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Well, the last time I tried to update this, my mind went completely blank. Therefore, the profile stayed blank LOL ;)

Let's see - I'm 34. I'm from somewhere in the middle part of Canada (summertime can be a mosquito's heaven and winters can be brutal, but it's pretty ;)).

Okay, this profile seems really old since I last did anything with it lol. It has been over two years, after all. I don't know if anyone truly reads the profiles, or if anyone who followed my stories before reads it at all. However, if you do... I apologize for leaving and never returning. Shortly before the last story I'd published, I had been laid off from my work. Through that and trying to find another job and not getting anything, then finally just going back to my old place of work and starting over again, plus life stuff and dealing with lots of crap and learning a lot about myself in the process... I had no interest in writing. I'm not just talking writers block; while I did have that, too, I just didn't want to write. I did have a few ideas in mind, had them at least outlined on my laptop... then earlier this year, my laptop went kablooey lol. I've lost all I had on there, and have to start over. I still don't feel that I have any creativity, but at least I have a few ideas. When (or if) they'll be written, I don't know. I'm still busy as heck, and this year has not been great, but I would like to try writing again... but I want to write just to write, rather than writing to publish. Of course I would publish them if I liked them enough, but right now my main concern is just to see if I still have what I used to have -- the creativity and the drive to write.

Anyway, about my stories -- both the ones I've written and any potential upcoming ones -- I tend to delve into psychology when I write. Not all the time, of course lol. However, if I write something substantial, I don't like to just dive into the action, then wrap it all up and say "okay, here we go. All better now." Life doesn't work that way lol. Trust me. ;) That kind of story isn't for everyone, and that's perfectly okay. It's up to you whether you read something or not lol. And I've noticed, going back through some of my stuff, that I seem to have a running theme with the villains - narcissistic, paranoid, obsessive compulsive... geez, I could have based them off of someone had I met that person before I started writing. The fact that I met that person after I'd written and published some stuff is kind of creepy lol. Anyway, that's another story, and in the past. ;) The point is, I like to get into the mind when I write, at least for the longer stories. I take an emotional spin on them. That's just how I write, though whether I am able to continue that or not remains to be seen.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a bit of an update. I still plan on publishing new stuff, I just don't know when it'll happen. Maybe in the meantime I'll catch up on reading. :)

Until next time!

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