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Oh, hello there.

I take it that you've come to this webpage to find out more about me. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I've packed up my stuff moved on out of here. Yeah I'm calling it quits after three years of writing stories on this site. I'd say I come on here every so often to read a few stories, but I'd be lying. Most of my time is being eaten up because I'm enrolled in university. If you're a high schooler you'll know that once you enter an institute of higher learning, your life is essentially eat, sleep, and homework. Besides all of that my major is a lot of hard work so there's no time for dilly-dallying.

In addition to the mountains of homework I get assigned every week, I've also lost interest in fan fiction writing. For a time it was fun. To give you a brief synopsis of why I joined here, it was because as a kid, I always thought up stories and characters for something I was a fan of. Up until 2006, I didn't even know there was a term for all of this stuff, and honestly, I didn't know I wasn't the only one did things like this. A year later, in 2007, I signed up to this site.

(Kudos to the guy who showed me this site. I tried to get in contact with him, but it looks like he abandoned his profile a while ago).

*WARNING* Boring analysis and flashback alert!

P.S. I warned you.

I became a prominent writer (I discarded some of my older stuff because I deemed it either too cheesy, too awkward, or I just flat-out got bored with it). Recently, I've lost interest in it because, well, I can now get out of the realm of fan-fiction and actually make some real projects come to life.

According to the records, my most successful story with the most views and reviews are both of the Outcast Town stories. "Outcast Town" is a story about a magical parallel universe that appears only to those who have been shunned by society because of certain flaws that they have, often in the form of a cold, lonely forest. It has crazy and magical creatures living in a society much like our own, except it has haunted forests and foggy lakes. Eventually, the magic works itself on the person who entered it, turning them into a unique and magical being themselves.

The inspiration of the idea come from many places. The most prominent source for inspiration was Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past which involves the concept of the Dark World where its magic transforms an individual into a "shape based on his or her nature", aka their true personality. I really liked that concept, so I borrowed it for "Outcast Town". Other sources include Silent Hill, Out of this World, and mythology from around the world. This is an original idea, so don't take it ok?

Ok, boring time is over.

You took the time to read all of that? I'm impressed. Well, anyway, I've officially confirmed that I'm no longer writing stories. Many thanks to the critics who reviewed my stories, you helped me out a lot. Best wishes to you aspiring authors. Once again, thanks for all of your patronage.

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