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Author has written 10 stories for Legend of Zelda, Myst/Riven, Angel Sanctuary, El Goonish Shive, Fire Emblem, Kanon, and Girls und Panzer/ガールズ&パンツァー.

My name is Hagetaka. I used to go by "Oujou no Kaze," a name chosen because I thought it was Japanese for "The Wind of Death," which I thought sounded cool. The Japanese translation sucked due to me knowing nothing about the language and I've learned from the mistakes of my youth that trying to sound cool on the internet rarely achieves the effect one is going for. Thus, a name change.

Now, I'm Hagetaka. It means "Vulture" (probably). The least majestic of birds. I like it.

Back when I was Oujou no Kaze, I wrote eight stories. They all sucked. Around the time that the year turned to 2009, I gave up fanfiction altogether. Forty-five months later, I've decided to return. Even during those almost-four years I was on break, I never lost my love of writing, even if I began to do it less. I never lost that part of me that wondered "What if things had gone differently" or "How would things go from here," either. I've returned to fanfiction because I love it.

My old stories, misguided though they may be, shall remain on this account in their nonglory. I don't plan to finish them at the moment. Forbidden Lovers or Alone Once More might someday get a few chapters to wrap them up. None of the others will, though. Consider them abandoned.

Current Story: Ayu After: Towards a New Beginning
Kanon is more or less my favorite anime of all time. (The visual novel isn't shabby, either). Ayu After is the result of me watching it through for the umpteenth time and realizing that there's a whole story hidden within the last episode. The anime ends with a flash to the future, showing us that everything will turn out alright in the end, but in doing so ignores the potential within the journey that leads to that ending. Skipping over this time period works well for the anime and visual novel, because covering this gap would essentially be the start of a new story; I choose to write down my own version of those events, because what is fanfiction for if not to explore those things that the original writers did not?

Ayu After isn't necessarily complete yet, nor is it completely abandoned. I'm working out how to continue it from where it is right now, and will resume publishing it once I can figure a few things about it out.

Pending Story: The Ibadai Senshado Team
I still like the some of the general ideas I had planned for this story, but I need to work out a more solid narrative foundation. I'm also not entirely sure about the material I've already written, so this story will likely end up being remade whenever I have a better idea of where I want it to go.

I'm not really actively working on this one at the moment, so don't hold your breath.

Regarding Restart:
Yes, I know the ending is awful. I began working on Restart to improve aspects of my writing, and never expected it get as many readers as it did (with regards to average hits per chapter, it is currently my most popular story). That said, I didn't really have a good foundation for the story, or a clear idea of where it would be going, so I made the decision to wrap it up at the point it was at rather than drag it along for months with the poorly-written crap that was the only stuff I could think of at the time. I suppose that you could consider Forbidden Lovers to be a sequel to Restart, although it was really meant to be its own story.

Regarding A Single Wish:
Those of you that hang around the EGS forums probably know this already, but Dan has expressed the opinion that he would prefer if people would refrain from writing fanfiction based on his work, as he feels that it might limit future storylines he has planned. Since I've been at a loss for how to write the next part of A Single Wish anyway, I am now discontinuing the story. The chapters that have already been posted will remain up, but no new content will be created. Should anybody wish to continue the story in my stead, they may do so.

(2015 edit: My interpretation of Dan's stance on fanfiction apparently was a bit harsher than his actual position on the matter. Nonetheless, this story is abandoned because several of the premises have now been rendered obsolete by several years worth of comic strips.)

Regarding Trinity's Genesis:
Dropped because I don't like it. It started as a vague idea that I once had, but putting it down in a story form proved to be more trouble than it was worth.

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