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Attention everyone still looking at my stuff

I do not write fanfiction anymore! Yeah, whine and cry all you want, but I have a bunch of other things going on now. My deviantArt site is still active, you could go see what's going on there?

For everyone that was wondering how my stories ended:

Final Fantasy the Last Hero: I never had an ending in mind. I figured that the good guys would end up fighting some ominous boss creature at the end who was introduced only pages beforehand, you know, like in FF games.

Vagabond: This story was only tied to Intertwine Dreams, which is also now not being updated any longer. I didn't have any ending in mind.

Video Game: Here is how I had the rest of the story planned out. I'm not looking at it so I may be a little rusty as to the details.

The characters would all go to their respective locations and rescue the special people they need, and end up fighting the Programmer. Phil ends up sacrificing himself to destroy him and sends the rest of them back to the real world--including all the characters who were only part of the program. Cut to five years later, Christmastime. Jenna and Skye are married, as are Danielle and Sean. There's a knock on the door, and there is standing Phil, human again, looking as battered and bloody as he did when they left him in the world.

At this point the identity of the programmer was still left a mystery. Ben was very interested in it, however, and as he gets into college he starts looking at his theories in an academic setting. This is where the sequel would have started.

In the sequel, six people are taken to the game world, one of which is Sparky, Jenna and Skye's son, and the other is Timothy, Danielle and Sean's son. The other four are newbies taken to additional areas: Yoshi, F-Zero, Ice Climbers and Fire Emblem. The game world is much more stable, though none of the newcomers are aware of the improvements in the program. And the game world itself is set fifty years after its previous iteration. Meanwhile, back in the real world, with the news of the disappearances the original crew get together and with Ben's help manage to open a gate to the game world . . . but they are far too late, as seven game-years have passed and the captured are rather settled into their environment. Sparky barely knows his mother and father, and Timothy ended up being raised by a group of space pirates.

Details after this start toget a little fuzzy the further out I go. Suffice to say: the more Ben learns the details of the programming, he suddenly learns that the identity of the Programmer is himself. And not just an alternate universe version of himself, it is HIM from ten years in the future. They manage to bring everyone back from the game world, but everyone is changed for the worse over it.

In the final story, set one thousand years ahead in the video game world and ten years ahead in the real world, Ben has gone missing. Phil is back from Singapore, having traveled the world and gotten over his crushed teenage aspirations long ago, and he realizes it's up to him to stop Ben from finishing out the programming. Ben's previous two programs were mere tests, the one in the time he becomes the Programmer is the real deal. The real world will become the video game. And that's where the final battle happens.

And that's it! That's all I ever got into planning Video Game. So, go read something else. Or better yet, read my webcomic: Housepets! Or you could check out my art gallery! It has a few original fiction stories in it as well.

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