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Everyone has the right to their opinion. You may not agree with their opinion, but you can not deny it’s merit. You may read a story and love it, or hate it. While another reads it and has the exact opposite opinion. That is a fact. Not everyone will have the same opinion as you.

I will review a story even if I dislike it, and I will tell you I dislike it, and why. This is not a flame. This is merely me telling you why your story does not make me happy. Do not worry, there are others who like your story.

However, I will be polite in doing so. There is no cause for rudeness, or cruelty in any shape or form. I do not tolerate rudeness or cruelness, and I will report anyone author or reviewer who is rude or cruel.

Constructive criticism or criticism is just that. They are pointing out errors or inconsistencies in plot, characterization or spelling. They are not trying to be cruel. They are trying to point out mistakes to help you improve.

That being said criticism is not a synonym for insults. There is a line. A very firm line. One can dislike your story by saying simply “I don’t like your story.” What they should not say is “This story is f* trash.” or anything a long those lines. I refuse to tolerate that, and as such I will report the comment.

That said, please do not search out rude reviews and tell me about them. I am not the police. I am not here to report everyone who is rude or cruel. I will report them as I come across them.

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