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Author has written 11 stories for Heroes, CSI: New York, Moonlight, Black Donnellys, Criminal Minds, Harry Potter, Bones, Supernatural, and NCIS.

Name: Kat.
Age: 22.
Astrological Sign: Cancer.
Sex: Female.
Location: Central Pennsylvania in America.
Height: 5 foot, 5 inches.
Weight: Approx. 180lbs, as of today.
Blood Type: O- (the reason why I am not a organ donor. If I was ever in a big city and was in a serious accident whilst someone older, who just happens to be a wee bit more important than me gets into an accident as well, they would allow me to die to save him. How screwed up is that?)
Tattoos/Piercings: The Japanese symbol for "friend" on my left forearm, stars going down my back and a heart with a D in it on my left wrist/none.

I love to write. And no, I'm not stopping there. I write stories, poems, and lyrics. I write stories for myself. If others don't like it, I don't really care. I enjoy writing what I like and I would never tell others how I think their story should go or what I think they should do with their story. I love to sing as well. I think I have a pretty good singing voice, even if my high school chorus teacher thought otherwise. Of course, she doesn't hear me singing my soft rock songs now, does she? I have an average intelligence. Basically, I'm not a genius, nor am I mentally incapable of understanding what you say. Sometimes though, I am pretty slow, I will admit that. But, of course, some people see this as funny, so I do as well. Music is a pretty big passion. Basically, over the years, it has saved my life and helped shaped me into who I am. So there are a lot of bands and solo artists I do listen to.

I also have two Quizilla accounts that I haven't checked out much lately: FluffyKitty06 & ScreamingKitten08

TV Shows I watch include: Chuck, Heroes, NCIS, Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, Numb3rs, and other random shows.

TV Shows I used to watch before the evil dickheads of the world canceled them were: Tru Calling, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and The Black Donnellys.

Random music I listen to includes: Alanis Morissette, All Time Low, Anjani Thomas, Annie Lennox, Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Be Your Own Pet, Breaking Benjamin, Donna Lewis, Evanescence, Fall Out Boy, Fiona Apple, Flyleaf, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Jonas Brothers, Kelly, Kelly Clarkson, Kerli, kidneythieves, Kittie, Krystal Meyers, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Matchbox Twenty, Miley Cyrus, Natalie Imbruglia, Natasha Bedingfield, Nickelback, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Oasis, Panic! At the Disco, Paramore, Pat Benatar, Paula Cole, Pearl Jam, Pink, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Simple Plan, SR-71, Three Days Grace, Weezer, Within Temptation, etc.

Random things I like to read include: Harry Potter (of course), anything by Lois Duncan and Melody Carlson, and other random books. lol.

Close friends of mine are: Shawni, Teresa, Kaylee, Casper (real person, not a ghost, also known as Chris), Sarah, Whitney, and Jess.

Lindsey: Kat, did you wake up late or something?
Me: Nope.
Lindsey: Then why aren't you wearing any make up?
Me: Cuz I didn't feel like putting it on today.
5 minutes later, I look across the breakfeast table at school to see Lindsey staring at me.
Me: What?!
Lindsey: Nothing. It's just... I've never seen you without any make up on. It's eerie.

(Teresa, Casper, Whitney, Sarah, and I are walking through our local mall. Teresa and Sarah are right in front of us, their arms linked. I look over to Casper)
Me: Take the blame for this.
(I kick Teresa's butt, she turns around, angry)
Casper: I'm sorry, that was me. I couldn't resist.
(She smacks him)
Casper: I said I was sorry! It was just there.
Me: What was just there, Casper? Cuz as far as we all know, Teresa has no ass. She is lack of ass.
Teresa: What I lack of ass, I make up in boobs.
Me: Yes, I know. Remember, Tess, if our bodies were combined we'd make the perfect woman.

(Teresa, Casper, and I were at Hot Topic in the mall a few weeks later, and Casper was being a goof and trying on the wristbands there)
Me: Here, go for something sharp and pointy.
(I pull out a bracelot that has sharp studs on it and hand it to him, he begins to put it on, but he's having trouble)
Me: (sarcastically) Need any help?
(He shakes his head and pretends to stab himself, just to have me freak out)
Me: Casper! DON'T! You'll hurt yourself!
Casper: No, I won't.
(He finally got it on and shows it to me)
Me: (shaking my head) It doesn't seem to work.
Casper: Oh, well.
(He then turns to a guy that is busy looking in the display case behind him and pretends he's going to stab him)
(I grab his arm and pull him away from the guy, pulling off the bracelot)
Me: Bad Casper, we do not kill strangers!
10 minutes later, after leaving Hot Topic (not getting thrown out), we were heading towards the escalators when I saw Jaleesa, another friend. I ran towards her and she quickly turned the other way, trying to get away.
Me: I suggest you walk faster next time.
(She turns and smiles at me, sticking her tongue out at me)
Jaleesa: What's up?
Me: Oh, nothing much. Casper here just tried to kill a guy he didn't know in Hot Topic.
Casper: I wasn't going to kill him!
Me: Anyhoo, what's up with you?
Jaleesa: Nothing much, just on my break. I should probably get back to work though, so I'll see ya, right?
Me: Definatly.
(Jaleesa heads back into the store she works at and I turn back to Casper and Teresa)
Me: You did try to kill him.
Casper: No, I didn't try to kill him. Why would I try to kill him?!
(I'm making little faces to try to get Casper to shut up because a security guard was walking behind him at the time)
Casper: I didn't even know him, so why would I kill him?!
Me: Casper, shut it!
(The guard looks over at us, and I manage to wave a bit, a nervous smile on my face, Teresa is trying not to laugh. The guard gets on the escalator, as do we and Teresa begins to talk about sex and how it should hurt, so I end up smacking her in the closest thing I could reach to get her to be quiet, which happened to be, her ass)
Teresa: Ouch!
(The guard looks at us again and I wave again)
Casper: We better stop talking to him, we're gonna get him fired.
Then we go to Spencers. Well, it's more like we were pulled in by Teresa and the promise of sex toys.
(We enter and Casper immediatly goes for a big pop gun, I walk away as fast as I can to catch up to Teresa who was looking at the belts and belt buckles, Casper comes up behind me and pops the thing right behind my head and runs away. I turn angrily at him, as well as a guy that was walking behind a counter, who works in the store)
Random Man: (looks at me) If he woulda done that to me, I woulda shoved that thing us his ass.
Me: Don't worry. I'll get him later.
(We then head over to check out the shirts they have and Casper proceeds to try on sunglasses. He puts on a pink pair)
Me: (in an extreme preppy voice) Ohmigad, you look like Paris Hilton!
Random Man: (walking past us) He is the perfect height for her.
Teresa: Okay, I don't know who he is, but I like him!

(Casper, Teresa, and I at a Chinese Buffet later that evening)
Casper: (points at the rice crispy treats that have sprinkles on them) Look, gay rice crispy treats!
(I smack him)
(As we are sitting down and eating, we're talking about sex and stuff)
Me: (looking around) Maybe we shouldn't be talking about this here.
Teresa: Why?
Me: There are little children around and I don't think they're parents want them to know all this stuff yet.
Casper: So, imagining Tessa naked right now is a bad thing.
Me: Hello! Kids! And no, it's not.

(Teresa, Sarah, and I are in Sarah's basement on the computer. I rub the back of my neck)
Me: (looking at Sarah) Could you crack my back?
Sarah: Sure. Go lay down.
(I lay down flat on my stomach and sigh, Sarah lean down over me)
Sarah: Take a deep breath.
Me: Okay (takes a deep breath, Sarah pushes on my back and I let out a bit of flatulence, Sarah jumps back and I start laughing, as does Teresa, Sarah stands up and walks to the other side of the room, trying not to laugh)
Teresa: Ohmigah! That's blog worthy!

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