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Right now I am in college. Since I am there I will not be visiting this site until my vacation time around December. I am sorry about that but since it is my first year at college I need to concentrate on schoolwork espicially because of the scholarship I want to get. The story Light and Darkness will be on hold right now and when I come back I will finish it. See ya in December!

A little about Me:

I have been reading FanFiction for over 2 years and have finally joined. I am a girl and right now I just graduated in June. In the fall I will be going to college so I'm hoping that I will finish at least one of my fics. I am pretty tall around 5"7". My hair is dirty blonde with faint red highlights, and my eye color is a mixture of blue, green, and gray. I am very outgoing which means I could probally get along with anybody. But don't think that I won't fight if I have to.

I am a Christian. By that I mean I am born again which means that I realized that I am a sinner and that Jesus came to die for me to take away my sins. I accepted him into my heart and now I have what many people will call a father-daughter relationship. I enjoy the relationship and wouldn't give it up for anything. He is so awesome and so loving. It is cool! I wish everyone could make this choice and see what God is really like. I am very active in my church and I have gone a mission's trip.

I am very active so my favorite hobbies are swimming and volleyball. Sadly my school doesn't have these two sports or else I would join. I like staying active by doing outdoor stuff. I also like to read. I rather read than watch TV. I like to read horror, adventure, BBxRae FanFics, and my Bible. My favorite movie is Star Wars, and my favorite TV show is Teen Titans.

Interesting fact: Although I am a girl, I don't like girly stuff such as makeup, shopping, talking on the phone for hours, or tight short clothing. I stick more to the tomboyish side and if you don't like it, too bad it's just me. I also dislike reading romantic books. The only exception is BBxRAE romantic fics. Seriously that is the only way you will make me read anything romantic.

I mainly listen to Christian music, but I do like Disney songs and classical music. I don't listen to rock or country.

Favorite Songs:

Here I am Lord

Bow the Knee

Abba Father-Majesty Music

Imbo Wimbo-Mighty Joe Young

At the Beginning

Teen Titans

I started watching Teen Titans about four years ago, and the episode that I watched was Date with Destiny. Before when I watched the commercials, I thought it was dumb, but then I enjoyed it and started watching it more.After a couple of episodes, I saw Nevermore and instantly became a Beast Boy and Raven shipper. Afterwards I went on the internet and found this site. Now I am a fan of Teen Titans and a huge supporter of Beast Boy and Raven.

I like Teen Titans because of the superhero theme(even if it is a cartoon). Its always been a big thing for me. I also like the five main Titans because they act like a family. It is funny and cool to see how they act together.I see alot of the brother/sister relationship in there espicially with Cyborg.

My favorite character is Beast Boy. If I could meet anybody whether fiction or not, he would be in my top three. This guy makes me laugh so much and the fact that he cares about others that hits me. He is like my ultimate favorite cartoon character. If it wasn't for Beast Boy I wouldn't be watching Teen Titans. So pay some respect for the guy!

Fav. Epidodes




The Beast Within

The Quest

Couples I Support:

Beast Boy and Raven: I could go on for hours about these two. They are perfect for each other because they balance each other out. Anyway there have been hints in the episodes that shows that these two have feelings(although others may disagree). They seem to care alot about each other and look out for one another which I think is really cool. Their friendship is very solid and do ever notice that they are always around each other. This couple is not as noticeable as Robin and Starfire but I see that it is still there. My last reason is that they make a cute couple.

Robin and Starfire: From the beginning they have liked each other. You would have to be blind not to notice.

Cyborg and Bumblebee: I did like him with Saraism but now since he won't see her anymore he is cool with Bumblebee. Anyway it is funny to see them together. I have nothing against Cyborg and Jinx. I just think Bumblebee would go better with Cyborg not to mention that Jinx has Kid Flash.

I don't support Rob/Rae, BB/Terra, or anything else that goes against these couples. I don't in any way support male/male or female/female. Terra is just the one person that I never liked in this show although it does make a good triangle in stories.

Right below is a link to a picture of Beast Boy and Raven that I found one day. It is done by Sparky X. This picture is my favorite of Teen Titans.

Favorite Quotes and Sayings

I asked Jesus,"How much do you love me" And he said ,"This much" And he stretch out his arms and died on the cross

The Lord replied "My precious, precious child, I will never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you only saw one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."-from the poem Footprints

You are your own worst enemy

Although we may grow and mature, we will never lose the child inside of us-me

Beast Boy and Raven forever!

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