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Name: KE0-MANiA

Age: Old enough

Gender: Female

Nationality: Pacific Islander (Auckland, N.Z./Ottovile , Am. Samoa/ Kaneohe, Hawaii)

Hey, everybody. Well, I hope you like my stories. I was inspired by so many people, so I decided to just write stories. I like writing, it is like a first nature to me. Well, I just wanted to let you all know, that if you guys have any problems with my story, then just PM me. Also, if you are going to criticize my writing, please, constructive criticism ONLY!! I have feelings, too, you know.

E-mail: If you want to chat about anything, including some of my stories then send me an e-mail or add me on MSN.

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Gundam Seed

Well, there are like a lot more, but my brain is going through some sort of malfunction(..hehe scratches head).

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Hey, I still like them.


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"Be who you are and say what you feel, cause those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Suess (you know, the guy that made the Grinch.. lol..not the movie, but the story)

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A good friend would come and bail you out of jail. A true friend would be there, sitting beside you saying, "Man, that was fun!"

Well, I guess some of you have been wondering why I was gone for a long time. Here it is. My father got diagnosed with kidney stones so we had to go to New Zealand for ONE MONTH! I missed out on a lot. I didnt update my stories for a long, long time because of many other reason. However, I just want people, who read my stories, to know that I'm not quitting. I'm back, and I'm ready. My head is filled with so many ideas, I can't wait to update. But NOTE, they will be up between certain periods of time. My parents want me to get a summer job, but I can handle that and updating my stories. Thank you all for being patient.

Ideas for a New Story.

Title: To Have and To Hold (temporary title)

Summary: Uchiha Sasuke, the Prince of Vampires, is engaged to Karin. However, his heart belongs to someone else. The same someone that carried his child. The same person that had healed his father. The same person that he sentenced to have executed.

Main Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

Type of Story: Angst, Romance, Tragedy, Humor (randomness really..)

Rating: T


The Prince of Vampires stood there, fuming mad. It had been decades since his father made them, the very inhabitants of the castle swore an oath never to touch the human race.

How ridiculous, he thought.

Now, it seems that humans were going to be there, AGAIN.

He stood there with his fiance', his idiot of a friend, Naruto, and his advisors.

Mikato High were going on a field trip. It seems that they were going to a very old, abandoned castle named Castle of the Living Dead.

Students started piling up, anticipating the minute they actually get to see the castle up close.

One by one they entered the 'abandoned' castle. Jaw-dropped, awe-strucked students walked through the doors. To say the castle was beautiful was an understatement. It really looked like people lived there, rather than it being deserted.

Students were horse playing around, talking aloud, and laughing amongst each other.

"Students, calm down," said the teacher.

Students started to form a circle around the teacher.

Their attention were directed to her, that is, until...

"TENTEN, leave the poor boy alone!" screamed a pink-haired teen.

"Fine, but strike three, and you're out," whispered Tenten to the poor boy.

Tenten ran to the circle of students and it seemed that Sakura was the last person to arrive.

"Wow. I feel like I've been here before," said Sakura and then she grimaced, " and it feels like I suffered here."

Everybody having heard this laughed, Sakura realizing her mistake also laughed.

However, the feeling was still there. The feeling of happiness, sadness, she even felt heartbroken.

Unbeknowst to them, the original inhabitants of the castle stood on the ceiling. It was their turn to be the jaw-dropped, awe-struck group.

It can't be her.

They all had the look of utter confusion.

Can it?

It seemed like the most shocked one of them all, was none other than Sasuke.

Can it be her?

Sakura had the feeling like she was being watched.

But by who?

Oh how she dreaded the way she felt. She looked at her surrounding and felt a sudden chill run down her spine. She decided to shrug it off and join Tenten. She felt safer around her, anyways. But still, she can't help but feel a sense of... attachment to the place.


End of Preview

Well, hehe, there ya have it. Just thought I write that down before it goes away. But hey, if any of you authors want to write this story, then please let me know, I'll be glad to let you have. Oh! and if any of you want any ideas for stories, I got tons to give away.

Title: Love Me As I Am

Summary: Haruno Sakura was a well known journalist travelling around the world getting only the best there is. Uchiha Sasuke was a tennis player trying to get his game back as he get his life straighten out. Their worlds collide as they turn to each other for support. However, Sakura has a secret that could make or break her relationship with Sasuke.

This is was inspired by a book that I read when I was fifteen.

Main Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura.

Type of Story: Romance, Humor, and Drama.

Rating: M for future lemons.

Oh my good gawd, I'm going to be writing a story with mature content involved. No Way?! Hm, oh well. This story was requested by a friend. I'm still having time adjusting to the fact that I don't have my other stories, and as payback, I deleted one of my brother's stories. MEAN? you may say, and I may agree, but still. My stories are like my life, so whatever.



Oh and that pic you see, that was a fan art. If you know who drew it, please let me know, I want to acknowledge that person. It a modern mix to Team 7. I am not the one that drew it, but I do love the picture.

(0.0) Copy the bunny to your presentation to help him achieve world domination, and come join the dark side.

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