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Hello i am Kgirlthefox. :D

~update...~ has been a good couple of days of writing, but unfortunately i have now reached a fork in the muse has gone somewhere & i am so freakin tired from writing these stories n staying past 2 am in the morning that i need a couple days of rest...

okay about my the last chapter (the international villain celebration) of "what are heroes made of?" was really depressing but important to the story. problem is...i lost my outlines on how it is beneficial to the story...yes it totally sucks. so im kinda at a loss here, and i've written up another story draft, but its still a bit shaky and unrefined. hopefully as i type the thing along i can be able to make it more detailed and more suitable for my readers.

hopefully i can get a bit of rest tonight...even though its 3 o clock...and b able to write some more later. so don't b alarmed by a little time out from the chapter updating, cause i need rest...and i need to freakin find my outline...


~end of update~

How to begin. well i've been using fanfiction for awhile now, even though i haven't updated and created many stories. But i hope to be doing more now that i'm on summer break~ So i am now going to be entering college :) and i still do take Karate (& yes i have made my black belt), also i have a boyfriend. My first in fact! Anyway, i am the type of person that starts a project and is very determined to finish it in the beginning. But sometimes life gets in the way and i have to stop what i write. I either lose interest or just don't know what to do with it next. i do enjoy writing, just that i dont have any time for it. But hopefully with this new story, the "what are heroes made of?", will be my first story that i finish. i really hope so, since i've been on a typing streak for a couple of days now.

one thing about my writing. i try to write with style and a bit of accuracy. i do conduct some research on what's happening in my stories, but i know that sometimes i am not very accurate on certain things or subjects. I feel that my style of writing is a bit different from everyone else's. its because i really try to put emotion and feeling into my work, and i try to arrange things so that when they are read, it flows freely and evenly. i try to type without making shortcuts, for thats how real writing is supposed to be written.

Another thing, the characters i use from the tv series may act differently than what some people perceive them to be. this is because this is how i see them and how i feel they should act in certain situations. i understand that i may not always make them act as they would in the series, but it is hard to progress the story and at the same time keep you readers interested.

lastly, thank you to those who actually take time to read the things i write and thank you for taking time to leave reviews about the things i write. it really lifts my heart whenever i see a post or a comment. its what always draws me back to fanfiction, and i dont think i could ever stop writing. unless the story ended.

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