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Author has written 7 stories for Howl's Moving Castle, Escaflowne, 10th Kingdom, One Piece, Batman the Animated Series, and Dragon Ball Z.

To those who wish to know me:

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening! It seems you have come to my profile page to either A) Read more about me or B) scroll down to my stories. Well if you are B, you may not be missing much, but if you are A then I'll try to think of something worth reading.

Of coarse a profile implies that I am interesting, which I am not sure I am. I am a 21 year old, christian, female and I work in retail but wish I was a childrens book author/illustrator. I love to write short stories (though my grammar is bad) and I love to draw! I have a deviant art account so if you are interested I'll include my site at the bottom. My third love is music and drama. I have been in a number of musicals and received "Best actress of the year"(best day ever) from my high school. I do so love fantasy so you will see that a lot of my story's come from shows that are either scifi or fantasy based. I do every once and a while write my own things, but most have not been posted anywhere. Though I did write a short story for school, it's called "The clearing" and it's posted on my site.


Oh I am an Anime geek. There is no getting around that. I probably should do a few fan fictions off of other stories I've read (because I do read a lot too) but I just haven't yet. But I love the Japanese style and the depth of the stories that Anime often produces. Also the characters that come out of Anime are just phenomenal and to me, characters make a story. In my writing I always try my best to show off the original characters personality and thought process. So I strive for no OC, it's not a favorite of mine.

So onto my stories.

Thunk: Based off of Howls Moving Castle. I wrote this after I saw the animated movie, but it wasn't until a long while later that I read the book. I'm thinking about re-writing it to fit with both, but I'm not sure yet. Who knows, I may just slip another chapter onto the tail end of this, it seems to be the popular one with 44 reviews. ;)

Hostage: Honestly this is one of my favorite ones I've written, but then again I simply love Dilandau and his men. This I must admit I do make a bit OC, so my apologize. Anyways I think I wrote this one all in one night. Good thing I didn't have work the next day. Also...sad to admit...this is my longest story.

McDate: Just something cute and light. I think this is my shortest one. I wrote this fairly quickly one day after completing the entire series of The 10th Kingdom. I completely love Wolfs and Virginia's relationship. Wolf is just so adorable and (don't tell him I told you) he reminds me a lot of my boy.

Smoker no Smoking!: This is my second love. First because I absolutely adore the story One Piece. It's story line is so in-depth and powerful and the characters are just fabulous. Secondly because these two are my second favorite pairing in the series. This story doesn't have as much chemistry that I had originally wanted...since characters are important to me I sort of let them take me for a ride. But I just love their personality's and how they react to each other. Maybe next time I can squeeze a little more romance into the story. I do plan on making another story with them soon.

Broken Silence: Not surprising that I made another one from One Piece. It's been my obsession for the past...4 months? These two however are my favorite pairing. The problem is the author of One Piece already has stated that he doesn't plan on making any romance between the members of the straw hat crew. Because they are so in love with the adventure, they just don't have feelings for one another that compare. So...I only can make my connections in in between the line moments, such as this one. This is also my first one shot that was not humorous!

The Wager: My first multi-chapter story. I'm slightly nervous to put this up because I haven't written any of the other chapters yet, but I figure, what the hay, might as well. DragonBall Z is a staple in the Anime world, but I am sad to say that it is only just recently that I've come to like it. Whats even sadder is I got into it through the Abridged series by TeamFourStar. Once I ran out of episodes that they have completed I started looking through parts of the actual series and found this couple. Plus those three years of Author silence about how exactly the two got together SCREAMS for imagination that needs to be recorded. The problem was it couldn't really be done in one short story, both of the characters have to much pride to just magically fall in love with one another. I'm also afraid that this one will be a bit OC because I simply haven't watched any full episodes of DragonBall Z, but I don't feel like waiting when I've got this story in my head. I'm crossing my fingers for its completion.

Well that's it so far! Thank you for sticking out and I hope you enjoy my stories. Have a great day and GOD bless!

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