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Hey! I started writing fanfics in 2007, mainly FF and KH, but my creative talents have grown since then and I took those fics down and decided to make my MEGA FIC "Tales of the Chocobo Kind: FF13"

Tales of the Chocobo Kind was originally an FF7 fic I started in 2007, but I decided to rewrite it with FF13 characters because FF13 characters are more fun to fool around with. And trust me, this version is way funnier. I am currently several chapters ahead of what is published so look forward for lots of cracklicious shenanigans.

If you like my story please give me a positive review and tell me your favorite part of the chapter or your favorite character :D

NOTE ABOUT KH CHARACTERS IN TALES OF THE CHOCOBO KIND: My rendition of the KH kids are inspired by The Kingdom Hearts Chronicles parody, so I highly suggest you imagine them saying stuff in their KH Chronicles voices. To be clear Kairi is heartless in my fic.

Other fics I will write in the future: KH High School fic (a reboot of my original KH highschool fic I made years ago, but will be a sequel of ToCK and will feature FF cameos), FF10 fic (prequel to ToCK, FF cameos unlikely), FF7 fic (sequel to ToCK but premise is still undecided).

Inspirations: I started writing crack fics years ago after reading FF and KH crack fics, a notable fic being "Wakka's Taters" which should be in my favorites if you want to check it out. I enjoy shows such as The Office (US version), Parks and Recreation, and iCarly (because I am eternally a teenager by heart). And more than anything else it's the FF characters that inspire me.

Top 5 FF games: 7>10=13>9>4

Favorite FF characters: Zack Fair, Aeris, Lightning, Laguna Loire, Yuffie

Favorite Kingdom Hearts character: Ventus

Other hobbies: Fashion design and construction, sewing, embroidery, reading

Fluent languages: English, Spanish

Note: I've changed my username to Ame Shizuka, which was my original username when I published on this site years ago.

Note note: Since this website has been acting weird lately you can follow me/ check/ message me on my tumblr for any emergency announcements: litnong dot tumblr dot com

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