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Author has written 2 stories for Homer, and Pride and Prejudice.

10th March 2009 Wow, I really am scum _ If you're not doing A levels you don't understand what I'm going through (sob) but things shall, sooner or later, be written. Apparently teenagers' brains are wired differently, so it's harder to get up, a fact with which I agree completely. So that doesn't help :p

You'll all be happy to know that I've been winning golden sponges with my ninja writing skillz. But that's original fiction. Ew. I will certainly plunge back into the fangirl fray as soon as I have the time...

28th May 2008 I'm scum, I know. But this time I am ready to write, I just got a bit distracted (for two months) by revision and my LOTR/Tokio Hotel crossover, which is quite possibly the weirdest thing ever, but it too is my baby. Brace yourselves for some Mr. Collins comin' atcha.

1st April 2008 I'm back, and ready to write! To my adoring fans (whether or not they exist) Darcy and Bingley Get the Munchies is prepared and going strong. If I'm delaying, it's probably because I'm oversleeping and watching too much TV. Feel free to nag me into working!

Digestives of Troy, on the other hand, will only restart when I get back to school and science lessons start getting boring. Unless anyone wants me to upload 'Sleeping Achilles', my latest Homeric fairy tale, in which case message me :)

If you think that Edward Cullen from Twilight is a used tampon, copy and paste this onto your profile. (Apologies if this offends any Twilight fans, but this made me laugh uproariously. He is, he really, really is.)

I've left my profile ominously blank for too long. Muahaha, gorge yourselves on my personal details, my pretties.

Location: The region with the lowest rainfall in England...though it's still a bit wet.

Likes: Revision time/study leave, because I'll do absolutely anything to avoid revision. My creative output vastly increases, I learn whole new languages, I clean everything and start pristinely painting my nails. It's basically when all my fics get done. Also, anime/manga, comics in general, drawing in general, computer games (to the max!) and CLASSICS, woot.

Dislikes: Many a chick flick, museli, coursework, and the elevation of extremely minor female characters to lead roles (cough, Arwen. But I think I retract my previous statement about Briseis)

Defining Characteristics: Near-constant rambling, heavy nerdiness, geekiness and fangirlyness, and mild inability to produce serious writing...quel dommage

And finally, I need a shout out to my peeps:

Pottersgal15, creator of the glorious Sue Hunters and generally fabulous

Kia Twee: Some of the things her tall, dark, handsome male leads do in the name of romance aren't particularly legal, but she's still a magically delicious writer ;)

(And they're not my only favourite authors, honest...I'm just very, very lazy)

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