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Hello everyone who has bothered to read this. I'm guessing that means you've liked my writing enough to check out my profile. (That's the only reason I go to people's, but I guess not everyone's like me...that'd be scary.) Anyway, here are some basic facts on me you probably don't care about.


Okay, I'm leaving again for vacation July 7th probably. I also have alot of stuff to update: 3 short stories, and I haffta get Mania updated. : Also, Harry Potter will keep me busy when it comes out... so yeah! --7/2/07

Oh yeah! Big news! The American Library of Poetry wants to publish a poem I wrote for school!! In a book I think is called With Honor but I could be wrong...Anyway, I'm very excited! --7/2/07


Books: The Outsiders, That Was Then, This Is Now, Tex, Rumble Fish, Taming The Star Runner, Hawkes Harbor, Harry Potter, You Don't Know Me, Twilight, New Moon, Godchild (A manga I know, but I'm counting them under books. I LOVE Cain!) Imadoki (another manga, yes) Whale Talk, Stotan!, Ironman, Athletic Shorts, The Misfits, I Have Lived A Thousand Years, The Devil's Arthimatic, Running Loose, Murder on the Orient Express, A Murder is Announced, Staying Fat For Sarah Byrnes, Crooked, Freak the Mighty, Big Mouth and Ugly Girl, Swallowing Stones and umm...a whole bunch of other ones.

Movies: The Outsiders, Flicka, Seabiscut, POTC (I, II, AND III!), Freedom Writers, Stomp the Yard, Happy Feet, Harry Potter, Spiderman, Meet the Robinsons, Grease, Cast Away... I think that's it...

TV Shows: Gilmore Girls, Spongebob, Avatar, Boy Meets World, Pokemon (old stuff. New stuff, not so much.)


Just One of the Boys: Where was Two-Bit's sister during the events in The Outsiders? What was she doing? This is Kat Matthew's story.

Updates: Chapter 7 is now up. I dunno when 8 will be. I'm kinda focusing on Rock Solid right now...

Rock Solid: Due to my writer's block with Kat, I started writing something about Steve. It was orginially supposed to be a oneshot, but I just kept writing. This is Steve's look on the events happening in The Outsiders. I wasn't sure I was even going to keep writing this, but people really liked it, so I will. :) Reviews can be amazing.

Updates: Alrighty, Chapter 2 just came up 4/27/07. Not sure when the next update will be. Hopefully, soon.


Empty Bed: This is a poem through Sodapop's point of view during the time Ponyboy's gone. I came up with it at 7 o'clock mass (yes, in the morning) and I actually really liked it. Poetry usually comes to me when I have a particullarly strong feeling...I guess I was just feeling very strongly exhausted. :)

I'm Sorry: A peom from Darry to Ponyboy. It's up now! Yay! Ha, I wrote this because people actually liked my poetry.

Coming Soon (Hopefully):

MuggleCast Mania: A really weird story I came up with during exam week (but I didn't haffta take any and I was BORED!). Yeah, this was a result of that bordeom. What happens when our (okay, my) favorite podcasters somehow end up at Hogwarts? Well, not what you expected. Chapters 1, 2 and part of 3 written. Just gotta get around to typing it.

Lean on Me: Oneshot inspired by the song Lean on Me by Bill Withers. Set the day of the Curtis' parents' funeral. Centered around Darry. Finished, gotta type it.

Untitled as of this moment: Oneshot. Steve finds Soda in Vietnam, and well, he's not exactly happy...workin' on a title, be patient. It's sad 'cause I was writing this the last day of school and everyone was sad 'cause we're gonna be spilt up next year. So yeah... Same as the other two.

Happy Father's Day: Yes, I know this is late, but give me a break. I've been out of town so much, plus my mom's been hogging the computer for her job. Anyway, Father's Day for Steve, pre-book.


Thanks to everyone who reads and reviews my stories! This is the first time I've let people actually read my stuff other than one of my best friends, and the feedback is amazing. I wouldn't be here without you guys! Love ya and keep the reviews coming!!! Also, thanks to S.E. Hinton who is totally amazing and inspiring and J.K. Rowling who I've loved since I was 6. Those are two of my most inspirational authors. I dunno what I'd do without their books!! Can't wait for Deathly Hallows (Though that's a little bittersweet. Read those books since I was 6. : /)

My Writing:

Okay, so those of you curious about my earlier comments with Kat, I'd just like to say, I actually get into my character when I write. Yeah, that's right. It's like I become them or something. And...for some reason, they all have anger management issues. Weird, due to the fact that I don't get mad easily! Haha, anyway, I also write to please myself so you'll be pleased. Hopefully, this writing obsession will take me somewhere someday!

Also, I NEVER put myself into the book. Ever. These characters are either S.E. Hinton's or someone I made up, but it's never me. Just an FYI. :)


Guys, if you read my work, please, please, PLEASE review! I appriciate anything and everything I get, but I also would really, really like it if you told me what I'm doing wrong. I hope to be a famous author someday, and I can't do that if everyone says my work is perfect, because I know it isn't. So, yeah, thanks guys! I really do appreciate it, though a lot of times I don't have enough time to reply (or am too lazy). Just know that I do love it when I get yeah! THANKS!

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