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Hi, I'm Ojex XIII, but just call me Ojex.

about me... let's see here...

Name - Joe

Age - 19

Gender - Male

location - nowheresville USA, thats where

Favorite stuff - (video games) Still loving Skyrim, but lately I've taken a shine to Team Fortress 2. (movie) Saw The Amazing Spider-Man recently. I liked it a lot. better than the Raimi movies honestly. (TV) not excited about much in the way of live action TV right now, what with Doctor Who and Walking Dead both between seasons at the moment. (Cartoon) loving the new seasons of Young Justice and Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes. also loving Korra, Green Lantern the Animated Series, and Motorcity (check them all out if you havent) (comics) ever since I dropped over $700 on school, I havent had the money to enjoy comics much. (books) nothing at the moment.

-Current Stories-

Ojex XIII's Total Drama Heroes - I tried this once before with "Power Struggle" and now, with TDD down to the final ten, I'm bringing this idea back! Sixteen superpowered teens compete for one million dollars! Apps are closed and the characters have been introduced.

A Tale of Two Time - The fourth and final installment of my Fifth Dragon series. Its technically two stories in one, the first taking place in the present and focusing on the cannon characters (as well as my previously introduced OCs) and the second being in the future and focusing on the children of the present day dragons. So far Riku (the teenage son of Rai and Kim) has gone back to the time where his parents were teens to warn them about the apocalyptic future he lives in.

Undead Drama Mainland - A sequel to my surprisingly popular Zombie fic "Undead Drama Island." This story will see the survivors returning to the main land one month after the end of UDI, finding that civilization has already broken apart due to, what else, the epidemic of a zombie virus thanks to [SPOILERS IF YOU HAVEN'T READ UDI] Katie.

Three Perfect Little Girls - A Powerpuff Girls fic about the girls when theyre 16. I have no idea where the idea for this came from, other than the fact that I liked the show as a kid. I havent even watched it in years.

The Elder Scrolls: Elsweyr - Set 120 years after the events of Skyrim, it takes place in the land of Elsweyr, the desert homeland of the Khajiit race in the Elder Scrolls world. Ive got a good idea of what the plot will be about, but Im still working out a few kinks.

Total Drama Road Trip - All 38 teens that have ever competed in Total Drama return for one last shot at the grande prize: 1 million dollars!

-Upcoming Chapters-

Total Drama Heroes Episode 8 - The next challenge. probably a 1 parter

Undead Drama Mainland Chapter 3 - probably will just show the Wawanakwa survivors starting to integrate themselves into Alejandro's camp. maybe some plot hints too.

A Tale of Two Times Chapter 11: The Present Part 6 - The race for the final Key of Eternity begins.

Three Perfect Little Girls Chapter 3 - The Girls meet the professor's girlfriend and her daughter, and some other stuff will probably happen too

The Elder Scrolls: Elsweyr Chapter 4 - The begining of S'Baad, Sif, and Sondil's journey through Elsweyr to lift the bounties on their heads. some other stuff happens too.

Total Drama Road Trip Episode 2 - the first challenge and first elimination

-Possible Future Stories-

Merger - A Fusion Fall fic I tried once before but it never went anywhere. its basically a prequel to the game explaining how the individual CN shows came to be in a single universe

Justice League Vs. Avengers - The two greatest Superhero teams of all time will go head to head! (note: this isn't the first time they've met. there have been two big Marvel/DC crossovers in the past that were actually published). I've got the members of the two teams chosen based on popularity and equivalency. Also set to appear: Lex Luthor, Red Skull, Joker, Loki, Thanos, and Dark Seid.

Gotham Knights - and idea I had for a new Batman live action TV show. basically, the show is set in an established Batman universe. Bruce Wayne had been doing the bat thing for fifteen years and he's gone through two Robins and a Batgirl. He and the first Robin (Dick Grayson, who now opperates outside of Gotham as Nightwing) had a falling out about eight years earlier, the second Robin (Jason Todd) was killed at the hands of the Joker five years earlier, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon, now opperating as Batmans mission handler, Oracle) was shot in the spine by the Joker and became paraplegic on the same day. Batman hasn't taken up a new sidekick since, but a new criminal organization lead by a man known only as the Black Mask, is pushing Batman to his limit. He soon recieves help, however, in the form of a mysterious vigilante that gets to the crimes before Batman or the Gotham PD and kills all of the criminals. Batman must track down this vigilante and bring him to justice before he tries to kill the wrong criminal. Meanwhile, the Joker, who had been locked up in Arkham Asylum for five years, seduces one of his psychiatrists (Dr. Harleen Quinzel), and a boy named Tim Drake deduces the identities of Batman, the original Robin, and Batgirl... and that's all just in the pilot episode.

Ultimate Showdown - I tried this idea once before but abandoned it. thinking about bringing it back now. Its basically a revisioning fo the Xiaolin Showdown story similar to how Marvel revisioned its characters with its Ultimate Comics line. Its really a more modern and edgy version of the original show. I may end up dropping "The Island" if I decide to do this.

Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes (Seasons 3 and 4) - With Avengers EMH being cancelled for no good reason and without proper resolution, I feel obligated to continue the story. Ive actually planned this out quite a bit, totaling 39 more episodes.

Guardians of the Galaxy - A spin off of Avengers EMH following the Guardians of the Galaxy, as seen in the episode "Michael Korvac." it would run alongside season 3 of EMH, tie together with the other story quite a bit, and run 26 episodes

Titans Among Men - essentially, this is the Teen Titans set in a medieval world. all Im saying.

Beast Wars: No Man Left Behind - set after the end of the show, a team of cybertronians come to prehistoric earth in search of Optimus Primal and his crew. Im wanting a different subtitle.

* don't expect all of these to actually be written. that would be way to much at one time and if I do the ones I really want to first Ill probably lose interest in the others.

-Original Story Ideas-

The Unbelievable Tyler-Man / Tyler-Man and the Super Dudes - This is just an idea I had that makes fun of all things superhero. I'm pretty sure that if I ever do this itll be as a webcomic and not a written out story, though I suppose I could post the written out script on here.

I'm Mortal Series - An idea that has evovled profoundly over the years, starting as an untitled comic strip starring me, my friends, and a few made up characters. It has evolved into a complicated story set in another world with a diverse cast of characters. Set in a place called the One World, a group of young people band together to prevent a man from Dante and his minions from opening a gate between three worlds, the other two being the Zero Zone and the Infinity Realm, and starting a second "First War" (a war between all three worlds). This was originally called Zero Zone, but I like the new title much better. (currently tryint to rework a few things with this)

Zodiac XII Trilogy - A series of books that Ive had in my head for a long time and I think Ive finally got it to the point where I can get started. The only problem I have is getting started. The story takes place on a world called Ptolemia, where 48 powerful beings known as celestials rule. the most powerful of the Celestials are the 12 Zodiac, but when these 12 are betrayed and assassinated, their power is transfered to 12 seemingly normal residents of the various Ptolemian nations who must now defeat those that betrayed the Zodiac. Originally the 12 who take on the Zodiac's power were going to be human teenagers from earth, but I decided to drop the idea in favor of Ptolemian natives. easier that way.

DEAD - High school student Daniel Ethan Andrew Donavan is employed at a place called Death Co., working as a Reaper for his home town under the Personification of Death itself. But when people begin falling into deep comas instead of dying, his boss disappears, and he meets the spirit of a girl trapped between life and death, Dead must investigate and stop whoever is causing this to prevent humanity from suffering a fate worse than death: an eternal life not worth living.

Untitled Scifi Story - In a future where the Earth is shared by two dominant species, Humans and an alien species known as the Drok, a group of misfits are forced together to take on threats that could eliminate one or both species from the face of the earth. Im still working on exactly how the story would work out in this, but Ive come up with a pretty good cast of characters including a human female mercinary named Andromeda, a Droki female computer hacker named Vidante, a human teenage female named Carla and her older brother Alejandro, and a teenage Droki male named Rad.

Winston Shacklebolt: Gentleman Zombie - a story set in the victorian era (mostly in london), Winston Shacklebolt is a professional gentleman and a supernatural detective... he's also a horrible undead monster that feeds on human flesh. Join Winston and his faithful butler, Bernard, as they solve mysteries, battle other worldly creatures, and discover an entire underground culture populated by monsters (vampires, werewolves, witches, ghouls, and of course, zombies like Winston, just to name a few). I really like this idea because, unlike some of the other stories I've come up with, it just seems like fun.

-Finished Stories-

Xiaolin Showdown: The Fifth Dragon - My first finished story here on fanfiction. it follows the new adventures of everyones (or atleast fans of the shows) favorite Xiaolin monks and their latest recrute as they gather new Shen Gong Wu, battle Jack Spicer, Wuya, Chase Young, and Hannibal Roy Bean, and discover that some feelings dont just stop at friendship. pairings include RaiXKim and ClayXOC. rated T for language and violence. according to many of my reviewers, its definatly worth the read.

Seven Sins - A sequel to The Fifth Dragon. This follows the continuing adventures of the Monks, Saya, and four new students (NOT DRAGONS!! I cant stress enough that theyre not dragons). together, these nine young heroes face off against the Seven Deadly Sins, quite possibly the greatest evil ever to walk the earth. pairings include RaiXKim, ClayXOC (Saya), OmiXOC (Mimi), JackXOC (Nina "Sloth") and one OCXOC pairing (Julia and Elena (I have no problems with homosexuals and if you do thats your problem). rated T for language, violence, crude humor and strong content. according to my reviewers it's better than the first.

Begun By Blood - the sequel to Seven Sins and the final installment of The Fifth Dragon trilogy (at the moment). this story continues to follow the adventures of the young monks as they battle the Seven Deadly Sins. pairings are same as Seven Sins. rated T for language, violence, crude humor and strong content. definantly worth the read according to my reviewers.

Xiaolin Show-off - This is a big parody of the first episode of the show. join Omi, Rai, Kim, Clay, Dojo, Jack, Wuya and (my personal favorite) Rap Master Fung as they search for the first three Shen Gong Wu: the Middle Finger Flip Coin, the Two Ton T-shirt, and the Eye of Dumbshit. contains jokes about everything from Star Wars to god knows what.

Xiaolin Show-off 2: Rise of Jingle Jangle Jong - a sequel to the original Xiaolin Show-off. this shows the continuing adventrues of Rai, Kim, Omi, Clay, Dojo, Rap Master Fung, Jack Spicer and Wuya as they gather more Wu and Wuya recreates the most diabolical force known to man... and monkies: Jingle Jangle Jong. contains jokes about everything from the matrix to canada.

A Story for Another Time - This is a oneshot connected to my "Fifth Dragon" trilogy. while its not going to be the last installment, chronologically it is the ending. It follows Kim's life fifteen years after the end of Begun By Blood, going through an afternoon with her husband, Rai, and her kids, Riku and Bonny. After that part it skips to a weekend where all of the former Xiaolin Monks gather at the temple to honor their fallen friends. This will lead into A Tale of Two Times.

Undead Drama Island - Who doesnt love a good zombie apocalypse story? nobody, thats who. its pretty basic, really. youve got yer zombies, yer survivors fighting to stay alive, and yer... evil scientist planning to destroy society with a zombie apocalypse out of some crazy and overly dramatic revenge sceem? *shrugs* well, its only 8 chapters but people seem to love it, so check it out.

Total Drama Dynamite - After two and a half long years it's finally finished. 20 new campers (provided by those who applied to have their characters in this story) go to camp wawanakwa with Chris , Chef, and Steve the Camera Guy to compete for one hundred thousand dollars. With challenges ranging from haunted hilarity to explosive mishaps, these new campers are sure to have a booming good time.

-Shen Gong Wu I've created-

Chiyu Box: contains an infinate amount of small yellow tablets that can heal any wound and cure most diseases

Hitsuji Hammer: a hammer that contains amazing strength

Memory Charm Bracelet: can rearange and recreate any persons memories

Yajuu Card: can summon any mythical creature

Sleeping Boar: turns into a huge golden boar that goes on a destructive rampage and breaths fire

Combo-Sickle: forces two or more objects to stay physically connected

Mariachi Sombrero: grants the user amazing dance moves and play Mexican Mariachi music when activated

Canine Crossbow: shoots dog-shaped darts that home in on the target and explode on contact

Goliaths' Golem: turns into a gigantic stone sentry that can control and merge with rock and earth and can speak multiple languages

Sapphire Gauntlet: creates an unbreakable forcefield around the user

Emerald Gauntlet: the user can shoot powerful plasma blasts from thier arms

Ruby Gauntlet: the user is literally turned into a shooting star (causes a lot of damage to suroundings)

Diamond Gauntlet: creates an energy sword

Amethyst Gauntlet: reveals lost truths

Mushas Sword: summons an ancient war spirit

Bengoshas Shield: summons an ancient guardian demon

Roosters Crow: emit an earsplitting, almost deafening screech.

Oni's Jewel: it creats an eerie and depressing feeling in the surounding area, rendering anyone around completely depressed and unable to fight.

Phoenix Emblem: negates the effects of the Oni's Jewel for the wearer only.

Lucky Cricket: Grants the user amazing luck in whatever activity they are doing. however, the user also has equally bad luck later on.

Chimera's Breath: A torch that, when breathed on, shoots a jet of flames from its top.

Quasar Cube: a diamond like cube that transports the user to a random point in time and space. extremely dangerous.

Skulls of Mento: a pair of skulls (one made of rubies, the other sapphires) that allow the two users to talk to each other no matter how far apart they are.

Odin's Eye: a golden monocole that allows the user to temporarily see through the eyes of another.

Lilypad Geta: a pair of wooden sandles that allow the user to walk on water (actually created by Captain Sangi, another user on fanfiction, but he asked me to use it for him)

Keys of Eternity: three keys that Dashi used to seal "The Destroyer" behind an interdimensional gate. The Key of Hades doubles as being able to steal the souls of the users opponent. The Key of Anubis brings subconsious thoughts and feelings in a person to the consious mind and amplifies them. The Key of Hel's powers have yet to be revealed.

Klaw of Kronos: a claw like weapon which can progress or regress a persons age to whatever the user wants, even to points of death or pre-life.

Flask of Phantoms: a flask which unleashes a phantom like being which tries to drag the target back into the flask with it.


Xiaolin Showdown

Name - Saya. Age - 16. Sex - Female. From - China. Background - Saya is Omi's adopted sister from when they were very young. appearently, shortly after Omi was adopted by a family that family was killed in an unfortunate car crash and the two youngsters were sent to the Temple. She is the Dragon of Lightning.

Name - Rush. Age - 15. Sex - Male. From - Kenya. Background - Rush is a young man from Kenya. His past is vague, but a few things are certain. He is old friends with Raven, he has a bit of an attitude problem, and he can fight with the best of them.

Name - Julia Marsh. Age - 15. Sex - Female. From - Sydney, Australia. Background - Julia is lucky enough to have lived all over the world and know several languages. She was born in Los Angeles, briefly lived in Rio de Janiero, and lived in Sydney after that.

Name - Mimi Cooper. Age - 13. Sex - Female. From - Paris, France. Background - Mimi is a typical teenager from France. she is strong and independant yet sassy in nature and is not above making the occasional joke. however, she also occasionaly experiences cases of low self esteem and depression, though these are very very rare. she came to the temple wanting to get away from her parents.

Name - Elena Murrieta. Age - 15. Sex - Female. From - Barcelona, Spain. Background - Elena is a typical teenager from Spain. she came to the temple for a new experience and got more than she barganed for. she prefers life at the temple over her boring life in Spain, however.

Name - Raven. Age - 14. Sex - Female. From - Kenya. Background - Raven is an old friend of Rush's from his home town. She is mute.

Name - Pride. Age - over 1500. Sex - Male. From - unknown (suposedly china). Background - Pride is the first of the Seven Deadly Sins and their leader. he has amazing magical abilities with almost no limit. 1500 years ago, he formed the original sins and battled Dashi. Pride is a merciless and unfeeling warlord.

Name - Wrath. Age - unknown. Sex - Male. From - Unknown. Background - Wrath is the second of the Seven Deadly Sins and both of his arms have been replaced by mechanical ones, one a three fingered claw and the other a gatling gun/cannon.

Name -Wrath II. Age - unknown. Sex - Male. From - unknown. Background - The new Wraths past is entirely unknown. however, it is know that he is a skilled marksman and seems to be obsessed with projectile weapons. Wrath could possibly be, and probably should be, considered insane. It has been pointed out that he's a comic book and a Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

Name - Gluttony. Age - unknown. Sex - male. From - unknown. Background - Gulttony is the third of the Seven Deadly Sins and has no known powers in particular. his past is almost entirely unknown. he is comically obese, despite being a very serious character.

Name - Gluttony II. Age - unknown. Sex - Male. From - unknown. Background - The new Gluttony seems to be a very primitive, though intelegent, man relying on brute strength. he has yet to speak, though this is because he chooses not to, not because he cant. Gluttony has been revealed to be the older brother of the current Sin of Greed as well as another OC, Charity.

Name - Greed. Age - 18. Sex- Male. From - unknown. Background - Greed is the fifth of the Seven Deadly Sins and has powers very similar to Lust, with the exception of the berserker power which grants him amazing strength, speed, and magic for a short time. his past is almost entirely unknown.

Name - Greed II. Age - unknown. Sex - Female. From - unknown. Background - The new Greed seems to be a very polite person, as shown when she offered wine to the monks before their fight. she seems to be of middle eastern decent. She is shown as being a ruthless fighter, possibly by passing the original Greed in his berserker form. Greed has been revealed to be the younger sister of the current Sin of Gluttony as well as the older sister of another OC, Charity.

Name - Nina "Sloth". Age - 16. Sex - Female. From - USA. Background - Nina is the sixth of the Seven Deadly Sins and has the ability to control an army of undead soldiers, which she rarely uses prefering to fight herself. She, unlike the other Sins, didn't agree to join because of greed, but more to get freedom from her unbearable past.

Name - Gabriel "Sloth II" Spicer. Age - 20. Sex - Male. From - USA. Background - Gabriel is Jack Spicers long hated older brother. Like Nina, he can also control an army of undead soldiers and, unlike Nina, uses them to their fullest potential.

Name - Envy. Age - 18. Sex - Male. From - unknown. Background - Envy is the seventh of the Seven Deadly Sins and has the ability to take anything he chooses from anyone he wants. his past is almost entirely unknown. he has shown the ability to shapeshift.

Name - Jet. Age. 16. Sex - Male. From - Rome, Italy. Background - Little is known about Jet or his sister Jess. He was born and raised on the streets of Rome, Italy and has recently sunk to the level of theft in order to stay alive . despite his background, he is a very kind hearted (and often comical) person and will do anything for the people he loves.

Name - Jess. Age - 15. Sex - Female. From - Rome, Italy. Background - Little is known about Jess or her brother Jet. She, just like her brother, was born and raised on the streets of Rome, Italy. Jess is a very religous person and takes being catholic very seriously (though on some subjects she prefers not to take the catholic approach). Its been hinted that Jess might be homophobic when she learned that Julia and Elena are gay, but she tries not to make a big deal out of it.

Name - Chief. Age - over 1500. Sex - Male. From - Kenya. Background - Little is known about Chief at the time, but what is know is very important. Chief lived and fought along side Guan, Chase and Dashi 1500 years ago and (like two of the three) is still alive, though he hasn't aged as gracefully as Guan or Chase.

Name - Riku Pedrosa. Age - 15. Sex - Male. From - Post apocalyptic NYC, 2032. Background - Riku is Kimiko and Rais teenage son from 25 years in the future and twin brother of Bonny. Riku had a rather dark personality and was easily angered, especially when it came to the subject of his father.

Name - Bonita "Bonny" Pedrosa. Age - 15. Sex - female. From - Post apocalyptic NYC, 2032. Background - Bonny is Kimiko and Rais teenage daughter from 25 years in the future and twin sister of Riku. Unlike Riku, Bonny was much more cheerful and openly showed her emotions in most situations.

Name - Charity. Age - unknown (mid teens). Sex - female. from - Middle East. Background - Charity is the younger sister of both the current Sins of Greed and Gluttony and hates them both with a passion.

Name - Raphael. Age - unknown (definatly 50 or older). Sex - male. From - Russia. Background - Raphael is the leader of the Mascow branch of the rebellion against the Seven Deadly Sins in "Begun By Blood". not much else is known about him. however, I originally planned for him to be Vlads father, but decided against this and just made him an old man instead.

Name - Zofu. Age - 14. Sex - male. from - Kenya. Background - Zofu was Rush's best friend back in their home town. only seen in flashbacks.

Name - Lilith. Age - over 1500. sex - female. from - unknown. Background - Lilith is Prides "sister" . She does have diobolical plans of her own which I may use in a 4th installment of this series if I choose to do one.

Name - Ino. Age - 16. Sex - female. from - born in Japan, raised in Britain. Background - Ino is a young woman who, up until recently, had no idea that her father was none other than Chase Young.

Name - Sarah Bailey. Age - 16. Sex - female. from - Texas, USA. Background - The oldest child of Clay and Saya. Her personality has adopted many of Clay's manorisms, as well as his appitite. Also, she is never seen without her father's old hat.

Name - Hikari Bailey. Age - 14. Sex - female. from - Texas, USA. Background - The younger daughter of Clay and Saya. Hikari isn't much of a fighter when conpared to the other children, however she is a very intelligent, her IQ equallying and possibly surpassing that of Jack Spicer.

Name - Hunter Bailey. Age - 10. Sex - male. from - Texas, USA. Background - The youngest child and only son of Clay and Saya. Hunter is rarely seen without his cousin, Peter, and the two are always getting themselves into trouble with their shenanigans. however it has been pointed out that the two boys are very clever and they have come in handy more than once.

Name - Logan Cooper. Age - 16. Sex - male. from - Xiaolin Temple, China. Background - The older son of Omi and Mimi. Logan, much like Riku, has some serious issues with his father, resulting in a secluded and rather angry persona. however, there seems to be something else under the father issues that is also causing his attitude problems.

Name - Peter Cooper. Age - 10. Sex - male. from - Xiaolin Temple, China. Background - The younger son of Omi and Mimi. Peter is rarely seen without his cousin, Hunter, and the two are always getting themselves into trouble with their shenanigans. however it has been pointed out that the two boys are very clever and they have come in handy more than once.

Name - Riley Murrieta-Marsh. Age - 15. Sex - female. from - Barcellona, Spain. Background - The only child of Julia and Elena. Riley is quite the tomboy and has a rather upbeat personality. the details of her conseption are unknown, considering that she has two mothers, but its been hinted that, through some unknown futuristic conception technique, she is genuinely Julia and Elena's child rather than the daughter of just one of them and an unknown male donor.

Total Drama Series

Name - Steve the Camera Guy. Age - unknown (late twenties, early thirties). Sex - male. From - Canada. Background - Steve is a minor character introduced in Total Drama Dynamite. He usually has some sort of humorous banter with Chris during the recap shoots at the begining of each challenge and is reduced to minor mentions during the actual story. however, Steve did make a brief appearence in Undead Drama Island where he was the first infected with the virus. He also appears in Total Drama Heroes, having the same role he has in Total Drama Dynamite.

Name - Hugh Donovan. Age - unknown (most likely in his 40s). Sex - male. From - presumably Canada. Background - The producer of the series in Total Drama Heroes. After taking control of the production studio, he suggested the idea of using superhumans for the next season. He also has a habbit of popping up without warning.

The Elder Scrolls

Name - S'Baad. Age - Unknown (elderly). Sex - Male. Race - Khajiit. From - Elsweyr. Background - An elderly member of the Elsweyr thieves guild. He was arrested after attempting to steal the Diamond Eyes, a pair of priceless gems, from the Chief in Rimmen. He has a daughter that he lives with.

Name - Sondil. Age - Unknown (late teens, early 20s). Sex - Male. Race - High Elf (Altmer). From - Senchal, ELsweyr. Background - The son of the First Thalmor Emmissary to Elsweyr, he was arrested on false claims of treason while shopping in the Senchal bazzar. He is a skilled mage, though very advanced skills such as conjuring multiple atronachs seems to wear him out.

Name - Sif. Age - Unknown (early to mid 20s). Sex - Female. Race - Redguard. From - Cyrodiil. Background - A blacksmiths assistant from Cyrodiil. She was arrested while crossing the border into Elsweyr, where she was discovered to be transporting a shrine of Talos to a family of Nords in Riverhold.

Name - Skeeme. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - Argonian. From - Unknown. Background - Born under the shadow sign of Argonian astronomy, Skeeme is a shadow scale. He was raised to be a killer and destined to join the Dark Brotherhood from the day of his birth. He apparently likes to get to know his targets before killing them. He was arrested for, of course, murder.

Name - Shakh. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - Orc (Orsimer). From - Unknown. Background - A massive man who's past and reason for arrest is almost entirely unknown. While he is a near unstoppable warrior, he doesn't seem to enjoy killing.

Name - Helvia. Age - Unknown. Sex - Female. Race - Breton (Half Elf). From - Elsweyr. Background - A woman who was arrested for Necromancy. She was traumatized by the death of her young child (possibly an infant) and clung to necromancy as the only means she could possibly think of to revive her child.

Name - Gildii. Age - Unknown. Sex - Female. Race - Wood Eld (Bosmer). From - Unknown. Background - An infamous thief who is unaffiliated with the Thieves Guild. She was arrested for stealing an Elder Scroll from the Thalmor in the Summerset Isles on behalf of the Empire, and she apparently made it all the way back to Valenwood before being caught. She is a member of the Earth Bones, a mysterious organization who's plans and motives are unknown.

Name - Balfor. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - Nord. From - Skyrim. Background - A Mercinary from Skyrim. Balfor came to Elsweyr to collect a bounty on Dalavesa, who had kidnapped a Thalmor officials wife. During his attempted capture of the bandit, the Thalmor came and arrested both of them, believing Balfor to be one of Dalavesa's bandits. Deceased.

Name - Dalavesa. Age - Unknown. Sex - Female. Race - Dark Elf (Dunmer). From - Unknown. Background - A bandit leader who kidnapped a Thalmor officials wife in hopes of collecting a ransom. When Balfor came to collect the bounty on her, the Thalmor followed him and arrested them both. Deceased.

Name - Cindi. Age - Unknown. Sex - Female. Race - Imperial. From - Cyrodiil. Background - A Captain in the Imperial Legion. She and her troops were captured by Aldmeri forces during the Cyrodiil war and put into a POW camp. Cindi was put into the Niirshek'aal battle to prove a point to her troops, who were being forced to join the Aldmeri forces or die. Deceased.

Name - J'far. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - Khajiit. From - Dune, Elsweyr. Background - The Chief of the Kingdom of Dune. He detests the use of the Niirshek'all as a Gladiator arena, as his ancestors put an end to this at the begining of the previous Era. When the Earth Bones attacked the citizens of Dune, J'far called upon a Dragon who lives near the city to defend them.

Name - Solfo. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - High Elf (Altmer). From - Unknown. Background - A Thalmor Justiciar stationed in Dune, Elsweyr. He seems to have a superiority complex, thinking that all other races are below the Altmer (which may be common amongst the Thalmor). When the Earth Bones attacked the Niirshek'all, he was the first killed (by Gildii). The reason for his assassination is unknown. Deceased.

Name - Zema. Age - Unknown. Sex - Female. Race - High Elf (Altmer). From - Unknown. Background - A Thalmor Justiciar stationed in Dune, Elsweyr. While staying true to her Thalmor convictions, she seems more level headed and professional than Solfo. She seems genuinely concerned with the wellbeing of the citizens of Dune, as well as finding those who attacked the city.

Name - Errif. Age - Unknown. Sex - Male. Race - High Elf (Altmer). From - Senchal, Elsweyr. Background - Not much is known about Errif, only that he is Sondil's father and the First Thalmor Emmissary to Elsweyr. It is possible that the Thalmor Leaders back in the Summerset Isles aren't pleased with his performance, as they are apparently responcible for Sondil being in the Dune Gladiator fight

-My Favorite Quotes-

Tradition be damned (Brian K. Vaughan, the original author of Marvels Runaways)

I believe... that anyone who wants to wear a thong should have to go through an application process! (Bill Engvall)

How dare you disrespect me, your country, and your mamma! (Yelling guy in the Tide to Go commercial)

Smokin'! (The Mask)

Somebody stop me! (The Mask again)

Barbosa: There's not been a gathering like this in out life time. Jack: And I own them all money. (PotC 3: At Worlds End)

They say the best weapon is the one you never have to fire. I respectfully disagree. I prefer the kind you only have to fire once! That's how dad did it, that's how america does it, and its worked out pretty well so far. (Tony Stark in the Iron Man movie)

If you want piece, prepare for war. (Frank Castle in the Punisher movie)

Yay! It's the power rangers to the freakin rescue! (sarcasm) (Kirb from TTA, by Kirbopher15)

Oh freaking RAPTURE! (Zetto from TTA, by Kirbopher15)

Hmm hmm, Woosh-a-doodle! (Renaldo from Go Go Parody Rangers, by kirbopher15)

Bite my shiny metal ass (Bender from Futurama)

Dont know, dont care, dont ask me again (thats me!)

If you utter so much as one syllable I'll hunt you down and gut you like a fish... if youd like to fax me press the star key (the grinchs answering machine in the movie)

Monster? I'm not a monster... I'M A GOD! (Mecha Sonic as seen in Super Mario Bros Z by Alvin Earthworm)

certainly you have to be lost in order to find a place that can not be found (Barbosa from PotC 3)

aaaaaaaaaallll righty then! (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)

I know now why you cry... but it is something I can never do. (The Terminator in T2)

Nothing in life worth having comes easy. (Dr. Kelso from Scrubs)

So you've got a tank. Big woop, wanna fight about it? (some guy from family guy)

Theres about as much chance of Matthew McConaughey playing Steve Rogers as there is of Jesus moonwalking across the Sahara desert singing Nicklebacks "Rockstar" in a thong. (dunno who said it but its freakin hylarious!)

Nothing, nothing at all, shut up, go away! (me again)

While I respect the christian and jewdial ethics, as well as the budist philosophies, and of course the teachings of Muhamed, I find that people have used religion to justify countless atrocities thoughout history. were I to attend church i'd be a hypocrit. (Hyde from That 70's show)

My story is a lot like your, only more interesting because it involves robots. (Bender from Futurama)

Bum dududum dududum dum shiny scalpel! Bum dududum dududum dududumdum I'm gunna slice him up! (The Tod from Scrubs)

People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people. (V from V for Vendetta)

Behind this mask are ideas, and ideas are bullet proof. (V from V for Vendetta)

Stan, you're holding a gun to gods head. I can't even think of a better metaphor than this. (god from American Dad!)


Thanks to denial, I'm immortal (Fry from the new season of Futurama)

Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it (Salvador Dali)

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches (Andy Warhol)

I don't use drugs, my dreams are frightening enough (M.C. Escher)

It's 106 miles to chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it! (The Blues Brothers)

Okay I've been thinking... When life gives you lemons don't make lemonade, make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damned lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see lifes manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's going to burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm going to have my engineers invent a combustable lemon that burns your house down! (Cave Johnson, Portal 2)

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know what to call someone. Wierd is the same as different, which is the same as unique. If you are wierd and proud of it, copy and paste this onto your profile.

-Ending Notes-

First year of college over. did pretty good, with the exception of failing german. but now its summer time. hopefully I'll be more diligent with my writing from now on.

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