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So whats up?

Anyways, my name is Kaity and I am 15 years old...or atleast thats what I'm gonna tell you...whether you believe me or not thats a different story...(no pun intended)...

I love the Harry Potter series...but I hate Dumbledore with a passion...here are some Dumbledore observations...

PS or SS(depending what country your from): Seriously what if the Dursleys were sick tomorrow and didnt hear Harry crying he would of frozen to death and I mean what if they saw him and, picked him up and drove away and dumped him there...Dumbledore should have atleast rung the doorbell so they would have answered it and seen him...then watched from afar to make sure they took him in

CoS: I refuse to believe that out of thousands of wizards there was not 1 that would take the job, I mean someone like Emmeline Vance could have done it (see OotP, for Emmeline Vance)

PoA: as much as i love sirius Dumbledore shouldnt have changed his mind so quickly...and if snape was a death eater even if he hated sirius would he have forgotten to mention to Dumbledore that Pettigrew was a death eater and sirius was not...

GoF: He uses Harry as bait...as BAIT...he's lucky he is make believe or i might of just had to strangle him...

OotP: when it came down to it Dumbledore should have been the DADA teacher,

HBP: Dumbledore was such a dumbass to believe Snape and to know it was Malfoy and not do anything, I mean he should have confronted Malfoy and then put him into hiding or something...actually maybe it was the right thing to do because he got himself killed...

anyway...there you have it...they're some of the reasons that I hate him but they're the main ones.

Characters and what they look like -

Lilliana Margaretta Prewitt

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The perfect Life? Or not?

June -


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