories, and various book catagories

Request status: Open-ended. If you have a story you'd like to see written, I'm not shy about writing things with opinion or attitude. Feel free to e-mail me.

Other notes: I really don't bite hard! I like making friends or talking to people who find me rude and offensive. Either way, that's an open-ended e-mail account. Just don't send me letters about killing my mother or eating my babies- My mother would probably kill you and I don't have any babies (Those who disliked my other account ate them all.) And don't flame me back unless you really have something constructive to say. Or I'll use the ashes to disguise poor Xenmas so he endures no more abuse.

"Laugh. Cry. Live. Love. But remember, other people are essential in all of these things."
The world is made of dark and light,

Masked Reviewer II: Marly

Name: Kayla
Age: 16

Hi! I'm Kayla a.k.a. Marly, The Brit, or The Drooling Husk. I would be masked reviewer number two, and buddies with Raven up there. Put the two of us in a room together, and fire is sure to result, along with a very angry adult of some sort. XD

I heart manga, eyepatches, redheads, art ('specially painting), anime, RPG's, Square-Enix, band, pocky, books, and my lovely, lovely mac. (pets computer)

Flame-wise, you're probably least likely to get one from me. I'm just too nice. My angry reviews tend to end up more constructive than anything else. XD

I write... whatever I feel like writing. XD When I feel like writing it. Most of my fics go for a while then stop...then start again like, a year later, but if you keep pestering me, I'm sure to finish sooner rather than later. I might stick something up on this account when I get around to typing out one of the fics I actually like.

For those of you who have ever wondered what insanity embodied looks like, gaze upon the secret idenities of your Masked Reviewers! MASKED REVIEWER AND PAOPU GIRL AWAAAAAYYYY!!

"I'm high on life and
gay for God."
~ Kayla (a.k.a. Paopu Girl)

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