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Hello there, Elfia is here! I'm just a reader who love to read any type of stories, but I prefer fanfictions more than original stories. Writing a story in a blog is not one of my favourite hobby because sometimes I will stop my stories mid-way so that's why I choose to not write any story at all.

Next, there are many movies, anime and games that I really love to watch with the pairings that I dearly cherish so much! These are my favourites of all time no matter what people say to me!!

- Solomon and Sheba ( Magi )

- Axel and Roxas / Ventus and Vanitas ( Kingdom Hearts )

- Natsu and Lucy ( Fairy Tail )

- Giotto and Tsuna ( Katekyo Hitman Reborn )

- Snape and Harry ( Harry Potter-family type relationship )

- Daisuke and Dark ( DN Angel )

- Saitou and Louise ( Zero no Tsukaima )

- Loki and Tony / Tony and Captain America ( Avengers )

- Jumin and MC / 707 and MC ( Mystic Messenger )

- Stiles and Scott ( Teen Wolf )

- Zidane and Garnet ( Final Fantasy IX )

- Yuya and Yuto / Yugo and Yuri ( Yu-Gi-Oh Arc V )

- Yugi and Yami ( Yu-Gi-Oh )

- Merlin and Arthur ( Merlin )

- Daisuke and Hikari ( Digimon Adventure 2 )

- Shirayukihime and Zen ( Akagami no Shirayukihime )

- Sakura and Shaoran ( Chronicles Cardcaptor )

- Kuroko and Aomine / Kuroko and Kagami ( Kuroko no Basket )

- Thor and Loki / Tony and Peter Parker ( Marvel-family type relationship )

Sometimes, many people ask me why I stuck with these shit despite that I'm old enough that could label me as an adult who can be marry by now. Well, I'm a stressful person who always feel negative feelings and traumatise about certain things, so by watching, reading, listening and fantasing, it smooth my stress a bit.

Anyway, that's all about my profile or my stupid self. I hope there are many fanfictions out there who could touch my cold heart or help me in someway to ease my stress. Goodluck to all writers and I cannot wait to read amzing fanfictions that have been store in here:-)