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I only write about Instant Star. Jommy fan. For some reason it's the only show/couple that I seem to be able to write about. I never get ideas for anything/one else.

Music basically inspires everything I do, but it really comes into play with my writing. I think every story I've ever done has come from a song. No lie.

The song(s) that I am currently listening to: Backstreet Boys - the entire "In A World Like This" album (Meep. I'm still an 8 year old at heart. Those Boys have a stronghold on me. Try absolutely gorgeous) and The Civil Wars - the entire "The Civil Wars" album (Why did they have to take a hiatus/split/break-up?! WHY?! This album is just too amazeballs for words.)

Below is stuff that might interest you about the stuff I write.

Writing Status

Don't Stand So Close To Me - 5 pages of Chapter 36, 1 page of Chapter 37-41

Rock 'N' Roll Singer: The Uncensored Confessions - 1 page of Chapter 14

Where The Future Meets The Past - waiting for something to strike

High Hopes In Velvet Ropes - 7 pages of Chapter 7

Hurricane - 2? pages of Chapter 2

Teach Me - 4 pages of Chapter 18, 1 page of Chapter 19-21, 4 pages of Chapter ??


8.2.13 - hola, folks. i know...i'm back. kind of. even though i don't really know where i had left to to begin with. weird. anyway, you'll notice i have something new. it's called Hurricane. i haven't abandoned anything else. promise. they'll all get finished/updated...eventually. i wrote Hurricane pretty recently during one of my breaks when i first listened to Hurricane {i'd heard it before, but had never actually listened to it}. it spoke to me. it kept saying "jommy! jommy!" - as do most other songs i listen to that just speak to me. there are couple other songs i could turn into jommy songfics that i haven't, but i'll probably hold off cause there are other things that need finishing first. so we'll see how that goes. in the mean time, i will try really really hard at finishing up some more chapters so ya'll have something to read when you're bored. ;]

1.31.13 - here's a preview of Don't Stand. thanks for all your patience. -

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Chapter 36

“Laying It All Out”

“Tommy,” Jude said, as she pulled on his arm again. He didn’t look at her. “Don’t ignore me or I will get on a plane back to New York so fast you’ll – “


She got out of the car, the cold immediately seeping into her thermals. “Fuck, it’s cold.”

“I seem to make you say that a lot when we go out, don’t I?” Tommy said, a smirk painted on his face.


Within seconds he was at her side.

“What the fuck was that for?”

Her eyes widened, but she didn’t stop. She could see the baggage claim up ahead. “Did you just cuss at me, Mr. Quincy?”


A few silent seconds passed, with Jude looking out her window and Tommy driving. Then she spoke.

“We’re going…home.”


Jude could barely begin to breathe normal when the doorbell rang. Tommy’s eyes flitted over hers briefly and she saw the panic that had formed in their blueness. He walked into the living room to the front door. Her stomach clenched tightly. She bit her bottom lip, fighting back the urge to look over her shoulder.

Seconds passed that felt like hours and then she heard it. The sound of high heels against the wood floor.

“Hi Jude.”

1.2.13 - hello folks! happy 2013! hope you are doing well. i'm taking some time to write on stuff today since it's been awhile...as usual. i've written on Don't Stand, High Hopes (a new chapter is so close to being finished - almost two years later. -_-), Teach Me, Rock N Roll Singer, I'm Yours, and a couple other IS things. so much to finish! hopefully i'll have something for you soon! ]

10.04.12 - it took a little longer than i anticipated, but it's done. i'm updating Don't Stand in like the next 30 seconds. ;]

10.03.12 - so i had planned to write on Don't Stand last night, but then my Dodgers lost and ended their chance at a post-season and i couldn't bring myself to do anything. it literally took me like a half an hour to get out of my car after listening to the end of the game on the radio. the ride home was torture - i couldn't feel my body, my hands were so numb i couldn't grip the steering wheel right. it was insane. only ever happened to me once before (last year's nfc champs where my 49ers lost to the ny giants). so that is my excuse. i was in mourning. lol. however, i am making it my mission today to turn my grief into a finished chapter of Don't Stand, seeing as it is its 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! holy crap. i didn't think it would take me this long to write, but it has. so that's my present to you. a new chapter...some time today. hope everyone is doing well! ;]

4.6.12 - i know, i know. another month has passed and i've got nothing for you. well, i might. i don't really know yet. i wanted to get High Hopes out cause it's been like a year since i updated last (FML, why does that always happen... -_-). oh, how ironic. High Hopes just starting playing on my computer. anyway, i do have it opened. and i did write on it tonight. swear. however, the performance parts are bugging me so i'll write them later.

i'm going to try to write on everything at least once tonight so i can get further into this game cause i'm so behind. you know. i know. it's a vicious cycle.

if i finish I'm Yours anytime soon...that'll probably be the first thing i post. after that it's kind of up in the air...unless someone has something they're dying for an update from. ;]

since i probably won't 'see' you this weekend - have a happy easter/passover/whatever other spring/religious events that are going on that i'm not socially aware of... ;]

3.3.12 - hey! there's so much i want to say, but i feel like my brain can't compute it all. it's a weird restless feeling. this usually leads to me doing something stupid. it's like its in the air. i don't get it. anyway, i didn't come here to talk about my weirdness. i came here to say i'm still writing - when i can. got a few parties and such going on. plus i was sick for a bit, so that put me behind.

oh, one magical thing happening to me is I'm Yours might actually get done soon. like this weekend soon. i had a dream about it (no, not like smeyer. there was no forest. yuck. -_-) and it all just came together. i love when that happens.

also, did anyone go to alexz's show in LA?! so bummed i missed it. stupid class started or i would have been freezing my butt off with everyone else.

hope everyone is doing well! oh and a happy first birthday to my godson, z (even though you can't read this)! :D

1.21.12 - i saw the cab last week!! they were so good! definitely inspired me for high hopes. oh, read the music by emackenzie - it totally inspired me to write tonight.

09.17.11 - i know, i know. i'm trying super hard to update stuff, but since school has started & i'm planning like 4 events that all happen in the next month-ish, it's a little hard. sorry.

however, i did want to say that i've been listening to the cab's new album, 'symphony soldiers,' which you should all listen to because it is beautiful. :D

the real reason i'm telling you that is because there is a certain song on that album that i have decided to use for 'high hopes' - it will make the 'story' two parts - one called 'high hopes...' & the other will be the other song title. i know it sounds weird, but i think i've got it figured out in my head so that i can now put it on paper. basically i'm splitting what originally was 'high hopes,' adding a few 'things' here or there, and calling the second part something else. got it?! no?! i'll explain it better when i update cause that song gave me MAJOR inspiration and i'm going to ride that wave until i get sick of it.

i'm not tell you the name of the song because a.] that would be too easy & b.] some of the plot for the second part is in it. BUT - if one of you fabulous people ends up figuring out the song...maybe i'll give you a preview of the second half. maybe. ;]


Multi-Chaptered Fics (anything past 5 chapters)

Teach Me: in progress (Chapter 17 posted 06.12.12)

High Hopes In Velvet Ropes - in progress (Chapter 6 posted 04.13.11)

Don't Stand So Close To Me: in progress (Chapter 34 posted 12.22.11)

Rock 'N' Roll Singer - The Uncensored Confessions: in progress (Chapter 12 and 13 posted 08.29.12)

Where The Future Meets The Past: in progress (Chapter 1 posted 2.14)

Back At Your Door: complete

So Damn Clever: complete

One Shots/Shorts

Goodnight, Goodnight: complete

City - complete

Apologize - complete


Your Future Looks Bright, Kinda: put on hiatus, then re-written under a new name, Where The Future Meets The Past

Coming Soon--

Loving Your Best Friend - still being written

Lucky - one-shot, still being written

On Your Own (TQ-centric/post-finale) - one-shot, still being written and looks like it's turning into a few-shot, maybe more

Endless Summer Nights - still being written, idea's there, but i don't know if it'll work out

I'm Yours - two-parter, still being written [first part being edited now - 3.3.12; hope to post asap]

Somewhere With You - still being written

--these may change given enthusiasm to the project

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