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Author has written 15 stories for Invader Zim, Misc. Movies, Batman, Professor Layton, Super Smash Brothers, Ben Drowned, Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, StarTrek: The Next Generation, My Little Pony, Portal, Tooth Fairy, and Wreck-It Ralph.

Hi everyone. Pretty much everything below this paragraph was written a few years ago before I got a little better (mentally), considerably mellowed out, and stopped really writing fan fiction. I write under a new name now and it's very unlikely I'll finish anything I put up here. Mostly I RP on tumblr when I want to write, most of the time with my OCs. I am so sorry to people who were enjoying the unfinished works I posted here. They are absolute relics of my past writing and they'll stay up. I might toy with a few of them now I have some spare time. When I was originally going to start writing here again, I didn't know I was going to get my life back together, sort my head out, and return to studying. So that's where I've been, with a "new" internet identity (though I don't pretend I was never a cringy young adult, lol), writing new things with new people. I am glad that some of my older works are still being enjoyed, even if they are massively flawed. I probably won't mess with the complete works and nothing's coming down. Except maybe the Layton story, since I have some new ideas for it, but that really all depends on whether I want to revisit any of my older and more terrible ideas, to be perfectly honest with you. I believe I cross-posted some things to my AO3 account (in the same name as this one), but I don't use that one much anymore, either. Again, I'm far more invested in my original works at the moment, as well as studying towards my degree.

So everything's staying as it was, mostly, and thanks for your support even in my absence. Who knows? Maybe I'll work on something for here soon.

Congratulations on finding my page! Sadly, there's not a lot here at the moment; I pretty much gave up on public fan fiction after the Harriet Potter days. Occasionally I'll get a fandom I need to express or a parody I have to write and something will appear here. But usually I just write ordinary fiction.

About the unfinished works here so far.. yeah, sorry about those. The Professor Layton one will continue, but the computer I was writing it on died and I'm still waiting on a good family member with mad computing skillz to have a look at it for me since I can't afford to get it fixed professionally. And he did a damn good job on the computer I'm currently using when it died. The ZIM one will go on, too... eventually. I promise.

And I do not own the characters of anything I write here (I also stay away from writing OCs, but I might do some such thing at some point. Apparently that point is round about now.), I'd think it would be obvious on such a site that I don't. That's my disclaimer right there.

If any more info is required here, just say you want to know more and I'll do something about that. Maybe.

Also I am now terrified of ever attempting Star Trek fic. The fandom. It's so in depth. And I had so many ideas. Knowing they've all been explored, and long before I could join in, makes me nauseous. OH WELL.

About Me:

I am a person, currently living in the world.

Pairings I Like

Yeah, much as it pains me to admit it, I like a little bit of romance... occasionally... in some of my fics. Just a bit. *Leaving this bit up for lol reasons. I am cringing hard, trust me. I wrote this when I was in my early twenties so that's a big cringe.*

Super Mario Bros.

Mario/Peach - Obviously. Such a sweet platonic romantic couple. Aww.
Luigi/Fawful - I don't really remember how we came up with this one, my sister and I. I will be submitting a reluctant Luigi/Fawful type story soon, so if you are of the curious type, watch for that.

Super Smash Bros.

Snake/Luigi - Crack pairings FTW? Very very reluctant on both sides, obviously.

Metal Gear
I just want to note that it is nearly impossible to not ship anyone in this series. And quotes like the infamous:

"I love to reload during a battle! There's nothing like the feeling of slamming a long, silver bullet into a well-greased chamber."

do not help.

Snake/Otacon - Try telling me that's not canon. TRY IT.
Big Boss/Ocelot - Again, try telling me it's not canon. Play MGS3; you'll see.
Ocelot/Liquid or Ocelot/Solidus - If he couldn't have the original, one of his clones would do, right?
The Boss/The Sorrow - Yep, an actual canon pairing. I just... I adore them.
The Sorrow/The Fury - I don't even remember where this one came from.
Vamp/Raiden - Very one-sided.
Kaz/Big Boss - See Peace Walker for reference.

The Muppet Show

Zoot/Floyd - There is surely justification for this somewhere...
Zoot/Dr. Teeth - No, really; I'm sure there is...
Floyd/Dr. Teeth - I mean they all have such awesome chemistry...

Team Fortress 2

Medic/Heavy - I am not sorry at all for any of the following pairings. I prefer Medic to be the dominant one, if there has to be a dominant one. GET BEHIND ME, DOCTOR!
Medic/Spy - Again, with Medic as the dominant one. I like the idea of a phony medical exam/experiment. For the lulz. TURN YOUR HEAD AND COUGH!
Spy/Scout - Preferably from different teams, maybe with a betrayal/defection flavour.
Spy/Spy - Assuming they're not, like, brothers or something.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Yes, really. I guess most of these are more friendship pairings, but I sure do love me some Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy. Though the more squicky ones... not so much.

Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy - Rainbow Dash fought for Fluttershy's honour. I mean really. Other than that, they're definitely somewhat close.
Rainbow Dash/Pinkie Pie - They love pulling pranks together and Pinkie does get awfully jealous of Gilda. Cupcakes did not ruin this pairing for me.
Applejack/Rarity - Just because it's so unlikely.
Twilight Sparkle/Princess Celestia - For the lulz. Twilight loves the fancy golden horseshoes off of Celestia. I think Celestia would be uncomfortable with this, though...
Trixie/Trixie - She has to know some sort of self-cloning spell, right?

Star Trek
TOS (including movie reboot)
Spock/McCoy - Do I even need to justify this?
Spock/Kirk - Or this?
Chekov/McCoy - I don't remember how I got into this pairing but I liked the idea of two traditional sort of guys, one young, one older, becoming an item.
Scotty/Chekov - For the lulz. They can get drunk and fight and then get together in a glorious, manly pile.

Riker/Troi - I like the canon pairing. It works for me.
Q/Picard - If Q's one-sided obsession affection for his precious Jean-Luc is not obvious to you, you have not been watching properly.


All unrequited of course.

GLaDOS/Chell - Well, duh. Oh, but also, I must note that there are a few ways in which I like this pairing. I know above I said 'romance' but this pairing can be less of a "GLaDOS is massively obsessed with Chell and is like the sociopathic ex who is going to continue to ruin her life" and more of a platonic familial "GLaDOS sees Chell as a family member. Like... a niece or... maybe a daughter or... something." Ahem.
Wheatley/Anything - I am convinced that he is now the fandom bicycle and I intend to take advantage of this for the lulz. I'd like also to note that Wheatley/Space Core is one of my favourites for this as long as I'm assuming that the Space Core isn't a child, but a severely corrupted AI core, and also that the relationship is sort of one-sided and platonic. Anywho.

Tooth Fairy
Just so we're clear here. I actually thought this movie was cute. Not brilliant. Just cute. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Tracy/Derek - Just because... I mean... if you didn't see the film then you don't know.
Tracy/Wings - Tracy loves wings. DEM WINGS.
Tracy/Ziggy - I have a whole headcanon for them. And they never even appeared in the same scene once. And I like taking silly one-scene wonders and developing them into characters in their own right. So that's what I'm doing here.

I am not ashamed.

Also it appears that Tracy can be paired with everyone. IDK.

Wreck-It Ralph
Spoilers below for anyone who hasn't seen it yet.

Felix/Calhoun - Well. Duh.
Ralph/Vanellope - In a totally platonic brother/sister way. Maybe Vanellope has a tiny crush on him at some point idk but I adored their familial platonic type relationship and I don't care to ruin it. Nope. Also ew. Sorry shippers but the ship is NO.
Ralph/King Candy - Possibly a wonderfully cracky hurt/comfort ship. But I also like the idea of KC trying to get him to submit and... well. You see the problem. It's a hate ship if anything.
Turbo/King Candy - That is how much he loves himself okay.

Fanfics I'm Writing

Professor Layton and the Mysterious Invitation - Going for a rework on this one. The chapter up will stay as it is but what I was going for has changed a bit. Up as soon as I feel able.

Crazy Little Fic Called Love - Once again, in a couple of chapters it'll be pretty much done. I'll try to get the next chapter up soon. UPDATE - Up as soon as I can. I'm now studying a language so it'll be whenever I feel like I can write stuff that stuff goes out.

The Joker's Last Laugh - Same predicament as with the Laytonfic. So hiatus, sadly. UPDATE - I might completely rework this or else remove it.

Into the Negative Zone - Updated! Next chapter coming soon, since it's started, and I've left you on a cliffhanger. Sadness. UPDATE - Coming as soon as I can get it up.UPDATE OF AN UPDATE - did people actually think I was gonna keep my promise lmao I suck so much

Your Turn - Next chapter in the works. Been trying to work on it without dying laughing since I still hear BEN as Richard Horvitz. UPDATE - Okay so since the ARG has been put on indefinite hiatus, I don't feel so bad about putting up my interpretation of this relationship. The next chapter will come as soon as I can write it and get it up.

Untitled Team Fortress 2 Fic (Medic/Heavy-centric) - In which a Spy infiltrates the RED base and Medic mysteriously gets a facelift. It will involve dominant!Medic. I'm hoping to not make Heavy too much of a "gentle giant", but we shall see.

Untitled Team Fortress 2 Fic (Spy/Scout-centric) - In which a Spy (see the theme?) defects to the RED team and catches the attention of a very angry Scout. Possibly a biiiiit angsty. I hope not too much.

Make It Stop (Adventure Time) - A very short (I hope) and terrible (probably) attempt at a proper darkfic. It'll be a oneshot about the Ice King and the visions he sees through his wizard eyes. - COMPLETE. Short, terrible, but most importantly out of my head. I might go back and improve on it at some point.

Untitled MLP:FiM Fic (Discord-centric) - In which Discord has a warning for Equestria. I know, that's... not much of a description.

Barbaric (MLP:FiM) - In which Discord confronts Celestia after having been encased in stone for one thousand years. Undecided as to whether Discord will have been Q at some point (thus making it a crossover). Will be different depending on everypony's actions during the second part of Return of Harmony.

Qriosity (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - In which Q muses over his feelings towards Captain Picard. Involves Q being so freaking Q that he won't even tell himself the truth. In Progress.

Crying On Q (Star Trek: The Next Generation) - In which Q confronts Picard about these odd feelings he's been experiencing lately, Picard has terrible dreams about himself and Q, and Q is quite upset at being accused of mind-control. The obligatory fanfiction parody.

Where No Mare Has Gone Before (MLP:FiM/ST:TNG crossover) - In which DisQord thinks on how much Twilight Sparkle, an otherwise unremarkable unicorn mare, reminds him of someone he knew many, many years ago. A better title for this is probably Déja Q but... there is an ep of ST:TNG called that and... it's even less original than my current Q-based titles.

Making A Friendship Problem (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - Twilight Sparkle really looked like she was going to grab and hurt one of the CMC in 'Lesson Zero', and my mind went to dark places. Then I remembered that she only wanted to create a problem she could solve, so this was the direction my mind went. I'm sorry again, guys. COMPLETE

A Q Purpose (MLP:FiM/Star Trek:TNG crossover) - In which Q goes slightly mad after the death of Jean-Luc Picard and drifts alone through the universe. In an attempt to find a new purpose in his eternal life, he stumbles across a tiny blue planet which is home to a curious little country. Equestria. Q/Picard is heavily hinted at, I think. In Progress.

Shattered (Tooth Fairy) - In which Ziggy is OMG a character and my headcanon unravels. Er, I mean in which Ziggy hunts Tracy for profit. In Progress. (To be honest, a fic for Tooth Fairy doesn't look out of place next to my other fics.)

since, y'know, not everyone has played/finished this yet. pfft I finished this a while ago

Messages From Space (Portal 2) - A young engineer, after seeing something falling to Earth the previous night, braves the open air to investigate the crater it left. Discovering a worn-out looking metal sphere marked with the Aperture Laboratories logo, she is incredibly confused... and then the little metal ball opens its dull blue "eye"... Will carry a character death warning. Essentially a journal fic.

The Humanity (Portal 2) - GLaDOS, having let Chell go, has run out of test subjects. In retribution for what he did to her, she finds Wheatley and performs some pretty dodgy surgery, despite the little spherical moron's protests and screams of agony. Putting his mind into [ totally not Stephen Merchant] some brain-dead former employee's son's body, GLaDOS decides that it won't be much fun to put him through the test chambers, as he isn't clever enough to complete them. Instead, she sends him through a portal that leads to civilisation. Not my most original idea and there will be OCs involved, as well as an appearance by the Space Core, and also I fully expect it to be sort of terrible. Starting.

Dancing Around The Issue (Portal 2) - Separate from Messages From Space; not related at all. Wheatley has a heart-to-heart (of a sort) with the Space Core as they float through space together. Hopefully comedic unrequited Wheatley/Space Core (Spaceley?) pairing, although I must stress that Space/Space Core is clearly the true pairing here. - COMPLETE. Kind of lame. I may edit in the future.

Once A Moron... (Portal 2) - Looking back on Wheatley's past, including his 'conception', attachment to GLaDOS, removal from GLaDOS and his many, many jobs throughout the labs. One thing is a constant throughout his life journey - the word "moron" and its profound effect on his imperfect, fragile artificial psyche. Because Wheatley isn't enough of a Woobie.

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