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Hehe. Found this on one of my favorite authors (on fanfic, I mean) and it's awesome-tastic. If that's not a word, then they should make it onw. But anyways... Totally. A cookie to anyone who can figure out who I got it from...

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Oh! Thought I should warn you, if you PM me, don't expect a reply because I am so bright and can't figure out how to get to it... I can see it via email, but I can't get to the actual screen can someone please give me instructions on how to get to the pms? I know how to send them, but not check them..hehe... smartness

Sharky was here and is very confused.

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Wide Open Sky reviews
Max and the flock. Paridise, plus one smelly, talking mutant dog. Of course paridise is interrupted slightly by those mangy Erasers, but it's easy to regain. But when Ari emerges with an ultimatum, is paradise really worth it? Read and reviw, please!
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