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Hey guys sorry I haven't been in the mood to write for a while. I think I have lost my touch. Im just going to chill for a while. Once again Im sorry...

Kami Takai (not my real name but hey half da people on dis site lie I bet...)

Age: 23(my real age and perty much everything else is true unless you don't trust me. Do you?)

Hair: black (yes sadly it's true...) "Black as me heart"

Eyes: green (you could say dat... but me friends think there more like greeny brown) ''Yah! got da shit color eyes!"

Skin: Tanny looking brownish color (heh I'm a half Spaniard and American Indian)

Sex: male (last time I checked)

Hobbies: sit around and draw pictures all day while drinking coke (one of my poison's) and listen to rock/techno music. I also sword play with my guy friends at night. Heh heh heh...

Likes: boy on boy action! (or Yaoi) sometimes girl on girl. (Yuri) really likes guy on girl (Hentai) my fav...

Oh! I also love to write! someday I shall be a great mangaka!! "Great Kami Takai Mangaka!" yeah! tis me...

Sexual Orintation: (Since everyone wants to know (Unfulfilled-dreams) I'm Bi... (but at the moment call me A sexual) I have no interest in participating in sexual activity with either boy or girl. (I know sounds dumb) I just like to watch and write it though. (It's enough to make ME happy, anyway...)

Hates: Snobby little Bitch girls who need to Die! and Stupid people, wait... people in general (anti-social)

Anime's I hate: Well... It all depends... I don't like Sci-Fic and horror but I end up watch animes like Evangelion and Trigun, which are specifically animes with sci fiction in them hence the robots and the whole being in space thing. OH I HATE FMA!!(Fullmetal Alchemist) "Or however the hell you spell it!" Hate it! Its to much drama and not enough action... if you hate me! Then that's your own opinion! I hate it! Thats that!

My Favorite Animes Right Now: Durarara, Hetalia, High School of the Dead, Megaman Nt Warrior (yay for megaman) One Piece (Yayz! Pirates) Gintama (that show is sooo fucking funny!!) Death Note (Lets watch genass pretty boys battle each other with their brains!)

... takes in breath of air...Fruits Basket, Trigun, Saiyuki, Tokyo Babylon, Fake, Air Gear, Azumanga Daiho, Antique Bakery, Angle Sanctuary, Afro Samurai, Black Cat, Bleach, Boys Be, Cowboy Bebop (It's like a soap opra... but with guns),anything that has to do with CLAMP, Demon Diary, D.N. ANGEL, Final Fantasy (that goes for most of them) GTO, Grenadier-The Senshi of Smiles, Gun Grave, Gun X Sword, GET BACKERS, FLCL, OH! GRAVITATION, Hell Sing, Inuyasha, Kill Me Kiss Me, Kyo Kare Maou, King of Badits Jing, Megaman/ Megaman Nt warrior (which includes all the video games and Robot masters Yay I love Quickman but Bass/Forte shall always have a spcieal place in me heart), Medabots, Exsil Saga!, Elfen Lied, Love Hina, Loveless. Jyu-Oh-Sei, Noein, Nightwalker, NARUTO (drama ninjas by da way) OUT LAW STAR!, Samurai Champloo, Trinity Blood, Rurouni Kenshin, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Scryed, Sukisho, Peace Maker, Weiss Kreuz, Wolf's Rain, Yami no Matsuei, Yu Yu Hakusho, Zoids and last but not lest, .hack//sign!!

ALL OF WHICH I DO NOT OWN AND WILL NEVER OWN FOR I DID NOT MAKE THEM!! (wish I did) that'd be cool! This is also the disclaimer for ALL my fics. That's why I don't write them for every story... It gets boring...


Favorite Parings: lets start with One Piece: Zoro X Sanji (Their the sexy pair)

Zoro X Luffy (they have to be the "cute" couple)

Luffy X Sanji (They also have to be a cute couple... but then why do I always read the "hard" stuff?)

Well anything that has to do with these three. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, ROCK my WORLD!!

Oh yeah! Sometimes I get a real kick out of the Nami X Zoro Paring (KAWAII!!)

Lately I've been getting into the Luffy X Nami paring cause it just makes so much sense! Come On! He always gives her his hat and she doesn't always act like it but she really cares for Luffy after what he did at Arlong park. it's just the way she always picks on him. They seem like brother and sister sometimes but I can always see how a relationship can occur.

Death Note: Light (or Riato) and who else? ... L of course! (or Ryuzaki) heh! (Yeah Genass sex) and anytihing that has to do with Misa-Chan causes I love her!

Get Backers: Who are the two main characters and most wondrous couple in the world?! Ban and Ginji of COURES! OMG! I forgot to worship Hevans Boobs. I swear that women has the hugest rack! (Not the biggest I've seen), but prudy big! The way they jiggle.. Squellez

D.N. Angel: Lets see... who I'm I forgetting? Oh Yah! Dark X Krad (It's wired that I find polar opposites attractive but hey! that's just who I am!)

Dark X Daisuke (I know what your thinking... but I can't help but think of Dark over powering a weak little Daisuke. Oh! how it brings joy to my heart!)

And lets not forget my favorite out of all of them Daisuke X Satoshi! (There just so cute! I love them! I wish I own them. So then I could make them do all sorts of naughty things to each other! HEH! HEH! HEH!)

Megaman: I don't know why but I have suddenly had my heart stolen by the one and only Bass and anything that has to do with this Android/Net Navi I'll read. I love Bass so much!!

BassXRock Me Fav!

As of now I have currently developed a crush on Quickman. He's just so smexy. Ummm mmm. He's one of my Fav Robot master form Megaman 2 the game.

Okay done with parings moving on...

Alot of people on this sit don't know what the words in some peoples fics mean (I know I'm one of them) so just to make it easier here are some that I "do" know...

Yaoi: stands for no plot, no story line, no purpose, nice eh? (manly it just means a story with nothing in it but sex... (Get It? BUTT SEX? HA!)

Terms Involving Yaoi: Uke, means the bottom. "or one who receives" "the less dominate one" "submissive" (Whatever... you get it right?)

Semi, is the more aggressive one in the relationship, he/she "takes charge" "dose the penetrating" alright... understand? ... (just a little?)

I like to use Oi, in One Piece fics because they say it a lot in the anime (I watch Japanese version of One Piece by the way)

Oi means: Hey!

I also like to use BAKA! Everyone knows what this word means and if you don't than you are one.

Summary as of now: I live with my parents, Work at Disneyland and are now waiting for this pathetic pice of shit of a planet to die... but until then read my stories... if not dat ok... doesn't matta...

I'm now a Golden West/Orange Coat College student. YAY! I have so much freaking work to do right now. So you might not see any action from me for long periods of time. (Not me fault really) ~So~ don't worry, be happy, don't worry be happy now!~ ALLZ RIGHZ!

(By the way! I know my story's aren't that bad I just like being modest about it, instead of bragging) I HATE BRAGGING! (fuck all those who brag!) J.K.

I guse there prudy good story's...Ye be missing da fun...Whatever, you don't have to read them...

Until Then...

For all those who just read this... man... Get a life...


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