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Hiya! My name here is Uchiha Yumeko, but I am known my several other pennames. I am an anime/manga FANATIC! I've been writing fanfiction for quite a few years now. Most of them are posted on Quizilla.com, but my friends Kaila and Kaycee persuaded me to get an FF account, so here I am! This is where I'll post my yaoi, one-shots, and short stories. I hope you enjoy, and please regard me with kindness!!

Here are a few things about myself to help you better understand me:

Name: Hillary

Age: 17 (18 this August)

Height: 5'5'' (i think... I'm short...)

Weight: That's for me to know, and you to not

Gender: Female, but I have two male idiots living in my head, Jiraiya and Orochimaru from Naruto (don't ask)

Grade: Junior in High School

Sexuality: Straight, but I do like yaoi

Hair: Brownish-blonde

Eyes: Grey-blue

Race: White, Half-vampire, half-demon

Personality: Most of the time, I'm really REALLY energetic, hyper, and random. I can come up with some of the strangest junk you will probably ever hear. I love to make my friends laugh. I guess you could say I live up to my name's meaning, which is "cheerful." I do have a dark side, however, and it is far from pretty...

List of my alter-ego's names:

Hatome Koromoto (Bakura)

Chikara Uchiha (Sasuke)

Yumeko Uchiha (Itachi)

Rina/Riyana (Yugi Mutou/Atem)

Kaede Shousui (Shikamaru Nara)

Arimi Fuji (Neji Hyuuga)

Mirei (Sesshomaru)

Nasuko (Inuyasha)

Aurora Raffit (Cain Hargreaves)

Ruth Van Haven (Abel Nightroad)

Hitomi Rutherford (Eyes Rutherford)

Naoko (Kurama)

Yume Himura (Kenshin Himura)

Keiko Mustang (Ed Elric)

Setsuna (Dark Mousy/Daisuke Niwa)

Kazumi (Kyo Sohma)

I could name them all, but I don't wanna bore you.

My top ten best friends

Sabrina R.: She's one of the sister's I never had. She and I are so much alike, and we can talk to each other about anything and everything. She moved to Florida, but we're making the best efforts to stay in touch.

Samantha H.: She is one of the craziest friends I have! She loves to tease me, but I know she's only kidding. That's our relationship-- love/hate. We're the best of enemies! Lol.

Kaila R.: Somebody call a doctor because this kid has GOT to be related to me SOMEHOW!!! swirly eyes She is like a younger clone of me! We think alike, act alike, almost everything! It's really cool meeting a new friend who's almost your mirror image, but she has a unique personality, and we can talk to each other without the other thinking she's an insane maniac. Lol!

Amy J.: Otherwise known as Mana, the Black Magician Girl. She graduated a couple years ago, and I miss her greatly. She was like a protective older sister to me when we were in high school (I met her when I was a freshman, and she was a senior). I make an effort to stay in touch with her as much as I can, as well.

Nicole D.: She's also graduated from high school. I stay in contact with her as well. I see her more often than I do Amy, since Nicole drives (I don't know if Amy drives now or not. I'll have to ask. makes note). We're really crazy and nutty when we get together! Nicole and Steven forever!!!

Kaycee: She's the Sasuke of our "Naruto Cult" at school, and a freshman like Kaila (who is Naruto). She reminds me somewhat of Amy, a little because they look a bit alike. She's really crazy too! She leaves the silliest, funniest comments on my myspace! Since I'm Orochimaru, I sometimes call her my "experiment." She looks at me like I'm insane whenever I say that. Lol!

Anthony D.: Kabuto!! He's my personal servant! Lol. He's been my friend since freshman year. He asked me out once, but I turned him down. I like him as a friend, but not a boyfriend. That'd be kinda wierd. Lol. He's always making us laugh at lunch with perverted jokes.

Houston M.: Houston is a really controversial guy. He's gay, but he was my "boyfriend" for about three days. I broke up with him because I really wasn't ready for a boyfriend at the time, and I can really only see him as a friend. He still tries to feel me up sometimes... But I know he's just playing. smiles

Megan P.: I used to think Megan was a little... out there, I guess I could say, but I gradually became her friend when we were in 7th grade. She liked Yugioh about as much as I did, so that's how we met. A lot of kids teased me for hanging out with her, but who cares what other people think, right? I can be friends with whomever I want, and Megan is and will always be my friend.

And not last or least, but who made this list, Robert H.: He's Kaila's older step-brother. He's a freshman as well, and is sort of a goth/punk type of guy. I LOVE his hair!! And his style! But most of all, I love how he's one of the nicest, sweetest guys I know. He's a really good friend, and a good step-brother to Kaila. He'd defend her in a heartbeat if she needed protection. Why can't more guys be like that, eh?

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