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I did it...I FINALLY updated...-faints-

Streak The Fox

Hello fellow authors and authoresses! Here's my profile. My name is Streak the Fox, or just my first name for short, Streak. I am a humanoid skunk tailed fox, (Like a character in the Sonic Series) but if anyone calls me a skunk, I'll get SUPER mad. =/ I'm a fan of anything electronic, anime (Clean at least), or fun. I'm a Christian, and have given my life to the Lord Jesus Christ!!!


Guy, Dude, Boy, Boi, Hombre, Male, etc.


The Destroyer (Black War Hammer)

Personality: Laid back, but I try to work hard at what I know will benefit me.

Likes: Anything enjoyable yet lazy, and being creative.

Dislikes: Yaoi/yuri, homework, schedules, and mental blocks.

Bio: I was taken away from my mother, and genetically enhanced for a secret government program. I now am free and represent furries that are being treated poorly as an activist against furry racism.

My Pals!

Lance The Cat:

Gender: Male

Personality: Fun, optomistic and sometimes spontanious.

Likes: Pizza, parties, humor, and relaxation.

Dislikes: Yaoi/yuri, homework, and messes.

Bio: A member of the Mecha Police Troopers, he wears a robotic suit equipped with advanced weaponry. He is now semi-retired, and only goes back in action when emergencies happen. When not wearing it, he has 2 tuxedos to wear. One for special occasions, and one for anytime.

Cam the Bloodhound:

Gender: Male

Personality: Tough, but a very deep Christian. Also can get on his excited side once and a while.

Likes: Motorcycles, action flicks, working out, and pranking Streak. (Wait what?! Grrr...)

Dislikes: Yaoi/yuri, vegetables, going soft, people putting him down, and being beaten by Streak at what he's best at.

Bio: Born in Harlem, he was involved on the streets. However, when hearing a church message and watching a movie entitled, "The Cross and The Switchblade" he was converted to a Christian, and converted his parents as well.


6/10/07-Just updating my profile and just made a News section.

6/13/07-Cuz i'm leaving for vacation, I won't be updating at all, so I'm sorry, and I'll try to update alot as soon as I come back.

7/7/07-I decided to change my Pen Name for future reasons. P.S. It has to do with "Son of a Virus" BUT I'M NOT TELLING=D

7/10/07-OH! And BTW, could you PLZ review my stories while gone, cuz more reviews, more chapters! (hint hint!) =)

7/30/07-Sorry guys for not updating that much. I have to put "Son of a Virus" on a short hiatus, cuz I want to make sure that my stories are accurate for seasons 2, 3, and the present season 4. Don't worry though. I'm not taking it off of fanfiction. I have HUGE plans for "Son of a Virus" (Especially with XERO). I am also working on the next chapter for "Time TravlEd." So PLZ review, so I can feel motivated. Thank you.

8/9/07-I made a new section! It's for sneak previews of future stories! ENJOY!!

8/22/07-I added a new O.C. to the O.C. section.

09/14/07- Sorry guys for not updating as much. I was actually planning on finishing the next chapter 2 days ago, but I had 2 performance tests I HAD to take. Srry, and I'll try to update sooner, cus I'm writing the next chapter as we speak...Maybe. =D

12/17/07-Um...Hi. Yea, sorry its been a SUPER long time guys, I plan on having the next chapter of, "Time TravlEd" by today. Trust me, I will try!

Edit: Avatar provided by geN8hedgehog's Male Furry Dollmaker©.

12/18/07-Added three new stories to the Future Stories section. Also I'd like to make an announcement. I am planning on making "Masked Ed on the Loose" because I have planned this for a while, but since my "Away Phase" I didn't post it in the Future Stories Section. I'm saying this because author "Rai829" has posted a story called "The Mask Edventures" with a very similar plot. I want to say though, that I am not copying him, and he is not copying me. I didn't post the information, so he couldn't have known. Now that you know this, I want to make sure I do not recieve flames like, "YOU COPIED HIM!" or, "You are SO unoriginal." So please, I have said I didn't copy him, so please do not flame me. Thank you.

2/10/08-SURPRISE!! I just uploaded the next chapter of TimeTravelEd! Please R&R!

Edit: Added bios for Lance and Cam

1/12/08-Hi. It's me. I know I've been as Cam would bluntly put it, "Lazy," because I was selfish, and didn't take responsibility for my actions, as putting an account on here. If I put an account on this site, I SHOULD update my stories. I'm sorry for my few readers who have waited SO long for Time Travel-Ed, and Son of A virus. I am going to be making a schedule. I will try to put up a chapter for a story today, if not today, friday. I'm sorry for not updating, so PLEASE, forgive me, and when I forget to update, PLEASE, give me a good kick in the pants through PMs, I'd REALLY appreciate it. Please forgive me, and I'll PROMISE, I'll DO BETTER! I'm sorry once more for being a jerk, and I thank you for giving me another chance. Keeping up with schoolwork and my stories, WILL be hard, but it will be worth it when my readers finally get to read a chapter. Thank you, Streak T. Fox...

16/12/08-Hello! Took down A special Day, since my birthday's been LONG gone, and THAT never happened...but this IS fanfiction about my LIFE?! Sheesh, THAT'S kinda pathetic...anyways, I'm gonna post Ed's on First soon, and will be posting the revised chapter of "Son of A Virus" VERY soon! Don't WORRY! I'm a NEW MAN-Er, Furry, hehe.

05/03/09-OK! I KNOW! I'M LAZY! =( I'm REALLY sorry, but school is kinda monopolizing my time, next break, which is next-next week, I'M POSTING STORIES! =D BUT, till then, I'll be WRITING them, hehe, so PLEASE bear with me. Thanks.

12/03/10- Hey. Bet you'd never hear from ME again. Listen guys, I know it's been forever since ANYTHING has happened, and I've STILL made nothing but empty promises, but I have had personal reasons, and now it comes to this hard decision...I'm leaving. But not yet. I can't leave as "That guy with 3 Chapters: TOTAL," I'm going out with a BANG. I have big plans, and I plan on finishing them. I WILL finish Time TravelEd (or as now renamed, An Ed in Time), create a variety of new stories for your entertainment. As for Son of a Virus, I'm losing inspiration, so I would love input and requests to hurry up with that story, because I frankly don't trust myself to finish that on my own. I AM creating a NEW Code Lyoko story, that will kick the pants off of what I originally planned with SoAV. I will still finish SoAV, but IDK how that will turn out with scheduling (Like I said, input please!). I plan on making up for breaking my commitment, so I will add at least ONE new chapter every 30 days. Other new stories I will be posting include a continuation of Rugrats' All Grown Up and A parody/tribute to Snow White including Classic Cartoon Characters, such as the Smurfs, and a Crossover between The Teen Titans Americanime (sounds accurate) cartoon and Batman. I ask that you will actually believe me this time, because I will be leaving, period. But I can't leave like this. Expect big things in the future. And as I leave, please enjoy this new Chapter of Son of A Virus: Redux, and an updated correction on my "Time TravelEd" chapters. And also, removed the quotes, some false info, and some stories I gave up on. Reformatted some stuff, and added new stories to my list.

UPDATE: Time TravelEd updates will occur tomorrow instead.

12/06/10- I HATE THIS! JUST WHEN I COME OUT OF RETIREMENT, AN ENTIRE CHAPTER OF WHAT I WROTE IS GONE! GONE I TELL YOU!!! T-T I'm going to need at THE MOST a week till I actually update, ugh, stupid technology...-_-#

UPDATE: Changed name, added chapter of AEIT (THANK GOD! -CHOIR SINGS-), and created To Do List.

2/4/11-I'm a month late, and I'm sorry, it was a VERY hectic month for me...Please enjoy the new chapter of Son of A Virus: Redux.

To Do list

1. Make new avatar.

2. Post Chapter of SOAV:R.

3. Write next chapters of both stories.

4. Add new story in the month of December (Not a copout like a christmas special) lol

Future Stories

KankEd-(A play on the work "Kinked") When a romance starts to blossom between an Ed and a Kanker, will this complicate things for friendships, crushes, and the school?! Planned to be my best EEnE fanfic, but chances of being made are 4/10.

Masked Ed on the Loose-The Eds are in a new grade with a HARSH new teacher. With the stress from the AVERAGE student grades and the Masquerade Dance coming up soon, Double D gets so nervous! However, when a mystical mask he purchases from a costume shop takes away that stress, the Green headed hero we know and love returns! Parody of "The Mask". Chances of being made: 3/10

Bubbles Blue and the Seventeen Smurfs-Princess Bubbles is the most lovely and joyous of her three sisters, and their sibling rivalry and rocky relationship will come to an end when she is supposedly kidnapped. Little do her loved ones know that she actually has taken shelter in a mushroom house guarded by Seventeen lovable blue elves. Chances of being made: 7/10

The Bird and The Belfry-When the clown prince of crime sends a convincing message to Go City, Robin the Boy Wonder must face his past, and endure what has caught up to him...Chances of being made: 6/10.

My Story-It's been called fiction, because no one would believe it...would you like to hear it? Chances of being made: INPUT PLEASE!

O.C.s (Original Characters)

X.E.R.O.-Not much is known about this character on Lyoko. The major fact is that he's X.A.N.A's son. He has abilities beyond your imagination.

Mark Taylor-Double-D's Uncle. It was hinted that he could've been an illusionist. He has a strong friendship with Double-D and his mother (Or, his sister.)

Fav Videos

Calvin and Hobbes Live!-A decent rendition of the famous comic by Bill Watterson. Bloopers included. (Note: Bloopers have minor swears in there)

Ed Edd n Eddy- Do You Like Waffles?!-This video is HILARIOUS! And the ending is SO ORIGINAL! XD

Be PreparEd-If you like The Lion King and Ed, Edd n Eddy, WATCH THIS. You'll laugh till you ROTFL!

Fav Fanfictions

Blast Into the Past by Blueyedblonde- My thoughts about it are GREAT. It shows how Ulrich and Yumi are meant to be together. It also includes some OddSissi-ness. The Drama, suspense, and action makes me give it a perfect 10.0.

Never Let a Lemur Near Sugar Cookies by fabula-propono- This fic shows great originality of Realworld/Anime crossovers. It shows also the life of an average girl having to hide an important secret from the world. Also love the drama, and fluff. Especially since it shows her thoughts about it.

The Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy: Nightmare Before Christmas series by AMX- This series of fics show what happens when the worlds greatest stop-motion film interacts with the worlds greatest animated cartoon! It shows how powerful the Eds' and Jack's friendship is, so they can get through anything. This goes for friendships in the real world as well. Also, the inclusions of musical numbers with the Eds would make this a great film in real life.

The Edventure Series by Legendofzeldarocks- This series of Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy Crossover shows how "Paper Mario" and The Eds can fit so Easily! It makes reference to special items seen in the game (Thousand Year Door) which helps us understand what is under Double-D's hat. I like the crossover pairings (Double-V mostly =D) I enjoy also the fan art and clip on DeviantArt of Legend's account.

Calvin And Hobbes by Swing123 and Garfieldodie- These fics are a whole bunch of scattered episodes, movies, and crossovers featuring one of the comic universe's greatest duo! They show great dialouge, and a nice collection of O.C.'s! Every fic and/or episode follows the great features of the classic characters. You could even think Bill Watterson wrote them!!

First Date by Invader Zimma- This of all fanfics, has to be the GREATEST ZaGr oneshot EVER!! It shows the great passion and love on how Zim and Gaz were meant to be! I enjoyed also the art I've seen Zimma drew before I read this fic. I also enjoyed the ending and the scenes with Gaz and Gir together. =DDD

Interview With XANA The Truth by Mirawriter- This is a "Ask Questions" fic where you ask the cast of Code Lyoko questions. It is very accurate and humorous with supporting certain pairings. When you see your questions being answered, it is very exciting and fun. It is so accurate, you even FORGET it's a fanfiction.


Sometimes on fanfiction, the reviews won't let you type certain things, and when you type it, you realize it makes no. senseHere are a few clearups in reviews!

Never Let a House Cat Near Turtle Ducks- Fabula! The site is called Avatar Spirit dot Net!

Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy's Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge- OOPS! AMX! I didn't think it was a 9! If it showed up, it'd be more of a...(Inhales deeply) 999 Trillion 999 Billion 999 Million 999 Thousand 999!!

I'd appreciate if you'd review my stories, and when reviewing, please go easy, no flames, and give tips if needed. THNX =)


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Friend of my Heart by HeartforPassionateArt reviews
When Frankie brings home a bus loaded with new friends, Wilts attentions is drawn onto a special friend who is different than most of the imaginary Friends at Fosters, WiltXOC story. Changed for future chapters for voilence, tragedy.
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