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Name: Jenna
Country: Canada

It comes down to a simple choice: get busy living, or get busy dying.

June 24, 2013
Remaining here solely for the roleplays that I'm currently involved in - otherwise, the written works have been completely removed. And likely, they'll stay that way.

No, this isn't because I received any foul reviews or flames. Nothing of the sort. In fact, all the responses I did get were absolutely friendly and constructive: for those who did review, who gave me pointers and helped me to get better in what I do, I thank you so much. You guys are the reason that I continue to write each and every day - the reason I continue to express myself, and continue to grow as a writer. I've cherished every piece of feedback I've received and am indebted, beyond repay, to those who have stood behind me all these years.

This account is centuries old (perhaps an overstatement...) and stands to mark the first place I ever published any writing.

But I feel that things have changed drastically since then. Back then, the reviewers were decent and the site was a lot smaller. Back then, there was this strong sense of community and this strong sense of assistance that came from the constructiveness of feedback. Back then, I actually got help and assistance that pushed me to become a better, stronger writer.

These days, though, I feel that it's fallen apart.

Me? I've sort of fallen off the radar with reviews. I tend to avoid others, and they tend to avoid me. It's a pretty peaceful place to be, in the midst of all that goes on out there on And to be completely honest, I'm so glad not to be apart of it. But I do feel that there's been a lot of uprisings since the creation of groups and forums. I do feel that there has been a lot of disrespect and hatred being promoted through the installation of these elements: I never noticed it before. Perhaps it's old news. However, the more I look around, the more I see these flamers and these trolls everywhere - I see people being downright rude and disrespectful.

I'm lucky to have not been apart of any of this "New" face of And the fact that administration hasn't or won't do anything about it disheartens me a little bit. First and foremost, the respect for the author - no matter how immature or poorly written their work is - should be upheld. Author to author, we need respect.

Perhaps this is bothering me because the smaller, more privatized areas I've been writing for recently have been cracking down on this, but they're very kind about it. And they're very honest: while there might be rules laid out before any literature site, 'preferences' are not within the rules and the things that authors are flaming for are not within the rules. Flames are against the rules, period. No matter the reason.

You want to help the administration team?

Find a rule-breaking story and inform, politely, the rules being broken within the story. Inform the author that they have broken a rule, highlight the rule from the site guidelines, and politely instruct them on how to fix said broken rule. If they do, then there's no problem. Thank them for their cooperation and remind them to follow the rules a little more closely next time. If they don't? Don't flame them, call them 'retards' or fill your review with choice words. Simply report them quietly, and let them go about their own business.

Once a story has been reported, the administration will take care of it from there.

The community does not need to jump in, swearing and calling names and otherwise being downright rude or threatening. That's not just breaking the rules about bullying, that's going against the Human Rights declaration of not having to face such treatment.

Civility is key, even on the Internet.

And with such a lack of that present here, at, as of late, I have removed my work from here. Do I fear being flamed outright by these targeting groups? No, not particularly - I think I know how to handle a flame after this many years in the works. But I do not wish to support, nor will I contribute, to a place that refuses to get these horrible, disrespectful "pro-literature/pro-rules" groups under control. This site has problems - they all do - but is this really how the administration has decided to let the site govern itself?


Why have rules if your "rule upholders" can't even be arsed to follow them?

May 04, 2013
So, my plans to keep this updated didn't really go as planned. They never really do. But I could never completely abandon this place - it's where I got my start in fanfiction, and where I first started learning what it meant to be a writer. So there's too much sentimental value in Lucky107 to give it all up now! Even if I'm inactive, it doesn't mean I cannot be reached (;

Have been dabbling a little bit into the world of Red Dead Redemption, and I do wish to improve my writing for this section over time. I can never shake the feeling that my writing is too generic, too... bland. I want to capture the essence of the different subjects I'm writing for, the different places and the times. I want to learn more about atmosphere, about portraying emotion through the written word alone. And I would be more than happy to have some assistance and pointers in this, if anyone can help out (:

But that aside, not much else is new. Hopefully I'll be able to write a little bit more actively? Bah. When was the last time I said that and actually meant it? Hahaha!

June 10, 2012
Holy cripes - almost an entire year since I last updated this thing! Crazy, right? Well, I haven't been 'round much, and I've been lacking the writing drive recently. Hopefully I can spawn at least a little something-something, though, to perhaps keep this place alive.

Now, back to dusting off cobwebs.