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Author has written 5 stories for Paradise Kiss, Harry Potter, Tsubasa Chronicle, Bleach, and Mediator.

I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga—caused by over-obsessed manga/anime/manga-or-anime-related-games/action figures/posters/puzzle-pieces cousins (about five)—that I can't even remember which one I like best...

Absolute Boyfriend (manga only. I think.) :-
I like night. That's why I like Night. Argh...scrap that, it's lame...eventhough it's kindda perverted, eventhough at times it came really close to Lime/Lemon/whatever-you-wanna-call-it, eventhough it's all about sex and making love (wait...that's the same thing), I still think that it's a sweet manga. And I totally love the ear-nibling part. It's so cute...eventhough Night and Riiku make an idiotic pair, I still like them very much. All of the other characters in it, Soushi, the girl with the stocking buisness thingie (don't know her name), Misa and the others, I also like them. But not as much as I like Riiku. I think that she looks seriously cute.

Favorite character: HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO, HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO, HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO, HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screams and hits on keyboard while drooling those who agree with me, breathe. Seriously, this is serious buisness, wei~ He is so seriously hot, and I don't care whatever my friends said about him being seriously short...attempts to stab Shufei for saying that Hitsugaya is gay which he is so totally not. Lolz...

Characters I consider HOT: HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO, Hisagi Shuuhei, Kaien Shiba, Byakuya Kuchiki, HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO, Juushiro Ukitake, Kisuke Urahara (absolutely without the hat...don't even know why he wears it...), Ishida Uryuu, Ulquiorra Schiffer (the emo guy whose name I can't really pronounce), and did I mention HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO!!!

Favorite pairings: HitsuHina (like duh...~! Who doesn't?!); IchigoRukia (they look awesome together!!! Kawaii~); OriIshida (love them...lolz, actually, i just don't want Orihime together with Ichigo... XP); KaienRukia (not a lot of people like this pairing, but I think it's quite okaylah...acceptable...)

PS Hitsugaya look so hot in Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion!!!

Black Cat:-
Train Heartnet is just a step behind HITSUGAYA TOUSHIRO!!! He looks even cuter when he was in a younger age...I always like the angle where they shown him pointing a gun. His eyes look gorgeous!!! Kyaa...~

Cardcaptor Sakura (CCS):-
I totally lo-ve Touya. And You. And the other guy who's You but not You eventhough he technically is...(forgotten his name already). And three more. SYAORAN, SYAORAN AND SYAORAN!!! He is like the cutest guy ever!!! He is even cuter when he blushes. For some reasons, I only like Sakura in TRC. Oh, oh...and I like Tomoyo's laugh. So evil!!! Lolz...

D.N. Angels:-
Hot guys: Dark, Satoshi, Krad!!!

I do not like Daisuke due to his over-childishness and seriously dense personality...I like the plot of the manga, however I didn't get to finish because my cousin borrowed the last three volumes to his friend who later on lost them...sigh what a pity...anyone who knows the ending can reach me through my email...much thanks!

Death Note:-
The character I like the most in the whole manga/anime/movie/whatever is actually Misa...I seriously sympathize her. She was the only one that never thought of betraying Light/Raito when everyone else turned their backs on him, the one that stuck onto him till the very end, the one that would even sacrifice her own life for Light/, she looks really cute too...

Fate/Stay Night:-
Archer looks way hotter than hot, okay!!! And I think he seriously look cute together with Rin!!! But then there's another guy whom I like in this episode that I bumped into out of boredom in surfing the channels...that guy with a lot of swords, the one that has so relationship with Saber saying that he likes her and all but then attempts to kill her with his thousands and billions of swords.

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Child
Cloud Strife. glares at Brannon there was this once when he googled 'Cloud', the results came with this picture of the horse. Apparently, it was named 'Cloud the Horse'. Vincent (his cape/coat/whatever you call it, is damn hard to draw, man...)

Fruits Basket:-
It was kindda of boring throughout the end but the beginning was very funny. I desipe Tohru. She is the wort kind of girl I've ever since. Lembik-lembik one...shoves nose up into the air but I do like the KyoTohru pairing though...oh, and Hatsuharu, Hatori, Yuki...and one of Tohru's girlfriends whose name I do not know of...the one with the electric vibes and all the weirdo stuff...well, I'm like the pot calling the kettle black...because I'm a weirdo myself...

Fushigi Yuugi:-
Tamahome, Hotohori, Tasuki, and Nakago, even if he is considered as a bad guy in Fushigi Yuugi...I totally hate Miaka...she's always just there to create more trouble for the others. And WHY do they have to kill off Hotohori of all people!!! It kindda made me hate Fushigi Yuugi for a while...

Unlike the other female characters in Naruto, Fruits Basket and Fushigi Yuugi, I actually like Kagome. It's just that I don't like the older version of her, the one that Inuyasha likes a few centuries back. Unfortunately COUGHCOUGHnotCOUGH, I kindda forgotten her name. And SESSHOUMARU!!!! Kyaa~ I love him...he looks so cool and very good in battle too... :P He is so good and awesomely awesome he doesn't get a scratch on him and he can still kick Inuyasha's posterior...

Hottest character: Gaara Kasekage, Hatake Kakashi, Deidara, Sasuke (even if Shufei considers him gay and whatever stuff...~) I don't really read but I know some of the details through Kelly, my bestest best friend in the world. we knew each other since, like what? Kindergarden? I think so... COUGHoutoftopichereCOUGH ahh, but that doesn't matter...I totally HATE Itachi Uchiha...Shufei kept saying that he's gonna kill Sasuke with his Amaterasu...and Sasuke is totally NOT gonna die!!! So not gonna!


Ouran High School Host Club:-
This anime/manga have like the most hottest and cutest guys ever!!! I like the episode where they went to the beach or something and had to choose a swimming attire for Haruhi. I laughed over it like a trillion times. I also like it when Hikaru and Kaoru purposely act close to Haruhi just to piss Tamaki off. Me and my cousins would laugh like mad when Tamaki go hides out in his corner with lines hanging from his head...lolz...I can't actually believe that Honey is actually the oldest of them all...because...well, his small. Short. Tiny. Whatever you want to call him. But he is cute. Feeding his teddy bear and talking to his bunny for no apparent reason and making Mori join him in his so-called tea party. And the best part is that Mori actually agrees to join in.
Oh, oh...and the episode where Hikaru and Kaoru pretended to fight just to get Haruhi to agree to them coming to her house. When they were throwing stuff across the table, they actually threw Honey-senpai over too. Well, actually, Honey was there to retrieve his bunny. And if I'm not mistaken, Mori went after him too. In the air. Across the table. It was so funny. Another thing is that, in my opinion, Kyouya likes even hotter with his hair ruffled up. Not flatten. He looks like one of those nice little boys with mushroom hairstyles when his hair is flattened.

Prince of Tennis:-
Favorites (in that order): Fuji Syusuke, Kunimitsu Tezuka, Ryoma's brother (who only appeared in the movie), Kajimoto, more characters whose name I do not remember already...and lastly, Ryoma Echizen. He's actually quite okay but then Shufei says that she doesn't like main characters who could do anything. So I decided that I agree with her. The techniques that they used in it are really cool, especially Tezuka's 'Drop Shot' and the so-called 'Tezuka Zone', but unfortunately, it could not be done in real life. I like all of Fuji's Shallow returns, especially the one that flies back into his hand after hitting the baseline. And the one that does not bounce up after it hit the ground. And the...well, all three of them.

Saiunkokun Monogatari:-
You know, I just wish to see Ryuuki and Shuurei (I hope that that is her name) together in the end but then I grew bored before I started with season two. Those of you planning to watch it from the start, stop at season one. All of season two involves deep politics and stuff. yawns unless, you do happen to like politics. But I doubt the chances of it are high.

Tsubasa Chronicles:-
I really love how Syaoran looks in the first season. But in the second season, the graphics kindda got weird and does not look original anymore. I can't really comment on this because I stopped at the point whereby Fye/Fai turns into a vampire and sucks Kurogane's blood (if I did not hear wrong of Tim and they said something about Fye/Fai eating his own eye or something) produces sound of disgust I didn't want to find out what would happen next.

Yu Yu Hakusho:-
This is a nice one, except that the graphics were drawn in a kind of the 'Dragon Ball' way, the colors don't match at all, the people looked a little old-fashioned, and didn't they have like better taste for the way they dress?! I was totally disgusted. The only characters I like from it are Kurama, Kurama in his fox-form (he had a name too right?) and most of all HIEI!!! I guess I just have a thing for short guys or something...I don't know why.

Well, here are a few fanfics I've wrote...and I hope you really really enjoy reading them.

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