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This is my profile... so enjoy. :)

(Note: I changed my pen name from Coolystar89796 to xTwichii)

Okay, so this loser you're reading about is named Kryssa.

She is working her way up as a Sophomore in College.

So that would mean she's 19,

but on May 8 she's turning to 20! :O

Grammar is her worst enemy.

Laughing and being slow are her best friends forever.

She loves to write, but she can get too distracted from typing up her stories. :O

She is basically a AU writer, really rare to see something from her that is not AU.

You might never see that day.

She is a proud Filipina.

She is very random and watches too much filipino drama so thats why all her stories are romance. xD

You may find her doing other things than sitting on her butt typing the next chapters...

like: hanging out with friends, school work, reading, and especially sleeping!

She listens to music a lot.

and she always has a positive view point of the opposite world.

okay. Bye.

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I currently am too lazy to make new goals. xD

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Title: Hollow Hearts

Main Pairing: MayxDrew; Dabbles of MayxBrendan and DrewxLea(f)


Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: May and Drew detest one another. They are like night and day, cat and dog, and anything that contradicts them as opposites. Though they have one thing in common: they have a secret crush each other's best friends. Once both finds out about each others secret they agreed to put aside their differences and help one another with their love life. Though what they never expected was that in the end they had a life changing decision to make.

X.X. When you help someone with their love life, don't make them a part of your love life .X.X

Why This?: I actually don't know how I came up with this idea, just popped into my head! I guess thats what happens when you're in class bored to death. xP And this one is actually a love SQUARE!


Title: Three Hearts:One Love

Main Pairing: DrewxMayxBrendan

Anime/Game: Pokemon

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Drew and May have been together forever, but this one girl ruins three years of love and seperates the two for about another three years. May went off to college in Littleroot Town, accepting the scholarship she recieved; while Drew stayed in LaRousse and finished school there. About three years later, he still hasn't gotten over May, but finally thinks he can. Though on that day he recieves a new neighbor in his apartment and his best friend, Brendan, comes back to town. He couldn't believe that his new neighbor was May and then his best friend's girlfriend was May too! Though May can't seem to forgive him for everything... at least not now.

X.X. can love really have one more chance? .X.X

Why This?: I had this originally as a RoxasNamine story, but I think I'm turning into the dark side with contestshipping pairing! Yeah, but it'll depend, I might make this into both, just one version with MayDrew and then a version with NamineRoxas. Oh and look! Its another love triangle story! :D


Title: Crossroads (Title May Change)

Main Pairing: DrewxMayxBrendan

Anime/Game: Pokemon

Genre: Romance/Drama

Summary: Everything was perfect for May and Drew. They loved each other more and more each day; it was true love from day one, and nothing could stand between them. Except for one event... May gets kidnapped and has an amenisa and loses everything that could be remembered. Now Drew is trying everything to get her memory back... Especially the memory of their love, which seems to be the only thing she can't remember. Though its not as easy as Drew thought it would be. Brendan, May's long time friend, comes and tries to help Drew get May's memory, but instead... May starts falling in love with Brendan and vice versa. Now May is confused about who to love and what to do.

X.X. could true love come twice in a life time? .X.X

Why This?: I don't know... I just thought of the story while laying on my bed bored and I just ADORE love triangles. xD So.. I might do this one. :)


Title: Journey (Title may change)

Main Pairing: NaminexRoxas

Anime/Game: Kingdom Hearts

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure

Summary: Namine, your typical spoiled rich girl. Roxas, your typical organization member. He stole her, but regrets the decision so now he tries to bring her back home. Though he can't stand her! All Namine does is whine, whine, and WHINE! She can't stand him either. All Roxas does is lecture, lecture, and LECTURE. Though after one day they start becoming closer to each other until the point where they can't let go of each other anymore. But they were not meant for each other... never. Namine was getting married, and Roxas was a wanted man in both the orginization and in town.

X.X. will you die for the one you love? .X.X

Why This?: Wow, I was watching Beverly Hills Chuahaha (i don't know if thats correct spelling) and then the idea just popped into my head! It is similar, but this time its not with dogs, and the rescuer falls in love with the girl! Haha, brilliant right? xD

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None at the moment.

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1. Why Did I Have To Meet You (chapters: 8 - Complete)

2. Singing Can Bring Things Together (Chapters: 8 - Complete)

3. We Meet Again (Chapters: 15 - Complete)

4. Which BHK (Chapters: 22 - Discontinued)

5. Forced To Love You (Chapters: 15 - Complete)

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