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Well, I used to have several Instant Star fan fictions on here. The problem was that I wrote them when I was 13-15 years old. I came back after a couple years of neglect and was humiliated by the writing that I found. I don't know if I've gotten any better, but I plan on attempting a few one shots pretty soon.

I have a lot of plots in mind for HP, but I'm a bit hesitant to start anything. Harry Potter is actually a very intimidating category for me to write is. The character's are so well developed that I'm afraid no writing I am capable of will do it justice. So I'm more in the Twilight writing phase, because lets face it; the standards are a lot lower, and there's a lot more room to push your characters without much criticism.

Tangent Time. Forgive me.

Now, I have a major pet peeve with most authors. When I'm reading a Harry Potter story, for example, and the author writes in an author's note "Yeah I really hate *insert character name*." That's just the end of the story for me. Whether I, myself, like or dislike a character doesn't matter. I hear that you hate Dumbledore, and now every time he's in the story it feels fake to me. That's if you're gonna write him like you don't hate him, which most writers don't have the ability to do. If you hate him, and color him in OCC in your story, you need to warn people about that. Throw in that you're gonna bash a main character.

For these reasons, I will never write such things in my author's notes. However, after I have become a fan of an author, I like to know their opinions on characters/pairings. And some people always want to know, so I'm gonna put all that info in here.

Harry Potter:

I can't think of any characters I don't like. I love them all, even the evil ones.

Ron is my all time favorite character, and the Weasley family just flat out fascinates me.

Favorite Canon Couples (just about all of them):

James & Lily

Ron & Hermione

Harry & Ginny

Remus & Tonks

Favorite Non-Canon Couples (usually only tolerated as a subplot unless wonderfully written and without soul crushing angst):

Luna & Harry/Ron/Neville/Draco

Remus & Sirius

Lily & Sirius

Hermione & Fred

Draco & Ginny


I am a terrible Twilight fan. I just need to warn readers of that. I loved the first book of Twilight so much. I enjoyed the vampire portrayal very much.

New Moon was painful to read, and I have absolutely no clue what happened in Eclipse because I couldn't make myself read it. I got a summery of what occurred in Breaking Dawn, and was happy enough with the way things wrapped up. So there are a bunch of holes in my knowledge of the series (like the Cullen history), but I know that first Twilight book very well and it's the only time frame that I read/write from anyway.

Now here, I just totally contradict everything I just said about character haters earlier. Because I hate the werewolves. Every time Jacob's around, I just want to skip ahead (and I usually do). It's not even really about being Team Edward, I just think that Jacob is the most annoying character in the series, and was written in without credibility. I understand why Edward would love Bella, but I can't fathom why Jacob would. She drives me nuts whenever she's around him. The whole wolf plot feels forced into the Twilight world, and I try to ignore their presence in stories as often as possible. The Cullen's are great, and they're just about all I care about in Forks, Washington.

I like canon Cullen couples, and an occasional Emmett/Bella.

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