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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto.

Name: For me to know and you to find out.

Penname: Chibi-ben (loosely translated to "miniature right hand man")

Sex: Yes, please. Male, otherwise.

Age: Older than a baby, younger than a octogenarian.

Favored Anime: Lamune, Naruto, DNAngel, Maburaho, Mahou Sensei Negima!, Love Hina.

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto/Hinata: Hinata's been waiting years: she NEEDS some lovin'! This is about the only pairing I can see possible in canon: nobody else would set aside their inherent scorn for long enough to develop a romance.

Naruto/Ino: Interesting to think about and toy with. Hey, at least their kids'll be blue eyed blondes!

Female Naruto/Kiba: Again, interesting to think about. I'm getting tired of all the Female Naruto's always paired with frickin' Sasuke! WHEN DID HE DESERVE HER?!?!

Shikamaru/Temari: Again, interesting to think about, and actually likely to happen.

Gaara/Hinata: Out of all the characters for Gaara to actually bond with, this one is the most likely. Come on: nobody wants to get close.

Sakura/Sasuke: They deserve each other: 'nuff said.

Hated Pairings:

Naruto/Sakura: shiver She's been a bitch long enough to him that it would end up as an abusive relationship. Just from reflex.

NEWS: I am SO sorry, folks, but my computer got it's ass kicked by a super virus. So, there went most of the new chapter, not to mention all of my friggin' hard drive. Yeah. It's takin' a while.



Dreams of Evil: An AU "what-if". What if Kazama Arashi, the Yondaime Hokage, knew of the Kyuubi attack, in the form of a dream, right before it happened? How would the actual attack be carried out in such a dream? Humor.

Currently Being Written

Behind These Hyuuga Eyes: An AU bloodline story. Uzumaki Naruto, demon host for the Kyuubi no Youko, has his seal slip slightly on his sixth birthday, causing the Sandaime Hokage to overreact, applying an additional twelve points onto the seal. This suppresses the Kyuubi so thoroughly, it reveals Naruto's hidden bloodline limit: the all seeing eyes of the Byakugan. Can the Hyuuga contain a stoic image in the midst of the blonde whirlwind of destruction known as Naruto? Naru/Hina

Ideas Toyed With, But Not Currently Being Written

Foxhoud: An AU bloodline story. Upon Uzumaki Naru's tenth birthday, the Kyuubi's seal breaks slightly, allowing the dreaded beast (who was really drunk on the day of the attack) to freely modify his host's body. Constructing a bloodline limit borrowed from a fellow demon, he manufactures something similar to the Inuzaka's dog bond. Now that she and Kiba both are permenantly bonded to their animals, can they contain raging hormones, enhanced through their bloodlines? FemNaru/Kiba

A Fox Among Hounds: An AU bloodline story. Turns out Naruto has a bloodline! When Naruto hits his sixth birthday, a third of his birth information comes to light: his mother's identity, that of Inuzaka Tsume. She thought he died during the attack: turns out he holds the beast. After a tearful reunion, he discovers his baby half-brother, Inuzaka Kiba; Kiba's father sacrificed himself to bind the Gobi no Houko inside Kiba himself. It turns out Naruto's father's bloodline is similar to the Inuzaka's: welcome to the fox family! In addition, due to being the Kyuubi container, once Naruto bonds, he finds a few furry surprises...

Born on Crimson Wings: AU. Negi has graduated, at long last. At the age of fifteen, he is whisked away to Mahora Academy, which he was fairly sure was an all female school. So, why were there four males sitting in HIS class, and WHO THE HELL IS THAT SITTING AT HIS DESK?!?! Negi/Nodoka, Setsuna/OC, Hakase/OC, Chachamaru/OC, Evangeline/OC

Tail Stripes: AU Naru/Hina (I'm not telling the summary... ;P)

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