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I haven't updated this in FOREVER! So I am editing it lol. I deleted some of the information on here. But I kept my recommendations because they still stand. I will also be trying to add more of them to the list.


So on my scale of one to ten only four stories have made it to ten out of about one hundred and fifty stories I've read. I judge by the depth of a story, how real you make the characters. I judge on if a story keeps me wanting more, so I don't want it to end. For it to reach ten I have to love the ending(whether it is the real ending or a chapter ending), I have to feel satisfied with every ending. If there is pain or anguish in your stories, I have to feel my heart by ripped out and stomped on. So I have to adore your story. Here is my list of suggested fanfictions:

Nobody Needs to Know-10-Cloud/Sora Summary: this story is about two brother, one who is utterly confused about his feelings as his older brother exploits this and abuses him. My words: This story made me feel everything Sora went through. I could relate to the character; I knew what he was thinking. It has to be my Favourite story on this site. Unfortunately, I don't think the authors are ever going to finish it.

Boys-10- Sora/Riku Summary: The plot for this story is based on a mistake and social cliques. Two boys caught in the wrong pose at the right time by the wrong people. Assumptions run wild and start the building of a powerful friendship, maybe a little more. My words: The author has a fantastic way of building character relationships and makes everything believable. Although it is a T, I strongly recommend it! The author works their magic in later chapter really keeping you on the edge of your seat and making you want to keep on reading.

Someone Eles's Shadow- 10- Roxas/Axel(Cloud/Zack) Summary: This is a story about an anti-social teen who moved to a new town after several traumatic experiences and how he adjusts to the new environment. My words: I loved how I felt when I read this story. It made me long for the same relationship that Roxas and Axel have.

Interia Creeps- 10- Axel/Roxas Summary: This story is about a client and live-in who grow to love each other. The son of a rich family and a rock star are a client and live-in with the lovely and compelling stories of their lives. My words: I was so entranced by this story. Every chapter kept me on the edge of my seat. It is my second favorite.


House of the Wicked- 10- Jason Grace/Nico di Angelo Summary: After losing his parents a young man is sent off to find his father's relatives leaving behind his California lifestyle for a heavy dose of Southern hospitality or lack thereof. His search for his family finds him in deep seat southern hatred and violence. My words: This story is done from a point of view that helps keep the viewer in the dark making each discovery of information just as surprising to the audience as it is to Jason. As the romance and mystery build you'll find yourself on the edge of your seat.

Other recommendations

Forbidden Truths-8-

The Kisses and the Bruises-8-

The Moon is tainted Crimson-8-

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