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Poll: About my lack of updates. As some of you knowm my school work is cramping me and my computer is infected, again. All my files are gone. But, with my stories PM me why you think that way , I should... Vote Now!
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Author has written 6 stories for Pokémon, Call of Duty, and My Little Pony.

Stories In Progress

Attention: RBAM Chronicles, Pyke's Adventures, The Elite of the Elite, and Call of Duty will all be put on Hiatus until the finishing of The Road To Becoming A Master.

The Road To Becoming A Master

My first story, and my current favorite. It's not as good as most, but it's still my first, so I love it. Below I have the trainer cards for some of the important characters in my story.

Here's the Trainer Cards for Saul Cautum, Andrea Birch, and Robby Nickels
Here's the Trainer Card for Austin Raymond
Here's the Trainer Card for Casadey Mitchell
Here's the Trainer Card for Wally Raymond
Here's the Trainer Card for Danielle Simon
The Trainer Cards for all the Gym Leader's shown in my story so far.

Pyke's Adventure

Pyke Pyre's Trainer Card, for all people who like stubbarn and rash trainers. Yun's Trainer Card, for all people who like cool, calm, and collected trainers. Sora's Trainer Card, for all people that like craised but talented trainers.
The Villain's, MWUHAHA, they will be making a few appearances.
I'm sorry about the distortion on these cards. I don't know what happened, but I'm trying to resolve the problem.

The Elite of the Elite

If you like dramatic stories where you may have those horrible dissapointments of your favorite character dieing, the bad guy winning, and the classic and horribly annoying love triangles that always go in the wrong direction, you've got the wrong story. It will me dramatic, but I'm not really a person who likes doin' all that dumb 'Harry Potter' stuff where teenagers get pregnant and the main and favorite characters' personalities are all thrown in the trash and replaced with the attention span of my big sister. NO! I can't stand that annoying stuff. Sooo here's the real intro...
If you like stories about the only Pokemon Trainer that's disconnected from his family and friends, lives in a futurstic world, who's best friend is a green Pokemon with pink horns, who's family is basically a pack of misfits, and fights the evil ruler of the world to sustain peice and bring back the Pokemon Trainers era -takes a second to catch breath- this is the story for you. Ace Omega is a tough battler who's looking to take down the evil Team Galactic and bring Pokemon Trainer's back to life, after all, how can you be a great Trainer when there's no losers to compare yourself to. He also tries to pave his way to be the next "Elite of the Elite".
Here's Ace's team/family/pack of misfits. A few more Pokemon and this might just count as a mixed family.

Tributes and Honorable Mentions

Authors and Readers
Big thanks to Parrot-san and Orangen for keeping up with my fics.
Definite big thanks to Orangen for helping me through my whole writing experience

This is my first picture I drew. It's in honor of a year of The Road to Becoming a Master.

Goals: (~!~ means the goal has been met)
-Break 100 reviews for RBAM
-Break 20 reviews for Pyke's Adventures
-Break 20 reviews for The Elite of the Elite
-Break 10,000 hits for RBAM
-Break 1,000 hits for PA
-Break 600 hit for EOTE

If your a writer that has many OC's, even hundreds, then here's a test for your original characters:

Here are my scores so far:
Pyke: 32 (before I made changes, it was 126)
Yun: 19
Sora: 14
Saul: 7 (before I made changes, it was 96)
Andrea: 8
Robby: 9
Andrew: 3 (don't ask, I don't know how)
Austin: 12
Ace: 32 (And I'm keeping it there. It may be cutting it close, but I don't care)
Psych: 18
Rakki: 25

Quick personal update. I am now becoming active on a ten month old FictionPress account I forgot I had. If anyone would like to read a pretty good short story I made for Enlgish class, look up SH313 at Please review! It should become a chaptered story, too. And yes, I guess the main character does kind of seem like a Ratatta and Pikachu mixed, though I didn't notice when I was writing the story.

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