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Author has written 7 stories for Naruto, Devil May Cry, Avengers, Star Trek: 2009, Hobbit, Pacific Rim, and Bleach.

Yeah, my name is originally Impaculate but under harsh and unbelievable circumstances... I forgot my own password and am now having to make another site of me and leave my precious stories behind. Of course, I could always use them but change them around a bit... yes that sounds pretty good to me. Those who've been a fan to Impaculate please do not mistake me as some random person trying to steal another user's stories. We sometimes get into situations that we have no other choice but to move on from... (looks back and sighs) I can't believe this is happening, but it has. I'm sorry but please don't flame me for accusing me as some thief, I'm just stuck and now moving in the neighborhood as the "new guy". I hope some of my old stories will catch on and I have some plans as for new ones, for all that's been happening in my absence, I got a lot of things planned in this place. So, here I am from now on known as ScreamScarlett, it's a name I came up with after a chapter from my Devil May Cry 4 fanfic called "Le Manoir du diable".

So, I'm gonna start things pretty different here and I hope ya don't mind from the rearranging and none of ya flame me for misunderstandings of stealing the fanfiction I've written myself. Okay, enough of the damn squabbling and time to get down to some serious business. Get comfy in my new home and start reading away what I got for you guys!

Devil May Cry:


Pacific Rim:



I'm a soldier who stands his ground
I am the defender of all around.
I could be here and there
sometimes I could be nowhere.
I protect those who I love and care
Those who oppose will not dare.
I'm here to make a world in peace
But wars and fights will only increase.
I am a soldier who stands his ground
I am a defender of all around.
We are soldiers
So stand or die!

Gunblade007, Quizilla, Stand or DIE!

No one sees her.
No one cares.
No one knows her.
No one dares.
Her name, no one knows.
Her face she doesn't show.
If you walk by her,
You wouldn't know.
'Why?' because she is unnoticed.
Her father gone,
Her mother an addict,
Her parents didn't care that she died in the attic.
She cut her wrist so deep,
She hit the bone.
She smiled at the crimson liquid,
As it poured from her veins.
"They will never know I'm gone." she said with sadness in her voice.
As she bled she turned on some music and began to dance with grace.
When the song ended she fell,
Dead on the floor.
Blood all over the place.
A few days later,
Her mother left,
Never to return,
She didn't know that her daughter was dead up in the attic.
And till this day no one has ever noticed her.
She remains unnoticed

moonlightangel1, Quizilla, Unnoticed

"Friends Forever," that's what we've always said.
And I hope it stays that way till the end.
I never want to leave your side.
But the gods won't abide.
You think that I'm your friend because of one thing,
But that's not the case.
I'd still be there, even if you had nothing.
They say cats and dogs always fight. That they can never get along.
But they're not always right. And in our case, there wrong.
We get along just fine.
Well cept the occasional bickering, but all friends fight. It just how they work it out that counts.
I know that no matter what comes our way, we'll work it out together. Just like Kingdom Hearts, remember?
I hope we stay Best Friends Forever!!
Now I've spoken my mind, I've told the truth
And this poem I've written is my proof...

moonlightangel1 to yingyang06, Quizilla, Best Friends Forever

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