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Alright my lovelies, looks like it's time for an update!

What with Nano looming, and the likelihood that Counter Crisis is not going to be worked on (some game expansion, so my lovely cowriter is going to be, ah, preoccupied), and a recent resurgence of interest in Detective Conan... Well. You might (might ((might ( m i g h t)))) be seeing the next chapter of Cases soon. (I hate to promise because a lot of it depends on my mental health, which has been known to nose dive without warning.)

I was writing drabbles for the Mystery Skulls Animated fandom for a while tho, so I might post that stuff here. And I do intend to work on those promised and promising drabbles still. I may not have the energy to be active, but my writing interest is still invested in those poor little beans.

So long story short, I'm going to try to kick my butt into writing again, since my car issues are almost done (seriously, it should NOT have taken this long). Things I will be working on, in no particular order; 30 Cases, MSA drabbles, Counter Crisis, and an rp project between me and Koorii that I might bully her into posting somewhere one day. We shall see!

And so, I am actually updating! Hurray? Please welcome:

30 Cases - Detective Conan - In Progress- Thirty not-quite-unrelated stories that lead our darling detective and his frustrating foe along the path of romance (that's Shinichi and Kid, for the unenlightened). Will be KaitoxShinichi. Chapter 11 posted! Case 11: Akako & Heiji- Through some twist in fate (or the aftermath of a Kid heist), Heiji runs into Akako. Akako contemplates fools, and Heiji has a request. Chapter 12 is about half written, and I’ll see if I get to poke at it this week. May be out soon! That said, this was written years ago, and I have not caught up on DC at all. So don’t expect it to suddenly reflect current canon. It sits in time where it does, and that won’t change. (It’s AU anyway, so eh! *shrugs*)

Counter Crisis - Final Fantasy VII - In Progress - At first it was about preventing tragedy. For Cloud it soon becomes a fight to protect new bonds, tread untrod paths and find happy endings. Second chances aren't always easy in a time where ghosts live and heroes are human. Chapter 16 – Crisis of Cold- Being worked on, ever slowly. With our attention on other fandoms, we tend to come back to it in fits and bursts. But we always come back to it!

MSA Drabbles – Mystery Skulls Ghost Animated – In Progress - No title yet, not posted yet, but I’ll probably clean up and post my MSA drabbles here for posterity if nothing else. I am still poking at these, so they are going to come out sooner rather than later!

And now, for the status of my already posted works:

Chatty Plunnies - Detective Conan – Probably Complete- A collection of on-the-spot writing I do for a friend as we're chatting. Some good, some great, all KaiShin so far. Do give it a try! Will be updated sporadically, depending on how our chats go! Now including chats with SO MANY friends! Chapter 100 is UP! As I no longer do chat drabbles, nor really chat with people about Detective Conan, and it’s at the nice round number 100, I think I’ll call this series complete. If I ever do other DC drabbles, I will start a new story for them to reside. Thanks for playing everyone!

"The Room" plunnies Masterguide, because people keep asking what stories they all come from! And because I notice that outgoing links don’t work, despite them allowing you to insert links (*rolls eyes*), anyone interested will just have to sleuth out the location. It’s not hard. My livejournal is mancha-sama!

Shadows in Shadows - Detective Conan – Hiatus - The Kuroba twins stumble upon a secret of their father's. Now they face dark assassins, sneaky detectives, and forbidden feelings. What should a pair of teenage boys to do except party? I gave in. I'm writing this. Will be an AU with Shinichi-raised-as-Kaito's-twin, but I will almost definitely play the KaiShin deal. Not because everything needs to be KaiShin (though it's a bonus!), but because I'm honestly interested to see how it will turn out in this fic. Will of course be set more in the MK world, but I'm bringing in the DC characters too! Chapter 03 - Hide and Seek – As I said before, I intend to finish 30 Cases before allowing myself to work on other DC works, so this is officially on hiatus. Might be re-written too depending on how I feel when I do get back to it, because I like to think I have matured as a writer!

Mayonaka - Detective Conan - Hiatus - In the classic-not-so-classic style of the repeat fic, both Shinichi and Kaito find themselves in a time loop. Shinichi, having been through it many times before, has given up hope. Can Kaito help him learn to love again? Is his unique style of luck enough to break the curse? And what part does Pandora and the Black Organization play in all this? KaiShin like nobody's business. Chapter 06 - Kaito- And It's You- On Hiatus, and if we do decide to continue, we will be re-writing instead of continuing. Neither of us is happy with the presentation any more, and we have lost most of the notes we had. Sorry to disappoint, I honestly am disappointed as well. I am very fond of the idea, so if such a time comes that I want to work on this but Koorii does not, well, I may just whine at her until she does help, reluctant or not!

Future Projects: Not sure yet. I’m trying not to pick up many, but if you look at my MSA folder…well, let’s just say it looks a lot like my DC to-write folder! You can also check out my tumblr, though I’m not terribly active. Tumblr is manchasama (I know, how original! :p)

Life is interesting. Or it's a pumpkin. I'm not picky.

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