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Author has written 5 stories for Maximum Ride, X-Men, and Pitch Black / Riddick.

Disclaimer: almost nothing below applies anymore... too lazy to update it completely

Quotable Quotes:


"What are you going to do? Kill me? With a soup cup?" (Guard)

"Tea actually." (Riddick)

"Whazzat?" (Guard)

"I'll kill you with my tea cup." (Riddick)


"Death by tea cup. Damn. Why didn't I think of that?" (Kyra)

"I didn't come here to play 'who's the better killer'." (Riddick)

"But it's my favorite game." (Kyra)


"SHIT! I HATE not being the bad guys!" (Kyra)


"Where are you going?" (Jamie)

"I'm going to go lay down on the sidewalk and die." (Sarah)

"You don't have to be so dramatic." (Jamie)

"Don't I?! Because I think I was just told by the one person who can save my life, that she's got better things to do! That feels pretty dramatic to me! Not that I can actually feel anything, but I can intellectually imagine that that feels pretty dramatic." (Sarah)

OK this is now my update area...so here's some updates.(the first in a long series of lists you're going to see.)

1. I'M BACK!

2. I'm writing something for MirrorMask

3. it's been 2 years since I wrote something for here... O.0

4. I have no Life

End of list for now.

Upcoming Fics

In production: Tunnel Vision (OC X-Men) (( PLEASE read!!)) - On Hold- and: MirrorMask Untitled as of yet


1. Chronicles of Riddick (done)

2. MAXIMUM RIDE! (in progress)

3. Vampire Knight

4. Marvel NYX/ Runaways

5. Dark Angel

6. Spiral

7. Mosaic/The Condor

8. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

9. Something X-Men-ie

10. City of Bones/City of Ash

11. I had more Ideas earlier, I swear! oh well.


My name Is Buffy Aviva and I'm not giving you a last name because...well I don't want you to pass out trying to pronounce it. I Also go by Max, Kousuke, Solace, Kyra, Shawn and Rufus. I am 19, but my alter egos are 14, to 25 well not every year between there, but y'all get the point.. Oh yeah I'm slightly schizophrenic (and none of us can spell that) actually the term is schtzothaimic (having schizo tendencies but still being able to function within normal human capacity). Not in the creepy way, like your talking to your best friend one minute and you have no idea who they are the next. No I'm just your normal schizo, who has a personality for every day of the week, and yes they talk to me. Ya see my problem is that I tend to take on characteristics of certain characters.(I call it my Rogue disease) I just thought I'd put that out there to hopefully explain why my writing might be a little hard to follow at times, or(once I start other stories) why I leave one story alone for long periods of time and jump around to the others.(I plan to have a lot of stories)

I have ADD and dyslexia, OCD(I have to repetitively dry my hands, I can't stand wet hands!), and the before mentioned condition. I'm only telling you all this because I believe that your personality reflects in your writing and I don't want y'all to get confused. (if y'all can't tell...I'm kinda hyper) and I am Bi-polar.

OK, on with the rambles...here goes nothing. Actually, a lot of typing, but I like the phrase so I used it. Ha! On with the important stuff. I'm just gonna make a list, 'cuz I love lists.(not really but I use them a lot. ;-P )


Things I like: (and I hope to write something for all of these...and more.) (( these are not the only things I like, just the only ones I'm interested in sharing with you and the only ones you're interested in hearing about.))

1. Dark Angel

2. X-Men

3. Maximum Ride

4. Domino

5. Bones, NCIS, CSI, Heroes,Law&Order: SVU, Bionic Woman, Reaper, Firefly-Serenity (its all TV, so I'm just saving space...and numbers)

6. Anything by Tamoria Pierce, Holly Black, or Kenneth Oppel

7. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

8. Pretty much anything- Marvel comics.

9. Vampire Knight, Spiral, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Burst Angel, FMA

10. Chronicles of Riddick

11. A lot more that I can't think of right now.

OK so thats that, and I got nothin' else to say. OK so maybe some background.(yes I know this looks like it was typed by a caveman, compared to my story, but deal...I had a rough day.)


Things I hate:

1. when comic book/manga/anime artists draw women with overly large chests and/or skimpy clothes.(sorry I had to get that out there)

2. when someone puts two characters together(romantically) when it's completely illogical and/or insane and/or disgusting.(i.e. Fang and Nudge, or Guy/Guy couples between two strait men...same for girls)

3. Myspace

4. when an writer goes into excessive "intimate" details and ruin a good book. (though I can be known to do just that)

5. when people review and tell me I made spelling mistakes.(believe me I know)

6. any form of Ape(yes that includes most humans)

7. My room being a mess(why am I telling y'all this stuff? stop it stop it!)

8. when I have nothing better to do than type random things I hate.

9. when I have nothing better to do than type.

10. when I repeat myself unnecessarily.

11. when people ask me if I'm named after Buffy the vampire slayer...I'm not(and I hate the show after season 3)

12. when Kyra dies at the end of "Riddick"

13. My dog

OK I'm gonna stop myself before I do any sort of real damage to my computer.


That brings me to another list and I'm only putting this on here...well mostly for my own benefit.

Favorite characters (Female)

1. Rogue (X-Men)

2. Maximum Ride

3. Max Guevara (Dark Angel)

4. Jack/ Kyra (Riddick)

5. River Tamm (Firefly)

6. Ryoko Takamachi (Spiral)

7. Kiden Nixon (NYX)

8. X-23 (X-Men)

9. Temperance Brennan (Bones)

10. Melika Fray (Fray)

11. Elektra

12. Niko Minoru (Runaways)

13. Jo (Burst Angel)

14. of course a lot more.


Favorite characters (male)

1. Gambit/Remy LeBeau (X-Men)

2. Fang (Maximum Ride)

3. Kousuke Asazuki (Spiral)

4. Richard B. Riddick

5. Malcom Rynolds (Firefly)

6. Zero Kiru (Vampire Knight)

7. Jace Wyland (City of Bones)

8. Logan Cale (Dark Angel)

9. Rufus Shinra (FF:AC)

10. Kyo (Burst Angel)

I'm drawing a blank, (but there's more, really)


This is now where I paste random stuff.


(above is a link to a good MR fanvid)

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Weird is good. Strange is bad. Odd is what you call someone who you can't decide what to call them. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, which means weird is good! If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

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