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Penname: Savanor

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Location: USA in Washington state

Height: 5'1 1/2" (I seriously blame my mother's genes for that. Why does my younger brother get to be 6'1 and I barely top 5'?)

Eye color: green..err maybe I should settle for gray since it can't make up its' mind.

Hair: All natural blonde. I hear plenty of those blonde jokes all the time and here's what I got to say about that: The only blondes that are ditzy are those suicidal blondes: Those that dyed by their own hand. It's a family joke since I'm the only blonde child in the family. All my siblings are brunettes.

Favorite color: All shades of blue.

Occupation: College student. I just started my first year of college and might not update as often as people wish due to school work.

Status: Newbie. I've been reading this site for a couple years and finally came up with an idea for a fanfic. I appreciate advice in how to post and/or fix grammer/spelling errors. I like to hear critisms that tell me what I'm doing wrong. Please don't just tell me that my story is stupid. Tell me why it's stupid.

Likes: Fantasy, and Sci-fi books, anime that are mostly action like Naruto and Bleach, Long walks to enjoy nature, music of every type as long as it doesn't have swear words, and daydreaming the next chapters in my storys.

Dislikes: Mushrooms or any kind of fungus, spiders (Brr, trust me; it's not fun growing up in a house crawling with daddylonglegs), stories with no plot (I don't mind randomness too much but a story has to have some plot if nothing else a simple journey to the store.), swearing, and romances that go way too fast from boy meets girl to boy falls in love with girl.

Favorite types of Stories: I love to read Naruto and Ranma 1/2 stories. Mostly like to read the action/adventure/humor stories. Occasionally I'll read Sailor Moon and DBZ stories also. I like any pairing as long as the author does a good job in showing how it works out. Will not write stories with harem or boyxboy or girlxgirl since I don't have the mindset to write it.

Stories posted:

The New Kyuubi: This is a story that has been running in my head for awhile and I just had to get it onto paper. I got my idea for it from a couple different stories that escaped my memory as to what their titles are. Title for this story is a work in progress and won't mind suggestions in what to title the story. Basically, it is a divergence at the end of the Sasuke retrieval arc. Instead of being beat up badly by Sasuke, Naruto is killed by Sasuke and is given a chance from Upstairs to become the new Kyuubi. Probably sounds cliche but the story won't die in my head. The pairing for this story I decided would be different than the usual and will make it a game to see who can guess the girl that Naruto ends up with.

Who am I?: I read a lot of stories were Naruto is Kitsune or part Kitsune due to merging with Kyuubi, turned into a kitsune by Kyuubi or just plain born as a kitsune. Heck, I'm even doing a Kyuubified Naruto myself. I wanted to see if it is possible to do something along those lines but not with a fox. What would it be like if Naruto was part of a different kind of being? I also wanted to do it were Naruto is not the son of the Fourth. Naruto was mysteriously handed over to Arashi to be used in the sealing cerimony and no one knows who his parents are. The story wouldn't really start until a few days after the mission to Wave country arc where he wakes up feeling different and finding his body to be slightly different. The changes will be gradual and Naruto will have to discover who he really is and reclaim his birth right. I really don't have any pairings planned for this since it's mostly a journey of discovery and not a romance. Sounds Good or Bad?

Story Ideas:

Naruto vs the Sailor Scouts: I have been thinking of a sidestory, possible a oneshot, for this story on Naruto's training and missions. I'm thinking of Naruto visiting the Sailor Moon universe with a mission to get rid of an old spell on Sailor Pluto that forces her to try to resurrect the silver millenium. He now has to deal with high school and being chase by the sailor scouts. Good idea? Bad? If I do this, what should I title it since what I have sounds like a dippy title.

Author Rants: I really don't understand why people flame. If you don't like my story, then stop reading and find some other fic to read. I don't get it why people feel the need to tell other people that their writing sucks with out a good reason why. Also, if they don't like my writing, why do they sign it off anonomiss? Wouldn't they want the flamie to visit the flamer's site to see what they consider to be good writing. I find it kind of ironic. Plus, I've made it a habit to ignore messages and their content if it contains too much swearing in it. Call me a prude if you will but I put up enough of it from school and work and don't want to read it.

Updates: I try to update my stories every two weeks or so depending on whether my muse will work with me or not. Sometimes I'll start a story to get my creative juices started. Thanks to all who review my stories. I am most pleasantly surprised at the amount of reviews I'm getting for my story 'The new Kyuubi.' Around 115 reviews for just 5 chapters posted. Wow! I didn't know that it was that good. I am totally grateful for those who review and give me tips on spelling and jutsu. My other story posted at doesn't get this much reviews and I was only doing this as a side project. I definately want to try to finish this story now since it is so popular. How many chapters it will end up with I do not know but just as a forwarning; I tend to write an average of two thousand words per chapter before my muse gives up on me.

I also would like to get some reviews on my new story I just posted up, 'Who am I?' I may or may not continue on with it depending on what reviews I get. I have two chapters of it posted so far and only 9 reviews.

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Who am I? reviews
Naruto was given up to the fourth to be the sacrifice against Kyuubi. Who is his family and why did they do this? Plus he has been finding himself acting stranger than normal with a few unexpected gifts. A new bloodline perhaps? The search for his family
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The New Kyuubi reviews
Things didn't turn out well in the fight at the Valley of the End. Instead of badly beaten by Sasuke, Naruto dies. The afterlife has offered Naruto a deal: He could come back to life if he takes up the mantle of Kyuubi.
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