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Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.
―J.R.R. Tolkien


It seems that for some reason the links below have stopped working; if you're here to view my art for Timeless: A Wranduin Story, it can be seen at my tumblr account (exjade), under the art tag. Thought I'd mention I don't really understand tumblr, though.

If you're here for a link to my Hiddlesworth story, it can be found under my AO3 account, which is though.

If you're here for the Illidan/Arthas AMV-- never mind, you're not here for that.


Hiddlesworth story here (Explicit M/M real person fiction about Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston): "My wife thinks I should fuck you."


Attempts at "art" by me for Timeless: A Wranduin Story here:

Lovely art by AlexBeoulve for Iron Lung (Kuroshitsuji) here.

Lovely art by TechnoRanma for Matthew is Mine here (EXPLICIT IMAGE, NOT SAFE FOR WORK AND NOT SUITABLE FOR MINORS!!)

Lovely art by fictitious-disorder for Matthew is Mine here and here (got Matthew’s stray hair a bit wrong, but my fault for not catching it in the draft).

Illidan/Arthas AMV :


I'm not sure why, but when I was younger and my writing style was much worse, pretty much anything I'd submitted to this site would be met with a great deal of enthusiasm; in fact, to this day my older and more badly-written stories receive more attention than anything recent I'd written. I don't really know what to make of this; at 36, I still write as a hobby because it's always been something I've enjoyed, but I no longer feel like I'm sharing my dreams with an audience. Maybe I can't please this generation of readers, maybe my style has matured beyond what young people enjoy; for some years now I've mulled over the conflict of writing to please versus writing what burns inside me to be written. Systematically what's happened over the past several years has been that I would work on a story that met very little reception until it felt pointless to continue further work, and eventually I would move past that story and the fandom I'd written for-- then, some years after the fact, I'd receive multiple requests to continue, where at that point I had long since lost any love for that fandom.

I go back to my earlier stories and cringe at my old writing style, I'm not sure why those stories were and still are met with so much more interest; I also don't know whether to abandon my current stories or keep them going because consistently there are people who years after the fact say they would have liked to see more.


I really like brothers with brothers, selfcest, and something grotesque/slutty hot guy (where the guy wants it). I have a thing for guys being profanely, confidently, elegantly submissive (Soubi, Sirius, Mello, Francis, Eiri, Sebastian, Loki). I have a thing for one guy dressed/one guy naked. I have a thing for guys being bi (though I don't write explicitly about females in sexual situations, I'm straight and it does nothing for me on an erotic level). Generally, I just like pretty guys being elegantly degraded.

I think of the stories I'd written for this site, the best in terms of plot complexity and erotica had been Matt x Mello, Matthew is Mine, and Sirius x Remus. I'd written Matt x Mello quite a few years ago, and now that I go back to it I sort of cringe at my writing style and some specifics in medical knowledge I'd now change; however, I still think it's one of my more worthwhile stories. I generally try to invest a lot of planning in my writing in terms of plot, and aim much as I can for realism.

I often like more than one pairing in a fandom, and write stories with a central pairing, where multiple other pairings/threeways occur casually as well.


About a decade ago, this site did away with real person slash; but to this day there has never been anyone or anything I've loved writing on more than these two guys:



Those who have read my stories would know that I write very profane, explicit stuff. However, please know that I do not by any means and under any circumstance advocate unsafe sex. If you choose to read my stories, I assume you are mature and responsible enough to handle them. Please be responsible about sex in real life. Please always use a condom during sex, no exceptions. Remember, that one girl on ff.net told you to. I know buying condoms is embarrassing to a lot of people, but they are invaluable and you should have a pack regardless of your gender, even if you're still in high school, even if you're a virgin who thinks s/he won't have sex anytime soon. Don't leave it up to the guy to buy them! Do it yourself! Yes, I know you've all heard about condoms before, you all know you're supposed to use them, but you still don't actually use them. I get enough patients who are still in high school, who are very good students and responsible young people, introverted 'good boys and girls' just like you, who did not use a condom during sex because they were certain they weren't going to have sex, and so they didn't have condoms around.

Read the package and make sure it says they are effective against STDs, because for some ungodly reason not all of them are. If you're too embarrassed, go to a pharmacy or supermarket far away from where you live where you'll never set foot again, or buy them online and clear your history after. If you're embarrassed or afraid of someone finding them, find a good hiding place (not one where it's too hot and they'll go bad). Become familiar with them, make them your friends, read all the stuff on the package, make sure the expiration date is current. They cost around $10 per pack, so save up if you don't have that money right now, do not use the cost as an excuse not to buy them. Open one up and practice using it on a cucumber or something (laugh it up, you'll be thanking me), so you'll become comfortable using them. There are instructions inside the package on how to do it, complete with diagrams. If you have any questions about any of this, don't be afraid to message me; I'm not just a fic-writing fangirl, I'm a physician as well and I encouraged you to ask, after all.

Buying and having condoms does not make you a "dirty person of loose morals." It makes you responsible and smart. If you prefer to wait until marriage to have sex, or to wait until you're older, buy condoms anyway. It doesn't mean you need to have sex. If you are quite young and feel that this message does not apply to you, think again: chances are, you wouldn't be reading this now unless you've already read some very sexually explicit story I wrote, so you felt you weren't too young to read about it. I personally would feel tremendously irresponsible knowing young people have read my explicit stories without giving them the best advice I can about safe sex.


I typically title my stories after the main pairing; this is because I don't think a story ought to be titled until it's finished. I don't think a writer really gets a feel of what their entire story will be like after only writing the first chapter. It also annoys me when I feel like writers give their stories titles that are basically a combination of the two words that sounded the most "intellectual" to them. Believe me when I say you're only embarrassing yourself; don't use any words in your writing that you think sound "eloquent and intellectual," because the effect is not one of eloquence or intellectualism. It's one of you sounding like you're trying too hard, but have no actual concept of what good writing is like. In general, if a less "intellectual"-sounding word can be used, use that one; only use the "intellectual" word if there really is no other word that can be used.


Kinbaku Ouji (Bound Prince) English translation


Gender: Female

From: US

Age: 36

What I do: physician (neurologist).

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That the high and esteemed prince of Quel'thalas likes to be dominated in bed is news to none of his advisors; as Kael'thas' most devoted follower and most intimate friend, Grand Magister Rommath had inwardly prided himself that none could attend his Highness better than he could. However, one night Kael'thas asks for both Rommath and Astalor.
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LumCheng (16)