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...My name is Kasey and I am new at writing fan fictions. I hope you give mine a chance.

Ok—I am The OC’s BIGGEST FAN!! I love Ryan and Marissa TOGETHER and I am very mad at the show for making marissa die. If it is possible to be in love w/ a tv character- Ryan Atwood is my soul mate!!! LOL- he is SO FREAKING HOT! I also LOVE Seth cohen!! (and Summer of course!!) He is SO FREAKING HILARIOUS! I know he isn’t as funny in my fanfictions as I’d like him to be….but that’s only because im not as witty. But trust me- I try. I love seasons 1, 2, and 3. so much. I HATE Alex, Zach, and Lindsey. I HATE VOLCHOK so much. EW dont even get me started. Julie Cooper used to be the biggest... well you know... in newport but she is kind of growing on me now I love Kaitlyn Cooper, she is funny, but not as funny as Seth. sO by reading all this, you can tell i am a ryan/marissa fan and a seth/summer fan. I dont like it any other way.

I also a very big Gilmore Girls fan!! I am a Rory/Logan fan and I DESPISE Christopher. I am definatly a Lorelai/Luke fan!! There is not one episode of this awesome show that i havent enjoyed. The mother/daughter bond that they have is one we all only dream of. I’ve been watching this show longer than any other and I am trying very hard to make my fanfictions half as good as the show, but who can compete w/ Amy Sherman Paladino??

So please E-MAIL ( with any questions, suggestions, or comments. You can also e-mail if you want to talk obsessivly about The OC or Gilmore Girls. I love to read feedback and ramble endlessly about the OC and gilmore girls. I will try to reply ASAP.

You can also AIM me @ kaseymac010

Please visit the site: - it is a website created by me and my friend. Designed to give advice to teen girls about relationship, family, and friend drama.

These are a couple of my favorite OC quotes:

Summer: I was being sarcastic.
Marissa: So was I.
Summer: Which we never were before Cohen showed up and introduced us to irony. Jackass.

Seth: Hey, oh ... sorry. I'm surprised that hasn't happpened before. Not saying I'm disappointed it hasn't happened before just saying the mathmatical probability of ...
Ryan: Yeah, crying during chick flicks, walking in on me getting dressed ...
Seth: Yeah, what's your point? K, I'm not seeing what you're getting at? Do you work out?
Ryan: Not really.
Seth: Cool, me neither. I'm gonna go watch some hockey.
Ryan: Hockey season's over.
Seth: Damnit.

Seth: You know something, don’t you?
ryan: No. No, I don’t. Don’t ask me.
Seth: Dude, I’m a man in a desert, I am dying of thirst and you have a Thermos full of Kool-aid, come on, give me a sip!

Seth: If you're alone, cough twice.
Ryan: I'm alone.

Seth: Dude. You're a Cohen now. Welcome to a life of insecurity and paralyzing self-doubt.

Ryan: You're talking to a boat, Seth.
Seth: Yeah, I talk to a plastic horse, too. But that never worries anyone.
Ryan: Yeah. It worries me

Seth: You're the 50 Cent to her ... Mrs. Cent.

Summer: The more time i spend with zach, the less times i think about ... God, what's his face? Built like a bean pole, curly hair, runs away like a little bitch on his sailboat, leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend who cried over and over for him until the Fourth of July until she decides she doesn't cry over bitches on sailboats.
Marissa: Seth. his name. It's seth.
Summer: I know. I'm just doing this thing were I pretend I don't and I have to use a lot of descriptive insults to give voice to my inner pain.

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