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Hello, thank you for checking out the profile. As you know my name is PIBB but in real life my name is Robert.

I had been meaning to rewrite my Bio for ever now and since I'm getting back into the swing of things I thought it would be a good idea to. I'm going to post in depth info on the stories and my original characters here.


Old Friends Complete

I'm not particularly proud of this one. I respect it because it got me started but the writing is just bad, the dialog is idiotic and I'm thinking of rewriting it but no promises.

The Long journey Home Complete

Again this one isn't to great but it's a favorite. Funny story behind the creation of this was that I recently got into Gary Paulsen's books around the time I wrote this story. His books primarily involve kids and teenagers being put into harsh situations almost always in nature and having to overcome adversity. If you read the story you see how quickly the nature survival aspect got thrown out the window. It's amazing how a story about wilderness survival turned into a story about a child's descent into madness and mind control and it admittedly wasn't pulled off that well.

The Return On Hiatus

This is the sequel to The Long Journey Home. This one got so out of hand, Every chapter I was trying to force myself to write more than 2000 words and because of that some plot points got dragged out like all hell and left so many plotholes in looked somewhat like swiss cheese. I just kept trying to write down funny yet compelling dialogue but at the same time without noticing it made the overall story drag on so badly I got bored with it. I hope to return to this soon.

Heaven and Hell In Progress

This one is my own incarnation of Megaman. I wanted to go for completely original characters and keep things familiar. I wanted to try my hand at dark storytelling and I hope it goes over well. I don't want to say too much and let the story speak for itself.

P.S. This is not in canon with any of my stories.

Original Characters

Megaman Starforce characters

Eddie Blaze

First Appearance: Old Friends

Wow, this guy is all over the place. This was the first character I made up and I liked him. I just tried my best to make him interesting and at the same time not annoying. In the canon of the fics he is Geo Stelar's childhood friend, a genius with an insanely high IQ, a wierdo who doesn't like to wear shoes and a vegetarian. This guy's character structure is so sloppy but I can't bear to change him.

Collin Blaze

This kid's even worse than Eddie. He has almost no character development and I really push him off to the side. He's Eddie's younger brother and I in Old Friends he says that he and Eddie aren't blood related. The way I write this out is just bad and I'm really mad at myself.

Tony Blaze

This character is so bland and I wish I could scrap this guy. He's Eddie's older brother and a lawyer...thats it.


Oh my god this guy is so stupid now that I think about it. He is a clone of Geo that is evil. I could have done so much more with this but I didn't.


This one I'm proud of. He's an FM-ian sage that got sick of his day to day life and being a total goody-good and when he accidentally kills someone he likes it and become an intergalactic serial killer and still like the idea of that. In the canon of my stories he's Omegaxis' father.

Alex Spencer

A mostly quiet boy who gets wrapped in a conflict with Doctor Light and Doctor Wily. He's a bookworm who doesn't like meeting new people. He doesn't see the point in trying so hard to find new friends when he already had a group of good ones. He's sarcastic sometimes to the point of being rude and complains a lot. Despite the dickish attitude Alex has a good heart and doesn't like to see people get hurt. He has a fear of disappointing people and because of that rarely says no to people.

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