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Hello. I'm a writer. Not much of one, though. I have many favorite games, but I'll list a few. Among my favorites are Power Instinct, Samurai Shodown, The King of Fighters, Popful Mail, Streets of Rage, Wild Arms, and the coolest 3D beat-em-up ever, God Hand.

For now, Fight Orgy is the project I am currently working on here, which tends to lampoon 2D fighting games. I hope you all enjoy it, despite how weird/stupid/silly it may be. If you have any suggestions, advice on certain mistakes/errors I've made in characters or different cultures or anything, as well as helpful information you wish to give me (as I try to be as accurate as possible), or random script errors displaying the code on random chapters that you notice, feel free to let me know if you wish to, and your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. You may tell me through PMs, or in a review.

Reviews and other comments are fine too, if you wish to put in a word or so, as long as you're being friendly and polite about it, and the same applies to the above. I must also warn that if something is different from what is in another chapter, it is usually because I rewrote or changed a slight bit in a previous chapter to try and improve my work. I am hoping I will be able to deliver a somewhat interesting story at the very least.

Regardless, have fun reading and I hope you enjoy my work.

Also as a bit of trivia: the name "Fight Orgy" was chosen for the story due to the other meaning for the word 'orgy': An excessive indulgence in something especially to satisfy an inordinate appetite or craving. In this case, a craving for fighting. Hence, Fight Orgy.


Fight Orgy - Chapter 61 - Pending
God Hand: Eye of the Badass - On hiatus; trying to come up with suitable ideas for characters and story


The Opening Chapters
1 - 17

The Doctor of Disaster, Uwe Boll, plans to base an entire movie around a fighting tournament based around fighting games. That tournament is the STAR Tournament, where the winner gets a movie based on their game, and a lead role to boot. Everything proceeds normally with battles between various warriors until a foreboding mister we all know (and probably love) enters the scene...

The Rugal Chapters
18 - 40

Rugal Bernstein has arrived! It seems that his death at the Mark of the Millennium tournament was greatly exaggerated. Or just biased assumption. It seems Akuma is alive and well too! Rugal proposes an idea to Uwe Boll: A tournament within a tournament, where the winner fights Rugal and gets a hefty money bonus. But why is Akuma having heartburn? And what was Rugal's reason for killing Eagle in the MotM tournament?

The Maze Match Chapters
41 - 58

Dr. Uwe Boll proposes a new, inventive matchup... contestants are placed within a large maze, and must locate one another and battle while traversing the maze. However, there is a catch... everyone is assigned a certain opponent, and the only way you can find out is to take a gamble and defeat them! Who all will make it out of the maze and come out the winners?

The Cosmic Combo Chapters
59 - ??

The earth is in a crisis... Pyron, an alien with the power over fire, has come to consume it, deeming the planet to be a beautiful enough world to take! But with the world having so many fierce warriors, doing it solo might not be so easy. To aid him in his goal, he has assembled powerful warriors from across the galaxy, and all of them are willing to kill anyone who stands in their way. What is it about aliens and the Earth anyway? What have we ever done to them?

The Kaiser Knuckle Chapters

Fighters from all over are disappearing rapidly... Heidern is determined to find out what's going on, and sends Leona, Ralf and Clark to investigate. What happens next is an assembly of some particularly strong warriors to help take down a madman who has plans to take over the entire world... his name? The General. Just the General. Oh, and he's known as 'the Kaiser Knuckle', too.

The BloodStorm Chapters

Through a strange circumstance, several warriors have been transported to a dark and malevolent world of the future that is currently in turmoil, due to it's lack of a High Emperor to keep the world in peace. Tensions increase alarmingly as an unknown player in this cruel game pulls the strings to plunge the entire world into an unstoppable chaos... but for what purpose? And why?

The Beast God Chapters

(description to come)

The King or Queen of Kick Chapters

(description to come)

The Shadaloo Chapters

(description to come)

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