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Hi my name's Isabel I love writing and Fan fiction

When I graduate I inspire to be an English professor or teacher

I live in the middle of nowhere-literally.

I'm native American and proud to be Cherokee-everyone says I look like Pocahontas...kind of weird but funny.

In my spare time I surf,run and, read.

I enjoy romance stories the most-especially forbidden romances.And FYI, I will never abandon a story...If I start it, I'll finish it, eventually!

My favorite types of Fan fiction are IZ, Halo, AVP,and Transformers...I plan to write a story in each one...that's one of the reasons I currently have trouble focusing on Vengeance, I am in the process of typing other stories...so if there are slow updates blame the plot bunnies running around in my head.

Things that annoy me...closed minded people...hey if you want to live in stereotypical little box be my guest but don't take out your own frustration on people with ideas! Flamers...if your going to insult me or my writing...why are you reading it? Lack of understanding...I cannot update as much as I want to...so when people get angry at me for lack of updating, I find it so frustrating.

Things that make my day...Getting a chance to update, I love making my readers happy! When people review and tell me, that they like my stories...it's mean so much(THANK YOU REVIEWERS!). Inspiration to make my stories better.Other authors stories...Their are just some author's stories that are beyond great and aspire to be like them.

About Vengeance...

If your here about vengeance well it's my baby I love writing it.I find myself laughing at just the antics in the story. And I just appreciate all the positive reviews I have received, in the upcoming chapters you will see Dib and more Tallests but overall it's a Gaz Zim pairing and trust me it's one those stories that I cant quit so you can expect updates.Any questions or anything like that just message me and I promse I will get back to you.

Well check out Vengeance and tell me what you think


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