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I'm back finally. I deleted ROP, again, but I am re-posting chapters as we speak. I have a clear idea in my head what direction I want to take with the story, finally. I'm currently beta-reading the first few chapters, then an author named Xenonwing will take over when I start writing new material. I'll be reposting old chapters quite quickly, just going over minor details with them. Hope to have all of them up again by Christmas, and then maybe some new material just after the New Year. Most likely after that their will be a bit of a gap in my writing while I try and get ahead. Thanks for reading, see ya!

I started off here as a reader, being led here few a great stories some authors were posting on other websites. After a while, my imagination began to think of it's own ideas. I wrote the ROP series in separate stories, but they were atrocious to say the least. I currently have three stories posted, check them out if your interested. Anyway you can help me improve my writing, please do so, my skin is pretty thick, so don't be afraid of criticising me. As long as your reasons are justified I'll be eternally thankful.

As a reader I would stick more to the Dragon Ball Z section, but have found myself now drifting to other areas, such as Harry Potter, Spider-Man and Devil May Cry to name a few. When Retelling of Power is finished, I hope to do a full story on one of the areas mentioned above, but most I will be writing Dragon Ball Z material. Thanks for reading this, if you would be interested in my stories I have slightly more detailed summaries below. Other than that, I encourage you to check out my favourite authors or stories, you will not be disappointed.


Retelling of Power:

AU of the Dragon Ball Z series from the Namek Saga onwards. Gohan's death at the hands of Freiza will change the path which the warriors of earth take, giving them new enemies, transformations and more.

Rise of A Prince:

Vegeta centered story, based on filler from the Dragon Ball Z anime. After the defeat of Freiza six months onwards Vegeta is unable to unlock the Super Saiyan transformation. He travels to space to find Goku and hope to find the secrets to the pinnacle of the Saiyan strength and on the way, destroy what is left of Freiza's army. AU. In total, will be roughly 5-8 chapters give or take. Reading this will give you a better idea what my writing is currently like. I'm open to test Beta Readers on this, if anyone's interested.

The Final Howl:

One-shot. Based on the Harry Potter series. During the final battle, many lives were lost, from both sides, Light and Dark. This in centered on the lost of one of the greatest wizards the Light has ever seen, Remus Lupin. Just something I did literally in one sitting, nothing special.

Future Fics:

Hell Unleashed:

Working on the beginning of this one as we speak. This story takes place after GT, though I dislike the series much like other Dragon Ball fans. I plan on instead of writing this one chapter at a time, to get way ahead of updating and then post it. I don't want to give away to much, but I do want to alert you this will not be 'HFIL Unleashed,' as to what I mean by that will all be revealed in time. Don't know how long this story will be, so far I have in my head at least over 10, but don't hold me to it.

Thanks and see ya!

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