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Well ello'z and welcome to meh profile thingymahbob

Not sure what to do with this but here I go...

I am and read these stories fanfic's

LOTR pokes name

Warriors (who doesn't love talking cats XD)


Harry potter (ocationaly I read these BUT the boards are very over-run with Mary Sues)


Okay about me

Name: Melissa

Age: almost 13 my birthday is in 5 day

Do I write:

Stories: YES!

Fanfics: Not at the moment

Songs: HELL NO!

Poems: A bit most are about cheese

Weapon of choice against Mary Sues and Gary Stues: My spork and brother David

Family: Parents (annoying won't talk about them) David (best and most funny 11 year old brother in the world! Who helps me with EVERYTHING) Emit (Baby brother, does normal baby thing acts cute, eats, sleeps and goes through truck loads of Diapers) SWSNBNITP (She who will not be named in this profile, she is EVIL)

Alrighty Here are some thing I think you will enjoy

Me and my brother were in a movie store trying to buy the two towers

Brother:So many games..but must get Two towers.. and find out what happens to ...Frodo,Sam,Merry,Pipin, Aragorn Gilmi and that other guy...

Me: Oh, Legolas

Brother: Oh, yes fancy pants gay boy.

Me: The Mary Sues would have your head for that.

Brother: Let the Mary Sues come...

A scene in a Fanfic me and my Brother are writting

Note: The story will not be in play format this is just a draft

Din: I hate Lorien.

Kaliva: Why, it's beautiful, the rivers the trees all so grand.

Din: Yes, the VERY tall tree's

Kaliva: Um..is there something wrong Din?

Din: No I just can't belive they made the steps go all the way up the..the.. large trees, someone could fall..and die and get..

Kaliva: You arn't afraid of heights are you?

Din: Me? no I'm worried..about your safety.

Kaliva: Oh yes, death by falling out of a Lorien tree. I'm so scared!

Din: Well don't blame me when you fall out of the blasted tree

Please feel free to coment.

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