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Hm, well I guess you might be wondering who we are, as you are on our page. Well first off yes there are two of us, Rhiannon A Christy and Victory Gebo. We both have seperate accounts under these names.

So why did we decide to make a joint account?

Well first off We both met awhile ago on another site, both readers of the other's works. We first talked through private messaging soon talking just about every night on AIM to talking every night on AIM. Now after deciding we are sisters we spend our time talking on the phone and stuff. So in "sort of" short we have become very close.

Not long after we became friends we started an original story, though it never got past the first chapter. Anyway we started an RP together and soon decided that as we were writing it anyway as a story that it should be a story. So we have for the past few months been writing it and editing it for posting.

Ok now about the name: As pen names should be something personal we decided something to show a bit of both of us. Rhiannon has been called Gypsy for many years, for her Gypsy personality, while Gebo is in fact a pirate. Hehe the pen name is subject to change as we grow and change our intrests. But most likely it won't.

Besides the story we are posting now we have many others planned and in the works, a few which include More Jack Sparrow, Labyrinth and House. And who knows what we might think up next. All our stories are first written must as an RP as we find it easier this way so each chapter is written together and not one chapter each.

Our style is a mix between us, Gebo's wit and Rhiannon's Evil Drama, not to mention that we are both inclined to the naughty. The chapters for our stories might take time to post as one we both have other stories we write on our own, or to be more truthful Gebo has her's and the few she works on and is not ready to post and Rhiannon works on her seven other fanfics, two originals her novel and three other stories she writes with others. So if you are annoyed at the lateness of a chapter it is most likely her fault, also because Rhiannon is a lazy butt and really needs to have a fire lit under her to edit the chapters for posting not to mention write her bit of the chapter. So if you want to yell at someone yell at her. :D


Jack Sparrow:

The Old Ways Are Lost:

Jack has a past he has never shared but with one other, and for good reason, for he believes it to be lost forever. After docking in port Jack meets a pregnant woman, Rose, who he ends up rescuing from her abusive husband Kelly. Rose is beautiful and so familiar to Jack, but he can not place her. That is until after he takes her aboard the Pearl, this Irish Rose turns out to be more then he could have ever hoped for. But just as Jack realizes that his past can be his once more things turn for the worse. Kelly has other plans and they are bloody. Can Jack hold onto his past and keep what he lost last time? Or is history doomed to repete itself? Jack/OC, Rated M for Violence and Sexual Content. Written in Third Person.


Tame the Heart of Thee:

A prophecy foretells of the coming of a mortal maiden who would become Epona and unite the kingdom of Ailill and the Labyrinth. It speaks of Epona rulling the two united kingdoms and restoring them to their former glory. Jareth believes he is only a pawn in a game he is unwillingly playing, fated to bring girls to the Labyrinth in order to find Epona. Fearful that he would loose him kingdom to her, Jareth rebels against the council trying to outsmart the prophecy. But little did he know that Epona's coming was far from something he could stop. And just as the Labyrinth, nothing is what it seems. Jareth/OC, Rated M for Violence and Sexual Content. Written in Third Person.


As we tend to forget to post this in our chapters, here is our disclaimer:

All our works are works of fanfiction, we do not claim to own any of the characters unless they are of our own creation. All characters, persons, places, and names belong to their respective owners. We are not taking any money for these stories or gain of any sort. These stories are for entertainment purposes only. We respect the copyright holders and their work. These pieces of fanfiction are not meant to debase or other wise harm the reputaion of the characters used. All lyrics, poems, and quotes used in these stories belong to their respective owners, We do not claim any of them, nor do we receive money nor any form of assets for these stories. We write these stories for personal use only, and never have nor ever will take money for them.

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