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Author has written 10 stories for Harry Potter, Naruto, and Star Wars.

Name: Marquis Black (not my real name, but I think we all know I'm not about to divulge that information)

Age: 29

Nationality: Panamanian

Occupation: Teacher, and Independent Contractor in the fields of Law, Business Administration, Public Speaking, Education, Accounting, Political Science, and/or Journalism.

Short Notes: I am always glad to talk to my readers, as they often provide me with inspiration to keep writing. In order to contact me, please seek the Contact Information section at the bottom of the profile. Please note, however, that I am erratically online, so the best way to let me know whether or not you're adding me to an IM messenger would be to PM me via or leave it in a review.


Views on Shipping: I am not what most would call a "shipper" in that I do not believe in the childish notion of upholding the sanctity of one -fictional- pairing over another, but I will admit that I do believe that certain pairings seem to hold better chemistry with each other, and I will often stick to these pairings when choosing stories to read, unless I've been utterly taken in by the writing (which does happen, frequently). My preferences are the following:

Harry Potter

Favorite Character: Ginny Weasley (by far and large)

Least Favorite: Albus Dumbledore and Draco Malfoy (It's a tie between the man who is unwilling to do what's necessary to win, and the spoiled brat.)

Favorite HP Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Ginny's big coming out!), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Pet HP Peeve: Love as a weapon (Am I really the only one who sees that as not only a physical impossibility, but the most ridiculous, childish deus ex machina ever created? What's he going to do, hug him to death?) Post-DH Note: I stand vindicated.

Favorite Pairings:

Hated Pairings:
Ginny/Draco (
Sirius/Lily (Not only is it a massive deviation from canon, but also disregards the Sirius-James friendship factor)
Any slash pairings involving Harry
And many, many more. (If I had to say every single one, this profile would go on forever)

Storytypes I Enjoy (but not limited to):

(when it's still H/G; with some exceptions.)
Dark!Harry (When it's still H/G; again, with exceptions.)
(At last! A TimeTravel!Ginny story that was finished! Kudos to kb0 on this accomplishment!)
(A variant of the previous storytype, but one I enjoy nonetheless.)
Realist!Harry (or Ginny. She seems to be wiser than the hero at most times, it seems. In fact, Realist!Ginny is a good foil for that MHP!Harry, detailed below)

Storytypes I Hate:

Evil!Ginny (In most cases this storytype is premised on nothing else than the author's own hatred of the character, without giving any real basis for the development of this character into its spoiled derivation. One particular story that I've actually read with this storytype and -enjoyed- actually made it very clear how such a derivation from canon was possible, via the explanation that she was raised in a Dark setting, with her loving parents having been imprisoned by Voldie and her siblings and her being indoctrinated into the Pureblood gospel. That story I read from start to finish, and wasn't even H/G.)

Pansy!Harry (As in: chronically depressed, keeps whining, and overall is just dislikeable; without a rational explanation as to why he's a walking emotional time bomb, I see no way to explain this sort of storytype interpretation of Harry.)

Severitus!Harry (Allow me to elaborate: Severitus follows a flawed premise; or rather, most of them do. Often, they either are the result of rape, or the miraculous decision of Lily to dump James for Severus on the spot, or some other extraordinary jump in character logic. The worst ones, of course, are when Severus and Lily have a moment of passion exactly nine months prior to Harry's inception, and somehow Lily gets away with charming Harry to look like James' kid for the next decade. From beyond the grave. Were it explained, rationally, why this pairing occurred, and how the events followed from that, I would have no trouble going through with the story. However, having a "Harry, I am your father by means unknown to human science!" moment is not acceptable.)

Evil!James&Lily (One of the -most- irrational storytypes I've seen. Lily has always been described in canon as a caring, nurturing woman, and James as a former mean spirited prankster, but otherwise very loyal and honourable, with a very strong sense of good and evil. So where, logically, does this storytype stem from? Where was the deviation and how did it happen? People are not just -bad- overnight (short of a simultaneous psychotic break). There is a progression of events, and no fanfiction author is immune from the duty to explain it.)

Loveasaweapon!Harry (I'll say it again. Horrible, childish deus ex machina. You don't kill someone by loving, you kill them by AK'ing them.)

MoneyHemorrhagingPhilanthropic!Harry (Why doesn't someone smack him and educate him on sustainability? Doesn't he know people pay for food? What'll he do? Beg?)

Overthetop!DeathEaters (And by this, I don't mean egos larger than Jupiter. I mean when the Death Eaters are portrayed as rampaging machines of rape, death, and mutilation. 2 deaths in a night is ok. Five towns worth of deaths? Not ok. Do you have any idea the logistical nightmare that such devastating acts would presuppose? With the mere handful of Death Eaters that these stories imply, there is no physical way, even with magic, that they could pull such a feat off. Not without ticking off 10 Downing Street and getting a nuke up their asses.)

(This goes hand in hand with the above storytype. How is it that the Muggle media machine, despite its real life tendency of digging up the truth whenever there's a big government cover-up, ends up swallowing some bogus story about a terrorist organization or a gas leak that just happened to strike some out-of-the-way series of towns? Like I said: 2 deaths? Explainable. 5 towns-worth of raped, mutilated bodies? Unless you're under full scale invasion by freakin' Tamerlane, there's no possible way that a terrorist organization did that.)


Favourite Character: Tied between Hinata and Naruto

Least Liked Character: Tied between Sasuke and Danzo. To be fair, however, I just wish I could smack Sasuke. I abhor Danzo, even as I understand his character.

Favourite Naruto Moment: Hinata's confession, Kushina and Minato's final moments, Kushina's parting words to Naruto, and Naruto achieving Six Paths Mode.

Pet Naruto Peeve: The fact that Sasuke seems to have almost as much screentime/importance as the title character. I understand the whole "nemesis" theme going on here, but Kishimoto needs to remember just which side the title character is on. Plus, every time Sasuke shows up in the manga, he becomes more and more morally irredeemable.

Favorite Pairings:

Naruto/Hinata (2 for 2, baby!)
Sakura/Lee (oh god, the hilarity!)
Naruto/Harem (on the rare occasions when it's done tastefully)


Hinata/Neji (Two words: recessive genes. 'Nuff said.)

Storytypes I Enjoy

Partner!Kyuubi (aka, not necessarily raging monster, and helps out)
Realist!Naruto (sometimes I just can't stand the sugary idealism that Kishimoto's Naruto has)
AltTeam7!Naruto (Changing the team members and so on)
RichNamikaze!Naruto (well, this is debatable. At times, this can get tedious as well)
Hiraishin!Naruto (Epic. Although, this only applies for when people acknowledge how the Hiraishin actually works; no chakra depletion, instant teleportation, ranged awareness, etc...)
UtterlyRandomOCMentors!Story (Well, to be honest, I've so far only really encountered one that never fails to get me laughing uncontrollably, and that's "Yet Again, with a little extra help," by Third Fang.)

Storytypes I Hate

EpicallyBadGrammar!Story (It boggles my mind how bad the grammar is in some stories; even some with potentially great plotlines are just swamped with grammatical errors).

ATPTSS!Story (Translates to "All things post-time-skip sucks." Fortunately, not as common anymore.)

ArashiKazama!Story (Enough is enough. I get it that when a story is written pre-August 27, 2004, it was written without canon knowledge of the Yondaime's real name, but for goodness' sake, people! You really cannot justify writing a story with Arashi Kazama after the canon information has been revealed. I get that this is fanfiction, but hell, most of us try to use whatever canon information we can use, and always stick to the canon names, unless we do genderbending--which I don't, but I get that some people do.)

NoContractions!Story (I love certain stories. I do. Yet, inevitably, I start to get annoyed when the characters speak like they've never used a contraction in their lives. Use don't instead of 'do not,' and can't instead of 'can not.' Not because you're lazy, but because people talk like that.)

Prophecy!Naruto (Fuck. That. I can't take any more Chosen Ones who could easily double as professional masochists.)


MarquisBlack's Writing Corner of Wisdom!

1. What is a harem?

A: Harem, linguistically speaking, is an English bastardization of the word harām, meaning "forbidden" in Arabic, referring to the practice of female seclusion. Historically speaking (more specifically, from a western perspective), harems were the process of 'collecting,' so to speak, wives by any man. More often than not, for obvious reasons, this tended to be men of power. Strictly speaking, it is a concept only capable of being implemented when speaking of Muslim households, yet the underlying practice can be found in any society that allowed polygyny. It should be noted, however, that not only wives were kept in certain harems, such as the Imperial Harem of the Ottoman Sultan, but also their female relatives and any other women of his household or who prickled their fancy (either to comply with Muslim law or for more personal purposes, or both). Loosely speaking, harems can be found anywhere, as was previously mentioned, where polygyny was permitted.

However, as European understanding of polygynist societies prior to the 19th century was, the word became associated with any society that permitted such associations, even though they had nothing to do with Middle Eastern culture -- one prominent example being China, whose "imperial harem" was actually the result of local concubinage systems dating at least as far back as the Zhou Dynasty. Moreover, Asian concubinage systems had little to do with "collecting" wives, and had incredible political and social consequences, as mentioned below.

Furthermore, it should be noted that harems, in respect to the Japanese point of view, do not necessarily refer to what has been described above. Rather, in that case, it refers to surrounding the main character (mostly) with a variety of potential partners. There is no guarantee, however, that said character will end with all or any of them.

Lastly, it should be pointed out that in several cultures, Harems served as powerful political tools, by which nations could be led towards prosperity or catastrophe. One cultural example of this would be the Chinese, where many political officials tended to be risen to their posts by way of a female relative in the Emperor's harem. One example of the latter would be that of King Zhou of Shang and Da Ji, for those who are familiar with Chinese history.

2. What is a harem in fanfiction?

A: A harem in fanfiction, typically, consists of the practice of putting more than two (in order to set a baseline between harems and bigamy) women or men in a steady, if not permanent, relationship with any character in the story, usually for the purposes of smut, though on rare occasions, as a logical plot point. Very few stories exist, proportionally speaking, whereby the harem serves as an intrinsic plot point without which the story would not work.


Due to recent conversations with certain elements, I have come to realize that perhaps an additional disclaimer is necessary when regarding my stories.

Audience Disclaimer: Stories written by Marquis Black are in no way expected to be taken as the personal dogma of the author at all times. While certainly some of the author's beliefs do at times bleed into the story, the vast majority of the time they are in fact not reflective of the author's personal opinions. Most of the time, the author simply wishes to explore certain subjects, and thus includes them to make the story more interesting and intellectual. Furthermore, it is not expected that everyone will like the stories, and so if the story is not your cup of tea, the author wishes you no ill and simply asks than you respect the fact that others actually do.


The World at War Series: A concept that arose in my mind after reading many "Final Battle" and beyond stories. I guess after reading too many fairytale-ish stories where Harry basically invokes a deus ex machina to defeat Voldemort (secret amulet, sudden powers, some massive weapon hidden in Hogwarts no one has ever heard about, what have you) and then due to Voldemort kicking the bucket all Death Eaters either die or surrender from the backlash, I just got tired of the repetition and decided to make a more...realistic world, where the war against Voldie isn't just long, but gruesome and hard fought. Where men and women are tried by chaos and horror and either succumb to it or rise above it.

Note that the WaW series relies heavily on technomancy, as it is my personal belief that between a wizard and a sniper two miles away, the sniper would come out victorious. Based on that knowledge, I have Harry, or some companion to Harry, or an entire Muggle-Wizard think-tank produce Techno-Magic hybrids. Now, most will challenge the way my series works because it always seems as if either side has an advantage for most of the story, but the truth is that technology does that to a war. One need only look at historical examples wherein an aggressor power started off one-sidedly winning everything before losing to understand that this has happened on numerous occasions in human history, due in part to what is known as technological escalation. In short, war drives innovation.

Warning: I will not deign myself to reply or tolerate flames made on the basis of "shipping" or made along the lines of "YOU SUCK, GO KILL YOURSELF!" Any review I do not deem as constructive criticism will be subsequently deleted. If you really don't like my story, I'm fine with that, but at least tell me why without being an insulting child.

Furthermore, I do not write "bash" stories. While it may seem like it at times (such as in Beginning of the Dark Wars), everything I've written is made with cold, calculated logic. Some of my stories may have Dumbledore "bashing", as most of you would describe it, but I do not consider it as such. The man is portrayed as manipulative, yes, but he's not evil, or mentally challenged-he's just misguided.

Lastly, to deter any questions or slanderous comments on my parentage and/or nationality, let me be clear that my parents were very much married when they had me, and that I'm Panamanian (as in Republic of Panama).


Military Background: As I've noted before, I've never claimed to understand the full extent of the horrible plight of a soldier in wartime. That being said, I believe it is necessary for me to expound exactly how I know what I know.

1. I've never been in an Armed Service.

2. Neither of my parents served in an Armed Service.

3. Only one of my grandfathers served in an Armed Service, but never in combat.

4. Self-taught knowledge on military history makes up about 80.5 percent of my military knowledge--terminology and facts included.

5. 100 percent self-taught knowledge on military tactics.

6. History buff.

7. Veterans who read my stories often give me advice. For which I'm eternally thankful, guys!



The Dark Wars: Empire's Plight - Pairings: H/G, N/S, J/L, Hr/R - Summary: In 1981, Voldemort is defeated by baby Harry. What no one understands, however, is why, then, did the very much alive Potters flee into anonymity? It is now 1996, and the Potters have returned to the Magical World as the vanguard of a rising Empire. Armed with fanatic loyalty to the Crown and thousands of soldiers at their command, the Potters will brook no resistance to their orders, and yet at Hogwarts, Dumbledore schemes to return the balance of power to the status quo. How will these two powers deal with the other when they finally clash in the midst of a rising Dark Insurgency? Complete.

The Dark Wars: Empire's End - Pairings: H/G, N/S, J/L, Hr/R, Hannah/OC - Summary: The destruction of Fort Valour has left the Empire reeling from this daring attack. Yet, their indomitable will has not faltered. Spearheaded by the newly-promoted General Harry Potter, the Empire seeks the power promised by an abandoned military project to redeem its loss and crush its enemies. Unknown to the defiant Empire, however, dark forces conspire to bring the mighty Empire to its knees. Complete.

The Dark Wars: Empire's Rebirth - Pairings: H/G, H/OFC, Hr/R, J/L, N/S - Summary: The Empire has fallen--it's cities torn down and its armies scattered. Loyal generals have become warlords, and the Imperial Throne sits empty under their neglectful gaze. At last brought to light, the magical sectors of countries worldwide have risen up in rebellion, tearing the globe apart in strife and war, even as the mighty British Empire, the peacemaker, lies broken. Yet, a ray of hope remains, as whispers of an Imperial heir reaches the ears of Warlord Harry James Potter. But will the General-turned-Duke heed the call of loyalty, or will he choose the hedonistic life of a Warlord? Complete.

The Dark Wars: Empire's War - Pairings: H/G, N/S, Hr/R, J/L, R/T - Summary: Elizabeth III is Crowned. The British Empire has returned, and its mission is one of swift vengeance and brutal retribution. The armies of the Empire, long ago scattered, have come back together to form the mightiest war machine the world has ever known, backed by the terrible power of the Empire's ascendant Airfleet and driven by the near-religious fanaticism of its troops. Led by the Duke of Halifax, Harry James Potter, the Empire's greatest hero, the Imperial forces seem unstoppable. Yet, on the heels of the Empire's triumphant return, the Death Eaters have begun a plan set to destroy their natural enemy once and for all. And, in the arctic wastelands up north, a dark presence awaits the outcome of this global war, planning for the day when his name will once again be feared by all. Complete (Epilogue Pending).

Emperor - Pairings: H/OC - Summary: Some men live their whole lives at peace and are content. Others are born with an unquenchable fire and change the world forever. Born into anonymity, crowned an Emperor, this is the story of Harry Potter's journey from humble beginnings, to a career as a renowned officer, and finally to his destiny as Henry I, First Emperor of the European Empire. In Progress.

Legacy of Uzushiogakure- Pairings: Unreleased - Summary: 15 years before Naruto begins, Uzushiogakure is destroyed by an alliance of fearful nations, seeking to destroy the nation of the powerful Seal Masters. 15 years later, a chance encounter leads the scattered remnants of the Uzumaki to Konoha, where the last Clan Head awaits. In Progress.


Politics of the World in WaW: Despite what initial impressions may show, one must be very careful when claiming to understand the politics behind the world I've created. While it may seem that the Potters and any other Royalist magical family are posing (falsely) as Muggle aristocrats before the events of DW:EP, this is not true. The Queen has always known of the loyalist families' magical abilities, and the Potters weren't one originally. In fact, they became loyalists after escaping the events of October 31st, 1981. The Potters fled to other holdings of the Empire and there became members of the Imperial military, before then becoming part of the Imperial government. By 1997, the Potters had achieved a respected status in both the military and government (Matthew became known for his oratory skill, Alexandra had worked for the military R&D, James had become governor of the Falklands, and Lily was well known as a promoter for greater intellectualism and equal rights). Thanks to their achievements, they were inducted into the nobility in 1995, gaining the titles of Marquess and Marchioness for James and Lily, respectively. However, since Matthew and Alexandra are adopted children, Harry is the one inheriting the title of Marquess, while Ginny will gain the title of Marchioness upon the deaths of James and Lily. As such, the Potters were not, indeed, posing as Muggle aristocrats before 1997, but rather were known, loyal servants who were -made- into aristocrats thanks to their achievements.

Also, inasmuch as the Crown's relation to the magical world is concerned, it has not, in fact, been strained forever. Indeed, up until the death of Victoria, the magical world had acquiesced the Crown as its legal sovereign (even if the Crown's power was still kept under wraps by the Magical purebloods). However, upon the death of the much beloved Queen in the early 1900s, the purebloods took advantage of her death by slowly directing the Ministry to greater and greater independence from the Crown who, seeing the numerous problems in the Muggle world, allowed it, even if reluctantly. However, no legal break had been written down and, as such, the Crown had every right to order the Ministry to harden their stance against Death Eaters in the years leading up to 1997. Which is why, after having been ignored for too long, the Crown furiously ordered the army to take action, which is when the standing army that is shown in DW:EP was assembled.

The reader must understand that up to 1996, approximately, the Imperial Army was just made up of maybe 2,000-4,000 men and women who were supposed to be peacekeepers. When the magical world became unruly, however, large amounts of men from the Muggle Armed Forces were transferred to Imperial control. The project that will be mentioned in the sequel of DW:EP has, as such, been a proposal that's been around since well before Harry was even born.


Future Projects:

With the Dark Wars series coming to an end, I've been assaulted by the oft-referred-to plot bunny. Savagely. I mean, there are scars, man. So, as such, I am announcing that there are, currently, three stories I plan to work on (in no particular order) at some point in the future. These are:

The Crown's Dog (Working Title) -- Another Imperial!Harry story. However, instead of going worldwide with the conflict, it is likely I'll keep the Death Eater's insurrection as just that: a minor rebellion. Furthermore, this one is unlikely to feature live James and Lily, and Sirius will probably be in Azkaban, as with canon. However, Harry will be ennobled and his interactions with the world around him will be in the form of a powerful noble carrying out the Crown's bidding. Planned pairings: HP/GW. - Cancelled

King and Empire (Working Title/Revised) -- Again, an Imperial!Harry story. Like Crown's Dog, it's unlikely that the Death Eaters will be a global threat, merely a UK-based one. Inasmuch as canon events are concerned, they will proceed normally up until 1994, when all hell breaks loose in the UK. Harry and Neville, however, will not be a part of the Magical world at all, instead becoming soldiers in the Imperial Army from the get-go after being raised in Muggle environments. I've decided on this particular line due to the fact that while Dark Wars explores Harry as an officer, I've always enjoyed toying with the idea of Harry as a typical foot soldier. Harry will not be permanently paired with anyone. - Cancelled

Peace, Order, and Good Government (Working Title) -- Random Plot Bunny that may or may not be written out. Premise explores the following situation: what if the British Ministry was, shortly after October 31st, 1981, run not by Bagnold and later Fudge, but by someone competent, charismatic, and reformist? Unknown pairings, if any (probably Canon ones, though). Will explore differences in events throughout the seven books. - Cancelled

Civil War: Tales of the Dark Wars (Working Title) -- An idea that sprung from a conversation with one of my readers. He correctly pointed out that many of the details from the Dark Wars series had been left out of the main stories, and would be, by themselves, interesting stories to read. However, since these tales are merely a part of the sum, I have decided not to make full-length stories out of each of them, but rather one-shots or two-shots compiled under this one title. Events looked into would include the rise of the Covenant of Imperial Brethren, the fall of Ireland, the Iron Duke's Nova Scotia campaign, the formation of the Confederacy, and more. If at all, updates for this story will be intermittent, at best. - Cancelled

Untitled Naruto Project 2 (Working Title) -- Planned to be a Ravages of Time/Naruto Crossover story. Ish. If done, will be done using the "Western Empire" trope floating around recently. Except not in the west. And not using a million other shows. Warning: Historical Harems will occur in this story (check above for what is meant by Historical Harem).

Untitled Naruto Project 3 (Tentatively: Fox Sage)(Working Title) -- Planned to be a straight Naruto story. Ish. If done, will be done using the NonKonoha!Naruto trope. Even better, will not be affiliated with any major village.

Forward Unto Dawn (Working Title)-- A Halo/Mass Effect Crossover. Why? 'Cause it seems right up my alley! Politics and warfare? What's not to love! Anyway, it'll be post-Requiem.

Sith'ari (Working Title -- A Harry Potter/Star Wars Crossover. Started off as a plot bunny after watching Episode VII, then playing on SWTOR, which has since blossomed into its first (and so far only) chapter. Don't expect regular updates here.


The Writer's Code of Marquis Black

1. I will not hold my chapters hostage for reviews (if it's taking a while, it just means I'm stuck.)

2. Roman Numerals in chapter titles can look cool, but when they outnumber the actual title, then there's clearly a problem.

3. Gender is according to canon. Male characters are always male, and female characters are always female.

- Caveat: Unless it is clearly stated that the storyline is taking place in an AU, and that the plot of the story (not the pairing) could not function unless in said AU.

- Caveat: Unless there is a logical reason to suspect otherwise. Said reason must be clearly stated and proven ("Because I said so" does not count).

4. Sexual Orientations are according to Canon where actually stated.

- Caveat: Exempted are stories whose pairings were made previous to the release of information contrary to the presumed orientations.

5. Mpreg does not, cannot, and will not exist. Ever.

- Caveat: Unless the human race is wiped out and then genetically reconstructed into some form of aberration and crime against nature.

- Addendum: In fact, ought to have a filter for those stories. WHY DOESN'T IT?!

6. Considering the very nature of Fanfiction, Pairings are at the author's discretion.

7. Flamers are not people. Constructive critics are.

8. Lack of reviews does not necessarily indicate lack of interest. I will not confuse low returns on reviews for total disinterest.

9. I will always make sure to write my story within the parameters of the rating I have imposed. If I mark my story M, then I feel fully justified in making it a swear-fest, if I so wish.

10. Applicable only to Narutoverse: The name of the Yondaime is Namikaze Minato, and his wife was Uzumaki Kushina. Changing this presupposes that I have decided to ignore almost three years worth of canon information for the sake of fairy dust and unicorn wishes.

11. All my stories will have themes relevant to the real world incorporated into them (ex: Redemption, Loyalty, Filial Piety, Morality, Ethics, etc...). Maybe it comes as a result of being a Political Science/History major, or having grown up with the Lafontaine fables and other great works of European and Latin American literature, but thematic stories are something I just do on instinct.

12. I do not write Harem stories. By this, I refer to gratuitous pairing of the main character with nearly every available female in the story not out of plot-based reasoning, but out of simple, male fantasy logic. If, if I pair the main character with more than a single person of the opposite sex, then it will have to be explained rationally within the framework of the plot. "Hormones" is not an acceptable reason. See above for in-depth explanation of the concept.

13. Contractions are your friend. Use them. People don't normally speak in robot syntax.

14. Applicable only to Narutoverse: There is no Civilian/Shinobi Council in Canon. This is strictly a fanon-created derivation of the Konoha Council, which are the Sandaime's two former teammates. Danzo is a "retired" shinobi that seems to have gained "Elder" status (but seems to work more as a Consultant-type figure for the government), and the Civilians have zero say in the affairs of Konoha. The group that elected Danzo as Hokage Koho (meaning Hokage Candidate) were not permanent members of a ruling council, but rather a cross-section of the most powerful figures in Konoha's shinobi society, along with the Daimyo's representatives, that were gathered not on a regular basis but ad hoc. That said, as long as this is clear, the "Konoha Shinobi/Civilian Council" trope remains a valid plot tool for fanfiction. Just don't try to pass it off as Canon.

15. Applicable only to Narutoverse: Haku know? I'm not quite sure. I mean, Kishimoto says Haku's a dude, but...I mean, look at him. Her. It. Whatever. Anyway, either Haku has a brilliant sense of manipulating others into thinking he's a girl due to his feminine features (in which case, he's like...the best classical shinobi ever), or he's a girl who likes to fuck with other people's minds, or a cross-dresser. Honestly? Considering the range of characters in Naruto? All three are plausible. Anyway, this rule is basically to state that I'll accept writing Haku as whatever the hell I please like, and won't judge others on how they write him. Her. It. Whatever.

16. Crossovers: The rules for Crossovers (that I write and like) are thus:

- 16a. Pick one universe, and settle the other universe's characters in the main one.

- 16b. Pick one universe, and have the other universe's characters' abilities fit within the framework of the main universe (no absurd mixing of Avengers/Justice League-esque superpowers with Jutsus!)

-- Caveat: Unless the dimensional traveller's powers are internally produced and not externally; in which case, only the traveller should have them, and no one else.

-- Caveat: Unless there's a magical doohickey that messed with their internal organic composition, thereby allowing the traveller access to the receiving Universe's abilities. Even then, be sure to not overpower the traveller by giving him unfettered access to more than one type of super-powerful abilities.

- 16c. If names are foreign, and barring dimensional travel, rework them to fit the naming conventions of the main universe. It gets jarring when one reads about a guy named Bob running around a crowd of Arashi's and Daisuke's.

-- Caveat: If you really want to keep the foreign names, make sure to point out how weird it is for the main universe's characters (assuming the main universe is unilingual), or make the main universe polylingual (but in such a case, make language barriers apparent).


Disclaimers: I own nothing other than my OCs and the plot of my stories. This includes most of the speech incorporated into the Prologue of "Emperor." That was taken, almost word for word, from the introductory video of Napoleon: Total War (which also served as the inspiration for wanting to write that story). While the wording has been changed, I admit to having kept the spirit of it due to the fact that there was no better way to illustrate that scene (Great game, by the by). All recognisable materials belong to their original authors, and no profit has been made nor shall be directly derived from these works.

Also, in regards to the ownership of Richard Sharpe, I fully agree, and even uphold, that Bernard Cornwell is the legal owner of the 19th Century British soldier, Richard Sharpe, of the King's 95th Rifles. The Richard Sharpe of this story, though, is both in the modern era, in a different regiment, and holds a different attitude altogether than the British hero created by Bernard Cornwell, who is, incidentally, one of my favorite authors. The only similarities both men have is the name and being a Rifleman.

Contact Information:


Twitter: @marquis_black

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Naruto - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 7 - Words: 71,725 - Reviews: 796 - Favs: 1,855 - Follows: 1,987 - Updated: 7/11/2014 - Published: 12/11/2011 - Naruto U.
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After Kakashi inadvertently slips up, Sasuke and Sakura discover who Naruto's parents were. Sasuke refuses to believe that Naruto is the son of the Fourth Hokage despite all of the evidence he gathers that points to that fact.
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Naruko Uzumaki found a boy in the Park who didn't immediately spurn her. From there nothing changes, yet everything does. Proof that an OC doesn't need to be powerful or even a Shinobi to make a difference...and proof that I can write something different from Angst. Fem-Naruto. Oc.
Naruto - Rated: T - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 78 - Words: 106,710 - Reviews: 744 - Favs: 1,053 - Follows: 454 - Updated: 9/2/2013 - Published: 7/14/2013 - Naruko U., OC - Complete
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Things didn't go so well this time after Danzo betrayed konoha and joined Akatsuki. As the Kyubi was being removed from Naruto however, an unexpected stranger arrived to change all for the better... maybe. NaruHina timetravel some oc please review
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A simple ninja guide for authors out there to write good fighting scene and not get the plot down by coming up with something like "fire realeas" multiple fire technique. Nothing like a story that goes bad cause of the bad fighting scene. have funnn
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Emperor reviews
Some men live their whole lives at peace and are content. Others are born with an unquenchable fire and change the world forever. Inspired by the rise of Napoleon, Augustus, Nobunaga, and T'sao T'sao. Very AU.
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The 2nd Shinobi World War left Uzu destroyed out of fear. Its inhabitants were left slaughtered or scattered. However, what if the members of Uzushio's famed Uzumaki weren't as scattered as people thought? What would it mean for one Uzumaki Naruto?
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Abandoned. Rewritten as The Dark Wars: Empire's Plight.
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