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"This is the season for dreaming."

Name: Bee.

Gender: Female.

Favorite Books: Memoirs of a Geisha, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, Tuesdays With Morrie, The Devil Wears Prada, Peeps, Speak, 13 Little Blue Envelopes, Luna, Burned, Pretty Little Devils, Coraline, The Host, Zipped, It's Kind of a Funny Story, Donorboy, So Yesterday.

Favorite Series: Harry Potter, Inheritance, A Series of Unfortunate Events, His Dark Materials.

Favorite Bands/Artists: Panic! At the Disco, Cute is What We Aim For, We the Kings, Young Love, Reliant K, Paramore, Coldplay, Muse, New Found Glory, Hellogoodbye, Death Cab for Cutie, A Bird A Sparrow, Powerspace, Eye Alaska, Asteria, and Jack's Mannequin.

Survery #1

1.What time did you get up this morning?

2. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds! Are a girl's best friend!

3.What was the last film you saw at the cinema?
Monster Vs. Aliens.

4.What is your favorite t.v. show?
There are a LOT.

5.What did you have for breakfast?
An apple.

6. What's your middle name?
I've decided that it's not interesting enough to be posted.

7.What is your favorite cuisine?
I'm not so sure.

8.What foods do you dislike?

9.Your favorite kind of potato chip?
I'm trying not to eat chips anymore, again. My attempt at healthy eating. HA!

10.What's your favorite CD at the moment?
I don't listen to whole CDs. I listen to like. Songs.

11.What kind of car do you drive?
A make believe Porche. If you want specifics it's a 911 Turbo. Canary Yellow. ;D I'm so cool, I know.

12.Favorite sandwich?
What? I don't know, the ones with the bread?

13.What characteristics do you despise?

14.What are your favorite types of clothes?
Oversized sweatshirts, skinny jeans, and boots. :D

15.If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
I'd get a universal plane ticket and travel all over the world.

16.What is the color of your bathroom?
Uhh off white?

17.Favorite brand of clothing?
Once again, lots.

18.Where were you born?
In a hospital. ;D

19.Favorite time of day?
Dusk, Dawn, Nighttime. And three AM in the morning. Just because.

20.Where would you want to retire to?
I wouldn't retire to one place. I'm gonna travel.

21.Favorite sport to watch?
Diving, swimming and gymnastics. Thank you Olympics!

22.Who do you least expect to send this back?
Can you really send these? I mean they're on your profile.

23.Person who you expect to send it back first?
I dunno. No one?

24.Coke or Pepsi?
Erm. Neither.

25.Are you a morning person or a night owl?
It depends on the day.

26.Any new and exciting news you'd like to share?
Uh, no? Aha. I'm a pretty boring person.

27.What did you want to be when you were little?
A pop princess. -Beams.-

28. Best childhood memory?
Christmas! Falalalala, lalalala!

29.What different jobs have you had?
A few minor things here and there.

Bee, Tequila, Apple Strudel, Shea Butter, Craige, and probably a lot more.

A while ago I had my ears done.

32.Eye color?
Chocolate brown, light brown if I'm in the sun.

33.Ever been to Africa?
No. Want to tough.

34.Ever been toilet papering?
Of course!

35.Favorite day of the week?

36.Favorite restaurant?
It changes all too often.

37.Favorite ice cream?
Chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, or birthday cake. And popsicles!

38.Favorite fast food restaurant?
Mickey D's is great.

39.How many times did you fail your driver's test?
I don't need to take one. Make believe cars come with make believe licenses. ;P

40.Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail?
No clue.

41.Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?
I wouldn't dare max it out on anything. Honestly, the 'rents would have a conniption.

42. Bedtime?
I don't really have one. As long as I wake up at the right time in the morning.

44. Who was the last person you went to dinner with?
Some very cool people.

45.What are you listening to right now?
Sparks the Rescue - "My Heart Radio."

46.What is your favorite color?
Navy. Silver. Gray.

47.How many tattoos do you have?
Do the temp kinds count? 'Cause I like to draw on myself with pen. :D

48.What is your religion if you have one?

50.What's your GPA?
No idea, but man is it getting trashed.

Survery #2

1.First name?

2.Were you named after anyone?
No, I was named after a place in Europe.
Thank God it's not Paris.xP

3. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?
Don't think so.

4.Do you have a journal?
It's been long-forgotten and neglected.

5.Do you use sarcasm a lot?
Heck yes.

6.Would you bungee jump?
No, I'm all for cliff diving. :D

7.Do you untie your shoes when you remove them?
No. 'Cause that's just how lazy I am.

8.Do you think you are strong?

9.What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Chocolate chip cookie dough, mini chocolate chip, and birthday cake. And any popsicles.

10.What is your least favorite thing about you?
My dorksicleness. And a lot of other stuff.

11.What are you listening to right now?
Sparks the Rescue - "Pine Tree State."

12.If you were a crayon what color would you be?
Dark Blue mixed with a Stormy Grey with specks of glitter. :D

13. Favorite smell?
Anything very sweet smelling.

14.Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
Uh. Why would you want to know? Stalkerish much?

15. First thing you notice about people you're attracted to?
Why is this question being asked? This isn't match.com.

16. Favorite drink?
Right now, chai tea would be nice.

17. Favorite sport?
Some hardcore Wii Boxing. Ahah.

18. Eye color?

19. Hat size?
Doesn't one size fit all?

20. Scary movies or happy endings?
Neither. Happy endings are too cliche and scary movies are...scary.

21. Last movie you watched at the theater?
Haven't I answered this before?

22.Summer or winter?

23. Hugs or kisses?
Uh, hugs? Aaha.

24. Favorite dessert?
Lots of thing. I've got a big sweet tooth.

Survey #3

1. Do you snore/talk/walk in your sleep?
I don't think so.

2. Ever gotten lost in the dark?
No, not really.

3. What are you looking forward to?
Stuff. ;D

5. Watch all Spider-man movies?

6. Ever licked someone's cheek?
Uh, which cheek? ;P Ahah! Totally kidding. No.

7. Favorite time of day?
I've already answered this...

9. Been to college?
It's on my future plans list.

10. Favorite subject at school?
English or Global History.

12. Been to London?

13. Best city you've ever visited?
Lots. I like to travel a lot.

14. Are you a crazy stalker?
Define stalker. Aha. Kidding!

15. What kind of music do you like?
It depends and ranges.

16. Last two numbers in your cell phone?
Uhh. Family and Friend.

18. Do you like 80's movies?

19. Favorite t.v. show?
See above.

22. Person who posted this before you?

23. Have you recently talked to an ex?
Not really.

27. Have you ever cried so hard you puked?
Is that even possible? I mean I've gotten bad headaches from crying, but I haven't ever puked.

28. Do you own any big sunglasses?
Mhmm. :D

29. Do you have socks on?

32. Jeans or sweatpants?

33. What if you found out if you were adopted?
...That'd be interesting.

34. What makes you mad?
Let's just say I'm sort of temperamental. Hehe. xD

35. America or Canada?
I don't know. Both?

36. Ever gone a whole day without eating?
Erm, when I'm sick?

37. What's your favorite candle scent?
Very sweet scents.

38. Can you do a cartwheel?
Mhmm. I'm just horrible at them. xD

41. Bad rumor about yourself you heard?
Let's just say my school doesn't exactly have the nicest of people.

42. Carpet or wood in your room?

44. Bed sheet color?

48. What are you doing tomorrow?
Partying. :P

49. What did you dream about last night?
I don't remember...

50. Do you have to go to the bathroom right now?

51. What do you smell right now?
Bubble gum.

52. Are you cold right now?
No. It's beautiful outside! :D

53. Would you die for someone?
Yes, I would.

54. If so, who?
A lot of people now that I think about it.

55. Who was the last person you said "I love you." to?
It's been a while. Isn't that sad?

56. What are you doing now?
Taking this survey.

57. What jewelry do you wear daily?
Some stuff here and there.

58. Who last called you?


59. Who did you last call?

No clue.

60. Chocolate or vanilla?

61. Rock or rap?
Psh, rock all the way.

62. Screamo or country?
It depends.

63. Do you sing?
Yes. Badly, might I add. xP

64. Who was the last person to PM you?

65. What are you wearing?
Clothes. Ahah.

67. How many drugs are in your system right now?
Hugs not drugs. ;D

68. What do you want to hear right now?
The voice of a person who in theory has no reason to be talking to me in the first place.

69. What are some of your fears?
Things unknown, pain, rejection.

70. If you could kill someone, who would it be?
I wouldn't kill someone, I'd hire a hitman. Do you think I could have killing someone on my conscience? Honestly.

72. Last time you listened to country music?
The last time something country played and I just happened to be around to listen to it.

73. How does your hair look right now?
Medium brown thanks to sun exposure, up in a sad excuse for a bun.

74. Do you own any pets?
Two fish. One Japanese fighting fish named Pea, one goldfish named Nickel and two gerbils named Marble and Daisy.

75. Do you sing in the shower?

76. Have you ever jumped a fence for any reason?
Yea. One word...ow. I'm not exactly the most graceful person in the world, and I'm not exactly the person with the best type of luck.

77. Closest silver object.
Closest in relation to what?

78. Closest black object?
See above.

79. Who is the fifth person you got a missed call from?
I don't feel like getting my phone.

80. Do you have any kids?
At my age? Aha. Who do you think I am?

81. Where is your dad right now?

82. Who sits besides you in Math?
The wall.

83. Who sits to the left?

This uber smart girl.

84. What does the seventh message in your cell textbox say?
I don't feel like looking for it.

85. Favorite color(s)?
Dark blue, silver, and gray.

86. Where are you exactly?
In front of my computer.

87. Do you have any siblings?
One little sister.

88. Do you have a same sex best friend that you can talk to 24/7?

89. What did you do last night?

90. Lastly, what's your name?

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Because there's no room in the front.
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