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Fraterculus - My first and probably only attempt at writing. It will take me a long time to finish writing it only because I want to make it live up to what's in my head. The first chapter posted is a little short but I'm working to make sure that the rest of the chapters all have at the minimum 5,000 words.

My motives for writing this story were that I grew sick and tired of the usual underdeveloped trite that most authors put out these days, especially Harry-sibling fics. I don't know how the idea that James and Lily, especially how they are shown in the books, would ever be the abusive, attention-seeking jerks that so many authors display. I thought it was always pretty clear that they were wonderful parents before their untimely end and wouldn't allow their child's fame go to their heads if they had lived.

Then there was the other thing about sibling fics, Harry's brother/sister is a complete dick. You would think that they would realize when they're told that Voldemort will return and they have no idea how they survived the first time that they would have a little humility.


Harry is the actual Chosen One and he's so powerful that he's basically a god. If that were the case, then why not find Voldemort snap your fingers and kill him. End of story. (If it's not getting through to you, I'm saying that your characters should have a few flaws and weaknesses. Nobody is perfect.)

And the worst thing about it all is that people continue to eat that shit up. I, for one, didn't come to this site to read the exact same story, with the same shitty flat characters, and the same predictable plot. I wanted some original takes on the Harry Potter verse because I loved it (and also because I thought Harry should have ended up with Hermione but that's a whole other rant).

So, to that effect, I grew tired of waiting for someone to grow a brain and create a Harry-sibling fic that actual featured a loving family so I decided to write Fraterculus (Latin for "little brother"). I created an OC, Danny, who is very power but struggles to understand it. James and Lily act like real parents and love their children equally. Harry is not abused or neglected and instead fights to help his brother fulfill his destiny.

Now, there has been some concerned that Danny is too powerful and that Harry will become redundant. This is most certainly not the case. I would say how but then what would be the point of reading the story. All I will say is that this is Harry's story. I didn't create Danny to replace Harry. I created him to show how Harry would react if he found out his little brother was smack dab in the middle of the most important and dangerous war of their time. We all know Harry Potter, what do you think he would do?

If there is anyone out there who agrees with me and would like to help me with this story than you are more than welcome to PM me, especially if you're good at grammar.

Thank you for your patience.


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