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Disclaimer- If I Owned Pokemon, May wouldnt exist. Or Duplica. Or Melody. Or anyone who hit on Ash And Misty and Ash would be together... The list goes on.

Ages Ash-15 1/2 Misty-15 Delila-29 Others dont matter i guess...

"speach 'thought $stork of time or veiw break(lol ka-ching)

action during speach i.e. "He blushes really said that?"

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Outside Ketchum Residence, Pallet Town

Ash Ketchum walked glumly up his front porch. 'Well, one more year til a new tournament.' He thought, having just finished in Sinnoh. He had placed 3rd, only to lose to Gary Oak. But he didnt care. He turned the door knob. His mom sat on the couch talking to somone in the chair by the door. He was so quiet, or she was so busy she didnt hear or see him.

He listened to what was said. "Oh Honey, I'm sure that he feels the same way." Delila said. "Maybe..." replied the other voice. Ash's heart skipped a beat then stopped. He knew that voice. The voice of a girl that he never told his true feelings.


Misty Waterflower had just noticed Ash. She blushed. Oh-no! Did he hear what she said? "Hi Mist." He said.

Delila jumped up. "Ah! ASH KETCHUM! Why did you sneak up on us!" she shreiked. "Uhh... Hi to you to Ash"

Misty replied. "Lets go." Ash said, pointing to his room. They entered. Ash took his Sinnoh badges and put them on display on his wall like the others. Misty flopped down on his king sized bed. "Whats up?" She asked. "Not much, How is the gym?" he asked. "Good, my sisters can run it agian, by themselves." They both laughed. "Why are you here?" Ash asked "I was... umm... getting advice from your mom about somthing." "About what?" "Um...Nothing..." she lied, blushing.

"O.k. then." he said. "Hey Mist... You wanna crash here for tonight and I'll travel home with you when you decide to"

"I'd like that Ash," she said, smiling. Ash went out of the room while Misty changed. Ash sat outside the door. He was watching Misty through the tiniest peephole in his door. 'Oh God she's beautiful.' he thought over and over. When she was done he stood up. She opened the door, and Ash walked in. He made a cozy little bed of spare sheets on the floor. "Goodnight Misty" "Goodnight Ash"

They both tucked in and shut off the light. "AHH!" Misty yelled suddenly. Ash bolted to her side. Then he saw a Caterpie on the bed. He opened the window and threw it out. Misty sighed in relief. Amazingly, thanks tho Mimey putting earplugs, Delila didnt wake up. (A/N. I left her sleep, the old bat. LoL J/K Mrs Ketchum) Ash and Misty both layed back down. "Ash?" "Yeah Mist?" Would you um.. Mind um... sleeping... in the um... bed... with um... me?" she asked quietly. Ash and misty both turned crimson.

"I..Uh...sure." he replied nevously. He slid next to Misty on the bed. "Night" they said in unison. They were almost both asleep when, out of instinct, Misty threw her arms around Ash. Ash turned so red, he thought he might turn to a cherry.

She then gently grazed their lips together. "I...love...you...Ash..." Ash relized she was asleep. But wait, she dreamed about loving him?

In the morning, Ash (A/N- somehow) woke up first. He decide today was the day. Misty, prepare to know every thing

End Of Chapter

Hey i know its short but r&r its just one click! right down to the left! AAML FOREVER Next chappie may shoot up rating to M for that or 3rd chappie for them having...DOUNUTS eyes dart to me uhhh gtg

Disclaimer. DarkArbitor does not own Pokemon. He does own Red, Silver, Emerald, and FireRed.

Misty woke up. She turned over in the bed and looked toward Ash on the floor. But he wasn't there.

She sat up quickly and saw a note at the foot of her bed. It read,


My mom went shopping and I'm going on a very important errand.

I will be back at 3:30. Also, when I get back, could you meet me on Route 1?

Shall we meet at the end of it? See ya then

Talk to ya later,

Your Friend, Ash

(A/N Read the column down, first letter in note. Not on purpose, just noticed it.)

She looked at the clock. It was already 2:30! If she was gonna make it, she'd have to leave soon. She ran to her clothes and put them on, ultra quick. She walked out the door and over to the edge of town in 30 minutes flat. She stopped to catch her breath. That took another 5. She walked toward the end of route one. A pikachu was there, with Ash's hat! It pointed toward the clearing where they met. It also jumped up, placed the hat on her head, and ran back to Pallet. Misty was confused but walked into the clearing.

Her eyes were immediatly covered and somone behind her said "Shhh..." It was Ash. "But.." "Shh"

Misty obeyed. He walked her over toward the river. She could feel the sand in her toes, all on her flip-flops.

The hands were removed. She looked up. A pair of goldeen were doing backflips while a luvdisk was looking happily at her. 'Weird,' Misty thought. She turned halfway around. "Damn it Ash Ketchum, what's this all about!"

He simply replied, "I need to tell you something." "Well Ash i've got something to tell you!" she spat. She WASN'T angry, just annoyed. "You leave and dont even say where you were going! You make me run all the way to Route 1 to cover my eyes and show me a stupid spot at the stupid river!

God, I hate you SO MUCH! she yelled, not looking at him. She slowly turned to face him. And when she did, she regretted ever even talking. He was begining to cry. Ash only cried once before, and that was when Pikachu almost died. She must have hurt him bad. REAL bad. He began to talk. "We'll.

If that's what...ya..you...tha...tha..think...then...I'll...just...leave..you alone forever." he stuttered.

He fell to the ground sobbing. "Ash, I'm SO sorry. I didn't mean any of that." "Yes you did. Stop lying to me. And to think, I brounght you here to say..." he trailed off. "To say what?" Misty inquired.

"It doesn't matter. It was a waste. Me letting to Brock stop me a month ago was a waste." "What did he stop?" Ash stopped crying. "He stopped me from killing myself." Misty gasped. "He told me that I had so much to live for. I had told him a secret a day before. He reminded me of what I told him. How much someone special meant to me." Instead of freaking out, she replied, "Ash...PLEASE, never do that again.

Promise me." "No." "Why Ash. Why not?" "Because. I dont have anything to live for." "But..."

"Goodbye, Misty." He reached into his pocket. He pulled out a small box. "This was for you"

She took it from him. She opened it and looked what was inside. A gold necklace with an opened pokeball at the end. In the little pokeball, Misty could see a small Tentacruel, also gold like the pokeball. The pokeball also had a small sapphire on it, shaped as a teardrop. "Ash...Its Beautiful." He smiled. "Bye." He walked to the edge of the river.

Misty then realizes, they are at the place where they met. She runs over to Ash. "What are you doing"

"Leaving," he replies. He gets ready to jump. If he went in, Misty might not even be able to save him. It was pretty deep. "Ash. Please. Don't." "Give me one reason not to." "If you do, I will follow you in." "Why would you kill yourself?" he asked, straightening up. "I have nothing to live for if you die."

Ash was shocked. She would kill herself if he died?! "Ash...I may not act like it but, seeing as we are both gonna die now, I think you should know. I love you. Ever since we battled for the Cascade badge"

Ash gasped. "But...I was gonna tell you the same thing." he said. Misty was shocked. He said he had nothing to live for. He had nothing to live for if she hated him? "Oh Ash!" she cried. She hugged him very tightly. He hugged back. "Misty." "Yeah Ash?" she looked up at him. She immediatly was kissed passionatly on the lips. She melted into it and kissed back. After a few minutes, they stopped to catch their breath. The turned to hear people yell, "That SLUT!" Six girls marched out of the bushes. Two had bats, two had knives, and two had bike chains. It was May, Dawn, Melody, Duplica, Casey, and Anabel.

They looked mad. Ash stepped in front of Misty. "What the HELL are you DOING?!" He yelled.

Dawn and May stepped forward, bats in hands. May screeched, "That loser stole you from us." Ash and Misty saw Dupica take out rope. "So now, we kill her." Dawn said.

Ash spoke up. "I won't let you." Oh, you wont?" Anabel said. "Well guess what. After we kill this little runt, were gonna tie you up, naked, and one by one, we are gonna fu-" Melody started but was cut off by Ash. "You'll never kil her though." "Oh yeah?" "YEAH! You know WHY? BECAUSE I LOVE HER!


Gary, Ritchie, and Tracey stepped out of the trees. All with guns. "Guys...why"

Tracey and Ritchie winked at him. Gary said,"Because, you are the only thing stopping me from being a Master." Tracey noticed him raise his shotgun. He shot him in the back. "NO!" he yelled.

May turned. "WHAT THE?" Ritchie dropped his gun, as did Tracey. He also threw Gary's in the water.

Only mine had a bullet out of me and Ritchie. You CANT KILL HER!" "Why not?" Casey sneered.

"Because our friend loves her." Misty appeared behind Duplica. She grabbed the rope and tied her to a tree. Duplica screamed. Everyone looked to Misty. Anabel ran over, swinging her bike chain. Misty dodged it and grabbed it from her...

A second later, Anabel was on the ground, knocked out. Misty ran throught the other girls, knocking each one out. Only May was left. Misty removed the girl. She then proceded to smash her head in with the bat. Ash picked Misty up and together they ran back to Pallet wit Tracey and Ritchie.

"Thanks." all four said at once. "Bye," Ritchie and Tracey said.

Later that night...

"Are you sure about this Misty?" "More than anything in the world." Ash gently took off her shirt. Mrs. Ketchum had gone to her friends house and fell asleep there. They were in Ash's bed. Misty grabbed his shirt and ripped it off him. She gazed at the amazingly buff bod he had. 'Even a six-pack,' she thought. Ash unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, into the forming pile of discarded clothes. He gently sucked on her nipple.

She moaned. She felt his pants bulge out. She reached down and stroked his dick throught his pants.

That caused him to moan. She gently unzipped his pants. He stopped teasing her breasts, and went to remove her pants. In a moment, both were pantless. Misty slid down, right under his boxers, she slipped them off, and tossed them aside. She gasped at the size of his dick. It had to be a full ten inches! She bent her head up and began to gently suck the tip. She got a long moan and began to take more and more into her mouth.

She felt him shudder everytime he reached the tip as he moaned over and over. She felt her wetness down below.

She stopped the blowjob and began to remove her panties. He moved her up so that they were face to face.

He reached down and slid the cotton white panties down her legs. They joined the clump of clothes on the floor.

She kissed him fiercly. After a moment the broke the kiss. He got ready to enter her. He looked at her and she nodded.

He slowly moved inside. He paused at her barrier. In one thrust, it broke. Misty felt pain and screamed.

She grabbed his mouth and kissed him to stiffle the scream. He looked concerned but she moaned. Her pain soon thrned to pleasure. He began to thrust, harder and faster. Then, he put the whole thing in her! She was ready to climax. She came, all over his inserted dick. They both moaned. She said, "Oh...Ash. Faster. Harder"

He obeyed. After a minute, he slowed. She could tell he was gonna cum. She pulled him out and pushed him in a little bit. He came, jet after jet of hot cum. Misty moaned. She loved it. She slowly slid down, getting cum all over her. She began to suck hard on his throbbing dick. More blasts of hot cum came out and she swallowed them all. She then flipped him over on his back. She turned around and slid his dick right into her tight ass. He came in there too. Soon, they both laid there tired out. "I love you Mist." "I love you too."

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The next day, May, Drew, Harley, and Samantha passed through the preliminary round. May and Harley were in the same half, and Drew and Samantha were in the same half. Afterwards, it was to the Top 4 Coordinators. May vs. Harley and Drew vs. Samantha were the results. May was scared to death. She still remembered last night, and that he would get her. May wondered if that meant today. She went out. The rules were a double battle and you have 15 minutes to lower your opponent’s score. Whoever has the lower score, or whoever’s score reaches 0 first loses. Harley chooses Cacturne and Ariados. May chooses Blaziken and Snorlax. Drew is cheering her on from the crowd. May has her spirit lifted up. She tells her Blaziken to use Blaze Kick and her Snorlax to use Rollout. Harley counters Blaze Kick with Spider Web, but rollout breaks through and Blaze Kick scores a direct hit on Cacturne, while Rollout flattens Ariados, costing Harley major points. Harley then says for Cacturne to use Dynamicpunch on Snorlax. Snorlax dodges perfectly, and Harley’s points go down again. May orders Blaze Kick and rollout again, dropping Harley’s points to 0. Drew and Samantha’s match is next, and Drew manages to barely win. Then, it’s the final match; Drew vs. May. Drew sends out Flygon and his new pokemon Skarmory. May sends out Blaziken and Blastoise. May orders Hydro Pump and Mega Kick. Mega Kick misses, but Hydro Pump makes direct contact with Flygon. May then orders and Ice Beam from Blastoise. Flygon tries to dodge, but Ice Beam is too fast and hits one of Flygon’s wings, causing it to crash. Drew then orders a Dragonbreath from Flygon, which melts the ice. May then says, "That’s it." May then orders a Blaze Kick, while telling Blastoise to launch Blaziken with Hydro Pump. Blastoise and Blaziken do the attack, knocking out Skarmory with that extra power Blaze Kick. May then orders the reverse combo, which knocks out Flygon, making may the winner of the Grand Festival.

Afterwards, May is happy, but still scared. Drew visits her condo, saying what a good job she did. She then musters up the courage to tell him what happened. Drew is shocked, and then tells May the 3 words she wanted to hear from him. "I love you." May replies with the same answer. Drew then gives May a sly grin, and forces her onto the bed. He rips her shirt off, . She starts to blush and giggle, excited about what was going to happen. may grabbed his shirt and ripped it off him She gazed at the amazingly buff bod he had. 'Even a six-pack,' she thought. drew unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, into the forming pile of discarded clothes. He gently sucked on her nipple.

She moaned. She felt his pants bulge out. She reached down and stroked his member throught his pants.

That caused him to moan. She gently unzipped his pants. He stopped teasing her breasts, and went to remove her pants. In a moment, both were pantless. May slid down, right under his boxers, she slipped them off, asnd tossed them aside. She gasped at the size of his member. It had to be a full nine inches! She bent her head up and began to gently suck the tip. She got a long moan and began to take more and more into her mouth.

She felt him shudder everytime he reached the tip as he moaned over and over. She felt her wetness down below.

She stopped the blowjob and began to remove her panties. He moved her up so that they were face to face.

He reached down and slid the cotton white panties down her legs. They joined the clump of clothes on the floor.

She kissed him fiercly. After a moment the broke the kiss. He got ready to enter her. He looked at her and she nodded.

He slowly moved inside. He paused at her barrier. In one thrust, it broke. may felt pain and screamed.

She grabbed his mouth and kissed him to stiffle the scream. He looked concerned but she moaned. Her pain soon thrned to pleasure. He began to thrust, harder and faster. Then, he put the whole thing in her! She was ready to climax. She came, all over his inserted member. They both moaned. She said, "Oh...Drew. Faster. Harder"

He obeyed. After a minute, he slowed. She could tell he was gonna cum. She pulled him out and pushed him in a little bit. He came, jet after jet of hot cum. May moaned. She loved it. She slowly slid down, getting cum all over her. She began to suck hard on his throbbing member. More blasts of hot cum came out and she swallowed them all. She then flipped him over on his back. She turned around and slid his dick right into her tight ass. He came in there too. Soon, they both laid there tired out. "I love you May." "I love you too."


'Midnight in the Garden of Paradise'

The digidestined finally found their way back to Gennai's house, and as usual, had to go through the same proccess of walking down the long stairways underneath the lake, etc.

Gennai was once again trying to find 'me-time' to himself, he was sitting at his table in the middle of his house, happily enjoying a game of Rockem' Sockem Robots with a small yuramon. (who was severely dishing out cans of whoop-ass to the old man.)

"Darn it! That's the fiftieth time you've knocked my block off!" Gennai complained, "Yura! Yura!" the baby digimon replied, "No, I did not try to cheat!" the old man argued back, the little black cream-puff just looked at him with it's yellow eyes, "Ok ok! I tried cheating!" the old man said, finally giving up.


As before, the old man jump up at the sound of his name being screamed out behind him. He landed on his back, looking up to see the human faces of Gato and Pata standing over him. "You two again?" he asked, "What is it this time?" Pata narrowed her eyes at the old man, "Just be glad I don't clobber you for making me a girl and not a boy!" she snarled, the old man sat himself up, rubbing his head. Behind him, the rest of the children and their digimon stood. "Umm...make yourselves at home!" Gennai said, sweatdropping.

"We've come here to find out how your research was going, Gennai." Izzy said as the little Yuramon from before was somehow pouring tea into his cup, "It seems kinda weird, having digimon being turned into humans." Tai said, "Yeah, how did you find out how to do it?" Matt asked, Gennai smiled, "It's a very good thing you asked me that, I happen to have the information you seek right here!" he said as the giant screen on his wall popped up, "You see, it all was fairly simple in mapping the code of the DNA of a digimon's blah blah matrix blah blah blah sample, blah blah blah blah..." was all that most of the kids and digimon besides Izzy and Tentomon could hear, "Really? How prodigious!" Koushiro exclaimed, "Yes, I agree." Tentomon said, soon the other children and digimon were almost asleep. Tai and Agumon were snoring by the time the explanation was over.

"TAICHI!" Kari shouted to her brother, "Wha?! I didn't cum on you Matt!!!" Tai shouted, half asleep. Everyone in the room just looked at him bug-eyed, especially Matt.(Even Gennai opened his eyes for that one!) "...What?" Tai asked, everyone just fell over. (in perfect anime fashion _v)

Gennai decided it would be best if the group stayed there for the night. Later after everyone had fallen asleep, Tai was still awake, he was outside in the garden, sitting cross legged and whatching the fish as they passed by. "I have never embarrassed myself in all my life." he thought, "Well, at least in the last..." he stopped to count his fingers, "...three days." he lowered his head and sighed, "Why do I always gotta make a fool outta myself?" he asked out loud.

Sora watched him silently from the entrance of the house, she had seen him walk out here and was worried if something was wrong. She watched as their big-haired leader sat in the garden, letting the time pass by in the light of the midnight moon. She always thought about him, wondering sometimes if he was even interested in her or not. Moving silently down the steps of the house, she slowly crept through the garden to where Tai was.

"Tai?" she whispered, the boy instantly recognized the voice of his friend. "You shouldn't be out here so late." she said softly, "You should come back inside." "I'd probably end up making an idiot out of myself again." Tai sighed, "That seems to be the only thing I'm ever good at...being an idiot and making stupid choices." Sora sat down beside him, "No you're not," she said, "You're our leader. You've been there for us when it counted, you've even saved me." she edged closer to him, "When it all boils down to it, you're the person that our group needs the most." she moved her head away from him a little bit, "And...I need you too." Tai raised his head, shifting his eyes towards her. "You mean...you like me?" he asked, Sora shook her head, "No Tai. Not like...love." she looked at him, "I love you, Taichi Kamiya." Tai just looked at her, his eyes a bit more wide.

"I...I know that you wouldn't neccissarily love me the same way though." she said, Tai suddenly placed his hand over hers, "No, you've got it all wrong." he said, looking into her eyes, "Sora, I do love you." he said with a small smile, "Even after what you said earlier?" Sora asked, Tai looked at her, "Now you KNOW I didn't really mean that." he said, "ESPECIALLY with Matt." Sora giggled, "Then I guess you think Izzy might be a bit cuter?" she said, chuckling. Tai smirked at the comment, "You're terrible." he said. Sora ran her fingers against his, wrapping their hands together, "Tai, there's been something I want to ask you." she said, "What?" Tai asked, "...I want to make love with you." Sora responded, Tai just sat there, "I know you're the one I want to love, Tai. I wouldn't want to be with anyone else ever." she said, edging closer to him, "I wouldn't to be with anyone else either." Tai said. The two of them moved in, pressing their mouths together in a kiss.

The two of them sat there, their tongues moving around against each other. Sora could feel her body heat begin to rise, a million things going through her mind, but only one thing was for certain. She loved him. She moved back a little, pressing her back to the soft grass of the garden as Tai's body moved on top of her, their tongues still locked in combat. Tai's hand moved down her body, carressing her with his hands as he ran them up and down her entire frame. His hands came up to her head and moved her helmet from off of her, letting it roll to the ground. She ran her fingers through his wild hair, removing his goggles and setting them on the ground next to her helmet. "Are you sure we should do this?" Tai asked her, breaking their kiss, "Yes Tai, I'm ready for it." Sora breathed, she looked into his brown eyes, the twinkling of the stars in the night sky shone through the water above the two of them.

Taichi felt Soras hands run across his back, pulling his shirt over his head and feeling his soft, smooth skin. He followed likewise and slowly pulled Sora's shirt from off of her, she shivered slightly as a chill from the midnight air ran across her body. Tai countered this by pressing his body against hers, kissing along her neck. She moaned softly as she felt the warmth of his body against hers, his mouth passionately kissing down her body, making it's way to her chest. Tai moved his hands to her back, removing her bra. Sora brought her arms down to Tai's pants, slowly sliding them from his legs, leaving him only in his underwear. (which was now stretched by his hard-on.) Another moan escaped from her lips as Tai began to lick his tongue along her breasts, sucking on her young, pink nipple.

Slipping his hands to her buttocks, Tai moved her jeans down her legs, exposing her moistened panties. Sora ran her hand down Tai's body, reaching underneath his underwear and taking his stiff member in her hand. Tai groaned as she gently stroked his hard shaft in her grip, using her other hand to lovingly massage his balls. Taichi returned the favor by placing his hand in between her legs, rubbing at her womanhood. Hearing her moans, Tai slipped one of his fingers into her, a wetness engulfed his digit as he gently placed it in. Loving the feeling of Tai's finger moving inside of her, Sora quickened the pace at which she was stroking Tai's stiff member, making him groan once more. Her breathing became faster as she felt his finger move in and out of her at a more faster rate, his mouth still engulfing her breast, flicking at her nipple with his tongue. Soon her wetness began to drip from her underwear, soaking the ground that she lay on. "Tai..." she whispered, "What is it Sora?" Tai asked, half moaning from the feeling of Sora's hand engulfing his prick, "I want it now..." she said, "I want to feel you inside me." she said, "So do I." Tai responded.

Tai removed his finger from Sora's hole, making her gasp as he brought his hand from between her legs. "You taste good." Tai said with a smile as he placed the finger in his mouth, "There's more where that came from." Sora said, pulling Tai's underwear down his legs, exposing his rigid penis to her. She took off her own panties as well, letting the aroma of her wet temple reach Tai's nose, pushing his sex drive even further as his cock extended to its full capacity. Tai moved back on top of Sora, letting his manhood slide into her awaiting vagina, both of them moaned out loud as they felt the sensation of themselves joining as one. A sharp pain within her let Sora know that her hymen was now broken, taking her virginity and innocence with it. She winced slightly from the pain, "Does it hurt?" Tai asked, "A...a little...but please don't stop Tai." she said, wrapping her arms around her lover, "Don't stop at all." she whispered into his ear, "I promise I won't." Tai said, holding her as well. He pressed his member further into her wetness, causing her to whimper lightly. Tai began to pump his member into her more and more, repeating his pace over and over again.

Sora pressed her lips against his once more, kissing him passionately as she felt his hard cock press further down into her. Tai groaned at the feeling of Sora's wetness enveloping his shaft, he could feel himself drawing nearer and nearer to orgasm. He had matsurbated several times before, but they weren't the same as how he felt this one. "Sora..." he whispered, groaning from the build-up of his climax, "I'm going to come." "Then do it, Tai." Sora said, tightening her arms around him, "Do it inside of me." Tai gave one more thrust before his entire body shook, his hips quaked as his load was shot into Sora, round after round. Sora moaned as her own orgasm finally took effect, rocking her body as her vagina tightened around Tai's member and her wetness spilled out. For what seemed like forever, they both lay there. The moonlight shining above them above the shimmering water.

Morning soon came, and the children and their digimon drowsily opened their eyes. "Huh?" Biyomon said, noticing Sora wasn't laying next to her as she normally would, "Where's Sora?" she asked, Agumon woke up and also noticed that Tai wasn't next to him. "He's gone too!" he exclaimed, Pata rushed out of the house to see where they had gone, looking towards the garden, she saw another sleeping bag. Both Tai and Sora were in it, sleeping peacfully next to each other and smiling. Pata walked back into the house, grinning lightly. "Did you find them?" TK asked, Pata just nodded her head, "I don't think they want to be woken up just about yet though." she said.

A moment alone

The digidestinds declared war with the emperor forces. By the time they build a base. Tai had already a 20 times more stronger army. However, they never gave up hope. T.K. took the role has a leader. Davis became jealous but he still wasn’t over the loss of Tai, Sora and Matt. In Tai’s invisible base, Tai and Sora have some ‘fun’. They kissing each other passional. Tai stroke her hair while Sora pushed him closer. Receiving a groan from Tai as a reward. Their digimon sat by the radar. Biyomon her head lay on Agumon’s shoulder and Agumon leaned back on her head. Biyomon had her eyes closed. Tai grabbed Sora’s ass making her shiver over her body. “Tai…” She moaned. Tai smiled. Sora laid down on one of the sofa’s still kissing Tai. Tai lay on top of her. Sora removed Tai shirt. Sore felt his strong muscles. However they still didn’t broke the kiss. Tai removed Sora’s shirt and bra, throwing it in the corner of the cave. They both broke the kiss graphing for air. Tai laid one hand on her left breast and started to massage it. Receiving a moan as gift. He lowered himself to the right breast and sucks her harden nipple. His tong warped around the nipple like a lightning switch. Tai switched his hand and head. After 3 minutes He pulled down her jeans. He could easily see that she wet her panties. Tai kissed her again. Sora unbottemd his pants and pulled it off. His manhood was pressing against his underwear. Tai kissed Sora again very deep. In the meantime his and traveled up and down from her stomach to her panties. Then his hand moved under the last piece of cloth she wares. Sora moaned his name in pleasure. Tai really came turned on by this. Agumon and Biyomon have fallen asleep in the chair in front of the radar. Tai insert one finger in her love cannel. Then he insert a second finger. Sora reached her orgasm and screamed his name. She panted heavily. She still haves the strength to pull Tai’s underwear of. His manhood stands straight in air right before her eyes. “It’s bigger than I thought.” Sora said when she grabbed it. She then licked the top of his manhood make him groan in pleasure. She took his entire shaft in her mouth traveling her tong around his shaft. Tai never imagined that the girl he loved give him a blowjob. With her free hand she massages his balls. He reached his orgasm a few minutes later. He was graphing for air.

“Take your time.” Sora said. “The real fun just have started.” She laid down again and spread her legs. Tai had a nice view of her body. She reached between her legs spreading her lips. “Come on.” Sora said. “It’s rude to let a lady wait.” Tai smiled at her and hold his manhood against her spreaded lips. He slowly went inside her. Sora felt a good feeling but she knew this all will cause pain. Then just when she suspects it she felt the pain. Her hymen are broken and she lost her virginity. Tai looked at her pained expression. “You’re alright?” He asked.

“Yea, I’m fine.” She said. “It’s normal for the first time. You should pay more attention in health class.”

“I’ll do that.” Tai said. He returned a little and trusts back in her. Making her moan. He trusted even more and faster. Looking for the perfect peace. Sora stopped him. She turned so Sora was on top of him. She sits straight up on his manhood in her. She jumped up and down. Agumon slowly wakes up and hear them both moan. He looks behind him and sees Sora naked jumping up and down on something he could not see. He returned his attention back to Biyomon who was still sleeping well. Agumon also felt asleep again.

Sora could feel her second orgasm coming closer. She screamed his name in pleasure. Tai also reached his and filled Sora with his seeds of life. Sora was completely tired, but her body wanted more. She was so close to her orgasm and continues to jump on Tai’s manhood. She also reached her orgasm. She got of Tai. Kissing him once again. “You were great.” Tai said.

“Thanks Tai.” Sora said panting. “I need a shower. Where is the shower?”

“Right over there.” Tai pointed to a small room in the cave. 20 minutes late she had done showering and put her clothes back on. Tai also took a shower. I takes him longer with all that hair of his. Then he also jumped back in his clothes. It was now 11.37 PM. Tai got in his bed and Sora nuzzled close to him. “Sweet dreams, my love” Tai said.

“You too, sweetheart.” Sora said before she felt asleep in Tai’s arms. Tai felt asleep also. Agumon and Biyomon still sleeping in the chairs at the radar. And the entire base looked dead. The only noise that was heard was of the psychic beacon, the defenses that turns to scan the other side of the horizon and the cloaking device. For the rest the base is dead silence.


The Sincerity Of Friendship

scene: Matt's place

Matt is sitting on a sofa readig a magazine ...

"Nock, nock!"

Matt():"Mimi is here!"( when this "()" appears it means the person is thinking)

Matt gets up quickly amd runs behind the coutch, he picks up a pile of playboys and runs to his room, then comes back and shoves all the dirty plates in the kitchen table into the dish washer and closes it. "nock, nock!" second nock.

Matt puts a cople of puffy cushins on the coutch and runs like crazy to open the door but trips to a heavy bible and falls on his shoulder.

Matt:"Stupid bible!"

He grabs the bible and throws it out the window...you hear a car crash.."neeeeaaaaa...CRASH!"

you hear a cat "wreeeaaaww!"

Matt finally opens the door ...

behind the door there is this beautiful teenage women with pink glittery hair and big brown eyes.

Matt was amazed by her beuty even though it was about the hundredth time he has seen her...


Mimi:"Hi Matt!"


Mimi:" Can i come in?"

Matt:"Hu...oh...yea! Sit down."

Mimi sat down and Matt was rubing his shoulder...

Matt:" So how's...school?"

Mimi:"Pretty good, I learned to do a full split in my gymnasium class!"

Matt():"Whoa! Mimi douing a full split!"Matt's dick grew.

Mimi:" N u ?"

Matt:" Not bad."He kept rubbing his shoulder.

Mimi:"What's wrong with your shoulder?"

Matt:"It hurts a little." Mimi spreads her legs a little on the coutch and tells Matt to sit between them.

Mimi:"Well come here and let me help."

Matt:" Hu...OK!" Matt sits between Mimi's legs and Mimi starts masaging his shoulders but especially the wounded one.

Mimi slowly rubs Matt's shoulders while whisperin on his ear.

Mimi:"So... how's T.K...:"

Matt:"He still lives with mom and Kari is his girlfriend, of cource T.K. doasn't know about it.

Mimi:" I always knew those two liked eachother.Kari si a very sweet girl."

Matt:" Not as sweet as you."

Mimi:"..." A pause between the two.

Matt():"Ho shit! now what is she gonna do?"

Mimi grabed Matt's head with her left hand and turned it her way, she took a look at Matt's lips and softly kissed him.

Matt:" M...m...mimi..?" Matt was about to move but Mimi squished his shoulder softly.

Matt:" aaaaahh."

Mimi:"You move I'll hurt you..."

Mimi stood up and went infront of Matt.

Mimi:" Matt... i want to make love to you with the friendship and love that i feel for you."

Matt:" Mimi i desire you with all my heart but i love you only as a deep friend."

Mimi:"Then let' make something of it."

Mimi slowly unziped matts pants and rubbing him, mimi reached into matt's pants and wipped out a 8 1/2 inch cock already hard.

Mimi():" He is bigger than i thought."

Mimi gave it a couple of licks and tried to suck it all but couldn't.

Matt:" what's wrong?" Mimi:"You'r too big." ( Mimi has a small mouth)

Mimi takes a condom from her skirt pocket, opens it and puts it on matt.

Matt:" That's allright, it's your turn now."

Matt put his hands on mimi's shoulders and stood her up, matt unbuttoned her blouse revealing 36d breasts in a exotic pink bra, mimi took her bra off revealing huge hooters with hard poiny pink nipples.

Matt():" Whoa!"

Then mimi slid her skirt and panties off at the same time showing her nice harry bush and nice tender butt.

Mimi got on the coutch with her knees and started to lick mimi's nipples soft and smooth leaving a moitured and warm feeling on her whole body.

Mimy wnt down little by little on Matt's dick each time she went down an inch her body shivered with plesure.

Matt was in another world, he has never penetraded a vajina so warm and tight as this one,

Mimi just kept going down little by little.

Mimi():"when is it gonna stop, it keeps getting deeper and deeper."

Matt:"Please mimi don't torture me like this, go a little faster."

Finally mimi felt some hairs ticklig her ass.

Mimi():"God, i can't go any deeper."

Matt:()" God, i can't stand it any more."

then they both started to hump , slowly in a hump per second rate.

Mimi:" Mmmmm...mmmm...mmmm"

Matt:" Hoo...ooooo...oo."

every minute harder and faster they went.

The phone rings ceveral times, "ring, ring...ring,ring..."

Answering machine:"Hi, you have reached...Matt's place, I can't answer the phone probably becauce I'm getting some, If you are a hot chick in my nailing list press one and leave a message, If you are a hot chick and you are not yet in my list press two and leave a message,

If you are non of those, hang up and don't call again...beeep!"

Tai is on the other line!

Tai:"Matt, i kow you are there."

While Tai is speaking to the machine there are this strange sounds in the background.

Matt abd Mimi:"Ahaaaa...Nngh...Ahaaaaa"

Tai:" Matt this is important, MATT!"

Mimi and Matt are covered in sweat mimi is jumping on Matt as hard and fast as she can while Matt is thrusting his best humps ever into mimi's wet and tender pussy.


Matt shot his hot cum into the condom making it feel extra warm inside mimi and that just drove her wild.

Mimi could feel the warmth and she went into a concentrated climax, she was in undescribable plesure, Mimi's scrames were loud but those of plesure and hapiness as she came.

Tai:" Answer matt!"


Tai:" Matt, this is Tai." Matt:" Hi Tai!"

Tai:" Matt ther is going to be an eclipse over japan in about 15 minutes, we are meeting everybody at the center plaza in ten minutes "

Matt:"Wow, we can finally be able to go back to the digital world...and see..gabmon!"

Matt:" And Mimi is here too! I'll tell her about it and meet you guys overthere."

Tai:"Ok, see ya !

8:22 PM

Mimi walks into her apartment. It's still not quite set up yet. She

only just moved back to Japan.

She walks into her room. Mimi is startled to find Matt sitting on her bed.

"Hi," He says quietly.

"H-Hi.." She replies. "What're you doing here?"

"I have no idea," Matt avoids her eyes.

Mimi sits down beside him. She's now seriously worried.

"Maybe you like me." Mimi smiles playfully.

"Maybe. It's possible." Matt looks down.

"Just so you know, I like you." Mimi forces the words out of her mouth.

Matt whips his head around. "Really?" He pauses. "I mean, 'oh'."

He turns back, his face now a bright shade of crimson.

Mimi gets up, wlks across the room, and shuts the door. She locks it.

She sits back down, now real close to Matt.

"Uh..." He says uncomfortably.

Mimi's hand crawls onto his leg.

He looks at it. Then, he suddenly grabs her and kisses her.

She feels his tongue moving around in her mouth and begins to feel aroused.

Mimi rolls on top of him, and his hard dick rubs against her leg.

Matt undoes his pants as not to rip his underwear. Mimi unzips and pulls down

her panties to reveal a soaking pussy. She jerks Matt off for a few seconds

while stroking herself. Matt pulls her hands aside, and pushed her head into

his croch. His eyes close, and he sighs.

Mimi moves her head up and down while moving her tongue around his dick. She

Then takes a quick breath and lets it slide down her throat. Up and down.

Matt cluches the bedsheets. He moans to let Mimi know he's coming.

She is ready, and swallows the semen with a satisfied, "Mmmm".

Mimi breathes deeply. They switch places, and Matt takes his place with

his head between her legs.

"Tasty," Matt says, licking up the fluids leeking from Mimi's pussy.

"Don't talk, eat." Mimi orders.

He obeys, and continues licking her clit and sticking his tongue in her


Mimi lies back, and squirms as she approaches climax.

She moans as she comes. Matt wipes his face with his shirt.

Mimi lies on the bed, panting.

Matt pulled Mimi by her legs so that her cunt dripps juice off the bed. He kneels

and thrust his cock into her pussy. Her eyes bulge, and a small trickle of blood

rolls down to the floor.

They remain in the same position for a second, then Matt begins thrusting. Mimi

moans as she is pushed back and forth. Matt grabs her tit with one hand and the other

squeezes her butt. He massages her breast.

Mimi now moans louder, and Matt's thrusts come faster now. The bed creaks.

Matt pulls out as fast as possible, and comes all over Mimi's stomache.

He sticks it right back in, ready for more. He grabs Mimi by the midsection and

then lifts her. He turns around, and presses her against a wall. He pumps harder

than ever. He continuously thrusts and pumps, not stopping, until Mimi comes- twice.

After nearly three minutes of this, Matt, tired now, turns back around, drops her on

the bed, and comes all over her. He falls down on top of Mimi, spent.

They both pant a while, until they both fall asleep.


Candy Perfume Girl

Author’s notes: This is Part 4 of the Ray of Light series. The pairing here is TK and Kari from Season 2, before they’re all grown up.

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon. End of story. Now on to the story.

This story starts off with TK looking out of the window. He was thinking about Kari. Lately, she had been avoiding him lately. He wondered if she was seeing Davis, but he thought otherwise, seeing as she said herself time and time again that she’d rather burn in hell than to go out with him.

Also, the high school prom was coming up, and yet he still had no date. Neither did Kari, he knew. I guess he should call her, but something always stopped him.

Then the phone rang, and he snapped back into reality. He picked up the phone and it was Tai.

“Tai. What’s up?”

“Kari’s pretty pissed. Do you know why?”

“Sorry, but I don’t know.”

“I thought so. It’s because she wants to know why Davis constantly asks her to your school prom and why nothing has come from you.”

“Well, why has she been avoiding me?”

Tai laughed.

“I see. She’s been trying to avoid Davis. She really wants to go with you, but she wants you to ask.”

“Well…maybe I can ask now?”

“She isn’t here. She left for your house in a huff.”

“Doesn’t sound good.”

“You damn skippy, TK. When Kari gets mad, everything turns to hell.”

TK then heard loud banging on the door.

“She’s here. I’ve gotta go Tai.”

“Good luck, TK.”


TK hung up the receiver and began to go to the front door.”

“Takeru Takaishi, you bastard, open this door!” Kari shouted from the hallway.

TK opened the door and got slapped immediately afterwards.

“What the…?”

“Why haven’t you asked me to the prom yet?”


“I’ve been avoiding Davis, so you can ask me. What’s up?”

“I’m sorry, but I thought you were avoiding me.”

Kari’s frown turned into a half-smile, and then she kissed TK on the cheek.

“Why don’t you ask me now?”

“Would you like to go with me to the prom?”

“Sure, TK.”

Their faces got closer for a long kiss. After a while, Kari broke the kiss and left TK’s apartment.

The next morning, TK spent all morning, picking a perfect corsage, and a great tuxedo with a cane and cape.

“I look so good,” he said to himself. He looked at his watch and it was almost the time that Kari told him to meet her. As he left the apartment, he stared at the limousine that Matt rented for him.

Thanks, Matt, he thought.

He entered the limo and told the chauffeur to go to the Kamiya residence. They arrived in 10 minutes. TK went to Kari’s apartment and knocked on the door. Tai opened the door.

“Takeru! You look sharp!”

TK blushed.

“Kari! TK’s here!”

Kari appeared from her room in a sparkling pink dress. She was quite stunning in TK’s eyes.

“You look good, TK.”

“So do you, Kari. I got this corsage for you.”

He took out a corsage with a jewel in the middle and pinned it on her.

“Shall we go?”

“Yes, Takeru.”

“Close your eyes first.”

She did as she was told. They said their good-byes to the family and TK guided her outside.

“Open your eyes.”

Kari opened up her eyes and stared excitingly at the limo.

“TK! A limo!”

“Yup. I figured we should go there in style.”

Kari got into the limo first and then TK. The chauffeur, named Ryuji, called to TK.

“To the prom, Mister Takeru?”

“No,” said Kari. “Let’s go to the park instead.”

“But what about the prom.”

“I’ll show you why I wanted you to come early.”

TK shrugged. “To the park near here, Ryuji.”

Ryuji drove them to the park near the Kamiya residence.

“Make him leave,” Kari whispered to TK pointing to Ryuji.

“Ryuji, can you go for a break? I’ll call you when we’re ready to leave.”

“Yes, Mister Takeru.”

After he left, Kari turned to TK.

“Great, now we’re all alone.”

“Yup. Kari?”

“Yeah, TK?”

“Have you had sex with Davis?”

“Hell no. I told you, I would rather burn in hell.”

TK laughed. “I remember that.”

“You wanna have sex with me, don’t you?”


“You’re good, Takeru. That’s exactly why I told you to come pick me up early.”

“I see.”

“That’s why I wore this special perfume that Mimi sent me.”

TK bent closer to sniff her neck. The perfume smelled of fresh bubble gum.

“It smells good, Hikari. And it fits you perfectly.”

“Thank you.”

Kari then began to undo her dress and pull it down from her shoulders and she undid her bra. Kari’s breasts were right in front of TK’s face.

“Whoa,” said TK.

“You like,” Kari asked.

TK could do nothing but rub on her tits gently.

“You know, Takeru, you look sexy in that tuxedo.”

“Thanks. I picked it out myself.”

As TK was rubbing on her tits, Kari began to run her hand around TK’s thigh, to where his penis was. She felt it get harder with her gentle strokes.

“You, ready, TK?”

“Only if you are.”

TK began to slip Kari’s dress off her, and Kari began to undo TK’s tuxedo. Kari eventually was in nothing but her panties and TK in his boxers.

Then TK bent closer to Kari in a long and passionate kiss. Kari then snaked her hand in TK’s underwear and grabbed his dick and started to rub it up and down, and TK rubbed her breasts, making them both groan. Kari then began to break the kiss and began to go downtown on TK. She licked his member up and down.

“Oh, Hikari,” TK groaned.

Then Kari began to take TK’s dick in her mouth and began to suck slowly, building up the pleasure. TK began to rub Kari around her neck and back.

“Oh, Hikari, faster.”

Kari did as she was told going up and down faster, giving him even more pleasure. TK groaned even louder and shouted out Kari’s name once more. Kari began to go even faster until TK shot his seed into her mouth. Kari had no trouble swallowing every bit of it. TK began to take his dick out of her mouth and laid her on her back on the seat. TK began to pull down her panties and take in the sight of Kari’s glorious pussy. Then he began to go lick her cunt with his tongue. Kari moaned and groaned out TK’s name every chance she could. He did this to get her pussy nice and wet before he went inside of her.

TK took his tongue out of her pussy and said “You taste good, Hikari.”

Kari laughed. “Takeru.”

Then TK began to grind his dick at the opening of Kari’s pussy hole. She moaned as TK began to push his dick into Kari’s cunt. Then after a few seconds, TK began to thrust slowly, in and out, giving Kari her awaiting pleasure.

“Takeru, this feels so good,” Kari moaned.

“If you feel good, then I feel good too,” TK said. “But it’s gonna get even better.

Then TK began to thrust in and out of Kari’s cunt. Kari groaned while TK grunted with each thrust.

“Oh, TK,” Kari moaned after each thrust. “I love you, TK…”

Then TK went faster in her pussy, until he shot cum inside of her pussy. The feeling of his liquid in her led to an orgasm of her own. After both had orgasmed, TK withdrew from Kari.

“That felt wonderful,” said TK. “I’ve been wanting that for some time.”

“I thought you would like it,” said Kari. “But how do we clean up?”

“There’s a pond nearby. We can take a bath in the pond.”


They both got out of the limousine butt naked without Ryuji knowing. Kari bathed TK from head to toe, and TK did the same for Kari. Then they put on their clothes and returned to Ryuji.

“Okay, Ryuji. To the prom,” announced TK.

“Yes, Master Takeru.”

TK and Kari got into the back of the limo, while Ryuji got in front and started the car. Then off they went, with TK and Kari holding each other close. TK sniffed Kari’s neck once more.

“Mmmm…the perfume didn’t wear off.”

“It needs soap to wear off.”

“I see.”

Then he kissed her.

“I love you, Hikari.”

“And I love you, Takeru.”

Ryuji heard everything.

How sweet, he thought. But I wonder why the windows are all fogged up. What were they doing?

He shrugged it off and concentrated on the road as he made his way to the high school prom.



Normal. To be the same as everyone else. It's been a long time since

I've felt like a normal girl. And with the way my life is, I may never feel like that.

I'm Yagami Hikari and I'm twelve-years-old and attend sixth grade

at Odaiba Elementary. That sounds normal, right? However, thanks

to the time I've spent in the Digital World, I'm closer to thirteen

and have had more life experiences than most twenty-year-olds. I've

hated someone enough to want him dead and made sure that he died

horribly. What was worse was that I had to help kill that bastard

twice. And I've had to live with the knowledge of killing him since I was eight.

A normal girl goes to school, participates in clubs, fantasizes

about having boys fall in love with her, and watches her favorite

anime series. Sure, I go to school; however, my club is formed of

a team who can travel across dimensions and has saved the world

on a few occasions, I'm stuck in the middle of a love triangle,

and I can't watch anime anymore since I sympathize too much with it.

A couple of my old friends came across this old Kenshin series.

One of them simply adores how tragic and cool Kenshin is. Yeah,

cool, killing for a cause until you can't kill anymore. I've killed

and will probably have to kill again. Will there be a time where

it becomes too much and I lose sight of what my cause is? That I

might end up killing things to save the world over and over again

until I'm no longer me-- just a protector, a killer, a murderer.

Will I ever snap because I've kill far too many times?

That isn't something that should cross a sixth grader's mind when

she's watching a samurai cartoon. Don't even get me started on Rayearth and Hikaru.

In the anime they make such a big deal out of a kiss. How romanticized

they make it look. How special it was. How that's enough for them.

That is all they ever need to do. They never talk about the thin

line that exists between just kissing and doing more than that. A lot more.

The wind blew gently over the grass in the meadow and rustled the

leaves on the trees in a nearby forest.

Tailmon and Patamon seemed to be playing some kind of game. It looked

kind of like hunter and prey, with Patamon being the prey.

Hikari brushed a few hairs out of her face. "So, Takeru, what is

it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

Takeru audibly gulped. "Um, well, you see..."

Hikari couldn't help but giggle, but suddenly stopped when she heard something roar.

Takeru backed away from the forest as Kuwagamon, a giant red insect

digimon, burst from the forest canopy. "Damn, he looks hungry."

Kuwagamon flew straight toward the pair and tried to grab Takeru

in its powerful pincers. Takeru hugged the ground for dear life

as the giant insect swooped pass.

"Takeru!" Hikari yelled out and released a sigh of relief as he

looked up toward her. She then froze as Kuwagamon turned toward

her, its maw snapping hungrily.

Takeru ran as if his life depended on it. He tackled Hikari to the

ground just before the monstrous digimon would've struck.

"Heaven's Knuckle!"

"Holy Arrow!"

The two energy blasts struck Kuwagamon, obliterating it.

Hikari and Takeru had been so concerned about not becoming the creature's

lunch, that they had failed to notice their digimon evolve to protect them.

Takeru rolled off of Hikari and waved at the angel digimon. "Thanks, you two."

Angemon nodded. "Anytime."

Angewomon gazed down at the two of them. "Angemon, perhaps we should scout around for trouble."

Angemon looked concerned. "Perhaps you're right..." He flew off,

seemingly wanting to say more but couldn't.

"Ah, Hikari, you okay?" Takeru propped himself, preparing to stand

up. This had the effect of causing him to momentarily hover over Hikari.

"I'm fine." Hikari stared into Takeru's eyes. "Thanks for saving me."

Takeru smiled. "Anytime." He went to stand up, but stopped when

he felt Hikari's hands on his shoulders. He sweated a little, not

sure what to do since she wasn't saying anything. He just looked

into her eyes and found himself leaning towards her.

Hikari saw that his face was slowly lowering. As if some part of

her was impatient, she almost involuntarily lifted her head off the ground.

Their lips connected briefly at first, a little longer the second

time, and the third didn't seem to end. Hikari's arms wrapped around

Takeru, hugging him closely, relishing the feeling of his lips pressed

tightly against hers and his warm body on top of hers. Her lips

parted a little and she licked his lips before he opened his mouth.

Her tongue lashed against his in an erotic wrestling match.

Takeru couldn't believe the kiss or how Hikari's roaming hands goaded

him on. Her hands had slipped under his shirt and were almost massaging

him. His hands were roaming over her body as well. He pushed up

her shirt until her bra was showing. He then slipped a couple fingers

under the imitation silk fabric and caressed one of her hardened nipples.

Hikari moaned. She removed a hand from under Takeru's shirt and

unclasped her bra. She groaned happily as Takeru exposed her breasts

to the air. She reluctantly let him break off their passionate frenching

as he made a trail of butterfly kisses from her lips to her breasts.

Takeru began to suckle on Hikari's teats. He was beyond happy that

Hikari was letting him do this. He didn't care how much this would

upset Daisuke, and didn't even give a thought to what Taichi would

do if he found out. All that mattered at the moment to Takeru was

Hikari and how they could share pleasure with each other.

Hikari knew why Takeru had wanted to talk to her, to finally tell

her his feelings, but his actions were proving that far better than

his words could have. She gave no thought to Daisuke or to her family.

This wasn't about anyone else, just Takeru and her.

Takeru looked into Hikari's eyes as he unbuttoned her pants. Seeing

nothing but longing, he pulled her pants and panties off. He marveled

at the sight before him. A fine brown delta of hair pointed enticingly to her treasured hole.

Hikari gazed up while he removed his pants and boxers. She was impressed

with his size as it was bigger than her older brother's. His pubic

hair had grown to form a bush larger than her own.

Takeru laid on top of her and began to kiss her in earnest. His

cock rubbed against her opening but wouldn't go in. He grabbed hold

of his dick a guided it into her. He felt something block his progress and held on to her tightly.

Hikari braced herself as she felt Takeru lifting off her slightly,

her head nestled against his shoulder. He then thrust into her sharply

and her nails scratched his back and she bit down.

"H-Hikari? You okay?" Takeru propped himself up, a hand involuntarily

going to where she had bit him. His manhood was still inside her.

Hikari shivered under him. Pain and pleasure crashed through her

being in ways she couldn't comprehend. Her eyes were momentarily

unfocused, but soon she was able to see Takeru looking at her with

concern. She smiled at him. "I'm fine now. Please continue... slowly."

Takeru didn't know what else to do. He hadn't planned on doing this.

All he wanted to do was talk, maybe kiss her, but this was so much

more. While he knew that she liked him, he was afraid she didn't

love him or that she liked Daisuke more. There was no way he could

think that now. Not after she just took his virginity and that he took hers.

"Takeru please..." Hikari whimpered.

"S-sorry." Takeru pulled out a little and pushed back in. The pleasure

slammed into his head, idling his thoughts again. There was no use

in thinking about this, but just to do it.

Hikari moaned appreciatively as she felt Takeru thrust into her

again and again. Her hands were on his ass kneading them, and helping to guide Takeru into a rhythm.

Takeru's body pounded against Hikari's, his arms straining to support

his weight and the actions of his hips.

Hikari's whole body was pushed and pulled across the ground. Her

small, tender breasts vibrated as their bodies crashed against each

other. Her mind was soaring with ecstasy. Her body was a blaze with

a fire no amount of water could douse. Her needs, her yearnings

were for the approaching moment, the time that she would truly know what pleasure was.

Takeru's world was one tight but slick cunt and his rod. It slid

in and out of her over and over again. The tension was unbelievable.

He grimaced trying to rein in the oncoming flood. He groaned loudly

as he failed to hold on. He fired shot after shot of hot cum into

her and his thrusting became erratic.

Hikari felt his dick twitching and filling her. She was so close.

A little more and she would be orgasming too. Her hand reached down

and encircled his member at the base, coaxing a few more thrusts

and brushing her own clit in the process. Her body arched as the

tension in her body became unbearable. With a cry she finally came,

her vagina trying to milk Takeru's shrinking penis for the last of its seed.

Takeru collapsed heavily on top of Hikari, unable to support himself

anymore. He tried to catch his breath, but he felt like he had just

finished a long desperate battle and won.

Hikari pushed Takeru over a little so she could breath more easily.

Then she just laid there soaking up the experience of what just happened.

Takeru was the first to speak, "Hikari?"


"Um, I, ah just want to, um, say..."

Hikari looked at him, shaking her head slightly and smiling. Even

after that he was having trouble saying it.

Takeru swallowed hard. He knew what he had to say. "I love you."

"After what we just did, I hope so."

Takeru pouted slightly and bowed his head.

Hikari made Takeru look her in the eyes. "I love you, too." She kissed him again.


To Have and Not to Hold

Author’s notes: This is part 11 of a thirteen part lemon series (2 more fics to go:). The lemon contains straight sex, yaoi sex, and masturbation. This lemon is also a continuation of ‘The Power of Good-bye’, and the entire fic will be told in Takato’s POV. Takato is 18 right now.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon. ‘Nuff said.

Now onto the story.

Hello, everybody. My name is Takato Matsuda, and this is my story, and what a story it is. All the events happened five years ago, leading from my straight sex life,. Well, I guess I should start at the beginning.

My story starts at the day before my girlfriend Jeri’s birthday. I was going to fuck her into tomorrow like I always do, but to my misfortune, she had to go on vacation, leaving me horny. So when I couldn’t get some from her, I decided to shrug it off for now and have Kazu, Kenta, and Ryo over for a trading card game. I beat that loudmouth Kazu with ease. Kenta was easy, but at least he put up more of a challenge. I must say he has learned over the years. But Ryo is a different story. He beat me with ease.

“How the hell did you get so good?” I asked.

“I just have more experience,” he replied.

After he beat me, the three of them went home, and so I went to bed quite early, even for me. That’s when it happened. I had a dream I was in the Digital World and I had sex with my jeri

I don’t know why I had that dream, but when it was all over, I woke up really sweaty and with a large cum stain in the crotch area of my boxers. It was official. I had a wet dream about having gay sex with my girlfriend

I kinda hate wet dreams because I always think I wet the bed. So I took off my boxers and tossed them to the side of the bed. Then I noticed my dick was rock hard. I reminded myself that I was not gay, I mean, I fuck Jeri whenever I can get the chance, and decided to beat my meat.

I took a grip on my cock and went up and down slowly, increasing my pace, like every 2 minutes. I moaned loudly and my hands went fast like a blur on my dick. Then my body stiffened and I shot my semen all over my chest and stomach.

“That felt good,” I groaned to myself, and got a washcloth I use to wipe my spent load from off my body. After I was done, I went back to sleep.

Three days had passed and Jeri had came back home without me knowing. I had mostly slept the days away without any contact from the outside world. As I was surfing the net and talking with a few of my school buddies on Instant Messaging, Jeri came over looking as sexy as ever. This is how the conversation went.

GuilmonFan: Hey man, my girlfriend Jeri just came over.

Kurokawa26: Really? From what I hear, she’s become a hot babe!

GuilmonFan: Yeah, and she’s all mine.

Then Jeri sauntered over to me, wearing nothing but a bra and panties, and began to put her round tits on my back and then she snaked her hand down my boxers and began to play with my semi-hard cock. I groaned in response.

Kurokawa26: Takato, what’s she doing now?

GuilmonFan: She’s…putting her luscious tits on my back, and rubbing my cock…it feels so good…

Kurokawa26: Oh, shit man…are you gonna hit it soon?

Before I could type, she playfully slapped my hands away.

“Let me,” she whispered.

GuilmonFan: Hello, Kurokawa. It’s Jeri. Yes, we’re gonna fuck soon.

Kurokawa26: Oh, man…Takato, turn on your webcam so I can jack off, please!

Then I took hold of the keyboard.

GuilmonFan: It’s Takato again. Sorry, dude, but this is a private show.

Then before I could give my buddy the chance to say how much of a bastard I was, I signed off immediately. Then she ripped off my shirt and pulled me onto the bed. She took off my boxers while I undid her bra and took off her panties.

“You don’t know how much I missed this,” said Jeri.

Then she brought her lips close to mine in a long, hard, and passionate kiss. It was a good while before we un-locked our lips. I loved the way her smooth tongue clashed with my tough one, and from the way she was moaning, I could tell she liked it too.

After she broke the kiss, she sucked on my neck multiple times giving me hickey after hickey. Then as she kissed around my chest and stomach, I played with those luscious tits. Then she went even further to my hard dick.

“I missed this a lot too,” she said.

“He missed you too,” I said.

Jeri giggled and began to lick the head of my cock. I shivered a little but this didn’t stop her tongue from dancing all around my throbbing dick. I moaned, refraining from try to cum (after all, she did give the best head in my opinion). Then she took my 8-inch cock down her throat with incredible ease.

“Oh, Jeri,” I groaned.

She sucked while her smooth tongue danced all around my cock. I moaned from the intense pleasure she was giving me. Jeri took this as a sign to go faster.

After her head bobbed up and down, I grunted and my body began to stiffen. It doesn’t take me long to cum, but when I do, I cum buckets, it seems. Anyhoo, I began to cum into her mouth, which she hungrily swallowed down her throat. She spat out my limp dick, and laid on her back, with her legs spread out wide open.

“Eat me, Takato,” she cooed. And I was more than happy to oblige.

This may sound silly, but I’ve always loved to eat her pussy. It always tasted like candy or fruit. Oh, god, I’m blushing. Anyway, I went down and began to take a whiff of her cunt. Mmm, wild strawberries. I began to tongue her awaiting cunt, licking each and every nook and cranny. She began to pant lightly. I loved the way she panted.

“Oh, Takato,” she moaned.

I licked her cunt for a few more minutes, and that was all I needed for my dick to get hard again. Then I took my tongue out and began to lube up my dick with some Vaseline I kept under my bed. I was ready and so was she.

“I’m ready, Takato,” she said. “Fuck me good.”

“I aim to please, baby,” I said.

Then I inserted my dick slowly, getting as much as I can into her pussy. Her muscles relaxed for me to enter her, then when I was done putting my dick inside her, her walls clamped onto my dick like a glove.

“You’re tight today, Jeri,” I said. Jeri just smiled.

I began to thrust in an out of her in slow but steady motion. I haven’t begun to let this get any better and she was already moaning and groaning, clamping firmly to my bedsheets. I kissed her lightly all over her body as I fucked her. Then I began to go faster and the bed began to rock a little.

“You like?” I asked her.

“I like,” she moaned.

I smiled and began to thrust in and out of her faster and harder.

“Ooh, Takato, faster…harder…”

I went faster and even deeper than before and the bed was beginning to rock a lot and creak loud. But I couldn’t even hear the bed, courtesy of Jeri groaning in ecstasy. I knew my parents would hear us down below, but I didn’t give a damn, this was getting too good.

Both of us were sweaty as both our orgasms neared.

“Ta…ka…to…, I’m…gonna…cum!!!” Jeri moaned.

A few more thrusts, and I came into her pussy. After she felt my seed, she orgasmed onto my chest and all over my bed.

“Oh, god,” she panted.

I escaped her and laid on the bed, both of us sweaty and panting. Then we both fell asleep.


Sex and Cards: Romance for the Digi-Hearted

Author’s Notes: This is a Digimon fic, where there are 2 straight pairings; Ryo/Rika, and Renamon/Cyberdramon. This is also a continuation of “Mer Girl” (part 13) from the Digimon “Ray of Light” Lemon Series

And now, on to the story.

After Ryo and Rika came back from helping Ash and Misty get back to their own world, and had a little sexual fun while doing it, they seemed to be happy with each other again.

In a week-long span, they began to flirt with each other like they just met. Cyberdramon and Renamon were the ones to catch on quickly. In the next week they were actually sleeping in bed together again. Renamon and Cyberdramon saw them cuddling one night and then went into the living room to talk.

“So I guess they’re back together,” said Cyberdramon.

“Do you know what they did that time when they went to the Digital World?” asked Renamon.

Cyberdramon shook his head.

“I guess you can’t read thoughts like I can.”

“Well, no duh,” said Cyberdramon. “What happened?”

“Rika met a girl named Misty and had sex with her,” Renamon started.

“Oh my, god!” said Cyberdramon. “Is she a lesbian now?”

Renamon looked at Cyberdramon and threw a diamond at him. He dodged it and it stuck to the wall.

“I was just kidding!”

“Anyway, Rika had sex with that girl, and believe or not, Ryo met a male named Ash and had sex with him too.”

“Okay, Renamon, that’s enough.”

“That makes them both bisexual, whether or not you wanna believe it. They only did because they were pissed with each other. But now that’s all behind him and they love each other again.”

Cyberdramon got up and walked to Renamon. He tried to put a hand on her, but she teleported out of reach.

“I told you, I’m not ready.”

“Awwww, Renamon…!”

One night, Ryo decided to surprise Rika with dinner by candlelight and soft music. He asked the Digimon to stay at Guilmon’s cave so he and Rika could be alone. Rika comes home and sees a romantic dinner for two.

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” she said.

Then Ryo comes out of the bedroom wearing nothing but silk boxer shorts and a robe that’s open to show his chest and stomach.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” asked Rika.

“I’m in the mood to love you,” said Ryo. “But first we should have a dinner.”

“You cooked?” Rika scoffed.

Ryo grinned and sat her down and began to lift the top of her plate.

“I’m impressed,” she said. “You made this? Is it edible?”

“Open your mouth,” said Ryo.

She did and Ryo began to feed her gently. The food was actually really good.

“Wow, Ryo, you really outdid yourself,” she smiled.

Then she kissed him on the lips and Ryo kissed back.

Meanwhile, Renamon and Cyberdramon were waiting around Guilmon’s cave. Of course, Guilmon wasn’t there, but it was still known as Guilmon’s cave.

“I’m tired of waiting,” said Cyberdramon. “They’re probably having sex right now, and Ryo doesn’t want us to hear them moaning and groaning.”

As he was ranting on and on, Renamon watched Cyberdramon.

He talks too much, and he’s cocky like Ryo, but I guess that’s why I’m falling for him, she thought.

Cyberdramon kept babbling when he turned to look at her. He saw her staring into the space and called out, “Renamon? Are you listening?!” She came back to her senses and quickly said, “Yes.”

Cyberdramon chuckled. “You were obviously thinking about something,” he said. “Now what is it?”

Renamon looked at Cyberdramon, then she walked up to him and began to gently rub his chest. Cyberdramon began to get aroused.

“Come to the Digital World and find out for yourself,” said Renamon as she hopped into the portal.

Cyberdramon felt his dick getting harder. He eagerly hopped in the portal after her. When he got to the Digital World, he was greeted by Renamon with her legs in the air, showing her pussy. Cyberdramon licked his lips and ran up to Renamon. He began to kiss her everywhere on her lips, her neck, and her breasts. This is just what he wanted and she was glad to give it to him.

Then Cyberdramon began to slowly lick Renamon’s pussy. Renamon groaned in pleasure. He licked each and every inch of her wonderful vagina and they both loved every minute of it. After getting her nice and wet, he stopped eating her out and began to slowly insert his monster cock inside her slippery clit.

“Oh, Cyberdramon, fuck me good,” moaned Renamon as the walls of her pussy began to clamp on Cyberdramon’s dick.

Then Cyberdramon rocked in and out of her clit, forming a rhythm. Cyberdramon grunted while Renamon moaned and groaned. He fucked her slowly, then began to go faster and harder. Renamon groaned louder and Cyberdramon grunted louder in response. Sweat was slowly beginning to build on both bodies.

As Cyberdramon started to ram Renamon’s pussy faster and harder, Renamon’s fur was beginning to get sweaty. Renamon groaned as loud as she could.

“Cyberdramon, I’m cumming…!” she shrieked.

Cyberdramon thrusted a few more times and then let out a deep groan as he shot his seed inside of Renamon’s tight pussy. After that, Renamon went into orgasm, and her cum mixed in with Cyberdramon’s. After they were done, Cyberdramon took his softening cock out of Renamon and relaxed with her against the tree. He then held her in his arms.

“I love you, Renamon,” Cyberdramon whispered.

“I love you too, Cyberdramon,” Renamon whispered back.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Rika finished eating and decided to go into the bedroom. Ryo took off his robe and said to her, “Come to bed, Rika.”

Rika raised an eyebrow. “What for?”

“I made dinner so…”

Rika stopped him short. “You think that because you made dinner, and a damn good one for once, that I should give you sex in return?”

“Well, yeah.”

“You men are all the same.”

Ryo gave her a shrug and a smile.

“I’ll have sex with you, but you have to beat me at a Digimon card game.”

“Oh, no problem. I am the Digimon King after all. You may be the Digimon Queen, but you’re only second best.”

“We’ll see. I’ve been sharpening my skills.”

Ryo got his best deck and they started playing. They played for what seemed like hours, but this time, Rika beat Ryo!!!

“Oh, shit!!!” shouted Ryo. “This is just great! You beat me, and I’m not getting any!”

“Oh, we’ll have sex, Ryo, but I just wanted to kick your butt this one time.”

Ryo chuckled.

Rika began to strip down to her bra and panties, and Ryo’s cock began to stir. Then she pushed him onto the bed and began to kiss him. That made his dick stand at attention. After a bit more kissing, Rika began to take off her panties and bra, and she took off Ryo’s boxers too. Then she began to move her head down to his penis and began to lick the head of Ryo’s cock. After licking all around, she began to take his entire length in his mouth. She sucked slowly. Ryo smiled and moaned. He never gotten head from Rika ever in the past, but he was enjoying every minute now.

“Rika, baby, go faster,” he groaned.

And she did that no problem. She sucked faster and used her tongue to increase the pleasure. Ryo moaned louder and he was close to cumming. Rika could feel his dick softly throbbing in her mouth, so she increased her pace a lot. Ryo couldn’t hold it anymore and released his seed inside of Rika’s mouth. After she milked his cock dry, she spat out his slippery, but still hard member. Then she laid on the bed with her legs in the air.

“Okay, Digimon King, have your royal feast.” (Don’t ask me what this means. I thought it would better than to just say, “Eat me.”)

Ryo began to press his face inside Rika’s pussy, licking each and every bit of it. After he got her nice and wet, he began to insert his cock inside of Rika’s vagina. Then he kissed Rika and then he rocked in and out of Rika’s pussy, forming a rhythm. Ryo groaned while Rika moaned, and then he went slightly faster. Rika and Ryo could feel sweat forming on their bodies. Rika moaned out Ryo’s name in small, erotic whispers. Ryo did the same, then he rammed her faster and harder than before.

“Ryo, I’m gonna cum!”

“Rika, I’m cumming!”

They held on for as long as they could then they went into orgasm at the same time. Cum began to fly everywhere and landed all over the bed and both their bodies.

Ryo took his soft cock out of Rika’s dripping pussy and laid on the bed next to her.

“That was the best sex I’ve ever had,” said Rika.

“Same here,” said Ryo.

Then he planted a soft kiss on her lips.

“I love you, Rika.”

“I love you too, Ryo.”

They kissed one more time and then went to sleep.


in the bathroom

“Watch out how you open that door!” a kid yelled.“Sorry dude,” Takuya apologized. Then he learned that he was human. “Do I know you?”“No, you don’t. The name’s Koji.”“Mine’s Takuya.”

“Nice to meet you,” he said. Then his expression changed. “We know each other now, so scram!” He shut the door in Takuya’s face as he continued on walking. That’s one fine kid right there, Takuya thought, as he felt an erection coming. He tried to stop it, as he figured what the hell; he went to the bathroom to masturbate. He stroked his dick as it grew to 10 inches, as he caressed it again, making it grow to its fullest length. He groaned in pleasure as he moved his hand up and down the cock. As he was about to reach his climax, a knock came on the door.

“Takuya, you in there? I need to piss!”

“Zoe? Glad to see you’re awake! I’ll be out soon.” He got up and turned to put on his clothes. Oh shit, he told himself, my clothes are outside! “Can you hand me my clothes? They’re on the couch!”

“Sure!” came the response from the other side of the door. Minutes later, he heard another knock. Takuya opened the door slightly, grabbed his clothes from the crevice of the door, and shut the door. “You were masturbating in there, weren’t you?”

“W-what made you think that?” stuttered Takuya.

“Your erect cock.”

“It is not erect!” Takuya defended himself, speaking a little too fast and early. Then his emotions changed, as he opened the door, now only naked waist up, “Why’d you notice?”

“Because,” Zoe began, pressing her body on his, “You were nude, and on a cute guy like you, I wouldn’t miss the chance to look down.” Takuya smiled, as Zoe closed the gap between the two of them. She kissed him hard, wrapping her arms around his neck. Being slightly shorter than Zoe, Takuya had an easy time wrapping his arms around her waist, taking off her vest at the same time. Zoe moved her hands to Takuya’s back, as she caressed his smooth back. Takuya broke the kiss, removing Zoe’s shirt, so that they were both topless (note that Zoe has not begun to wear a bra, or a training one at that). They were quite unaware that someone was being awakened from their noises.

I heard boys like it when girls suck their dicks,” she said passionately.
“I heard that too,” said Takuya. .

Zoe then got on her knees and began to suck Takuya’s dick. It had felt so good to him he wanted to scream her name, but he didn’t. He did groan loudly, however. Zoe then began to caress his balls with her hand, and Takuya groaned some more.

“Faster, Zoe,” he said.

Zoe went faster and this time Takuya groaned slightly louder than before. Then Zoe went faster and faster until Takuya shot his load of cum into her mouth. She swallowed it and Takuya withdrew his dick from Zoe’s mouth.

Okay, Takuya,” said Zoe, as she began to spread her legs. “It’s all yours.”

Takuya followed through pushing his member into Zoe’s super-wet pussy. , he pumped in and out of slightly faster than normal. Zoe called out Takuya’s name louder and louder.
Maybe I’m not gay, Takuya told himself, as he pumped faster and harder into Zoe’s cunt. Zoe moaned even louder as her climax drew nearer. With one last thrust Zoe came. The scent of her pussy juices sent Takuya to his own world. The desire to stop and taste the juices urged him to cum. Takuya licked cum off the floor and around Zoe’s pussy as she lay on the floor. As Takuya lapped up the remaining juices, Zoe cried, “Oops!” as Takuya received a golden shower. “Forgot I had to use the restroom.”

“It’s okay,” replied Takuya, “I’ll just take a shower. Want to join?”

“I think I will.”

“That was a great experience,” Takuya summarized.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Zoe agreed.

“I found it to be-“ He stopped his sentence as he stared into the room. “You weren’t masturbating before you intruded on me, were you?”

“No, why?”

“Because your bedspreads have quite a big amount of cum on them.

“Maybe Tommy jerked off?”

“With this amount of cum? Nah, it was at least two people. Besides, Tommy’s fast asleep.”

“Oh. Why don’t we figure this out in the morning?”

“Good idea.” The two snuggled on the bed as the moist cum brought them to sleep.


“It was my fault.”

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters of Oban Star Racers

You would think two years would be enough for someone to, finally, convince himself or herself what one feels. But, unfortunately when you are partners, admitting something beyond infatuation or something like sex appeal, can start to make things feel really, really uncomfortable.

Jordan. Yes, Jordan the now nineteen year old gunner of their still running and constantly improving ship ‘The Whizzing Arrow’ had somewhat convinced himself he was having more than an infatuation with Molly, it had gotten so bad he was now having, what would be considered, morally wrong dreams about his team mate. Besides, god knows what Rick or Don would do to him if something went wrong in that relationship. That would be like playing with fire, not that he didn’t enjoy a good burn every once in a while.

Molly. Now seventeen-year-old pilot of ‘The Whizzing Arrow’ found the heat that would rush to her cheeks upon glancing at Jordan’s notably and much defined upper body sculpture to be new and odd. It was one of those things girls tried to blame on hormones. She was still fiery, rambunctious, and as explosive as ever, but somehow she kept feeling so desperate at times. Like a new feeling she was having…it almost felt dirty, dare she say?

The tension between the two had not gone unnoticed by their manager and still effective coach. Frankly, Don was getting a little annoyed of how it seemed to somehow effect their performance at times, but Rick only saw it as, ‘a natural process bound to happen some time or another’, as he had explained to Don.

With Prince Aikka gone back to his home after hearing, his father had met with another noble for an arranged marriage to bring some kind of peace between two worlds. By now they were bound to be married and with one thousand kids…? Well they were aliens after all; reproduction was probably unpredictable, to humans.

Any time Jordan would be alone with Molly, it couldn’t be like old times, it had to be awkward with expectation of a ‘first move’ that would never come. Awkward silences would be their best friend now. Casual conversation was yelling over the comm. System when on the track and it seemed like things were going downhill, especially after a fight on the track or just within the garage, obscenities thrown in all directions blaming one person for this and another for that. Situations like that made their feelings harder to come to terms with; neither would swallow their pride to apologize to the other…until the next morning when the thick aggressive air was gone from the previous day.

However, with all these problems or obstacles Jordan had somehow convinced himself that it was time he give into these feelings; after all, Molly, sometimes known as Eva, had become quite a piece of eye candy; thank god she was more greedy with her mother’s gene pool than her father’s. Her hair was still the same length, but he had grown to start liking more than her looks. Wonders what two years will do for a young girl, no?

With his mind made up, he decided to take their previous argument after a failed race, today, and turn it into his moment to, truly, tell her. Once more, just as if she were fifteen again, she locked herself in her room claiming to, never, return to the real world. No telling how many pictures she had drawn of Jordan and suddenly scribbled over in her small notebook.

Approaching the door, he cleared his throat, standing taller than he used to with a similar build. His tight, almost, camouflaged shirt moved with his body like a second skin as he raised his hand to his mouth, clearing his throat. His mouth swung open as he drew in a quick breath and knocked. “What the hell do you want? I’ve told you I’m not coming out!” If Don were here, it would have been Déjà vu. “I…well; I came to apologize for… today…” His reply to her loud spouting, sounded a bit distanced at the end; surprising to him, pride was very hard to put down.

‘She probably isn’t going to let me in’, Jordan let his mind wander, not hearing any response or movement from the other side. Suddenly the door opened to his partner with her arms crossed over ample breasts and her eyes glaring…her foot was even tapping. “I’m listening…” it sounded dangerous, drenched in just about every tone of warning there was. He didn’t feel very threatened by her though. If it really came down to a physical struggle there was a clear winner. “I shouldn’t have…switched the turrets around…it was something an amateur would do, and I threw us off balance with the wall…sorry.”

So, this was what it felt like to not have any sort of self-confidence or redeeming part left in you, reassuring you that you had one up on the other? Totally drained of any pride he had left, Jordan could tell you he felt like dirt. It really wasn’t his fault; Molly had veered to the wrong side for him to cover the opponent with lasers, and when he switched to the better side, she had slammed into the wall. The result was terrible, since the mech had nearly been crushed into a pop can once the opponent got on the other side. A thousand wonders either of them had survived.

She stepped aside with a sigh muttering, “Come in”, gently from her lips. He did so and walked inside perching his behind on her bedside. “We need to talk.” Both stated at once with a small catch at the end, noticing they had shared a simultaneous phrase. Jordan gave the empty space next to him a pat and so she sat beside him.

Jordan discarded his boots and sat Indian style towards Molly, who was sitting in a similar fashion. “Look…I think I may…I might…well hmm.” He paused and placed his hand on his chin then rubbed the back of his head continuing, “I think I like you more…more than just my friend or my partner. I know it…it sounds childish like that but I don’t know how else to say it.” A little stunned, she did what she could to mask her discomfort. Molly broke out into a bodacious fit of laughter she wasn’t sure whether or not to tell him what she felt or not, and turned off the real feeling or reaction, replacing it with another.

After a bit, she wiped her eye and Jordan gave her a disapproving look. “Well then…what did you need to say to me…or should I ask?” His distaste for her reaction was clear as he spoke and his eyes glistened with a false hope. Ever since Aikka left, he saw this as his golden opportunity to run with the ball he passed to him. “Oh…I uh…forgot?” She tried to hide her discontent for revealing the very same things. Although now that she knew how he felt, shouldn’t it be easier?

“Stop playing games here, you aren’t a little girl any more, now tell me what the deal is.” Jordan’s voice escalated tinged with frustration. His tone earned a hardy ‘hmph’ as she slumped over with her face in her hands. “I fweewl ha shame ahphouth youhh.” Befuddled, Jordan cocked his head “You feel ashamed about what?” Her head redirected itself towards the newly interesting wall as a blush rose to her cheeks. Her uncharacteristically small and barely audible voice surfaced, “I…feel the same about you…”

Jordan slightly felt his cheeks heat up, “Oh…” He lengthened the word as if dawning on something. “So then…what now?” Jordan was determined to not let another silence enclose them. Molly shifted and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, “Well…isn’t this the part in the movies where they… kiss?” Jordan gave a nervous laugh and slightly closed the distance, cautiously. Molly rolled her eyes and with a chuckle launched herself forward catching Jordan’s lips as his head hit her pillow. Chaste but nice. Molly propped herself up on her elbows looking down. Her eyes closed and she dipped her head down again, not giving Jordan a chance to recover from shock.

His eyes slowly closed and his arms wrapped around Molly’s waist. Adjusting to the kiss, Jordan delved for more probing at her lips with his tongue finally getting his request answered as her lips parted. A duel ensued leaving no one a clear victor. Jordan turned the tables on Molly, switching to him on top of her. His hands pinned hers atop her head as his kisses went to nibbles, trailing her jaw line and soon flowing to her neck. Her skin tasted much sweeter there, but either way he loved her flavor.

Molly moaned as he nibbled lightly at the soft flesh of her neck. The heat of this moment could have settled their argument without words, making them both forget the incident ever happened. Her hands struggled against his grip, so he obliged and let her free. Her hands traveled to the back of his neck, squeezing gently as he continued his work on her.

Jordan’s mouth enclosed her ear lobe sucking gently, earning a catch in her breath followed by a moan. In an attempt for him to not have all the fun, Molly moved her hands under his tight shirt, feeling around and scraping at his sculpted chest. Jordan moaned almost breathless.

She took the next step, taking his shirt off tossing it in the mess of her room. As he continued to ravish her mouth with kisses, her hands left scratches down his back. His eyelids winced together, but he didn’t let the trivial pain affect him. Jordan’s pants began to feel tighter than usual around his groin, almost as if they were shrinking. This wasn’t a new feeling for him, but as it pressed against Molly’s calf, she gasped slightly surprised at how hard he was getting.

Her small, almost bra sized shirt came off within an instant, revealing a grey sports bra. Jordan took a moment, reveling in a familiar site. After all, just about all the crew had seen her in it before she retreated to her room or after she would wake. The standard issue Mechanic style overalls started to become a hindrance in Jordan’s mind. He scoffed mentally not wanting to go so quickly with this.

He seized and supported himself, “I’m not sure we should-” She silenced him with an outstretched kiss, “I always finish what I start.” Molly pulled him back down a bit harshly. There was that feeling again, that desperateness that lingered in her mind. She toyed with his lips, nibbling on his lower lips effectively earning a soft grunt. Her hands traveled to the brim of his pants, dipping her fingers in around the band, playfully going further down with each finger.

Jordan gasped as he could feel a slight brush of Molly’s fingertips over his throbbing member. Molly’s fingers journeyed deeper feeling his length ache with every touch or small brush against it. A smile of satisfaction graced over her lips as she pulled out her hand, leaving a disappointed look on Jordan’s face.

Molly captured his lips once more, while toying with his pants, trying to slip them off; Jordan realized that one of those morally wrong dreams was unfolding, so he helped her along, slipping out of the elastic rim, leaving him in boxers. In the time he had slithered from his nether attire, she too shimmied off the mechanic edition overalls, showing her characteristically tomboyish boxers. Jordan smirked noticing she hadn’t changed too much since they first met.

After they had finished stripping down to the bare essentials, Jordan figured it wasn’t enough, so he took the liberty of liberating her breasts from their tight prison. Molly’s nipples seemed surprisingly diamond like in terms of hardness, enticing to an aroused male like Jordan…very enticing. He scooped his lips down meeting her pebble like nipple, sucking on it gently but with a fiery intent. His hand took the job of masseuse, taking to her un-catered breast.

Molly whimpered and arched her back into Jordan’s touch, feeling the sheer ecstasy she must have been giving him moments before. All of Jordan’s movements moved Molly closer and closer to her breaking point; he stopped, noticing this with her expression and louder moaning. She shared his earlier look of dissatisfaction for his discontinuation, but Molly took her opportunity and removed what was left of Jordan’s attire.

His throbbing cock, erect was once more aching for her, so she placed her hand around his length and pumped up and down, slowly at first, but by his pleasure-filled commands, she increased the pace. His hips buckled towards her as she continued; her name uttered mindlessly from his lips, as he could feel his pleasure build, he cleared his mind holding himself back from an early explosion. He still wanted to claim her.

She seized as he distastefully removed her hands, against his own desire. As if it had never happened, her boxers had been discarded to the floor along with the other garments from earlier. Jordan put his mouth to hers once more, stealing her breath, and once more battling with her via tongue. He fought to remain control once more, feeling himself rub against her bare flesh.

Molly shifted beneath his wait, as he ground against her. Her hips moved to his rhythmic pattern. She moaned into his mouth and inaudibly spoke his name against his lips. She spread her legs, almost, instinctively. He paused all his movements, and he gave her a questionable look. She gave Jordan a reassuring nod, trying to convince him she wouldn’t regret anything.

Jordan teased her entrance with his cock before finally going inside her a little. She was quite tight, so he adjusted to her as she adjusted to his size and engulfed most of his length into her wet sheath. Visibly he could see a tinge of discomfort staining her moonlit features. His thrusts were slow and careful, but even that didn’t keep him from feeling something break inside her. He felt a rush of hot liquid, and small tears form in her pleasure filled, yet pain ridden blood red eyes.

Jordan’s eyes were slightly widened, as he hadn’t totally expected Molly to be a virgin still, but in the same sense, he hadn’t ever had a go at this either. He seized his thrust and touched forehead to forehead with her, kissing at her tears to fight them off. “Keep… going …” She struggled out, choking back on more tears.

Jordan complied with her brief request, feeling her continue to grow tighter, but as he slid up and back down more and more, her expression changed back to that of moments before: total ecstasy. Molly began to cry out as he sped up his movements, also deciding to kneed her breasts once more.

Feeling deathly near her peak, Molly cried out and soon after came. Jordan, still inside of her gave a few more full thrusts before letting his seed spill within her. He seceded from her entrance and pulled himself down beside her. The sweat soaked sheets were pulled up to cover them, and as Molly began to dip into the sandman’s jar of sand, she muttered something against his ear:

“It was my fault…”



Summary: Zuko’s eaten a plant that sends him into heat. Who should happen by but his greatest enemy- Katara of the water tribe? Oddly enough she only wants to help. Rated for mature situations (sex). Zutara ZxK Zuko x Katara !!!

Disclaimer: nope, I don’t own Avatar or any of the characters. If I did Zutara would be a reality and the movie would not.

Author’s Note: Hey! It’s Blu for the first time ever! Yes I actually decided to complete something- even if it’s just a short one-shot. And of course its all Zutara! Please R&R but keep the criticism constructive!


Zuko forced down the bitter herb- it was better than nothing, and nothing was all he had had for the past few days. At least his knowledge of the local flora had improved- unlike his uncle’s. More than once the tea-obsessed old man had used the wrong plant to make his precious tea- often with very disturbing side affects.

A sudden pain shot through Zuko’s gut and he clutched at his stomach as he kneeled over. A foreign heat began to build at the base of his stomach, but Zuko wasn’t using his firebending. Zuko began to sweat as the heat spread throughout his body. Zuko writhed on the forest floor- too far from camp to call for his uncle.

“Zuko?” The surprised and all too familiar voice of the young water bending girl came from the direction of the stream he had just come from. She was the absolute last person he wanted to see in this state. She stepped closer, her face reflecting her concern. Suddenly Zuko became very aware of his need. Zuko curled into a ball, trying to regain his control and composure. “Zuko are you alright?” Katara took another step closer. Another wave of heat and need washed over him and Zuko cried out- uncurling and lying plaint on the ground. Why couldn’t she just leave him alone? It was taking all of his strength to not throw himself at her.

“Get…away.” He moaned, his hands digging into the earth above his head.

“Zuko you’re sick. This is no time for your stupid pride.”

“No…I-I can’t stop…it. Please! ... Please get away…while you can.” Zuko pleaded with her, gritting his teeth as he fought to remain in control. Why did she have to be so god damn thoughtful?

“Zuko just hold still. I’m a healer, and enemy or not I heal the wounded and the sick. So stop worrying.” Her hand reached out and brushed his bare shoulder. Her mere touch caused the blaze that was eating him from within to ignite into an inferno. The plant’s heat consumed him and he lost the last of his control.

With amazing strength and speed Zuko grabbed her and pulled her down, rolling on top of her. Katara could feel the heat coming off of his body in waves. Surprise and then fear took over. Stunned she looked up into his face. His golden eyes shone brilliantly, and yet they seemed vacant-empty. Except, she thought she saw a flicker of what she could only describe as despair.

In seconds Zuko had ripped off both of their shirts as well as her skirt and leggings. She tried to push him off her but he was far too strong. He reached down to tear off her bra when he stopped. His eyes closed and his brow creased. “No! Katara- run! Please get away. Please!” She grabbed his arm. “Zuko stop it!” His eyes flew open and a hunger burned behind them- overwhelming any trace of the despair she thought she had seen before.

He pinned her arms to the ground and smashed his lips to hers. Katara’s eyes went wide. His tongue pressed against her lips, seeking entrance. Surrendering to the passion Katara closed her eyes and parted her lips. His lips never left hers as his hands began undressing her again. At last her bindings fell away. He pulled away from their kiss to admire her. Her breathing came harder now and he watched, transfixed, as her breasts rose and fell. When he could stand it no longer he leaned down and captured one of her perfect nipples in his mouth. Katara hitched a breath and then moaned as he sucked first gently and then harder. He moved to her other breast and then back to her mouth.

“Zuko…” she breathed. He deepened his kiss and suddenly he brought his knee between her legs, pushing against her hot entrance. Katara moaned loudly and he pushed faster, making her spread her legs unconsciously. Never letting his mouth leave her for more than a moment Zuko struggled out of his pants and undergarments. Now the only thing separating them was her underwear. In a moment that was gone, too.

He gazed at her plaint and uncovered form with hungry eyes. He trailed kisses down her neck to her collarbone, getting a deep moan and a shiver from her. He removed his knee from between her legs and kneeled over her. Positioning himself at her entrance. He paused and then pushed inside.

“No!” A voice screamed in Zuko’s mind. This was wrong! She hadn’t given her consent! The very last shred of his consciousness broke free and he stopped himself just an inch inside. “Katara-” He breathed. “Katara please! Say it! Say its okay!” The passion within him grew as her hot, wet entrance throbbed around him- just a few more inches and he’d be fully inside her. “Say it!” He pleaded, fighting the heat.

“Zuko..” Katara moaned, “Please…do it. Its…okay..”

With a sigh Zuko surrendered and pushed past her barrier. Katara cried out- it hurt! Zuko waited for her to adjust and then set a steady tempo. Starting slowly he built up speed until they came together- yelling each other’s name. Their voices seemed to form one word, “Zutara!”

As Zuko came the fire that was eating him began to ebb away, and as Zuko’s consciousness returned the full weight of the situation hit him. He had taken her virtue. He had bedded his greatest enemy! He turned away from her, tears of anger running down his face as he punched the ground with white-knuckled fists.

“Zuko.” Her hand touched his shoulder gently and he turned to look at her. Katara’s brilliant blue eyes shone with concern. She took in the pain in his eyes and the tears on his face and realized that she could not hate him for something he could not control. He had held back until she gave her consent and she had seen how much that cost him. And he had shown her passion like nothing she had experienced before. So as she realized her forgiveness she also realized that he had taken more than her virtue, he had stolen her heart as well.

Wanting to comfort him Katara leaned in and kissed him gently, sweetly before pulling away. “It’s ok, Zuko.” She whispered. All the pain that had filled his eyes a moment before left with her quiet words. His eyes shone with relief and without thinking he drew her into a deep hug-a hug that Katara returned with equal force. Katara’s head rested on his chest and she could hear his strong heart beat.

A gentle breeze blew through the trees and Katara shivered- made very aware of her nakedness. Tenderly Zuko pulled her closer, wrapping a blanket of warmth around them. For once they were safe, away from the war and the world and the judgment of all the people in it. And so Katara and Zuko fell asleep together. In her sleep Katara smiled…Zuko had finally said her name.

Chocolate Mangoes

Summary: Katara and Zuko get seduced by a love potion…short, two chapter story of pure lust. Please, no kids!


It’s just a little tea, he says. It will in no way affect your ability to command this ship, carry on a logical conversation, or walk in a relatively straight line, he says.

He should’ve just stayed suspicious from the start.

When Iroh proposed to Zuko, in that ever wily way of his, that they were having another music night aboard the ship, Zuko was quick to disinvolve himself from any part of it. Zuko knew fully well what entailed with music night: it would start with the men forcing odd shaped instruments into his hands, begging him to play his ever beautiful love sonnet, and end with him either melting said instruments, throwing a couple of men off board, or maybe even both if he was in an especially irate mood. And because Zuko was aware of his short temper (and also that the men just happened to be running out of musical instruments due to his tendency to reduce them to golden puddles) he wisely declined when Iroh asked him to join in.

“Oh, Zuko, you don’t know what you’re missing,” Iroh said coaxingly as he dragged out what was left of the instruments. He picked up a ruan, a moon-shaped lute, and held it in his lap. “Ah, do you remember this ruan? When you were a boy—“

“I’m not coming,” Zuko cut off before his uncle could fill his head with guilty reminiscences. It was bad enough that Iroh always insisted on bringing up past occurrences. It was even worse when he started to talk about Zuko’s dead life in the palace.

Iroh carefully hefted a giant konghou, a Chinese harp, away from the pile. He tested it’s strings. “Really, I insist that you do come. We have some fresh, riveting new material tonight—“

Zuko’s eyebrow twitched for a moment, eyeing his uncle carefully.

“Uncle, if that is a code to say you bought a prostitute—“

Crow feet appeared around Iroh’s crinkled eyes. He looked too smug for Zuko to handle, so with a dirty look Zuko turned away from him to stare at the wall. “You are too much, Zuko. I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing.”

Zuko was pretty sure that his uncle did more than just dream about such things, but he kept his mouth shut.

“New material or not, there’s nothing that could make me come up there.” Did his voice sound a little funny? Maybe. After all, for the first time Zuko had actually jumped to a completely perverse conclusion. Iroh was having more of a negative effect on him than he thought…

Oh, screw his Uncle.

Iroh smiled. “Oh, I could think of a few things that would.”

Zuko frowned in return. “And what would those be?”

“A captured Avatar? With his friends? Or perhaps the Avatar all tied up, hanging from his—“

“Not working, Uncle.”

They had docked in a village a few nights before to get refueled and restocked. The Avatar was supposedly staying in the village too. It was ironic that they had yet to meet up, and even more ironic that even with this knowledge Zuko had made no move as of yet to capture Aang. Truth be told, he had been delaying such actions; he was damned tired and he felt thirty years older than he really was. It was nice, for once, to just have to think about whether to sleep in black or red pants instead of calculating how to capture a bald airbender. And he’d be damned if he let his uncle bait him with false Avatar claims now, of all times.

“Well, how about a special visitor, say, Jun—“

“I’d rather cut off my leg,” Zuko deadpanned. Just thoughts of the black haired, purple-lipped woman made him want to tear his skin off. He swore, if he ever had to come within a few feet of her again…much less hear her prattle about how his waterbender “girlfriend” was just too pretty for him…ugh.

I wonder what the water peasant is up to now…’

Zuko hoped that his cold tone would turn his uncle off of this subject all together, but unfortunately it just edged him on.

“Do you remember that story I told you about my escapades with that one beautiful water-bender…”

Uncle.” How Iroh managed to turn their conversation to that, he’d never know.

Iroh chuckled at his nephew’s tense shoulders. Really, the poor boy got so flustered when it came to talking about such things and he didn’t even seem to realize it.

“It was a night like this, I remember precisely—“

“I would rather not hear this—“

Iroh winked at him. “You need to embrace life more. You’re so uptight and frustrated.”

Zuko gave his uncle a sidelong glance. “What the hell does listening to your sex stories have to do with embracing life?”

If anything, listening to his stories was more like embracing death. Slow, painful, unusually torturous death.

His uncle was trying to turn the situation around and gave him an innocent look. “Who said anything about sex?”

“You did.”

“No I didn’t.”

Zuko threw his hands up in the air. “Well you implied it!” He snarled, his palms heating up. For the love of Agni…

His uncle gave him a sly look. “You know, Zuko, when a man’s mind is in the gutter, well, it usually means—“

“Uncle,” he quipped sharply. “It means nothing.”

And besides, who said his mind was in the gutter? He was as unsoiled and spotless as uh…as the side of his ship.

Which reminded him, they probably needed to get that cleaned…

Lately Zuko had been feeling stressed, agitated, and as if he was missing something, but he didn’t think that anybody else had noticed. He went around his daily activities as usual—which at the moment consisted only of sleeping, barking out orders, and pissing—and he completely believed that his crew was none the wiser about their Prince’s state. Because really, Zuko was a wreck on the inside. He felt like there was a nasty, gaping crater where his innards should be, and it was all he could do to occasionally belittle his crew members just to help relieve the pressure valve. He felt like he’d been doing a stellar job of covering up his soulless body, but now here his uncle was, insinuating that he was sex deprived!?

Hmph. As if.

Well, sorta.

“—a young boy is like tea—“ His uncle was saying.

Everything is like tea to you, uncle.

Zuko nodded his head, listening to how a man needed to be seeped and cared for and then slowly heated to perfection. After that Iroh’s descriptions turned for the worse as he started to speak of “drinking the boy”, so Zuko decided to tune him out completely.

“So you see—“

“Just keep pulling out those instruments, Uncle,” Zuko said. Then the stomped off while Iroh chuckled knowingly.


“Bleedin’ hogmonkies!” Sokka screeched as he threw his hands into the air.

“That was your last try,” the vender said with a toothless grin. “Just give up, boy. You’re not getting that prize.”

Sokka fumed. He quickly dug around in his pouch, trying to grasp onto more coins. To his dismay, his pouch just so happened to be as empty as his stomach.

“Oh, of all the things—“ Sokka glanced over to the side, where Katara and Aang had been reduced to sitting on a couple of crates as they waited for him to vent out his feelings with the vender and his carnival games. His eyes particularly zoned in on his sister and her apathetic face. She looked close to falling asleep right there on her ass. And my, my, my, her money pouch looked rather fat and impressionable….

“Katara!” Sokka barked, breaking her out of her stupor. She blushed, quickly wiping away the drool that may or may not have been slipping past her lips out of exhaustion. “Give me your money!”

Katara’s expression changed from sleepy befuddlement to anger. She glanced quickly at the sun and the people wandering around the streets. How long had they been there? If Sokka was asking her for money then that meant he must’ve burned a hole through his own pocket…she glared at him. How dare he spend their precious money on games!

“No,” she said sharply. Sokka’s mouth dropped in his own response of anger, but Katara was not moved. “No, Sokka! We’ve been here for probably hours! And we need this money to get food! And feed Appa!” She motioned to the end of the marketplace out toward the forest, where a large bison was laying on his stomach and twiddling his nose hairs and waiting for food. They were all becoming thin and starving, and here her brother was, trying to get some stupid romantic potion or whatever it was.

It attracts all the ladies. Yeah right. He couldn’t even get Momo to kiss him.

“Katara,” he said, as if getting this potion with unknown and possibly hazardous side effects was the most logical thing in the world. “I need this potion.” He looked her up and down with a critical eye then, as if he was contemplating something. “You probably need it too.”

Aang had just fallen asleep on her shoulder and was making snoring, snorting noises into her ear. “What’s that supposed to mean?” she hissed indignantly, trying to keep her voice down for the young airbender. “I could get a million more guys than you!”

“I’d like to hope so,” he snapped back. He glanced back at the vender—damn him—and watched as the man taunted him by counting his barrels of coins right in front of the water warrior. If there was one thing Sokka couldn’t stand, it was being taunted. And Katara knew that too.

Sokka, his future love life balancing on this, quickly knelt in front of his sister. Time to pull out the puppy dog eyes.

“Please, Katara.” His eyes were two deep blue oceans about to burst. “This potion gives the wearer an alluring scent that barely any human can resist. Don’t you want to try it, for once?” And then the low blow. “Aren’t you tired of attracting guys like Jet?”

“I’m not going to wear something that’s going to make me smell like a porcu-skunk,” Katara said evasively, but Sokka knew her better than that. He could see her waning. And he definitely saw her flinch at the name of Jet. He should’ve known that bringing up the old scoundrel would open up some sort of floodgate.

Katara’s face was a look of indecision. Inside Sokka cheered.

Man, was his sister a sap.

Sad, she’d probably be used and tricked her whole life…

“You might even meet that ‘powerful bender’ that that batty old fortune teller told you about,” he wheedled, remember how his sister wouldn’t shut up about that for three days straight. And if there was one thing that Katara was, it was a hopeless romantic.

Instantly he saw something change in her eyes. She let out a deep sigh, recognizing her own defeat. She knew that her brother was playing her and that her money would be down the drain in a matter of minutes, but something kept her from refusing. Maybe it was Sokka’s provocative words. Or maybe Katara really wanted to meet someone that mattered for once, even if it was a fake relationship brought on by a potion.

“I hate you,” she said halfheartedly as she handed him a few coins.

“Sah-weet!” Sokka hollered as he latched onto the money. Aang was not ruffled from his slumber even by his outburst. “Don’t worry sis, I’m going to get that potion for m—uh, you and me!” He winked at her.

Katara sighed.

“That’s what I’m worried about,” she muttered.


Zuko lay in his bed, slipping in and out of coherency. His body was tired, his brain was tired, the goddamn hairs in his topknot were tired. And yet he stayed awake, alert, bothered by all the aggravating thoughts in his mind.

If someone had given him some sleeping potion to knock the lights out of him, he would’ve gladly accepted it. If somebody had offered him a way to shut his uncle up and perhaps dump all of his precious tea into a flaming lava pit, he’d probably take that too. Thanks to his uncle’s insinuations, Zuko was bordering on insomnia. Even a fully rested Zuko was a cranky one. A Zuko with little or no sleep was a hell to behold.

To make matters worse, Zuko knew for a fact that every ten minutes or so a crew member would walk up to his door, pause for nearly five minutes, and then go shambling away. He didn’t know whether this was at the request of his uncle or if they were just doing this for their own damn amusement, but after the fifth time Zuko didn’t give a flying bat shit. It took slightly longer for the sixth man to come around, but by that time Zuko was ready for him.

Zuko clenched his fist around his doorknob and flung it wide open. There stood one of his inferiors, his fist raised as if about to knock and his face a mirror of terror. Obviously they had drawn straws for this, with the first man to go being the luckiest. Everyone knew that after about the third time their Prince would get ticked off and look for some retribution.

“The hell do you want?” Zuko snarled at him, his whole body heating up. One of his hands was resting on the side of the metal wall, and the crewmate watched nervously as the metal beneath his hands slowly but surely began to melt. He couldn’t help but be almost entranced by it….but he must’ve taken too long to answer, because suddenly Zuko’s red-hot hand curled into a fist, effectively distorting the metal into a twisted heap.

Why the fuck do you keep coming to my door?

The crewmate shyly put his hands behind his back. “W-well, your highness, t-technically it wasn’t me the past—“

“What?” Zuko intervened. “What, for the past five fucking times?”

Now the crewmate looked sheepish. Zuko hated that look. Absolutely despised it. And he didn’t know whether it was because of his uncle’s comments or because of all the stress that had been building up over days, but suddenly he wanted to fry this man’s head like a broiled egg.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Zuko roared. “You fuckin—“

“Zuko!” Iroh was walking slowly down the hallway, his hands tucked in his sleeves. “My boy, do not be angry with Kaj. Or Lee. Or Muro—“

Zuko turned suddenly on his uncle. Good thing for Kaj, too, because there was already a rather large puddle of silver door metal at Prince Zuko’s feet.

“Uncle! Why did you send them down here!?” Zuko felt like hurling a barrage of insults and cusses at his uncle, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He didn’t want to sever his ties with probably the only person that cared about him; that, and he was pretty sure Iroh could kick his ass.

“Look at you, Prince Zuko,” Iroh said instead. “You look so pale. You need to get out once and a while.” He sighed. “I thought that maybe if I sent a few men to come and lure you out it would be all right.” He glanced at Kaj. “But apparently none of them worked up the courage to actually knock on your door.”

Zuko breathed deeply and steam bellowed out his nose. His golden eyes were ablaze with irritation. Iroh did not fret though, for he knew this was all a pretense. Not maybe people knew it, but Zuko was a big fat marshmallow. He just acted arrogantly because of what his father did to him. Really though, Zuko was just a regular guy…sort of.

“Come Zuko,” Iroh said, placing a hand on Zuko’s shoulder. It was stiff and hotter than normal, but Zuko didn’t shrug him off.

“I’m only doing this so you’ll leave me alone,” Zuko warned.

Iroh waggled his eyebrows at him. “That’s what they all say…”


Katara sat sullenly at the dinner table, shoving her food this way and that on her plate. Sokka sat next to her, laughing obnoxiously and smelling like a tub of perfume. Sokka was flanked by two girls who were giggling airily at every word he said. Katara pointedly ignored them.

Aang sat on her other side, happily popping some cheesy-looking balls into his mouth. If there was, at any point, a time when he futilely tried to get her attention and maybe get her to smile at him…well, she didn’t notice. She was too busy being pissed off at her brother to notice anything, really.

They had been lucky that the village folk were kind enough to accommodate the Avatar and his friends. If it wasn’t for their graciousness, they would be out begging on the street; worse, stealing. And even though Sokka had apologized numerous times for taking all of her money before finally securing his prize, she was keen on staying upset. She couldn’t get over the fact that he was willing to risk all their change for some dumb, worthless love potion.

Was she bitter? Of course not. And yet Katara couldn’t help but notice how her mood took a turn for the worst when Sokka started to act all lovey-dovey with a woman. Even when Aang got his share of tween stalkers she couldn’t help but feel envious and irate. Maybe it was that she was too overprotective of the men in her life to admit it. Or maybe she was just jealous because somehow she knew she’d only be, forever and always, a jerk magnet.

Katara glanced at the girl sitting beside her. She had hair like a horse and a demeanor that implied she cared more about the head between Sokka’s legs rather than the one on his shoulders. When Katara leaned back to get a look at the other girl, she got an eyeful of balefully puckered lips and more cleavage than she was use to. Katara sighed, realizing that if Sokka had randomly picked up two tramps off the side of the road, she wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

Sokka had left the potion bottle carelessly out in the open, and Katara couldn’t help feel indignant for the way he treated it. The potion was the reason they were nearly broke, after all, and even if she hated it, he could at least treat his ‘investment’ with more respect.

As she stared at the bottle on the table, contemplating whether to put it in her pouch or chuck it out the window, Katara became aware of the potion. The potion seemed to have a way with playing with her mind, because the purple depths suddenly had her imagining men who desired her, men who wanted to give her the world, men who wanted to ravage her on the spot—

“That potion works well,” Aang commented beside her. She snapped abruptly out of her reverie.

“Not you too, Aang,” she groaned. She turned to him fully and put a finger in the air. “You listen. Those girls aren’t real.” Aang gave her a skeptical look. “Whaddaya mean?” he queried.

“They’re trollops.”


“What? No!” Katara glanced around the room, as if there were a translator waiting to jump in. She sighed and finally leaned in closer to Aang, and whispered, “They’re sluts.”

Aang’s mouth hung open for a second. Then he flushed a deep mahogany. He blubbered incomprehensibly.

“Katara, you—“

For some reason, on that night, his naivety irritated her beyond all reason. It was if, for the first time, she was realizing that Aang was just a twelve year old boy. Not just that, but also that she needed some female companions. She was a growing teen, after all, and she couldn’t even mention her monthly cycle without both Sokka and Aang turning useless and bumbling. If she couldn’t even say slut without getting an awkward stare…well obviously she needed to find more mature company.

On a whim, Katara suddenly grabbed the potion, deciding that she wasn’t going to let their money go to waste. She was sloshing it around when Sokka’s hand shot out to her wrist, painful and vice-like.

“Cut that out!”

“I’m not doing anything wrong.”

‘You’re going to throw it out, aren’t you?” The potion seemed to have escalated his emotions, and he was speaking in an intensely passionate voice. Of course, that also meant that he was much more volatile.

“No! You said it was for the both of us—“

‘Well I changed my mind!”

A timid voice broke them up. “Hey, guys, you should stop fighting. You’ll make a scene. Besides, Katara wasn’t doing anything wrong…” Aang put his hands up in a placating manner, acting as the ever-present mediator between the two.

Sokka frowned at Katara, but listened to Aang’s words. He let go of her wrist with a huff. “Fine, “he muttered, turning back to his female “friends”. “Have it your way.”

“I will,” Katara said, impulsively feeling like she had to have the last word in. Sokka didn’t respond by making it clear that he was immersed with the girls.

Well, that was fine with her. Her brother could be such a prick sometimes.

“Thanks Aang,” she said blankly, her mind still resting on the potion and how she suddenly hated its purpley, sloshy guts.

“Anytime,” Aang said sincerely, beaming at her. She gave him a brief smile, so fast that he almost missed it. Then she returned to flicking around her food, oblivious to the boy desperately trying to win her over.

Meanwhile Katara was thinking about the potion. She had vehemently denied using it, but the temptation of just trying it was hard to ignore. What was the worst that could happen? Sokka didn’t smell bad, just fruity. So far, he hadn’t shown signs of an adverse rash or (relative) insanity either. The only thing that had changed was that suddenly he was bagging the most beautiful (or the easiest, Katara wasn’t sure how to classify those girls) females in town like it was nothing.

She quickly flicked her eyes up, scanning the crowd for a boy. There was one a few feet away from her, quietly eating a salad and smiling genially at his parents. Nice enough, right? Katara tried to imagine herself with him like how Sokka was with the girls (minus the sluttiness). He’d smile at her with a gorgeous grin, ask her every few minutes if she was enjoying the food, and maybe even kiss her at the end of the night.

The image was enough to nearly make Katara relent and make up with Sokka. She was stubborn though, and she didn’t want to directly apologize to get what she wanted. She didn’t want to just grab the potion again either and risk another argument. She thought about it for a few seconds, but came up with nothing.

I’m a hopeless coward. She sighed and returned to her food. She had her fork halfway to her mouth when she heard her brother say rather loudly, “The only guys you could ever attract are dicks anyways, so there’s no point in trying to use it.”

She sputtered and her food flew out of her mouth. Hey! Never mind that it was probably true—he had absolutely no right saying that out loud! And they had already called a “truce”!

Aang had his hands up in a placating manner and he was saying something but Katara wasn’t listening.

Next to Sokka the female was giggling as if he’d just uttered some insanely hilarious joke.

She was angry at her brother but she knew that if she began to argue with him it would be a never-ending feud. He was partially intoxicated and she didn’t want Aang to witness her mutilating her brother. So she did the only thing that she could.

She made a sudden grab for his potion, with the intention of chucking it over the closest cliff. Even a little hazy, Sokka quickly caught onto the glint in her eye and resisted. The siblings soon found themselves in a wrestling match for the bottle, with Sokka’s hand clawing at her shoulder and Katara’s foot nearly into his mouth. Aang was yelling in the background. For some reason Katara believed that Sokka’s girls were cheering.

Their struggles had made the potion swig violently in its jar, and Katara began to notice.

“Sokka—“ she tried to cry, but his elbow was about to hit her face and she had to shift out of the way to avoid it. He didn’t hear or acknowledge her.

Her eyes widened as Sokka gave a sharp jolt toward her and suddenly the bottle tipped toward her face. Everything seemed to slow down as the potion slid out of the bottle.

The feeling of the cold liquid all over her clothes and face was immediate. She gave a cry as a pungent, fruity smell filled her nostrils. All of a sudden the bottle was empty and the potion was all over her.

SOKKA!” She screeched.

Sokka looked just as upset. He looked at her with an accusatory stare. “You wasted it!” he cried.

“Me!?” she snapped back. “You!” She shoved her finger into his face. “This is all your fault!”

The smell was quickly getting into her brain and it was becoming harder and harder for her to think straight. The potion was slowly cornering her reason and locking it up in a small, dark cage. And unfortunately, it seemed that logic wasn’t going to be coming back for a while…

Aang was tugging on her sleeve, talking to her, but he seemed far away. She waved him off.

She needed air. She needed to breathe. She felt like she was frickin’ suffocating.

She got up without another word and picked her way across the bodies sprawled on pillows on the floor or milling around the food tables. The air outside was warm but not muggy. They were close to the equator and even though she wasn’t normally use to the heat, for once she was grateful for it this night.

Thankfully Sokka didn’t follow her. She didn’t know how much she would have emasculated him if he had.

Laughter and chatter and warmth were behind her in the hall and in front of her sprawled a huge dark forest. Somewhere among the leaning trunks she saw the glitter of water. A river.

It was so much more tempting to lose herself in a strange environment than go back into the house and face the accusations of her brother and the laughter of those infuriating hoochies. And at least if there was a river she’d have a chance to shed her clothes and attempt to get some of the smell off of her.

So off she went, wandering into the forest…


Some way or another Zuko ended up drinking some of his uncle’s tea.

Zuko barely ever drank tea—it was a girly drink, after all—so when he first sipped it and was hit with a strong, bitter taste, he didn’t think much of it. It wasn’t until the outline of his uncle’s body started to grow hazy that he began to slowly realize that maybe his uncle had slipped a little rum in. On accident, of course.

Suddenly he didn’t remember much of what he had said to his uncle prior to the drink. He recalled some small talk about the Avatar and more of Iroh’s babbling about Jun, but aside from that there was a fuzzy hole in his memory.

Zuko put his hand on the low table in front of him, needing to feel something solid and real. He felt like he was losing his mind and it was making him utterly open—and if there was one thing that Prince Zuko hated, it was being put in a state of vulnerability.

Iroh was patting him on the back and Zuko shouldered him away. Zuko just wanted to get back to bed. Zuko unfolded his legs and shot up. He stood up too quickly, too suddenly though, and his eyes watered. Holy hell, the whole world was turning upside down.

“Yo majezty, yu shud reallie shit down,” the men told him, even more hammered than he was. He groaned, wanting to smack them, to smash their fucking skulls in at the moment, but he was too busy trying to keep his wits about him.

He managed to stay upright after Iroh stood to hold him by the elbow. Zuko nodded to him after a minute or so, telling him vaguely that he was going to take a walk. Sleep was weighing heavily on his mind, but he feared barfing all over his sheets if he didn’t clear his head and stretch out his muscles first.

“All right,” Iroh said uncertainly. Zuko wavered a bit. Maybe he had given him a little too much rum. He was only attempting to get his uptight nephew to have fun and enjoy the night, but apparently Zuko had an extremely low tolerance for alcohol. Only a small cup and Zuko was practically reeling.

The prince walked off the ship without falling on his ass, his uncle’s warning of not to wander too far echoing in the background. Not many people filled the streets, which was probably good since Zuko was feeling a little too antagonistic at the moment. Instead he opted for the forest, a dark deserted haven where he could wander for a while and maybe even dunk his brain in some water. It was much needed—the rum made him feel absolutely fried.

Also, there was an intoxicating scent floating from the forest that had nothing to do with the alcohol. It more than piqued Zuko’s curiosity…

‘The hell am I thinking’. The only thing that ruled Zuko was his mind, much less his nose. He glanced up at the sky. Curiosity be damned…if he wandered too far, in his state, he might never make it back to the ship in one piece.

So he set the alluring scent aside, but still…he needed to find some water. He was parched.


Katara’s eyes darted around nervously. Someone was clomping loudly through the forest, and it sounded as if they were coming closer. Katara wasn’t seriously alarmed (no one dangerous could ever walk that drunkenly, she thought), but still, with her current state, she was rather uncomfortable with any sort of confrontation.

Unless it was her brother coming out to look for her, of course. Then her “state” be damned, she’d give him one good whipping.

‘You’d like that, wouldn’t you?’ The potion had developed it’s own voice through her subconscious. She groaned and ignored it.

She had her arm slung across her bare chest, the rest of her body submerged in the water. She was completely submerged in her element and it was nighttime, so she doubted she’d be caught at a disadvantage, but still…she was naked. And as the wanderer started to make more noise and crash around even more riotously, Katara became more and more convinced that it was not her brother, but a complete stranger.

She silently formed a water whip in her right hand.


Oh fuck,’ was Zuko’s only intelligible thought as he missed the glaring boulder sitting in his path and tripped over it. This started a chain reaction of him tripping and twisting between gnarled tree roots and uneven levels of ground. It ended with a sharp twist of his ankle, and suddenly he found himself face down in the dirt.

“Damnit,” he grunted, spitting. To hell with the disgusting town and it’s ugly, useless citizens. Once he got the next chance he would rally his fire troops and burn the treacherous forest to the ground. Then he’d take the boulder that originally created his domino effect and hurl it at Avatar’s skull.

He sighed, realizing all of his talk was useless if he was drunkenly lying in a forest with no direction of left and right, up and down. His head was spinning and slowly all of his thoughts faded away.

The smell of fruit, sweet and forbidden, still permeated the forest. It seemed the more he fell and tripped around the more powerful it became for him. It was undoubtedly having an effect on his psyche as he entertained dropping everything and pursuing the one thing that smelled mouthwateringly delicious.

It was probably more prudent to stay seated and ride out his nausea, but his throat was growing more painful by the second. And with the added irritation of dirt on his tongue, he really, really wanted water.

That, and he wanted that scent.

Slowly Zuko stood up, leaning heavily on a tree trunk. Then, slowly, he began to pick his way through the forest.

He made little noise.


All was silent in Katara’s little alcove. Whoever had been tramping around in the forest had either left, fallen asleep, or died. In any case, they were not around to see Katara in her state of undress and she was free to continue her bathing.

And she definitely needed a bath. Aside from just being plain filthy from riding on Appa for so long (yes, even bird poop reached her from up there), so had the love potion to rub off of her skin.

The love potion seemed like a hopeless case, though. It wasn’t just on her skin; it was in her skin. It had, for she didn’t know how long, wound itself into her whole being.

But did it really work? Katara had a hard time believing that. The vendor had boasted that just a tiny drop will get the opposite sex enamored with him/her. So from the dosage that Katara got, and if the vendor was right, she should’ve been fighting off advances from even her brother. But no such thing happened. Not even Aang had looked a little doe-eyed when she had sprung on Sokka. And definitely no other guy had jumped in to restrain her.

Her theory was practically conclusive now:

Permanent Jerk Magnet.

Maybe if Jet had been there…

You could do much better than him,’ the potion crooned to her. She laughed sarcastically.

She floated around in the water for a moment, and her thoughts became lax. It seemed that the potion took opportunities like that, because suddenly she felt a little restless. Even more noticeable, her modesty had gone for a water break and standing naked suddenly didn’t have as much of an effect on her as it should’ve. It was almost as if…as if she would be caught by the whole fire nation, even, it wouldn’t bother her. Somehow, the potion made her feel so incredibly desirable that no one would dare to do anything other to her than—

Her hand had grown lax on her water whip, almost dissolving it completely. So when a figure materialized just beyond the line of bushes in front of her, she was well in for a scare.

The potion released it’s grip promptly and she was back on earth, her only thought to extricate the pervert from the midst. How dare they—and with a naked female around, too!

Her whip solidified between her delicate fingers and she lashed it out, elongating it so it reached far enough to get a hold of the figure. She had a secure grip on the person’s—and she assumed now it was a man—ankle, and with a flick of her wrist she tossed him forward.


Zuko honestly thought he was the victim that night. First, his uncle had the gall to intoxicate him with his stupid, piss tea. Then he incurred the wrath of the Boulder and Forest gods and took a large tumble through their even stupider, pissier environment. Then, to top it all off, as he was innocently looking for water, a Waterbender—with an oh-too- familiar looking water whip—latched onto his ankle and dunked him right in.

The impact with the water—a complete belly flop—was so sudden and complete that Zuko’s already fuzzy mind went into overload. A bright light flashed in his vision and slowly it became an obsidian black.

He couldn’t pull himself out of the water.


The last thing he smelled was the fruit.


For one millisecond she believed that she had just served sound justice to who she believed was a peeping Tom.

Then, in the next second, when she realized that the man lying face down in the water wasn’t moving, it dawned on her that if she didn’t do something she could possibly be a murderer.

“Hey!” she called out, cautious at first that he was faking it. His body was immobile though, and it was slowly sinking. How long did it take for brain damage to set in?

Forgetting about her lack of clothes, she propelled herself through the water, splashing hurriedly up to his prone body. She got a good hold on his middle and managed to flip him over so that he was on his back and not filling his lungs with water. She thought she deserved a pat on the back for such an act, but one look at his face caused her to scream and let go of the hold she had on the front of his shirt.

It was Zuko. Price Zuko. Mr. I’m-Going-To-Kill-The-World’s-Hero-And-Cackle-While-I-Do-It.

His body slid below the surface of the water and for a moment she considered letting him sink to the bottom. It would be easy, like dropping a rock into the ocean. That’s all he was really worth to her, wasn’t he? Just a rock.

Katara was not a killer though, no matter how passive his death might have been on her part. As much as she hated Zuko, hated him for making her life a living hell, hated him for feeling nervous whenever she saw the spark of fire, she just couldn’t bring herself to just let him sink down as if he was nothing.

After all, he was human.

A human that wasn’t a too-bad looking teenager either.

Her hand shot out and wrapped itself around his collar, buoying him back up to the surface. His chest and head rose out of the surface, but his arms and legs hung downward like ropes.

She sighed. So much for leaving him for dead.

“Hey,” she called for the second time that night to him. She used her other hand to nudge his shoulder, not feeling like she had the liberty to touch his face. When he, again, didn’t answer, a small panic reflex was awoken within her. After getting over an initial fear, Katara leaned down and put her ear closely to his mouth.

A small breath fanned across her cheek. No mouth-to-mouth needed, that was for sure…


Katara pulled him closer, partially out of maternal instincts. She had his back up against her chest, ready to haul him to shore, when she realized that he was pressed against her bare chest, and that if he awoke he would be very aware of that fact.

So with a yelp, she plopped him back down into the water (if not by accident). His lifeless body folded before her, and she had to mentally slap herself before grabbing him again and pulling him back into a half-standing, half crouching position.

She couldn’t help but think, what would she have done if the potion had taken control of her again? Would she have leaned into him? She wasn’t ready to find that out yet.

As she pulled his body closer to the shore, she began to notice subtle things that she never would’ve realized before. Like, Zuko’s waist was a lot trimmer and harder than she would’ve originally thought. And that his ponytail smelled like jasmine tea, whether he was aware of that or not. The most mollifying of all though was how Katara noticed that every brush of his clothes against her bare skin caused an electrifying jolt to travel from the point of contact to right between her legs.

A considerable blush was tinting her cheeks now. She suddenly felt awfully perverted and it was all she could do from keeping her mind from straying in the danger zone. This was her enemy after all, and no matter how good his body felt against hers…

A small groan in front of her stilled her movements and she had half a mind to just leave him and run.

“Mmmguhs,” he seemed to say. Then he coughed up a handful of water and settled into silence. Katara stilled, careful not to make any movement. Was he delusional? It was possible…she did leave him floating in the water for longer than normal…

He said the unintelligible word again, but by then Katara had already dismissed it. Maybe “mmmguhs” was a person. How would she know? The last thing she needed was getting too involved with the half drowned Prince and getting to know what he was thinking.

But he persisted. “Mangoes,” he repeated, slowly, and with conviction. As if something had just dawned on it again, he repeated it.

Katara nearly convinced herself that if she didn’t move or talk or breathe, he wouldn’t realize she was there and continue to rant about fruits.

I’ll just leave him on the shore, she thought. Just lay him next to the lake, get dressed, and leave.

As she was thinking she failed to see that Zuko had regained control of his limbs and was currently inching his right hand to the juncture between her legs.

“EEP!” she squealed when he finally reached his destination. Was he—did he really—oh heavens! He was!

Inside she was more than angry at him. Had he been faking his unconsciousness? Was this how the cruel prince got his rocks off, fingering unsuspecting girls in lakes? Oh, she couldn’t even begin to describe how angry she felt…

She swiftly grabbed his hand and pressed it to his own chest, trying to teach him that his hand did not belong there. No sooner had she done that though that his other hand found itself in the same spot, which was feeling surprisingly warm at the moment.

“Zuko!” she hissed. “Keep your hands to—“

Suddenly he pulled away from her, still managing to keep his hand firmly clamped over her private, despite her attempts to wretch it away.

“I don’t know why,” he began, standing uncomfortably close to her naked form. It was becoming increasingly difficult to cover her breasts and at the same time keep his hands away from her feminine place. “But I want to put my hands all over you.”

Maybe because he had just figured out that the smell was coming from her. She was completely drenched in it. And now that he was so close all he wanted to do was to taste the smell.

Katara flushed. Did he…really just say that? Zuko Since when was he such a…Casanova? Of course, Katara didn’t know much about him to begin with, but he had never shown any romantic—or sexual—interest in her before.

“I’m sorry,” she stuttered, wondering why she was apologizing. He, after all, was the one touching her sex and invading her personal space. “This is really inappro—“

“Why do you smell so good?” he growled, as if trying to figure it out himself. “I can’t…what’re you doing to me, girl?”

Smell? ‘Oh no. Please, I thought I had washed it all off!’

The potion crowed at her. ‘You can’t get rid of me, sweetie! Not until you fulfill your fantasy…’

Fantasy? What fantasy? Surely it wouldn’t be to sleep with Zuko!

But still…the potion worked after all…and now Zuko had one thing on his mind for her.

Katara didn’t want to be raped in the forest by her enemy. She didn’t—

“Ahh,” she said, when Zuko became bolder and started rubbing her…well, the place. “I—“ Suddenly the potion overcame her. “Do it some more.

Urgh. She had no control over herself when the potion kicked in. It was affecting both of them.

“You smell like mangoes,” he told her. “And I want you.”

Katara flushed. How did she get into this situation? All because of a fight with her brother?

She just didn’t know what to do…


Author’s Note: Next chapter is all of the dirty good stuff…

This is the last chapter of this very short story, so please enjoy!


The potion crowed at her. ‘You can’t get rid of me, sweetie! Not until you fulfill your fantasy…’

Fantasy? What fantasy? Surely it wouldn’t be to sleep with Zuko!

“I’m sorry,” she repeated for the umpteenth time that night. It was a ridiculous notion—that she had to apologize every time she pushed away his hands from touching her too much, but for some reason she felt as if it was her own burden. She’d said before that Zuko had never shown any real interest in her before. That meant that he was being forced to act out on what Katara supposed had to be her “hidden fantasy”.


Katara tried to wrack her brains for a time when Zuko gave off any semblance of attraction for her.

Well, there was that one time he tied her to a tree and taunted her—possible foreplay? But no, she shook her head vehemently. She was positive he had nothing on his mind then but capturing the Avatar. He had acted nice then, but he wasn’t relishing in it. Jerk.

No, she honestly couldn’t think of any time when he showed any interest in her. And the closest they came to touching was when they managed to negate each other’s attacks enough to come within a hair’s reach of one another.

But that was it.

And now this…

The potion—which she figured out to be her subconscious—was gleefully taunting her.

You like this,’ it would tell her. ‘You’re a sad, deprived little girl who’s just aching for someone to pay her the time of day…’

Well, she wasn’t so sure about deprived. She wasn’t that old, after all. But still…

Was she deprived? She wasn’t sure if she’d classify herself like that just yet. Put out, definitely. Maybe—

Hey, why was she even listening to the potion! Katara was in control of the potion, not the other way around!!

“Zuko,” she said calmly, biting her lip when his answer was to languidly pull his wet shirt over his head and toss it onto the shore. His lean chest glistened in the moonlight. “I…uh…” completely just lost my composure.

She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of rippling, wet biceps and flat, washboard abs. “Zuko,” she tried again. “I really don’t think we need to be—ah!

She cried out as Zuko, in all of his damn curiosity, rushed forward and cupped her breast in his unbelievably warm hand. She flushed a deep purple. She’d been so focused on finding a way out of this that she didn’t even remember to protect her…uh, assets! Oh dear…

Zuko slowly moved his hand up, the weight feeling foreign in his hand. It was unheard of for a Prince, but he’d never even seen a girl’s chest, much less touched it. So when he stumbles upon a naked waterbender who is so out of it that she’s leaving her body wide open and vulnerable…well what the hell else is he supposed to do? She didn’t seem to mind anyway, since she seemed to be moaning…

I am NOT moaning right now,’ Katara thought in denial, even as a throaty sigh escaped her throat as he experimentally ran his finger over her nub. ‘I am completely…ah…not…into this…right now…’

And then Zuko found it fit to slide his fingers across her stomach, and then lower…lower…

“AH!” she screamed, not in pleasure but in pure shock. Reacting violently to the way he had suddenly slid his fingers inside of her—hey, that was her private spot, she swung her arm and whipped him viciously across the chest with a water whip. He stumbled back in shock, and the potion’s hold drained from his eyes while his eyebrows screwed together in pain.

Katara stumbled back, covering her breasts and glaring at the teen before her.

His expression was so plainly wounded that it made her backtrack.

Zuko was the enemy. Prince Zuko deserved to be hurt, beaten, abandoned. That’s the mantra she told herself every night to try and ward off the agonizing guilt of having to constantly fight him and usually leaving him on the ground after she was done. Usually after a fight, after she’d won, she could at least run away from him before the guilt caught up to her and choked her. At least then she wouldn’t have to look into his eyes.

Then he deserved it, she would ration.

But this time was different.

He didn’t deserve it. Not really.

Zuko was staring at her and she could see in his eyes that he truly didn’t comprehend why she would hit him. She had been moaning, hadn’t she? Didn’t she want him? Didn’t she want to feel his touch?

Katara bit her lip.

She experimentally took a step toward him. The movement seemed to have awoken Zuko from his stupor and suddenly he looked very irate.

She hit him.

Even in his state he registered it as an attack.

She saw his hands glow and watched as the light traveled up to the juncture at his elbow. She could see the steam rising off of it, and even from her distance she knew they could melt iron. With a terrible hiss he rushed toward her, and she was slammed against the shore, his arms on either side of her. The heat was close to searing her.

She looked up into his eyes. He looked as angry as ever, and yet there was confusion and desperation behind that. Why? Why hit me, water bender? Are you just using me for your little games?

Am I just being used again?

Katara felt horrified. Had she actually hurt him? No, it wasn’t possible. He’d been struck, much deeper, by her water whip before. This was just a shallow cut, and yet he looked more agonized than she’d ever seen him.

The compassionate side of her was suddenly stirred to act, despite the message of ‘he’s the enemy!’ being ingrained into her memory.

She had to do something…

Suddenly she was looking at his wound with much curiosity…

Slowly, as to not alert him, she looked up at him with soft blue eyes and smiled tentatively. He scowled down at her. His eyes widened as she stuck her tongue out and gently dipped it against his wound. His arms cooled down somewhat, his anger slowing being replaced by curiosity.

When she felt his muscles go lax she continued, pressing her tongue completely against the wound and running her tongue’s leathery texture against it, removing the blood. It tasted funny to Katara but it wasn’t foreign; ironically, it was the man in front of her that usually made her taste her own blood. She was use to the smell, look, and taste of it.

But never had she actually tasted somebody else’s.

Zuko was watching her head move hypnotically over his chest and eventually gave in. His arms stopped glowing and he wrapped his arms around Katara, holding her head to him. Her tongue was soft and small and wet, and she was obviously trying to placate him by cleaning his wound. It was weird, when he thought about it—a female licking off his blood. Yet she seemed sincere about it, and no one had ever cared enough before.

She looked up after a while, her lips stained a deep mahogany. Zuko cupped some water in his hands and slowly ran it over her lips and chin, washing away his blood.

Then he kissed her.

Zuko kissed like she would have figured he would—with frightening passion and intensity that only befitted a fire bending Prince. He held her head in place, tasting her fully and extracting whatever sweetness she contained. She didn’t struggle; instead she wrapped her thin arms around his neck and tugged him closer, rubbing her bare chest against his.

He groaned, pushing his lower body against her and rocking her against the shore. She whimpered, feeling an intense pressure, like a rock, pushing against her core. Zuko used her momentary surprise to his advantage and delved into her mouth with his tongue.

When he pulled back a string of saliva fell from their connected lips and slid down Katara’s chin. She rubbed it off in a daze.

He ran his tongue down her neck, making her suddenly giggle. Heavens, she felt drunk. And it felt so good. All of the resistance that she had…well, he had washed it away with one single kiss.

“Zuko?” she purred, rubbing the nape of his neck with her long, delicate fingers. She smiled at him.

“Hm?” His hand moved from the shore and cupped her breast, flicking the nub with his thumb. She moaned, momentarily forgetting her thoughts.

“…play with me.” She finally gasped.

He finished what he was doing with her neck—he’d given her a hickey—and looked up to smirk at her.

“Play with me, what?” The potion had regained it’s hold on him, and coupled with the insane amount of alcohol, he was definitely feeling more daring than he ever would. Which is why he found it fit to taunt her, especially after the stunt she pulled by whipping him.

“Huh? Ah!” He had pinched her bottom lightly under the water, making her squeal. “I don’t under—“

He glared at her.

“Cut it out,” she pleaded, because she had this heat between her legs and he’d just removed the pressure from it, making it feel lonely and barren. He was slowly pulling away from her and at the moment she couldn’t stand to not have any contact—

“Prince,” she cried suddenly.

Zuko arched an eyebrow, sliding closer to her again. “What was that?”

“PRINCE! Please play with me!” she cried, cheeks flushing.

Zuko smirked, seeming satisfied. He grabbed her wet arms and slid them around his neck, making sure she was gripping him firmly. Then he used his arms and grabbed her bare bottom, lifting her up. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his trim waist. He grinned down at her and pushed their bodies against the shore.

Katara relished the contact. His skin was warm, and there was that thing under the water that was rubbing against her again, giving her a nice sensation. Oh, the only thing that was separating them was his cursed pants…

As good as it felt, though, she still wanted something else. Something to raise her endorphins and make her even more excited.

She wiggled around in his arms.

“Zuko,” she whined insistently. When he lightly bit her neck, she added, “Prince Zuko. I want to play.”

Zuko stroked her hair. “Why?”

“Because I want to.”

He ran his tongue along her earlobe. “Does fighting turn you on, Katara?”

She didn’t know when he had stopped calling her water bender and changed to Katara, but she didn’t have time to think about that. She groaned as he mouth closed over her earlobe, sucking on it hard. “Yes.”

He removed his mouth from her body with a breathy sigh. He slowly pulled away from her, robbing her of his warmth. She let herself sink lower into the cold water, wanting to call him back and yet wondering what he was going to do.

A giant fireball flew past her suddenly, nearly missing her ear by less than an inch. Zuko stood back, his right hand glowing and a distinctive smirk playing on his lips.

Just like old times.

She threw a few icicle daggers at him in retaliation, too small to cause him any real harm. She didn’t want to damage him, after all; just get him awfully randy and excited. He melted most the daggers and caught the last in his hand, snapping it in half. Then he smirked at her and strode toward her, having every intention to hold her in place and ravage her on the spot.

But Katara wasn’t ready to give in yet.

Zuko was in an inch of grabbing hold of Katara when she commanded up an impressive tidal wave. With a frown—she really was taking this overboard—he sent up a wall of flames to mirror the water. The two barriers collided and exploded in a hiss of steam. The air around them became uncomfortably muggy and Katara looked like she was a little girl at a circus, smiling like a moron.

“More,” she said.

“No. No more,” he said back. They played…for a few seconds. Now it was done. Now he wanted her to be writhing under him.

“More,” she said, the potion making her angry. Her hand slapped the water and the whole lake shook.

Zuko arched an eyebrow at her.

Brave little girl.

“Come here,” he commanded instead, his voice a mixture of ire and desire. She slid back until her back hit the shore, shaking her head, being as damn stubborn as he was on his worse days. He knew that if he refused to please her then she’d return it in kind. Still though, he didn’t know how wise that was; he was stronger, after all.

Come here.”

She sneered—very haughtily, in his opinion—and held up her hands, freezing the water around him.

He growled.

Goddamn water bending harpie.

Just as he was about to melt it all and punish Katara for being such a tease, Katara sent her arms into the air with a ferocious motion. Suddenly the frozen water beneath him spiked upward, bringing him with it. Abruptly the fire prince found himself suspended in the air, encased up to the neck in ice and battling a very uncomfortable, cold, and painful squeeze on his manhood.

Zuko wasn’t sure what the hell the potion was doing to her at the moment, but he knew that if there was one thing he didn’t want it was frostbite on his dick.

Katara gave him a suggestive smile and scampered to shore, effectively mooning him in the process.


That did it.

When Katara glanced back, Zuko’s skin had begun to glow and steam. With an agitated roar, he broke the ice crystals around his upper body, melting the ones on his lower body with ease. Whoops. Katara should’ve known that wouldn’t have worked….hadn’t she tried that on him before? Not with great results.

Before Katara could even think of running to the safety of her friends, Zuko sent up a crescent of fire, which caught the grass and arched around Katara’s body. It hissed and crackled at her and the only way away from the licking flames was straight into Zuko’s chest.

She backed into him fearfully and instantly felt his iron grip wrap around her body. He squished her against his lean form, his firm muscles biting into her bare back painfully.

Maybe she had been in charge before, but now she could tell that Zuko was angry with her coyness and was definitely looking for her to pay him back in full.

He growled behind her.

“You’re such a fucking tease, water bender,” he hissed. He clamped one arm across her chest as his other shot into the water, cupping her womanhood and making her squeal. He continued as she started to writhe against him. “You tell me you want to play with me and you act like you need sex like a starving man needs food, and yet you insult me by trying to escape my grasp.

“Zuko,” she gasped as he slid two fingers inside of her. “P-please…I was just p-playing…”

“—and then you’re smothered in that damn scent,” he said, using his thumb to rub firmly against her. “And you know damn well I can’t resist it.”

He angled his hand so his fingers went in even deeper. She cried out and struggled, not sure if she wanted him to do more or if she wanted him to let her go completely.

“You toyed with me, water bender,” he purred violently into her ear. “So you’ll have what you came here for. One way or another, I’m going to have you, and I’m going to give it to you so hard you won’t be able to walk the next day. And all of your goody-two-shoes little friends will know it was me because I’ll make sure you’re covered in my scent.”

Katara flushed and dug her nails into Zuko’s back as he started to mercilessly delve into her. She barely had time to comprehend his words when something hit her, hard. She arched her back up as her legs twitched violently, and she let out a strangled yell, not really sure what was happening but positive it was the most overpowering thing she’d ever felt. Most curious of all, the pleasure seemed to stem right from the area between her legs.

She eventually slid down from her crest of happiness, and when she hit bottom she went lax against Zuko’s wet and warm chest. He held her there for a moment, making her feel sleepy but secure.

“That felt good,” she finally murmured. She was completely sated but Zuko seemed to be trying to shake her awake.

“What is it?” Katara looked up into Zuko’s face and saw his eyes clouded with desperation. He was gripping her arms tightly, and although he was doing a fine job of fighting off his need it was obvious he wouldn’t be able to hold off for long.

“Oh,” she said, feeling a little dumb. “Guess I should take care of you now, huh?” For some reason, she was in one of the best moods she’d had in a long time.

Katara started by softly kissing his jaw line down to his neck. She rained butterfly kisses down his wet chest and stopped by one of his pink, pert nipples. She stared at it for a moment before finally taking the nub in her mouth, making him jump. He didn’t resist her though, and even pulled her closer, sliding his hands into her braid and slowly undoing it.

Katara abandoned his swollen nub as he freed her hair. She traveled down to his navel and had to crouch now, and she let her bare legs rub against Zuko’s clothed ones underneath the water. She placed kisses on his abs, and gently nuzzled his belly button. Then she kissed the area underneath his navel, felt the soft black hairs there, grabbed onto his waistline—

“What the hell are you doing?” Zuko finally cried, because her mouth was really close to his arousal and she was making it much, much worse. Unfortunately though, as much as he was aware of what she was probably going to do, he still wasn’t completely comfortable with it. He was a virgin, after all.

Katara glanced up with a frown, the potion swirling deep within her conscious. Huh? What was wrong? She didn’t understand why he was suddenly acting so shy. Wasn’t he the one that wanted it the most, after all?

The potion growled. ‘Damn it, this boy is strong. Most men can’t resist me. But he…he’s good.’

Good? What the hell was that suppose to mean? Unfortunately, Zuko’s embarrassment was rubbing off on Katara, and she quickly kicked the potion in the balls—hey!—before it could make her any more sexual than she was already being.

“Zuko, are you a virgin?” Katara finally asked. Absentmindedly she rested her lips against the side of his navel. He had soft skin and smelled yummy.

Zuko cringed, and immediately his mind went on the offensive.

What? Who did she think he was talking to? He was a goddamn prince, after all. How dare she insinuate that! Just because it was true…hey, that didn’t give her a right to ask questions like that! Goddammit!

“Suck me,” he suddenly commanded, fire burning in his eyes. Huh, show her that he definitely was NOT a virgin.

Katara blushed. “What? Hey, I asked you—“

As if to prove his point, Zuko grabbed for the waistline of his pants and was all but about to fully expose himself with her face right there….but he stopped.


Katara noticed this.

“You stopped.”

“No shit.”

“So you’re a virgin, then.”

He grunted noncommittally. “What’s it to you?”

Katara rolled her eyes. “A lot, considering you want to screw my brains out. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Ask about your partner’s sexual history before you hit the sack?”

Zuko shrugged. Were they really talking like this while she was crouched in front of his arousal? Really, they found the most uncomfortable times to have deep conversations…

“That’s only when you actually care about the other person,” Zuko said.

Katara winced. Ouch. Well, what had she been expecting? A warm and cuddly Zuko? Just because he wanted her body didn’t mean he wanted to marry her. She should’ve expected that. She should’ve known that just because it was warm in his arms didn’t mean he wanted her there all the time.

But still.

It’d be nice if the dirtbag showed at least a semblance of concern.

“I hate you,” she said suddenly, and she stood up. She wanted to leave, but she was suddenly too embarrassed to even do that. It would be yet another time that a guy rejected her and left her all alone.

Zuko, surprisingly, was quiet.

He turned to her.

“What?” Katara asked, irritated now. See if he ever got a chance at fucking her, ever. She was pissed now.

He looked at her very seriously—surprising, considering he was drunk. “You know…”


“…if you were a fire bender I’d take you with me and treat you like a queen.”

She gaped at him.

He moved closer.

“I’d give you necklaces made out of obsidian found in the deepest volcanoes. I’d buy you chests of dresses made out of the finest silk in the whole world. I’d feed you gourmet food every night. I’d let you keep any exotic pet you’d ask for, even a…..”

“Why are you telling me this?”

Zuko captured her chin and tugged her in for a slow kiss. “Because it seemed like you needed to be told that.”

She frowned into his lips, resisting him, not wanting it, because she was still very upset with him. Zuko’s lips were naturally warm though, and after awhile she felt her resistance, yet again, start to crumble. It seemed it was useless to try and fight him.

Zuko was different now. He wasn’t growling at her and grabbing at her like he did before. Now he was gentler as he languorously kissed her and ran his hands up and down her arms.

“Mmm,” she sighed against his mouth.

Katara had traveled the whole world looking for a guy with at least some semblance of honor and she found none. And yet here, right in front of her eyes, was a man telling her he’d give her anything. Standing around in the forest naked, fighting off sexual advances, listening to idealistic speeches, fighting off more sexual advances…hey, didn’t get more romantic than that, did it?



“I think I like you.”

Zuko chuckled and slowly broke their kiss. “No, water bender, you don’t. You like the idea of a man catering to you and paying attention to your needs and feelings. And…” his hand slipped beneath the water and gently stroked between her legs, “I think you like what I have to offer, too.”

Katara gave off a silly smile then. Back with Sokka and Aang at dinner, she believed that she wasn’t going to smile again for quite a while. But it was none other than the grouchy fire prince that brought it out of her. Of course, he wasn’t so much grouchy as he was seductive now…

“Are you going to sleep with me?” Katara asked.

“One way or another, yes.”

She smiled again, and Zuko, for the world, couldn’t figure out why. He just told her he was going to have sex with her, whether it was consensual or not. And yet here she was, grinning like a fool. Maybe she was a closeted nymphomaniac? Either way…

…she was rather pretty when she smiled.


“What now?”

“Can we pretend we’re in love?”

“Do you always ask this many questions before you do it?” Zuko questioned.

“Just answer the question.”

Zuko sighed. “You can pretend we’re whatever the hell you want, so long as it turns you on…”


Katara pulled away from him, moving back toward the shore while still facing him. His arm shot out and grabbed her, but she just smiled at him.

“Don’t worry,” she purred, and even he could see the potion darkening her eyes. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He loosened his grip on her and she backed up against the shore. She grabbed behind her and hitched herself up on the edge, her legs dangling over into the water. Her wet skin glistened in the moonlight and she smiled at him. She waggled her finger at him.

“Come here.”

And if to convince him, she opened up her legs, giving him a full view of what was in between.

“Shit,” Zuko groaned, recognizing his own ache. Maybe in a sane state he would’ve seen the danger of the situation—a water bender and a fire bender eloping—but by then he was far from being reasonable. With the potion making his desire unbearable and the rum making his sensibilities knotted and useless, he was very, very vulnerable to Katara. And with her sitting there with her legs open while she played with her breasts….well, damn it.

He waded over to her without a thought, like a loyal dog does to his master.

Their bodies wrapped around each other as Zuko moved between her legs and started to kiss her deeply, drawing from her and making her squirm. Somehow in between their heated kisses Zuko managed to slide off his pants, leaving him naked in the water. The water level rocked subtly around his waist so Katara couldn’t see his manhood.

Of course, she’d be foolish to think it wasn’t there and it wasn’t aroused at all.

The next time he kissed her he wrapped his arms tightly around her waist. His slick arms clung to her wet skin as he lifted her off the grassy bank. She quickly wrapped her legs around his midsection to ease her weight off of his arms. As she did so one of his hands slid to her bottom, holding her there.

“Zuko?” she whispered. “Do you want me?”

She knew it was a redundant question, but she suddenly wanted every excuse to extract every sweet, endearing, or otherwise dirty comment from him. She didn’t know when she became hungry for his voice, but now she certainly was.

Instead of answering her in words though, Zuko simply loosed his grip on her, causing her to slip further down his body. Katara let out an unconcealed squeal as she felt something enter her slightly and give her a sting. She squeezed her legs against him painfully, deterring any further slipping from happening.

“Zuko I—“

“—if you were offered chocolate or coal, which would you take?” Zuko interrupted her.

“Chocolate, of course,” Katara said distractedly. The tip was still sunken within her and it was hurting a little.


“Huh? I don’t understand.” She wriggled a little and gasped as this caused him to slide in even deeper. She bit her lip and clung to his broad shoulders, feeling more nervous in her life than she had ever been. She couldn’t even begin to comprehend how he could stand there composed, even as he was half inside of her already.

“You’re friends are like coal,” he explained. “They dirty you, water bender, and they try to make you sordid and primordial like they are.”

“N-nice to know that s-sex makes you a wonderful o-orator…” she stuttered out, trying to slide back up his body. He smirked, noticing her squirming movements. With ease he brought her back up and away from his length. She became eye level with him and she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his neck.

Yes, she was afraid of doing it with him. At the same time though, more than anything, all she wanted to do was cling to him.

“Besides,” he whispered to her. “Mangoes do not go with coal at all—“

Katara nervously wet her lips, not realizing that doing so in front of Zuko was like baiting a lion with a large piece of meat.

“—But with chocolate…” he drew his thumb on her lower lip, feeling the wetness there. His nose slid past hers so that their lips were touching, and on instinct Katara’s eyes slid closed.

“…it’s so much more ravishing.”

He kissed her so passionately and swirled her emotions so much that she didn’t even notice his movements as he carried her out of the water and onto the shore. He laid her body down beneath his on the grass, not breaking the kiss until she was nestled comfortably on the ground. He leaned back at surveyed her body in the moonlight, her blue eyes staring at him out of the dark.


Katara looked ready to say something again, so he kissed her again, his wet hair dripping down his scalp. She sighed and threaded her fingers behind his neck, pulling him closer. He slowly nudged her legs open with his knee, acknowledging her sigh as he did so. She sighed against his lips as he settled himself between her legs, and even wrapped her legs around his waist again in response.

He broke the kiss and dragged his lips across her neck, tasting the wetness there and relishing in it. Her arms left his neck as he proceeded to give her another hickey on the opposite side of her neck. Katara slid her arms underneath his armpits and clung lightly to his shoulder blades.

After playing with her breasts for a few moments Zuko moved back up to her mouth and kissed her soundly. One of his arms slid beneath her leg and lifted it up slightly, opening her further. He leaned over her on one forearm and looked deeply into her eyes. She could see his honey-golden pupils shining down at her and it made her feel oddly comforted.

He kissed her again, sliding his tongue deep into her mouth.

“Do you want me?” Katara repeated her question from earlier as they broke away, panting.

His eyes swirled with lust. “Yes.”

Then he thrust into her.

Katara could’ve taken an arrow to her womanhood and she was sure she wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. For a few moments all she could do was writhe and claw at Zuko’s back, making him hiss. She was sure she was crying, and Zuko was trying in vain to kiss away her tears.

She wasn’t sure when Zuko decided he simply couldn’t comfort her through kisses alone, but soon she noticed he was slowly moving within her. At first it hurt constantly and felt uncomfortably foreign, but soon the ache started to fade, only to be replaced by a new one. Her grip on his back faded into a gentler hug as she spread herself move to give him more access.

Zuko was a very sensual and encouraging lover, Katara found, as he whispered dirty things in her ear and moaned out in earnest when she would experimentally jerk her hips upward as he thrust downward.

The pleasure was amazing, but she belatedly began to notice that Zuko seemed to be tiring. He was drunk, after all, and that seemed to be negatively affecting his stamina. With a coy grin and a short peck on his nose, Katara pushed on Zuko’s chest and quickly flipped them so that she was straddling his hips. At first he seemed confused, but when she bent down and rubbed her chest against his he relished the change.

Katara nor Zuko could remember how long they continued, and how many different positions were tried (some failed) after that. All they knew was that by the time Zuko wrapped her arms tightly around Katara’s body and shot something hot and warm inside of her, the sky was starting to reveal it’s first dim rays of sunlight.

Zuko collapsed into a heap beside Katara’s body, covered in either sweat or the remains of the lake water—probably both. Katara managed to crawl across his body and nuzzle her face into his chest. He didn’t push her away, and instead wrapped his arms around her thin waist.

They laid there for a while, in which they both became aware that the potion was whispering it’s goodbyes. They had fulfilled their “fantasy” and now were given back the gift of free will.

But Katara had to wonder, was that all the potion’s doing?

She frowned slightly, listening to Zuko’s heartbeat as it tried to find a slower tempo. Wasn’t she in her right mind when she let him carry her onto shore? And the many times she could’ve unleashed the full force of her water bending and defeated him, like always? And yet she never really ran away from him; instead, she actually embraced him. Several times. In different positions.

Katara flushed. Oh boy, what had she done?

“Zuko?” she asked tentatively, after she was sure they’d laid there for an hour. The day was becoming brighter, and she was becoming more and more self-conscious of her nude body lying on the grass with his.

“What is it?” he asked, looking down at her. He was absentmindedly threading his fingers through her hair and looking down at her with unconcealed sincerity. Her stomach twisted in knots. How could she say what she knew she had to say?

She couldn’t just lie here with him until Aang and Sokka found her. And she couldn’t just keep listening to Zuko’s heartbeat while fire soldiers were probably stomping through the forest looking for their lost Prince at the moment.

She wanted to. But she couldn’t.

“We—“ she started, and then utterly failed to complete the sentence. What, what was she supposed to say? We were drunk so it didn’t matter? Forget about it? Nice fuck? Every single sentence she thought of came out sounding terribly crude and hurtful.

She sighed. But that’s what it was, wasn’t it? They had sex, when they had no real right to.

“Katara?” Zuko asked, when she didn’t respond. He knew what she wanted to say, of course he did, he wasn’t a moron, but he wasn’t going to make her say it. Because honestly, he didn’t want to hear it any more than she wanted to say it.

He knew that it had been an unspoken agreement that what they did was purely out of physical need. They didn’t have feelings for each other. They weren’t looking for any commitment afterward. All they had wanted was the pleasure of that moment, and that was it.


Zuko didn’t want to admit it, but maybe he needed more than just a one night stand.

Katara had treated him nice enough, hadn’t she? She hadn’t rebuffed his advances in the end. She’d held him. She’d even said she liked him.

And now…now…

It was ridiculous, a fucking wussy thing to do, but Zuko was starting to think he wouldn’t mind having Katara around for more than just a…single night of passion. Because for once, there was a girl who didn’t reject him. She didn’t walk out on him like all the others.

Yet, anyway.

“I think,” Katara was trying to say to him. She looked as vulnerable as he felt. “We can’t—“ she shook her head, and he was shocked to see that she was sprouting frustrated tears. “Oh Zuko,” she said brokenly. “This can’t happen again!”

Zuko grimaced and looked away from her pained face, hating the words that she had to say. He didn’t want to hear that. Because the night before…it had literally been one of the best nights of his life. And now? It would just fade into a memory.

Katara slowly started to push herself up into a sitting position, and there was nothing he could do to stop her. He wasn’t allowed to stop her anymore.

“I enjoyed last night,” she said, and she was suddenly crying. “I really did. But we—we’re—we’re…two different people. And I’m—“ she made jerky motions with her hands toward the water. “You know. And you…you’re a fire bender. And a Prince…and—“ her voice cut off in a sob.

Zuko bit his lip and pulled himself up into a sitting position too. He grabbed his pants, still damp, and slowly slid them on, nodding as Katara continued to stutter out her message.

“We’re too young,” she was saying. “And I—well, you know…” she quieted her sobs for a second as she thought. “Zuko?” she finally said. He stopped pulling on his boots and looked at her. She was still completely naked, making it harder for him to even listen to what she was saying. She scooted closer and placed her hand over his. “If I’m…you know…”

He simply nodded.

She continued. “I would never….” she bit her lip as she tried to figure out what she was trying to say. “I would never…kill…it. Even though it would be your…child…I still wouldn’t hate it.” She glanced up nervously at Zuko, but Zuko’s expression was unreadable. “I mean,” she tried again, “this is only if, but if I was…pregnant…”

Zuko reached out and cupped her cheek. “I’d try to take care of you the best I could,” he finally said, despite all of his doubts that that would be even remotely possible. After the avatar found out about their rendezvous—and he was sure the monk would—there was no way that the young boy would probably let him get within a mile of the female water bender.

“I’m sorry,” she said miserably. “I know…it’s all my fault…”

Zuko’s brow furrowed then. “What?”

Katara sniffled and slowly reached back for her undergarments. She wrapped them back around her as if she was in a daze.

“I accidentally dumped some…love potion…or something…all over me,” she began. “And it makes the wearer irresistible. And so, you see, it’s all my fault.”

Zuko almost laughed. “Stupid water bender,” he said softly, lightly smacking her over the top of the head. “It wasn’t you fault. I was drunk.”

She paused, dress in hand, and a small smile graced her lips. “We’re even, then,” she said softly.

The Prince shrugged. This hurt, but he had to say it. He had to cut this off before he got too attached to a girl that was supposed to be his enemy.

“You should get going,” he said. He grabbed his shirt and slowly stood up. It was already heating up, thanks to the proximity of the equator.

Katara slowly pushed herself up, sliding her dress down her hips and concealing her body from him. He internally sighed. Damn it.

“Yeah,” she said softly. But instead of moving, she just stood there in front of him.

Zuko frowned, Shit, was she going to make him do it? Would she make him treat her like an asshole so she’d try her hardest to forget about last night? He didn’t want to do that—at all—but if it was the only way to chase her away and protect her from the soldiers he knew were coming…

“Run, water bender,” he warned.

She bit her lip. “Is this how it’s going to be now?” she looked up at him and sniffled.

He sighed.

“For now,” he finally said. Then, “maybe…someday…I’ll be able to give you what I said I would last night.”

“But you said that was only if I was a fire bender,” she pointed out.

Zuko smiled softly at her, making her heart flutter.

“Maybe in the future that won’t matter,” he said softly. And then he grabbed her head and pulled her in for a kiss. He filled the kiss with all the confusing feelings that were building up inside of him. He kissed her in what he hoped would satisfy her for quite some time.

When they broke away, Katara was looking dazed, while Zuko looked wistful.

“Now go,” he commanded her. She nodded numbly, looking torn.

As the beautiful girl started to walk away from the very confused and agonized Prince, he called back to her.


“Yes?” Damn it, she looked way too hopeful for that to be healthy.

He softened his tone. “Please, don’t try to seek me out, got that?”

She nodded, understanding his warning.

She disappeared into the line of foliage just as four fire nation soldiers fell into the clearing.



Sokka continued to holler and rant at her, tugging at his hair and stomping his feet in typical Sokka-fashion. Aang was acting in a more reserved way, checking her body for injuries and looking deep into her eyes every once in a while.

“I went for a walk,” was her repeated answer.

Of course, that was always accompanied by an unconcealed smile, leading both boys to believe that there was much more than just “a walk” going on.

“Are you sure you’re not brainwashed?” Aang asked waving a hand in front of her face. Katara swatted it away.

I’m sure.”

Sokka whipped out his pipe and fake moustache from knapsack, glaring at his sister. “You! Then if you just went for a walk, why are your clothes wet?”

Katara shrugged noncommittally. “Did some water bending on the way back.”

Sokka’s eyes bulged. “FOR EIGHT HOURS!?”

She shrugged again. “I told you, this is a big forest. I got lost, OK?”

Aang leaned in close to her and frowned, scrunching his nose. “Katara, you smell funny.”

And all of your goody-two-shoes little friends will know it was me because I’ll make sure you’re covered in my scent.”

It was harder to hide the smile now.

“Oh, that,” she said. “I had some peculiar things to eat on the way back, too.”

Sokka pointed his fake pipe at her while Aang leaned in to her face.

“What KIND of things?” Sokka demanded.

And the water bender named Katara simply stood up and stretched, walked over to the window, leaned against it, and smiled.

“Chocolate mangoes,” she said.

A/N: Thank you for all that reviewed all those that took the time to read my story!

Look: This is NOT the end. I will be writing a small sequel to this, in which both Zuko and Katara have to deal with the consequences of what they did. I will eventually post it, so please be patient.


All Alone

-1Toph lay on the green grass loving the earth. She grabbed some grass and plucked it from the ground and threw it over her seeing the green of it. Today was a very good day for Toph. She could finally see! Of coarse it wasn’t her intention to it just happened. What happened was the gang was fighting for some stolen toxic. The toxic is horrible and if placed on a person god knows what could happen. So as they were fighting one of the bottles fell and hit Toph’s eyes. Everyone got really worried as Aang cleaned her eyes but when they saw they saw big blue eyes they knew that she could see now. Toph never knew how pretty Katara was. Or how old Sokka was or how cute Aang was.

“Wait!” Toph’s upper body flew up. “I did not just say that!” She held her head as she fell back down. She looked at the sun. Suddenly a head poked in front of the way.

“Hey Toph!” Aang said.

“Move it Twinkle Toes I’m watching the sun set.” Toph said annoyed already.

“Oh sorry. Can I watch with you?” Aang said starting sad then hope filled eyes. Toph sighed and patted the ground next to her. She sat up and pulled her knees to her chin. Aang sat down next to her, close, to close. Toph moved the earth making him move away from her. Not too far she could still feel his body heat. Talking about heat. Toph pulled off her shirt. Under it was a plane white t- shirt. And she tore off her pants and under it wear like Katara’s white pants. She took off every other clothing item except the white clothing. Aang blushed a little.

“Wearing blush Twinkle Toes?” Toph joked. This only caused Aang to blush more. Toph smiled seeing him blush like that. Especially around her. Aang tugged at his shirt. “Hot?” Toph said.

“What!?” Aang said think she saw another boy that WASN’T him.

“Oh, I met are you sweating?” Toph said looking to her side where Aang sat. He nodded. “Then strip down Twinkle Toes.” Aang blushed even more but took off his shirt anyway. The heat was unbearable. Sokka and Katara were lucky cause Katara had made a big ice thing in the little house Toph made and they were cool. Soon the sun was down and the moon shone on Toph’s face. Aang looked at her. It was so hard to hold it in and pretend he liked Katara when he didn’t. He did but after a while Toph was like his only sight. Toph started to tear up a little. She could never compare to Katara she’d never be any closer to Aang then this. Aang took noticed of her tears.

“Are you ok, Toph?” He asked putting his hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just tears of joy. I mean I can finally see all these colors people are talking about.” Toph said. Aang could see right threw her fake smile. He frowned. “Really!” Toph said throwing her hands in the air. Aang took his hand off her shoulder, stood up leaving his shirt still there and began to walk.

“Where are you going?” Toph said running to him leaving her clothes behind. Her hair kept getting in her eyes view. When they stopped running they saw a large lake. Toph smiled and ran into the water. Aang knowing she couldn’t swim pulled his pants off (in his underwear things) and ran for her. But she was swimming fine. He saw her chest pop out of the water then her head.

“Come on! I know you can swim!” Toph said cupping the water in her hands and pushing her self. Aang smiled and swam to her. She splashed him and he did too. They were at that for a long time they laughing and covered their eyes. Suddenly Aang couldn’t find Toph he started to swim but something caught his legs and pulled him under. He saw a girl with black hair look at him and smile. They came back up for air. Just then did Aang notice how big Toph’s breast were. They were always covered by clothes. (A/N: My story so fuck off!) Toph’s hands cupped Aang’s cheeks. They started to get closer until…

“Hey guys we should really get some sleep! Toph your swimming!” Sokka said both amazed and tired. Toph quickly swam away from Aang and ran to get her clothes passing Sokka like a thunder bolt. Aang looked angrily at Sokka.

“What?” He asked as Aang passed him in the same manner as Toph. When Aang entered the little house of earth he saw Katara snug in a corner and Toph shivering next to the ice. He sighed heavenly and smiled. Aang took a blanket and covered himself and Toph with it. He held Toph putting his chin on her head top.

“Wake UP!” Katara has creamed for the last 15 minutes. The two young ones still didn’t move. Her eye twitched and she shook Aang. He woke up after a while.

“Who-What?” He said his arm still under Toph. She woke up too.

“Katara please! I had to sleep next to this thing.” Toph said rolling into Aang’s bare chest. He blushed deeply.

“Fine! Sokka and I are going to out for the rest of the day gathering food.” Katara said as she left the house. Toph stood up the second she left and pulled the door up so no one could get out. Aang leaned on his elbows. Toph smiled at him sexually. He smiled inwardly. Toph pulled one legs over his two and she sat on his waste. Aang breathed harshly his mouth opened as if he was going to say something but Toph closed it wit a kiss. She used the opportunity to stick her tong threw the gap. Aang smiled and returned the kiss. They played a tong bender war. Toph put her arms around his neck. Aang wanted control now. He pinned her to the floor so she was under him. He started to kiss her neck Toph moaned in pleasure. Aang took his hands off her arms and began to push down on the skin that covered her ribs. He began to kiss down more and more each one more rough than the other. When he came to her breast he knew how that irritated girls so he skipped them and kissed all the way to her belly button. He went back up to her lips. A little to rough because he rubbed around against her causing her back to go up in pleasuring tingle. As they started the tong war again Toph started to feel his biceps and when she reached his hands she pulled them to her breasts. Aang blushed as she moved her hands with his against her breast. Apparently she liked the feeling. Aang began to rub himself. Toph moaned as he gripped a little harder each time they kissed. Aang didn’t know what took control but his hips began to move. He rubbed against Toph which made him go in pleasure too. Toph gasped she was a little young for this. She didn’t care not like anyone was going to sue her. Her hips moved up rubbing more. Aang stopped everything.

“Toph are you sure? What if you get preg-” Aang started.

“Okay, who doesn’t know Sokka has condoms.” Toph laughed quietly. Aang just flew a condom to them. Toph started to rip his pants off. And he began doing the same to her. (A/N: OKAY PEOPLE WARNING!!! VERY SEXUAL!) Before Aang could place the rubber on himself Toph started to suck him. He moaned lightly, he could scream on how good it felt. He was leaning on his elbows as she did this. He threw his head back. Toph came up for air. She breathed harsh.

“That was nice.” She said licking her lips Aang nodded his head slowly. Toph snatched the condom and placed it on him. Once on he flipped her over.

“Ready?” He asked. Toph nodded. He slowly went into her. Then he started to go out then in and out and in. After a few slow goes to get Toph used to it he went quicker. Very fast, due to being the Avatar. Toph moaned and groaned and everything else. She felt herself coming. She didn’t want it to end. Aang felt her walls close and open and so was he ready to come. Suddenly, at the same time, they came out. Aang breathed hard and fell next to Toph.

“No” Toph started breathing hard, “One knows about this, hear me? Don’t even tell your mind. The only people that knows is me and you.” Toph said her chest going up and down. Aang nodded. After 10 minutes of getting there breath back Toph used her earth bending to get them to the lake where they washed off. Then, they got dressed and waited at the house as if nothing happened. After 5 minutes they saw Sokka coming and remember their little cum mess in the house. Toph used her bending to send it to the other side of the earth. She did not need anyone finding that.

“Hey do you guys minding helping us with some of he food we found.” Sokka said smiling as if he found a feast. Toph and Aang looked. Okay it was a feast. They nodded and saw Sokka walked off.

“So Twinkle Toe’s what does this mean?” Toph said.

“It means,” Aang cupped Toph’s cheeks. “I love you.” Just at that time Katara was walking up to them.

“I love you too.” Toph smiled and Aang pulled her into a little kiss.

“Well it’s about time.” Sokka said from behind Katara. Toph and Aang blushed as the siblings smiled.

Then End

Never fall off a Bison

Aang sat by the lake, watching the elephant Koi jump in and out of it. His thoughts traveled to something that had been bothering him.

(Flash Back)

It was two hours ago and the group(with Zuko) had landed in a secluded part of a forest and were getting ready for sleep. Aang had hopped off Appa in a hurry to try and find a good spot, and had failed to notice Toph was right below him. Needless to say he had landed right on top of her. Worried out of his mind that he had squished his Teacher and Friend, he looked and sighed a relieve as he saw she was fine. In fact, he also saw her two eyes looking at his. He then realized how close they were and what position they were in. He jumped off her and said many appologies, hoping that she wouldn't kill him or think him a pervert. Which would've gone off without a hitch, if Sokka and Zuko hadn't been there.

" Geez Aang, who knew you could pitch a tent so fast". Sokka said smiling. Aang was confused. What did he mean by tent? Zuko sighed. " He means you have an erection dimwit". Aang looked down and sure as fire in hell, his pants were poking out. He quickly covered that part and turned his back to Toph, who hadn't said anything yet, and began making excusses. " It's uh, my uh, Appa's whistle. Yeah! It's just Appa's whistle"! He screamed. Sokka smiled. " So you wanted Toph to blow your whistle huh"? Aang blushed. " NO no no no! I would never want that"! " So your gay"? Zuko asked. " No. I love the ladies"! He was basically screaming whatever came to his, pardon this one, head. " So you do want Toph". Sokka pointed out. Aang sighed. He turned to Toph. " Toph I-". He stopped when he realized she wasn't here anymore. " Where'd she go"? He asked the two. " Oh she left right about the time you said you'd never want that". Zuko said while pulling out a sleeping bag. " So why didn't you tell me"? Aang asked. " We were having too much fun watching you squirm". Zuko said. Aang sighed angirly and used his glider to fly off and try and find Toph. His friend, his teacher, his love-What!

(End Flash Back)

Now Aang was sitting here, he had looked for Toph for about an hour, hoping to find her, but had no such luck. He siged and layed back against the grass. His thoughts brought him to the moment he had fallen on Toph. How much he had worried he had hurt her, when in fact he should've been worried about himself. So why hadn't she clobbered his ass. Why had she just done nothing and just look back into his eyes. He found that odd too. Since when did she look back at anything. Of course they were pretty close to eachother. Leg to leg, waist to waist, chest to round and smooth ches-What the hell! He shook his head. He shouldn't be thinking of things like that. He was a monk and the avatar for Rokku's sake. " Of course,". He said out loud. " She is cute". He heard a snap and instantly grabbed his glider. He turned and relaxed. It was Toph. Then he thought " Crap, how long was she standing there"? He dropped his glider and said the first thing that came to his head. " Hey". He squeaked. Great, look out world, here comes Aang, the dumbass bender.

She looked at him. " Hey". She replied and moved to sit by him. He sat down too and for a while no one said anything. The silence was unbearable. Aang figured he would have to say something.

" Listen Toph-".

" Shut up twinkle toes". She cut in. " You don't have to appoligize because of the truth". He was confused, what truth? She sighed. " I know I'm not the most prettiest of girls,". Now he got it. She thought he had meant she wasn't pretty.

" Toph, I don't think you ugly". He said comfortingly. She glared at him.

" Then what, is it the fact I'm stronger than most guys"?

" No".

" Is it because you think Katara is hotter"?

" No".

" Is it because I'm blind"! She screamed at him.

Aang got angry himself and got right in her face. " Don't ever say that". His voice had a power behind it and he saw her eyes widen. " Don't ever think that because your blind, I'd never love you for that".

She turned her head. " Then why, wouldn't you love me".

Aang sighed. If he didn't choose his next words carefully, it was over for him. " Because, I thought you wouldn't like me back". Well moment of truth, he was going to find out if he was dead or not. She turned her head back and, pounced on him. " OH no". Aang thought. " She's gonna kill me for sure". He was surprised when she was right on top of him, like he had been earlier today. She then lowered her face and met it with his, her lips touching his. She released from the kiss.

" I think like you back twinkle toes". She smiled and moved back down to kiss him. Aang felt like he was in heaven. He loved Toph with all his heart now, he decided to tell her that. Of course opening your mouth when just getting lips only kiss is a big no no. Escpicially when your tongue accidentally goes over her lips.

Aang was now frozen. He was pretty sure he had screwed up big time. She probably thought he wanted to french her. She surprised Aang once again by smiling. " So, you want to get a little frisky huh"? Uh-oh. Toph then ripped his shirt off and he saw a hunger in her eyes. She then moved back to his face and began kissing him fiercly. She opened her mouth and Aang felt her tongue against his lips. He was too high off of this to care if this might seem a tad bit fast for him. He opened his mouth and the two tongues fought for dominance. Aang's lost and Toph searched his moutch with her appendage. She then stopped and looked down. So did Aang and he blushed as he saw another tent poking at Toph's stomach.

" Sorry I-ohh". He moaned as Toph rubbed against him. She started kissing him again and he felt courageous so he reached behind her and put a hand on her ass. She didn't seem to disapprove so he went even further. He broke the kiss and started sucking on her neck. He got moan out of her and it sent shivers through his body. He felt her hand travel down his chest, over his abdomen and into his pants. She grasped his member and he moaned loudly. He could feel her stroking him and god it felt good. He figured one good deed deserves another, so he reached through her pants and gently rubbed her. " Oh god yes"! She screamed. He was surprised it would have that much of an effect on her. He decided he wanted more. He sat up and kissed her deeply, while at the same time trying to get her outfit off. He was succesfull and he could see her body. All the curves it held for him. He could feel her squirm under his gaze and he grabbed her chin and looked at her. " Toph, your beautifull". He swore he saw her get teary, of course that was cut off as he kissed her once again. He moved his hand to one of her breasts and started fondeling it. Toph stopped him though, and that was odd. She was horny, he could tell. " Twinkle toes". She said. " I want you inside me". He wasn't expecting that, but didn't feel the need to argue. She pulled his pants down slowly and Aang could now see his throbbing member. He pulled her panties off and he could see she was wet. Instead of moving to get inside her, he bent his head down and licked at her clit. She moaned loudle and put her hands on his bald head. He stuck his tongue in her and that sent her crazy. " God dammit Aang! I need you know"! He understood and positioned himself at her entrance. He looked into her eyes and and nodded. He slowly pushed himself inside her and he saw she was getting teary from the stretch. He bent down and kissed her as he pushed more in and then stopped. After she got used to it he started moving in and out slowly and then faster and faster. " Oh god I love you Aang"! She screamed. " I love you too Toph"! He replied. They climaxed and they both layed down in each others arms, asleep.

(Over at the camp, two minutes ago)

Zuko, Sokka, and Katara sat around the fire roasting marsmallows when all of a sudden a giant gust of wind and a earthquake happened. Sokka dropped the bag of marshmallows into the fire and he cried. Zuko looked to Katara. " You don't think"? " Nah". She replied.

sokka and suki love

Summer's End

A/N: Written after I discovered an extreme lack of Sokka/Suki fic available, as well as virtually nothing even remotely resembling smut for them(except for ardy1's excellent "Lucky", and it's fairly tame), even at place right before Aang's battle with Ozai at the end of summer(hence the title), Also, a little embarassing, but I have absolutely no experience in this area, I had to cull bits from what I've read and heard, so please don't laugh if there are any glaring errors.

Summer's End

They had made camp one final time in the forest by a lake just outside the capitol. Dinner had been tense with no one willing to voice any of the fears they all shared. Aang had been the first to retire, though none could understand how he could be at all tired knowing what he must face come tomorrow.

Katara followed him, and then Toph. Sokka had gone into their tent and gotten in his sleeping bag, but no matter how long he closed his eyes, he could not sleep. He got up, as quietly as possible so as not to disturb his sleeping sister.

He walked out and sat by the bank of the lake. He wiped the back of his hand against his forehead, the worst part, he mused, of being in the Fire Nation, especially at this time of year, was the heat. True, he had grown up in the South Pole, so his idea of heat was relative, but even Toph, who had been raised in the heart of the Earth Kingdom, often commented on the stifling heat.

He gazed up, at the almost full moon. They were lucky, due to the comet coming on the same day as that month's full moon, Katara and the other waterbenders from the Northern Water Tribe would be in top form to fight.

He said a quick prayer for everyone's safety. He no longer felt sad when he looked at the moon, he instead felt a mild tranquility, he knew Yue was watching out for them.

He heard footsteps behind him, and was not surprised when he turned and saw Suki standing behind him. She had been prone to sleepless nights.

The others had discovered, badly injured, but alive, in the infirmiry of a small Earth Kingdom village. When she had been well enough to talk to them, she had broken down several times when telling them what had happened when her and her friends were ambushed by Azula and her cronies.

The others hadn't made it, she herself had only survived because Azula had left her, believing she could not possibly be alive. She had gathered herself as well as she could, abandoning the charred, bloody corpses of her comrades, and walked to the nearest village.

With Katara's help, the healers had said she would make a full recovery. Her left leg was badly weakened, and her left hand sometimes hang at an odd angle from her body, but she had bounced back as well as anyone could have expected.

She had been a great help in the battle of Black Sun, when they had retaken Ba Sing Se. She was as graceful and nimble a warrior as Sokka recalled, but she had a fierceness in her that he could not remember. Off the battlefield she was often distant and listless. He had made deveral attemots at comforting her, but she clammed up, and all he could do was hold her and stroke her hair, while she did not allow herself to cry.

That night her hair was tied back from her face, free of war paint since the bloodbath in the forest.

"Couldn't sleep either?" he asked her quietly.

She nodded softly, and sat down beside him. After a pregnant silence, she spoke.

"Its strange," she said looking up at the sky, "It's so calm tonight, and to know, that no matter what, it all ends tomorrow. "

"What do you mean?"

"Well, it could go one of two ways. Aang could win, defeat the Fire Lord, and end this war for good, or Aang could lose, Ozai could gain unimaginable power, and finish the war for good" She paused again, "Not all of us are going to make it through tomorrow Sokka, and I wanted to be able to remember clearly, what may be the last calm, happy hours of my life, that's why I couldn't sleep. Not tonight." She turned her head away.

Her voice was more certain than he had heard in in months. She was right of course, any of them could be dead by the next night, and for all they knew...She was right to want these calm hours.

He took her face in his hands and turned it towards him. He wiped a tear gently from her face, and gathered her lips with his own.

After a minute of bliss, they're tongues gently battling for dominance, she pulled back and stood up.

He was taken aback, afraid he had done something wrong, but when she stood, she smiled, and did not turn back.

"It's hot," she said, wiping her brow. And then slightly more mischevious, "Want to go swimming?".

He was more than a bit shocked, and could only slightly nod. She turned back towards the water, and began to untie the sash on her tunic. Pulling it over her head, before sliding her leggings off and tossing them aside, Sokka gasped. He had seen her withered and broken hand, and supported her when her leg had twinged, but he had not seen the extent of the damage that the Fire Nation girls had inflicted on her. Knife wounds covered her torso, and burns were up and down her legs, a specifically bad one on her back, centered just below her shoulder blades, likely from lightning which had somehow not killed her.

Yet despite this, she was beautiful to him. Her legs, slender but well muscled, and her skin tan and smooth, shone in the moonlight. For a moment, he almost couldn't breathe. When she jumped in, it broke his trance and he stood up to watch her.

"Hey, I thought you were going to join me?" she said almost saucily.

He peels off his clothes as quickly as possible, and dives in beside her. As they both tread water, less than seven feet deep at best, their eyes met. His were surprised, but hers were clouded with desire, She splashed him a bit, and then moved toward him, and wrapped her arms around his neck, her lips once again on his.

She kissed him eagerly, her tongue gently running along his bottom lip, moving to his ear, and his neck. After a minute, he gently pushes her away, taking both of her hands in his and gazing at her.

"What's wrong?" she asked, apparantly wondering what she had done.

He held her still as best he could in the moving water, and kissed her softly on the lips, moving downward to her chin, her throat, and pausing over a particularly large scar on her collarbone, placed one on it too.

Her eyes shot open in surprise.

"Don't..." she said weakly.

He placed a finger on her lips, silencing her.

"It's alright, actually they're kind of sexy." He said, grinning wickedly.

She, for the first time is a long while, laughed out loud, throwing her head back. He took this as a good sign, and continued. Kissing the side of her neck, he reached up to just below the surface of the water to place his hand on one of her breasts. She gasped as he rubbed it softly.

She reached her arms up around him, her hands resting on the side of his head, and wound her fingers lightly in the end of his wolf tail and gently pulled on it.

"Hey!" he said, a bit offended, remembering what Katara had once said about him wearing a ponytail.

She laughed again.

"Don't complain, you asked for it by wearing it."

Their mouths continued their assault on each others bodies. His hand made its way between her legs, softly exploring her. Her hands reached out and grasped his manhood gently, sliding her fingers along it and taking hold and tugging gently. As things grew more heated, they drifted slowly toward the shore, and lay down, still partially in the gentle surf.

He rolled over, so that he was above her, kissed her soundly and then paused, looking her in the eyes with the question in his eyes, do you want?

She smiled brightly, and nodded. Her then buries his face in the side of her neck.

It hurts a bit when he enters her, but she doesn't mind as the gentle waves surround them, gently lapping at the lover's sides. They moved against each other her skin tanned, but glistening pale against his darker flesh. He moves slowly at first, afraid of hurting her, but as she places her hands on his shoulders and presses, urging him on, he begins to pick up speed, her soft moans and touches only making him feel more heated.

She feels the heat building within her, as his movements become more erratic and when she hits her climax, the waves crashing through her have more than twice the power of the ones around her legs and back, and she cries out. Her cries triggerd his climax, and her buried himself against her chest and neck, as his movements become almost desperate, and they became one.

The moon shone brightly on the two that hot night, as the new lovers lay in each others arms in the gentle surf almost until morning.

A/N: Actually based on a Kataang pic I saw at deviantart called The Wind and the Surf.
Not to great, but my first try at anything even vaguely smutty. Man is it awkward trying to write this from a mostly male perspective when I'm a virgin myself.


After I Almost Lost You

Disclaimer: I don't own Code Lyoko, I just wish I did.

Ulrich, Yumi and Aelita were on Lyoko fighting William an a few Krabs. William held Yumi above his head, Aelita had just deactived the tower, Ulrich was blasted by a krab as he tried to save Yumi when William threw her over the side. Jeremie actives a return to the past.

That morning Ulrich, Odd, Aelita and Jeremie are at the soda machine, this time Yumi was running late. Ulrich started to wonder if Yumi didn't make it, he worried that she was gone and he never got to tell her how much he loved her. Ulrich then saw Yumi running down the school yard, Ulrich runs to her, pushing Sissi into some mud.

"Yumi, I was so worried about you," said Ulrich.

"Sorry, but without XANA's attack I was able to find out what my parents wanted," said Yumi.

"I'm just glad you're alright," said Ulrich.

"I got the house to my self tonight," said Yumi.

"Yumi, would it be alright if I come over, we need to talk," said Ulrich.

Ulrich and Yumi walk over to the others. Jeremie tells about how, he and Aelita plan to stay up late and work on the program to retrive William and that they had things planned just incase of Jim, again.

After class Ulrich and Yumi go to her house to talk, Jeremie and Aelita go to Jeremie's room. (To find out how that went you'll have to read, "The Night At The Hermitage") Yumi and Ulrich enter the living room.

"Yumi, when William throw you over the side and you didn't show up right away, i thought I lost you," said Ulrich.

"You were worried about me," asked Yumi?

"Yes, Yumi. I was worried because I thought I lost you without being able to tell you that I love you," said Ulrich.

"Ulrich, I...I don't know what to say," said Yumi trying to make sure she wasn't dreaming.

"I've loved you since the first time I saw you, and I've been falling more in love with you with everyday that passes," said Ulrich, finally being open of his feelings.

"Oh, Ulrich, I love you too! I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner," said Yumi, "You were all I could think about when I was falling."

Ulrich pulls Yumi close and kisses her soft sweet tasting lips. Ulrich dreamed of this moment for years and now it was about to happen. Yumi wanted to see Ulrich body, just thinking she might just be a few minutes away was turning her on. Ulrich and Yumi went up stairs to her bedroom, where they started to kisses, again. Yumi removes Ulrich's shirt, he then removes her shirt. She gets down on to her knees and undoes he's pants and slides them down then she goes to pull his underwear off.

Ulrich couldn't believe that the girl he loves was about to give him a blowjob.

Yumi gently grabbed his dick and started to kiss it and lick it, then she took his dick into her mouth. Ulrich couldn't help cumming in her mouth. When he was done cumming, Yumi stood back up. Ulrich unhooked Yumi's bra and started to feel her sweet, soft, prefect breasts, he started to suck on a breast, as he undid her tight black pants, they fall to the floor and then he removed her panties.

Yumi laid down on her bed, Ulrich reached his hand down to Yumi's pussy and inserted two fingers into her. Yumi started to moan as Ulrich pulled his fingers out. Yumi spread her legs for she knew what was nexted, and boy did she want it. Ulrich inserted his dick inside of Yumi's tight, wet pussy and started to move in and out of her. After a little bit Ulrich laid down on the bed and Yumi got on top making sure Ulrich's dick was still inside of her, as he reached up to feel her breasts in his hands. Yumi rides lrich's dick till he cums inside of her. Yumi laid on top of Ulrich.

Ulrich didn't want their tiome together to end but he noticed it was almost 11 o' clock and he had to get back to his drom.

As he got to the door to the dorms, he looked up and saw Aelita on the rope latter. He was able to sneak into his dormroom while Jim was looking for Jeremie and Aelita in the school yard. The nexted morning Jim called Yumi, Ulrich, and Odd in to the office.

"Aelita, where are you guys? Jim hasd us in the office," Said Yumi.

She hangs up as Jim enters the office. Jim starts to question them as a return to the past sends them back to just before Yumi and Ulrich left to go to Yumi's.

"Ulrich," said Yumi.

"Yes, Yumi," Ulrich responded.

"We can go back to house, again, if you want," Yumi said winking her eye.

Ulrich kisses Yumi and they're off.

The End?

A/N: This story and The Night At The Hermitage are two sides of the same story. Please review and let me know what yo


The Smirnoff, The Sex, And The Birds Being Frightened

By Aja and Nicki

After a couple of shots of mint Smirnoff vodka Danny and Sam looked at each other.

“Have we been taking it slow long enough?” Danny asked leaning in towards Sam, his warm breath on her face.

“Yes! NOW LET’S BANG!” She shouted, springing to her feet and grabbing the hem of Danny’s shirt, leading him upstairs to her BIG bedroom.

Sam pushed him into the bedroom, closed the door, and locked it. She sharply turned towards Danny and smirked in his direction. She walked up to him, seductively, and pushed him on to the bed. He grinned at her forcefulness and captured her lips in a passionate kiss. Sam broke away and took off her shirt. Danny watched her do this. So he decided to copy her and take off his shirt. Sam moved up off of Danny and reached under her bed and pulled out a box of Trojan vibrating ring condoms. She threw off the top of the box and grabbed a condom and gave it to Danny to put on his penis.

“For you!” Sam said with lightness in her voice that was unexpected for the situation.

“Okay….” Danny said as he started to take off his pants to put the condom on his male genitals.

Now it was Sam’s turn to watch. As he pulled off his boxers Sam’s eyes widened at how large Danny’s penis really was. It was…well…big. After Danny put the condom on, Sam took off her skirt and laid upon the bed. He took of her underwear with his teeth and growled. “Rawwr!”

“Me so horny me love you long time.” Said Sam in a joking manner. Danny laughed and lowered himself upon her. Danny gently inserted himself into her vagina. Sam softly moaned. Danny started to move around inside of her, in an in and out motion. Sam arched her back and her moans increased in volume, frightening the birds, which sang happily by her window.

Danny laughed low in his throat, “Oh yea, I like it when you moan!” Sam did not reply, she was filled with too much passionate ecstasy to care. Sam pushed Danny off of her and got on top of him. This action caught him by surprise. But Danny decided to go along with it anyway. When Sam felt they were finished fucking, she got off of Danny and moved down towards his penis. She looked up at him with lust-filled eyes. She started to suck on his dick.

He grinned, “Oh god!”

After ten minutes of Sam giving head, Danny told her to stop and he pushed her flat on her back. He reached back and unclasped her bra. He then took her bra off and felt up her breasts. He rubbed the nipples and lowered himself, placing kisses in between the two cups. He then moved to the right breast and started suckling on the nipple. Sam grinned at the action. When he was done he took his hand and moved it slowly down her body towards her vagina. She knew the conquest he was trying to make. He slowly inserted his fingers into her opening. She moaned. He moved his fingers around inside. He felt his way inside her. First one finger, then two, following the third, which caused quick tears of pain to spring forth to her eyes. Since it hurt her so much he extracted his fingers quickly. He moved towards her face and kissed her tears away. Then he made his way from her neck and trailed kisses down to her stomach.

“Are you okay?” Danny wondered, grabbing her hand.

“Yes, I’m fine. Just keep going…” Sam pleaded.

“Yes…all right.” Danny said as he was getting ready to make another entry with his manhood.





The Having Sex

Raimundo was pacing his bedroom waiting for Kimiko to tell him when the right time would be. Soon after his pacing, Kimiko called for him to come into her room. He went in and saw her lying on the bed/ mat. It looked like she was sleeping, but then her eyes opened. She looked up at him, removed the covers to reveal her naked body. Raimundo’s eyes went wide at the sight of a bare Kimiko.

Raimundo sat down on his legs and bent over to kiss her lips. Kimiko kissed back then said, “Do whatever you want to me, Rai.” Raimundo nodded happily and kissed her again. Then he moved his lips down her neck. He stopped where the neck meets the shoulder and started sucking. Kimiko started to moan at the feeling. He left the spot revealing a hicky.

Raimundo proceeded down to her chest. He kissed the left tit, then the right. On the right one, though, he started sucking on the middle of her boob; the nipple. He then went to the left breast and did the same. Kimiko moaned once again.

Rai then skipped her stomach and went strait to her private spot. He started to lick the juice inside of Kimiko to make room for his companion in a little bit. As he licked, Kimiko moaned even more. Raimundo liked hearing her moan at the soft touch of his tong. He stopped the licking, which made her stop moaning a little bit. He looked up at her face and she looked down at his.

“Take your clothes off.” She said to him. Raimundo did as he was told and took off his clothes. When he was naked, he hovered over Kimiko and looked down at her. She smiled up at him, and then put her arms around him to pull him on top of herself.

Raimundo rolled over so Kimiko was on top of him. It was her turn to do whatever she wanted. Kimiko did the same thing Raimundo did at first. But after she gave him a hicky, she just kissed down his muscular chest and down his stomach. Once she reached his companion, she just kissed it. Then she took her hand a massaged it. She went back to his face, still moving her hand up and down his companion, and kissed his lips again. He moaned at her touching his gonads under the kiss she gave him. He stopped everything and moved back down to his gonads. She started to kiss every inch of it, and then started sucking on it. She stopped sucking and looked back up a Raimundo.

“Fuck me Raimundo Pedarosa.” She said to him.

“Okay, Kimiko Tohomiko.” He said back to her. He then sat up, Kimiko going with him, and set her down onto her back again. He got back above her. “Are you ready, Kim?” He asked moving her legs apart. She nodded her head yes as Raimundo placed himself in a comfy position. Then it all started.

He gently pushed his companion into her. She moaned very loud. Rai started to move it in and out to make her moan even more. She did, but started to say, “Rai… Raimun… Raimundo… RAIMUNDO!” She yelled out loud. She was enjoying it so much; she pulled his face down to her and kissed him. He kissed her back, still moving it in and out. She pulled away from him, gasping for air. It felt good to have Raimundo inside of her, and he felt very good to be inside her. Kimiko felt like they had became one; like they were connected.

Kimiko felt a good feeling and she could tell Raimundo did too. Then, she had a feeling something else entered her body other than Rai’s penus; like some seamen. But Kim thought it was just a coincidence.

Raimundo then pulled out of Kimiko and she started to gasp. The feeling was now gone and Kimiko didn’t like it. Raimundo collapsed down beside her and started to cuddle with her. She cuddled back. They were both so tired.

Soon later, Raimundo was asleep. He was so tired from all that. Kimiko was too, and whent to sleep to


I’m in no way associated with Cory in The House or any of its characters. I do not claim to be the owner of Disney Channel, Cory in The House, Jason Dolley, or Maiara Walsh. I just write fanfics, people. This is based on a dream I had. Please don’t be a pervert and skip to the sexual parts, read the entire story. This is not for kids, and is only for people mature enough to watch PG-13 movies. This has nothing graphic. Sorry to dissapoint any perverted people out there. Sorry it’s so short, I wanted to make it short, sweet, and to the point. This is a Newt/Meena oneshot, so there won’t be any chapters after this. The title is from a Panic! At The Disco song. Enjoy, and reviews are very appreciated. (:

Teen Hearts Beating Faster

She walked up the front walk and onto his porch. It's been a while since she'd hung out here. She took a deep breath and knocked on the door. Meena and Newt had been friends since they were babies, so she was thrilled when Mr. Domomatsi assigned them as partners for their school’s latin ballroom dance contest. Just the thought of being pressed against him, sweaty and breathing heavy made her mind wander into thoughts fifteen year old girls should not be thinking.

She heard footsteps, then watched as the door pulled open. When she saw him, she couldn't help but smile.
"Meena," He began, smiling. "You’re late." He scratched the back of his head, then motioned for her to come in.

"Sorry, Newt. I had to cook my brother dinner, then walk all the way here." She answered honestly.

"It’s cool. Uhh, basement. That’s where all my music stuff is." He said pointing to a flight off stairs pointing downwards. "Yeah, speakers, CDs, stuff like that." He explained while the two walked down the endless staircase. She reached the bottom and stepped onto the cold, silver floor. She took a look around and her mouth dropped open. In one corner, there was a entertainment center complete with a TV, DVD player, and a whole case filled with DVDs, with a long white-leather couch with two side-tables on each end. On the right, there was a HUGE sterio with a CD player, Cassette player, Record player, anything you could think of. Then on the left, there was a bed. Wait, a bed?

"Newt, why do you have a bed in your basement?" She asked, holding back a laugh.

"Oh, uh..." He began, embarrassment was in his voice. "...since the baby came, mom and dad turned my room into a nursary, so I had to move all my stuff down here. It’s actually pretty cosy." He laughed at the end, then walked over to the sterio. "Did you bring the CD Mr. Domomatsi gave us?"

Meena didn’t answer. She was distracted looking at everything. "Meena..."

"MEENA!" He called louder, making her jump. "Oh, uh, y-yeah." She reached in her bag and pulled out a latino music CD. "Here," She handed it to him, and watched him put it in. "What number?" He asked.

"Uhh, six." She replied. He turned to number six and stood in front of her. "Ready?" He asked.

"Mmhmm..." She answered, raising up her frame. He took her hands and put them down by her side. "Okay, first of all: Your frame’s so weak it should be put in a nursing home. Second of all: What’s with the nerves. There’s nothing to be nervous about. This is just dancing...with, slightly a little more sexual intake, but besides that it’s perfectly fine. This is me, Meena. Alright? Now. Let me see your frame."

She rolled her eyes and put up a ‘better’ frame. "Better?" She asked, partly smiling.

He smirked. "Much."

"Now, keep your head up when I spin you. The whole purpose of this contest is to win, right? Now. Spin." He grabbed her hips with both of his hands and she spun around three times, she stopped and put her hands on his shoulders. "Okay..." She said, breathing heavy. "Please don’t make me do that again. I’m already dizzy."

He laughed. "Okay, now just basic." One of his hands grabbed hers, and the other was placed on her hip. She had the spacing down, but kept looking at her feet. "No. Stop looking at your feet."

"But if I don’t I’ll trip." She rolled her eyes.

"That’s what I’m here for; To make sure you don’t trip or stumble. Now, look directly at me. And dance." He grabbed the CD remote from the table and clicked ‘play’. He put his frame back to match hers and they danced. Both were doing well, then things started to heat up. They grinded their hips together to match the tempo. He raised his hand above her head to spin her once quickly, and she came back to face him directly, their faces only but two inches apart. Both were breathing heavily, sweating, and trying their best to catch their breaths. "Good," Newt breathed out. "Now...let’s try moving around now." He said, and both of them moved around the floor, closer together than required, and Meena let out a short squeal when she felt Newt push her against the wall.

"Perfect," She breathed out, just a little above a whisper. "Now..." She was interupted by a set of lips pressed against hers. Her hands were shaking and her body was trembling as she curled her fingers through his blonde hair, and their kiss was released. Both looked at each other, then Newt brought his lips to her neck, as she tilted her head back. "Newt, I don’t...th-think we should be doing this."

He looked at her. "Why not?"

"We’re only kids. It doesn’t feel right." She answered.

He hesitated, but moved closer to her and whispered in her ear, "I can make it feel right." She shivered when she felt his hot breath against her ear, pulling her arms around him. They fell into another deep kiss. Both of them shaking. The song ended, and the music cut off. He pulled her away from the wall and slowly unzipped her dress from the back of her. He brushed the straps off her tan shoulders, and watched the dress fall to her ankles.

She unbuttoned his polo and lifted it over his head, then meeting in another kiss. Clothing after Clothing was disreguarded, as both of them fell onto Newt’s bed.

She had waited so long, and the thought that this was happening, not just in her dreams anymore. This is reality, true reality.

"Meena, I just have to ask you one thing..." He said. Laying directly ontop of her, looking down into her brown eyes. "Yeah?"

"Are you a virgin?"

She hesitated, then responded with a sly, "Yes."

He smirked and replied seductively, "I’ll take care of that." He kissed her again, and their bodies moved together as one.

She looked up at him, and he brushed wet hair from her damp forehead. She shut her eyes for a moment, trying to catch her breath. Once it was all over, she layed her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, she listened to it quicken with every breath he took, and he wrapped his arms around her, stroking her hair with one hand, and holding her back with the other. Finally, she’d experienced what she’d always wanted to. This was proof above all. She loved Newt. The guy who made her sweat when she saw him at school. The guy who she thought about every night laying in bed. The guy who made her have feelings she wasn’t used to having. She sighed, then fell asleep in his arms.

Let’s get these teen hearts beating faster, faster...

A/N: Geez, you write one semi-spicy drabble and people start sending you death threats telling you to write a full-blown smut. Yeah, I’m talking to you, Rashaka, Storybender. And I mean it, too. These two held me down and started poking me with a spoon until I started writing this. SPOONS, I TELL YOU /sarcasm

Actually, they just told me to write one…so this is for you two. Mind you, this is my first time EVER writing anything like this, for many reasons. The most obvious being that I’m Christian, only seventeen, and a virgin, but that’s beside the point. My absolute worst fear is that some twelve year old, venturing for the first time into the dark and dangerous world of fanfiction, will come across this fic and think, "Smut? I wonder what that is…" And then I will be held responsible for the tainting of their innocent minds.


Title: Electrical Storm

Couple: Nick and Madison

Summary: Nick returns to Madison. Warning: lemon content coming ahead.

So beware, don’t say I didn’t tell you! This songfic happens after ‘Mystic Fate’. I do not own PRMF or any song from U2.


It’s just another day at the Rock-Porium. Toby is doing his usual odd antics, Phineas and Leelee are busy flirting, Chip is being quirky, Xander is being the busy supervisor, Vida is busy with her turntables and Madison is filming the guys. But for Madison, she isn’t really having much fun as she usually does filming. There is one certain red Ranger that’s missing in the equation.

Nick Russell, the man who promised who’ll come back to Briarwood. It’s been over 2 months since that moment when she told Nick to come back to her. Ever since then, she has been very empty, her bright usual smile not beaming on her face, but only sad little smiles to all her friends. All she has to remember Nick was the red blanket he gave to her before he left to see his adoptive parents.

Her sister, Vida, is very worried for Madison. Sometimes, Madison had broken down emotionally during the night. All she could do was comfort her and tell that Nick will come, soon. Madison can only wonder when Nick will come back, to her.

What she doesn’t is, this is the day.

Chip was busy with organizing the vinyls when he heard a very familiar sound. "Hey, guys I heard something from outside." He goes to the door to conform the sound.

"What is it Chip?" Asked the supervisor Xander.

"It sounds like a…"

"A what?" Vida came in.

"It sounds like a motorcycle." This caught the attention of Madison Rocca. She ran out of the Rock-Porium to see outside. "Madison!" Vida’s cry was ignored. Madison ran up the stairs to the main road. Time seem to slow down when she climbed up staircase. Nick, it must be you. Please, I need you, she thought.

Step after step, flashbacks of all her times with Nick traveled through her eyes in bright light. All their times as rangers, all her films of her friends, to that very moment she told him to come back to her. It all came in a big flash, and finally, she reaches the main road, and there, a very familiar looking motorcycle right in front of her. There, stood the man who has been missing for 2 months. Motorcycle helmet removed, he revealed his identity. He is back. Madison can only shed tears, she was speechless, Nick Russell, had kept his promise.


"Nick!" Madison ran to Nick and embraces him in a deep hug and buries her face on his chest, tears flowing down.

"Maddie," Nick was wide-eye by her reaction, but hugged back by her sudden tear spell, trying his best to comfort her. Madison, unable to control herself, started kissing Nick’s chest. Slowly, she leaves a trail of kisses up his upper body. Nick was now very shocked by her actions, but he strangely accepts her gesture. After a while, he starts getting weird sensations from the kisses being assaulted on his collarbone.

His eyes were starting to lower down, the bliss of the kisses affecting his body. Soon, Madison reached his face, kissing his right cheek, and then they open their eyes, gazing at each other. Only to close again to share a deep and passionate kiss. Maddie’s hands stayed put on Nick’s hard chest and Nick’s arms were around her waist. They deepened the kiss, feeling the electricity flowing down their bodies.

The kiss felt like it was going on forever. They couldn’t be separated. After a while, the rest of the gang came up to see the kissing couple. They all gawked at the sight. Chip had his eyes ready to pop out of their sockets. Xander had shivering lips, and Vida… well, she was smiling like a mad girl. "Oh My God!" Her cry shocked the blushing couple. "Maddie, I knew you had in you!" Madison could only blush and look at her shoes. "You did it Nick!" Xander and Chip congratulated Nick, for his big score in Madison.

Nick scratched the back of his head with a huge goofy grin on his face. Nick and Maddie had no idea what they have gotten themselves into.

Later, in the Rock-Porium

"You and Maddie kissed!" Toby was in shock, like the others. "Um, yes we did Toby." Nick still couldn’t stop blushing, same for the poor little Maddie. "Guys, can you stop this kiss talk and get back to work." Maddie trying to keep a straight face while saying it, as her little grin keeps coming back. As the guys start calming down and going back to work, Nick and Madison walk off outside to have a little quiet time together.

Once outside, they embrace again and breathe the fresh air of the outdoors. The silence was broken when Nick asked Madison a little something.

"Madison," he asked.


"Can you come to my apartment later after work?"

"Yes, I will be coming Nick." They kissed once again, but it was only a small peck this time.

"I love you, Madison Rocca."

"I love you too, Nick Russell."

"Are you 2 love puppies done? There’s a hell of a long line at the cashier!" Once again, interference had come in the form of Xander, for good reason. There was a long queue starting to form, and Toby was having a hard time handling them. The other rangers were busy at the moment, so it all leaves Nick and Maddie to help.

Separated, Nick and Madison went back to work; they only had about another 3 hours left before closing time, so they did whatever they can, keeping the anticipation in themselves on hold. "Vida," asked Maddie while controlling the crowd, "do you mind if I went to Nick’s apartment today?" "Go ahead, I don’t mind. Just as long nothing clears throat happens between you." Maddie was a little scared by what she said, but was relieved anyway.

Nick puts on his work attire and assisted Maddie.

3 hours later, closing time

Finally, the Rock-Porium flips the sign to say its ‘closed’. As the guys pack up for the day, Nick and Maddie made their leave first to Nick’s apartment. As they reached his motorcycle, Maddie thought they might have a problem.

"Nick, you only have one helmet."

"No worries, I always keep a spare, you can use it." He answered back, showing her the spare helm in the compartment of his motorcycle. "Hang tight." He warned Maddie. Madison then wrapped her arms around his waist and they were off. After 10 minutes on the motorbike, they reached his apartment but they didn’t enter yet.

Madison had a question that needed an answer from Nick.

"Nick, what took you so long?" Nick had a slight smug on his face.

"It’s a long story, my adoptive parent’s were really shocked about the whole ranger thing and all that stuff. Some pretty shocking stuff."

"That’s it?"

"Well, not really all."

"What else?"

"Well, I had some things to settle back at home, old and personal stuff."


"Yeah, some personal stuff."


"Like, my old friends back home."

"Oh, I understand."

The sea it swells, like a sore head

And the night it is aching

Two lovers lie with no sheets on their bed

And the day it is breaking

Madison then came closer to Nick, embracing him in her arms. Nick hugged back and starts kissing her neck. Maddie giggled at the sensations of the kisses and she presses her hands on his hard chest. Nick became bolder and unleashes his tongue on her neck.

On rainy days we’d go swimming out

On rainy days swimming in the sound

On rainy days we’d go swimming out

The sky was gloomy and it started to rain, but the couple wasn’t bothered by this at all. Madison started to moan and Nick was moaning as the taste of her skin combined with the saltiness of the raindrops, creating a new taste that seemed incredible to his taste buds.

You’re in my mind all the time,

I know that’s not enough

If the sky can crack, there must be someway back

For love and only love

Now soaked to the bone, they finally entered, now sharing a passionate kiss on the lips. Madison was hanging on to Nick as she hugged him for dear life. Kissing harder and tongues ravaging their mouths, Madison broke the kiss.

Electrical Storm

Electrical Storm

Baby don’t cry

"Nick," she said panting. "We need to take a shower."

Nick simply laughed, they are soaked from the rain, and they didn’t want to be sick.

"Ok Maddie," but Nick had something in mind for Maddie.

"We’ll take a shower together," Madison was shocked by his boldness. "But first Maddie, do you want to do this?"

Madison had only one answer, a mind blowing kiss to Nick. They slowly made their way to the bathroom, along the way; there was a trail of clothing on the floor. Finally, at the bathroom, Nick and Madison were only clad in underwear. Nick had only red boxers while Maddie had a blue set of a bra and panties.

Closing the door, they kissed once again, with signs of arousal clearly visible. Maddie was wet and dripping with a different liquid. Nick was hard and erect. Quickly, Nick turned on the tap for hot water to fill up the tub.

Car alarm won’t get you back to sleep

You’re kept awake dreaming someone else’s dream

Coffee is cold, but it’ll get you through

Compromise that’s nothing new to you

Nick then unclasps the hook of her bra and throws it away and he starts kissing her B-cup breasts. "Nick!" she moaned out, feeling his hot mouth around her right breast while the left is being massaged by his hand. But Madison had her hands wandering, down to a place she never been.

Let’s see colors that have never been seen

Let’s go places no one else has been

Her hands reached Nick’s hard penis, squeezing it lightly. Nick began to groan, his penis felt like bursting from the touch of her hand, but held it on. They then took off what was left on covering their bodies; Madison’s panties were taken off, same for Nick’s boxers. Now they stood, completely naked.

You’re in my mind all the time,

I know that’s not enough

If the sky can crack, there must be someway back

To love and only love

The tub was full of water now, Nick turned off the tap and he and Maddie went in the hot tub of water. The heat of the water and the heat of their embrace felt like fire and their kisses were like electricity.

Electrical storm,

Electrical storm,

Electrical storm,

Baby don’t cry

Kissing like there is no tomorrow in the water, they continued their explorations of each other. Nick’s fingers reached down Madison’s vagina, probing her entrance; Madison broke the kiss and came out of the water to gasp for air and in pleasure. Then, Nick entered her with his index finger driving her. She began screaming like mad, soon a second finger entered and her walls start tightening around his fingers.

"Oh Nick!"

"Maddie, you like this?" he asked with a clear smirk.

"Oh yes! Oh fucking yes!"

After all of the thrusting of his fingers, she came in the water. While she was experiencing her orgasm, Nick penetrated her maidenhood, with his hard on.

It’s hot as hell

Honey in this room

Sure hope the weather will break soon

The air is heavy, heavy as a truck

We need the rain to wash away our bad luck

"Oh my God Nick!"

Heh-heh huuh

Heh-heh yeah

"Maddie!" Her entrance was so tight, that Nick moaned out loud in pleasure from her tightness. Getting used to the intrusion, Madison thrusts her hips up to tell Nick she is ready. There, Nick thrusted hard in her core. Maddie screamed from pleasure and they continued thrusting together, grunting and moaning filled up the bathroom.

If the sky can crack

There must be some way back,

To love and only love

"Mm, Madison, I love you so much."

"Uh! Nick, I love you too."

Their lips locked together, as one being. Thrust after thrust later, they came.

Electrical storm

Electrical storm

Electrical storm

The feeling of warmth going inside Madison made her scream, his warm seed pours inside her canal. Madison began to shed tears, tears of love and joy.

Baby don’t cry

"Don’t worry, baby."

Baby don’t cry

"I won’t be leaving you anymore."

Baby don’t cry

"You promise?"

"I promise Maddie."

Baby don’t cry

This is the LONGEST fic I have ever posted… Dayum, it’s a milestone for The Ravaja of Dejeneration!

RxR and press that purple button, see you next time!



Last Revised: April 2, 2006 With twenty-first birthdays to celebrate, wild drinks on tap, and innuendos flying, Syd and Sky find something neither realized they were looking for
Rating: M
Ship: SS, minor BZ, JA, KB The names of the drinks are real, and were found at ALSO! THERE IS A MA VERSION OF THIS STORY, complete with a deleted scene, POSTED ON MY WEBSITE! See the link in my profile! Jamie – THANK YOU doesn’t seem enough. You’ve helped me so much on this piece, even when you had tons of other stuff to do of your own; you still made time to help me. YOU ROCK!

The last place Sky Tate wanted to be was in a jam-packed club, with too much smoke, music that was loud enough to rupture an eardrum, and people too drunk to do much more than practically have sex with each other in front of other people. And the only reason he was in here was because they were celebrating Bridge and Z’s twenty-first birthdays, and the birthday boy and girl wanted to do something spontaneous at the last minute.

"Sky, lighten up man," Jack joked, nudging him in the side with his elbow.

Sky just let one eyebrow arch in response. Jack was sitting next to him, his arm slung over the shoulders of the pretty blonde next to him. Ally was cuddled under his arm. She was getting looks from some of the guys in the vicinity for the dress she was wearing, but she didn’t seem to mind; her attention was focused solely on Jack.

On the other side of Sky, Kat and Boom were talking quietly, the two seemingly out of place. The former ranger noted, however, that Kat seemed to be a bit more comfortable in the club that Boom did; the blonde man looked out of his element. On the other side of Kat and Boom were Z and Bridge, each grinning as they shared their first legal drinks together. Sky could only shake his head and smile at the pair. He had ordered Bridge a Screwdriver, while Z had gone for something hard. Half way through Bridge’s Screwdriver Z had talked him into doing a shot of something with her.

Z looked excited and Bridge looked nervous. Sky watched them smile at each other and then toss back their glasses. Z looked liked she’d done it before; Bridge looked like he’d seen a ghost. The former Green Ranger had gone pale and was slowly turning green.


"My God woman, what did you give him?" Jack laughed at Z.

Z grinned. "A Pucker-Fucker." Boom looked shocked, Kat and Ally were laughing, and Sky and Jack could only shake their heads. Reaching over, Z had to pound on Bridge’s back to get him to stop coughing. "You ok?"

"I’m f-f-fine!" Bridge gasped, choking on the drink first, and the name that came out of Z’s mouth second. He knew Z talked dirty, he’d just never actually heard it.

"Maybe you should just stick to the drink Sky ordered for you," Z told him, her voice lost in the pounding of the bass from the song the D.J. had just put on.

Sky shook his head, and then finally noticed that they were missing someone. "Has anyone seen Syd?" Sky called over the music. Most everyone shrugged, but Kat pointed toward the dance floor.

There was a pair of dancers in plain view of the table where the former Rangers sat. The guy was young, dark haired, about Jack’s height. Sky didn’t pay him much attention, as his eyes were riveted on the young woman with him. From head to toe, Sydney Drew looked like sin.

Her legs were encased in knee-high black leather boots and a tight, really short, black leather mini skirt. Her jacket had been abandoned in favor of the tiny, light pink halter top with a heart shaped neckline and little strings that criss-crossed her back, showing off more skin than Sky had ever seen on her before. Her long blonde hair was piled on the top of her head in a clip, little wisps cascading down to frame her heart-shaped face. Her eyes were closed, lips turned up in a sultry smile, one that had Sky’s heart starting to soar.

Of course, Sky knew the way her body was bumping and grinding against her dance partner’s might have been another, more plausible reason for his heart rate to have suddenly soared. And why the hell was he suddenly disturbed to see her practically having sex with some unknown guy in a club.

"Damn! Syd looks hot out there," Jack muttered, just loud enough for Sky to hear him.

For his part, Sky just kept staring at Sydney, unable to take his eyes off her. He’d been having a problem doing that a lot recently. He’d find himself staring at her intensely, at the oddest times, or when he should be concentrating on something else. They’d been teammates and best friends since their teen years, but it was only recently that Sky had started to notice little things – the way her hair shined in the sunlight, the way her lips would automatically turn into a pout when she was upset about something, but the thing he seemed to remember most was the color of her eyes when she was looking back at him. Her eyes were a lovely shade of light blue with a dark navy ring on the outside.

"Sky? Did you hear me?" Jack asked.

"Huh? What?"

The other members of the group just smiled. "I asked what you were staring at."

Sky looked flustered, but knew denying what his eyes had been taking in would get him teased for sure. It was a common joke among Z, Jack, and Bridge at least, that Sky was falling for Sydney. He’d tried to deny it, but by and by, he was starting to think they were right. What else would explain his weirdness around Syd these days when they used to have a comfortable friendship?

"I was staring at Sydney," Sky muttered, causing Jack to grin from ear to ear. "Is it just me, or are they dancing a little too close for having just met tonight?"

"That’s Cadet Kevin Wheeler," Z butted in. "He’s on track to being the next Blue Ranger for B Squad when the current team graduates. It’s hard to believe the team that followed us is already ready to step down from being Rangers."

How ironic that Sydney should be dancing with a man who was taking the spot he once held, he thought silently. "Syd certainly has a thing for Blue Rangers, doesn’t she?" Ally cracked, nudging Jack in the side.

"That depends," Jack laughed. "Z, is he broody, by the book, and walks with a stick up his butt?"

While everyone else snickered at Jack’s question, Sky just glared at his friend. "Funny, smart-ass, real funny."

"Hey guys!" Sydney suddenly chirped, walking up to the table with Kevin in tow. "Kevin, you know everyone, right?"

"Yeah," Kevin nodded. "Look, Syd, I’ve got to go. The guys are probably ready to head to the other club. See you around the academy?"

"Of course!" Sydney giggled, hugging him before letting him leave. She turned back to stare at the others, and was surprised by the looks on most of their faces. "What?"

Bridge, Jack and Boom remained silent, while Kat and Ally laughed. Sky and Z looked at each other before Z spoke up. "How much have you had to drink already?"

"Let’s see…I had a Cosmopolitan when we got here, and Kevin and I had a few shots of something or another. Why?" Just as Syd asked that, a new song started thrumming through the club, making Syd smile. "Oooh! I love this song! I’m gonna go dance! See ya!"


Sky couldn’t help it; he knew he was drooling. Sydney’s backside looked entirely too appealing in that leather mini skirt, not to mention the large expanse of skin her top was showing off. "Come on Bridge, let’s dance!" Z laughed, tugging his arm. The group laughed at Bridge who was looking entirely too off balance thanks to the drinks.

"Want to dance?" Jack asked Ally, holding his hand out to her.


Sky watched them head onto the dance floor, and turned to see Kat tugging Boom out as well. Poor Boom looked unsure of Kat’s suggestion, but went anyways. Before he knew it, Sky was sitting at their table all by himself. His eyes zeroed in on his best friend and he felt his temperature rise.

She was standing in the middle of the dance floor, all on her own, moving her hips back and forth to the rhythm of the beat. Her arms were raised, her hands shifting through her hair, which had come out of the clip. There were probably half a dozen guys watching her as she zoned out to the music. Shaking his head, even as he pushed up from the table, Sky wondered exactly what he was going to do when he got to her.

The first thing he did was shoot evil glares at the guys crowding her. Some of them looked at him, as if they were sizing him up, but the fire in his eyes must have scared them off, because they all backed up and left her alone. Smiling, Sky did something he normally wouldn’t do – he touched her without asking. Carefully, Sky slid his arms around her waist and pulled her back against him, before tilting his head over her shoulder.

She didn’t even jump, just continued dancing, but she did turn her head and smile up at him. Sky noticed the look on her face and wondered if she had known it was him before she opened her eyes.

Together they moved to the music, Sydney rotating her hips in such a way that every time she moved back, she was bumping into Sky. The former Pink Ranger couldn’t help but grin; every time her body came in contact with Sky’s, she could feel what her dancing was doing to him, and it excited and pleased her. Sky seemed to never have enough fun. His breathing was coming a little harsher than she’d ever heard it, and his grip on her hips tightened every time she shifted just subtly against the growing bulge in his pants. Had she ever seen him like this with anyone else? Not that she could recall, she thought, bringing her arms up over her head and hooking her hands behind Sky’s neck.

Shaking her head, Sydney heard the tempo of the song shift subtly, signaling the end. For a split second, she debated what she was about to do, but the alcohol she’d consumed and the natural high she was on from dancing ruled out her common sense for a fraction of a moment. Suddenly, she turned so that she was facing Sky, their bodies pressed closer together than before. One hand stayed on the back of his neck while the other came down and fisted against his heart. Their bodies continued to rock together along with the beat, and Sydney suddenly felt dizzy at the rush she felt from having Sky so close.

The song was only seconds from ending. The dance floor was packed, bodies bumping into each other both intentionally and unintentionally. Just as the song started to fade, she heard a low growl from her partner. "You have no idea what I want to do to you right now."

Syd blinked rapidly as he suddenly left her on the dance floor, shock prevalent on her face. She hadn’t been expecting his comment, or his sudden departure at the end of the song. Her first thought once the shock wore off was that something had changed between her and Sky. He’d always been the safe one to be with, because he hardly paid attention to her in a capacity more than siblings or best friends. She’d flirted with both Bridge and Jack at a point in time, thinking both might be safe to date. That lasted all of five minutes when they started acting more like her rather than someone she wanted to date. It said something about him, when she could still feel the heat of Sky’s body pressed against her back, the ghost of his large, strong hands on her hips, the feel of his lips grazing her neck ever so slightly. She’d never had that experience with any other man. As soon as all the others had let her go, that was the end of it. Why was it now, and why Sky, that she would be haunted by him leaving her like that?

For what seemed like the millionth time, Sydney tried to not unconsciously compare her current dance partner to Sky. It wasn’t working. The man she danced with was in his early thirties, well built, blonde, green-eyed…but he wasn’t Sky. He didn’t make her feel safe, secure, and hot and bothered all at the same time the way Sky suddenly seemed to tonight.

‘God, I really am starting to hate him now! He’s ruining all my fun and he doesn’t even know it!’ she snarled to herself, pushing her partner away slightly. "I’m sorry. I’m not feeling all that great all of a sudden. Thanks for the dance." And with that, she turned and fled back toward the gang’s table.

"Can I get you a drink miss?" the waitress asked. Sky looked surprised when he saw her sit down next to him. She knew she was looking hot and bothered, and was only marginally pleased to see he was too. She had to admit, he was looking damn fine in the dark slacks and the navy button up.

"Screaming Orgasm, please," she told her. She saw the words register with his brain, and then Sky choked on the sip he’d taken from his drink. "Ohmygosh! Sky, are you ok?" Syd asked, trying to hide her smile, while thumping his back a few times as he coughed.

"I’m fine!" he gasped, sucking air in carefully. "Screaming orgasm, huh?"

She gave him a side long glance and grinned. If he hadn’t had his mind in the gutter before, her next comment would put it there, she’d make sure of it. "Yeah. You going to give me one?"

Sky turned toward her, his face completely blank, though one eyebrow seemed to be twitching up. Her jaw dropped when he replied, in his no nonsense tone, "I’m sure I could."

"Your drink, miss," the waitress said, setting it down. "Six fifty."

Startled, Sydney reached into her boot and paid her and then turned to Sky, taking a sip from her drink as she did so. She took a few moments to compose herself, and then decided to act as if nothing happened. "So what’s up with you? You’ve been sitting here since we danced, and I know you had girls over here asking you to dance. What gives?"

"Maybe I didn’t feel like dancing with any of them," Sky told her, suddenly getting defensive. Why was she pushing the issue? One would think with her knowing him as well as she did she’d know not to go there.

"Sky, what happened out there on the dance floor?" she straight up asked him, deciding the direct approach was best with him. She was pissed at spending the better part of two hours obsessing about what happened between them. Especially since it ruined any fun she could have had after their dance. Not to mention made her feel awkward to be around him.

Sydney watched him shift his drink between his hands, saw his Adam’s apple bob back and forth every single time he swallowed, and yet, she wasn’t the least bit surprised he remained silent. Just when she was about to open her mouth, the table was invaded by the rest of the gang.

"Syd!" Z laughed, dropping down in the seat next to Sydney.

The blonde turned a smile to her best girl friend and laughed. Z wasn’t drunk, that much Syd could tell, but the former Yellow Ranger was definitely buzzed. "Having a good time, Birthday Girl?"

"Hell yeah!" Z announced. "Hey, help me figure out what my last drink for the night should be. I want something fruity."

Sydney shook her head. "You’ve been drinking hard stuff all night, and now you want something with sugar?"

"Yeah, and with a wild name! I already gave Bridge a Pucker-Fucker."

Her blue eyes widened, and then Syd turned toward the blushing former Green and Blue Ranger. "Bridgey, didn’t you like it?"

"Vodka isn’t for me," he told her, his words slightly slurred.

Sydney just nodded. "Well, Z, do you want something wild or something dirty sounding?" Sydney asked, an idea popping into her head.


"I think she’s had enough," Jack muttered, sitting down on the other side of Sky.

"One more drink, then we’ll haul her home," Sydney giggled. "Ok, Z, try this one," Syd told her friend and then turned to the waitress when she came back. When she did, Sydney motioned for her to lean down closer to her. "Can we get a Cocktease please?"

The waitress nodded and took the others’ orders. "Cocktease?" Kat asked with a wide grin on her face.

"Hey, what girl can resist a drink like that?" Sydney laughed. Z nodded her head vigorously, Ally started laughing, and the boys all looked shocked or mortified by Syd’s words.

"What’s in it?" Ally spoke up, intrigued.

Sydney grinned at her. "Raspberry and vanilla rum and pineapple and cranberry juice."

"You’re drink, Ma’am," the waitress said, setting the drink down in front of Z.

"Sydney, thank you for my Cocktease!" Z laughed, and then downed the drink.

The others shook their heads, while Sydney grinned at Z who set her glass down none too lightly. "Yeah, thanks for the tease Syd," Sky muttered, just loud enough for Sydney to hear him and turn to stare at him, her eyebrow lifting in silent challenge.

"I’ll give you a tease, Schuyler Tate," Syd muttered, sliding off her chair and moving the few inches toward him. The others watched on in muted shock as Sydney threw one leg over Sky’s and settled on his lap. Cat calls and hooting and hollering went up as Sydney grabbed his shirt and yanked him forward, slamming her lips to his.

Sky didn’t even bother with turning on the lights. In fact, he probably couldn’t have turned them on thanks to the woman currently clinging to his body. He was thankful for two things the second his door shut with a swoosh behind him – first that he knew his way to his bed as well as he did and second that he and Bridge were no longer roommates.

"Too many clothes," Sky growled, yanking his mouth from Syd’s before he swooped down and began to feast on the lightly perfumed, sweaty skin of her neck. He smiled against her when she cried out in surprise and arched her body against his. She was so responsive to his touch, and every tiny whimper or moan had his own excitement growing in leaps and bounds.

"Sky!" Syd gasped, her fingers running through his hair, holding him close to her.

He didn’t answer, merely continued nipping at her neck while strategically moving them back further into his room toward his bed. He managed, even with the delightful distraction of kissing her, to stop a few inches from his bed before they both toppled over. "Sydney?"

"Hmmm?" she practically purred, her hands sliding from his hair, down his arms and back up to his chest.

"Are you sure?" he rasped against her neck, his lips moving up to her earlobe where he gently bit it and then sucked it into his mouth. "If not, you’d better…"

Sky let out a strangled cry which cut off his thoughts of asking her if she wanted to stop. Sydney was grinning up at him, her eyes half closed, one hand still on his chest but the other was slowly and methodically stroking him through his slacks. "What do you think?"


"Yes, I’m sure," she grumbled, rolling her eyes at him. "Would you shut-up already and fuck me."

Sky pulled back far enough to raise an eyebrow at her. "It’s always the quiet ones…" he muttered, before leaning down to kiss her again, this time letting one hand move from around her waist, up her side, so that he could cup her breast. Sky smiled against her lips when he felt the stiff point under her barely there top. A wicked idea popped into his head a second later, causing him to wrench his mouth away from Syd’s.

"Skyyyyy!" she whined softly when he stopped kissing her. Her eyes widened when, in the next second, Sky’s mouth closed over her nipple through her top. "OHHH!"

He didn’t verbally respond, choosing instead to nip and tease her left breast through her top. After several minutes, he moved his mouth over and nipped at the other, laving the same attention on it as he had the first. "Mmmmm!"

Feeling the need to kiss her again, Sky lifted his head and slanted his mouth over hers, groaning when her tongue carefully pressed against his lips before going wild in his mouth when he gave her permission. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he rationalized all the reasons why this shouldn’t be happening – she was his best friend, his teammate, they’d known each other too long and too well to ruin it with sex – but it was the one reason he continually came up with for them to proceed that outshined all others – he was in love with her, a fact he’d only fully accepted earlier that night.

Pulling back to catch his breath, Sky looked down at her and smiled. Her eyes were closed, her mouth was open just enough for her to suck in quick breaths, and her lips were swollen from his kisses. Carefully, he slid a hand to her waist, his fingers dancing in a caress over the smooth skin of her stomach which peeked out from her waistband. He felt his heart simply burst when she looked up at him, her need and something more, something elusive, shining in her eyes. "This is going to change everything, isn’t it?" she softly asked, reaching up to cup his face with her hands. There were tears in her eyes, but Sky wasn’t sure if they were good or bad.

"Everything’s already changed, Syd," he whispered back, his voice soft and breathy.

Sydney licked her lips and nodded that she understood what he’d meant. Now was the time for loving, the morning would come soon enough, and with it, a long, serious discussion of their future. Wanting to distract both of them from what was to come with dawn, Sydney stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, her arms sliding around his neck.

Hours later, they were cuddled together, both falling asleep. Before he was completely out, Sky had the presence of mind to roll her off his chest gently and went to take care of what he needed to. When he came back, he gazed down at her lying curled in his bed, her breathing even and her eyes closed. She seemed to be larger than life more often than not, but when she was nearly asleep, Sky was amazed at how small she really was. Shaking his head, he crawled under the covers with her and pulled her into his arms.

"I love you, Sydney Drew," he whispered in her ear, falling asleep.

There was just something so right about waking up in the strong, warm embrace of the man who possessed her like no other had. Sydney had been laying there for nearly fifteen minutes, cheek resting against the smooth, tanned skin of Sky’s chest. His heart beat a steady rhythm under her ear, making her smile. She was relaxed, comfortable, and for the first time in a long time, she felt like she was right where she was meant to be.

Loving Sky was not going to be an easy thing, but she knew that what they had already been through together over the years had cemented and nurtured a bond that would only grow as time wore on. For the first time in her life, Sydney could absolutely say she was in love. Yes, she’d had crushes before. She’d had sex with other men. But none of them had touched her so deep inside, not like Sky had the night before.

It wasn’t just the way he’d made love to her either, though she knew she’d be walking with a noticeable limp for a day or two. No, it had been his need for her, coupled with the love she saw shining in his eyes, which had sunk her. As scared as she was of this new phase, as new and bright as being in love with him was to her, she knew, without a shadow of a doubt he felt the same way. Who knew the ever-reserved, stick-up-his-butt, Sky Tate could love that way? She did, and if she had anything to say about it, she’d be the only one who knew that.

"You look content." His voice rumbled in his chest, tickling her ear, and making her smile.

"That’s because I am," she replied, bringing one delicate hand up to stifle a yawn. Moving ever so slightly, she managed to stare up at him, her heart shining in her eyes. "Good morning." Sky just grinned at her before leaning down to kiss her. "Someone’s in a good mood this morning."

"For once, I’ll concede that you’re right, but don’t tell anyone," he teased, moving some of her hair out of her face, his fingers caressing her cheek. "Time for that talk, huh?"

Sydney nodded. "It’s better if we do this now, instead of later when we’ve had time to talk ourselves out of it." Sighing, she pulled away and sat up, using the sheet to cover her breasts.

Sighing, Sky sat up with her, leaning against the headboard. "Syd…"

"Just tell me one thing," she interrupted, wanting to know what he was thinking before she poured her heart out.


Sydney looked at him, tears starting to well in her eyes. "Did you mean what you said last night, right before we fell asleep?"

Sky looked startled that she’d remember what he’d said, especially when he barely remembered what he’d said. They’d both been a little buzzed off the alcohol, and then, adding on the haze from them having sex, there was no way most people would remember what had happened, much less what was said.

She took his silence and shocked expression to be bad. "I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have asked that."

"Syd, I…"

"No, it’s okay. Forget I ever said anything," she whispered, then saw the clock. "I need to go. I have a demonstration with the D-Squad in an hour." She moved slowly, so she didn’t touch him, and found her clothes at the end of the bed.


She didn’t respond, not until he pressed his lips to her bare shoulder and slid his legs to either side of her so she was practically sitting in his lap. His hands grasped her waist, holding her close to him. Her only response then was to shudder at the touch.


"Don’t go mad," he whispered, his lips nibbling on her ear. "You just shocked the hell out of me, because I wasn’t exactly expecting you to remember what I said."

"I was buzzed, not drunk, thank you very much," she hissed at him.

Sky just grinned at her. "Oh trust me, I know," he whispered. "You certainly made good on your tease last night. But seriously," he started, choosing his words carefully. "Sydney, I meant what I said last night. I’m not going to take it back, but you were right when you said everything’s going to change."

"It changed a lot more than either of us was expecting, didn’t it?"




"I love you."


Lilly, hey wait up!" Oliver shouted and ran up to her as she was about to dive into the ocean with her surfboard. "I need a favor." Lilly looked up into his brown eyes and smiled.

"Sure, what is it?" Lilly said and licked a drop of ocean water from her bottom lip. Oliver watched as her tongue disappeared into her mouth and internally groaned. "Oliver, hello? Mayday mayday, the Ollie Trolley has left the tracks…" Lilly smacked his arm and he finally woke up from his mental blank out.

"Sorry, um, can you buy me some chocolate? I’m out of money," Oliver asked and Lilly sighed.

"Yeah, come on." Lilly headed back up the beach and Oliver could not help staring at her finely shaped ass that was covered by her bikini bottoms. Oliver raced after her and they headed straight towards Rico’s Snack Shack. Lilly waited for a minute before Jackson came back with a chocolate bar the size a ruler. She tossed it to Oliver and headed back to the ocean. Oliver trailed after her and lay down on the beach, watching her surf and eating his chocolate. A few minutes later the waves had died down and Lilly swam back to shore. She lay down next to Oliver breathing heavily.

"What a rush," Lilly exclaimed and turned on her side, grabbing the chocolate from his hands.

"Hey!" Lilly stuck her tongue out at him and took a large bite. Oliver stared at her and the sun started to set. The glow warmed her face and her body and hair glistened from the water. She took another bite and noticed that Oliver was staring at her.

"What is there something on my face?" Oliver shook his head and Lilly shrugged, swallowing the bite. Then Oliver lost all control he had. He rolled on top of Lilly and pressed his lips onto hers. Lilly moaned and kissed back just as fiercely as him, opening her mouth and letting his tongue slip inside. Oliver gripped her waist and Lilly wrapped her arms around his neck. Lilly rolled them over and sat up, her face flushed and she blushed when took of note of how she was straddling him.

Oliver was breathing heavily and nearly choked when Lilly unintentionally ground her pelvis into his. His soldier automatically responded and he could feel himself throbbing and groaned. "Lilly," he moaned and she gasped when he pressed up against her. Oliver hissed as Lilly’s heat enveloped him as she wiggled again. Lilly moaned and pressed her face into his neck.

Lilly then suddenly noticed something she never saw before and stared at it with amazement. A small blemish so light no one would notice it was there unless they got as close as Lilly was now. Then her mind took a dirty turn. Her eyes drooped as she stared at the blemish as if it were calling out to her.

I wanna lick it

Lilly shifted on him and accidentally ground into him causing Oliver to groan and his grip on her waist tighten. Lilly ignored the now rock hard shaft in between her legs and stared at the blemish on his neck.

…I still wanna lick it

Lilly darted out her tongue and sampled the darker part of his and gasped. The taste of him sent a jolt through her body that went straight to the apex of her thighs. Oh… Lilly could no longer ignore the throbbing pain in between her legs and ground into him while licking that sweet spot on his neck.

Oliver groaned and thought I’ll be damned if I let her take control. He rolled them over again and claimed her lips with his. The sun had set now and it was completely dark, the whole beach was deserted except for the two. Oliver felt a tug at the bottom of shirt and Lilly pulled his shirt over his head. Oliver grinned wickedly and smashed his hips into hers causing her to gasp and arch into him. He reached under her and untied her bikini top, slipping it off her shoulders. Lilly was breathing heavily as Oliver removed her bikini bottoms, plunging two fingers inside her.

"OLIVER!" Lilly cried out and clawed at his back and the sand beneath them. Oliver smirked, if he could make her scream just with his fingers, what could he do with his soldier. He pumped his fingers in an out of her while unzipping his jeans and pulling them off along with his boxers. Lilly cried out and climaxed all over his hand. Sweat covered her body as she came down from her climax high. She saw his erection and instantly got horny at the sight of how huge it was.

Oliver pushed the head in and looked up at her, asking if he should go on. Lilly nodded and Oliver thrust inside her, breaking her barrier. Lilly gasped in pain and her grip on him tightened. Oliver stood stock still inside her, trying not to move in fear of hurting her.

"Lilly, are you alright?" Oliver breathed into her ear. Lilly gulped and nodded. "What do you want me to do?" Lilly didn’t bother answering and rolled her hips into his. Pleasure racked through their bodies and their moaned. Oliver lost it and slammed repeatedly into her. Pressure built up in Lilly’s stomach and she knew she was going to cum soon.

"Oliver!" She screamed and came, all her energy leaving her. Oliver shot his seed inside her and collapsed on top of her. He slipped out of her and rolled over. They lay there for what seemed like hours when it was only a couple minutes. Lilly rolled over, kissed Oliver, and pulled her bikini back on. Oliver pulled his clothes on and helped Lilly find the jeans and t-shirt she had worn over her bikini before she went surfing.

"So?" Lilly pulled her shirt over her head and looked up at Oliver.

"What do you mean?" Oliver sighed and cupped her cheek in his large hands, bring his lips crashing down on her in a bruising kiss. He pulled back and stared into her eyes.

"So?" Lilly smiled and gave his groin a squeeze.

"Amazing." And with that, she left for her house. Oliver grinned and knew that this was the night he would remember forever.

This story is in association with… the letter A!



it was the start of the summer holidays and gabriella couldnt be looking forward to it any more than she already was. see its her first summer in the same place due to her mom transferring all the time and to make things even better she had her extremely hot boyfriend troy bolton to share it with.

currently they were sitting in her back garden caught up in a steamy make out session whilst her mom, maria, was at work.

she was lying on undermeath him while her hands were wrapped tightly around his neck and his hands were running up and down her sides sending shivers through her spine. they pulled away from the kiss to rest there foreheads together with huge smiles on there faces.

"i love you gabriella montez"

"i love you too troy bolton"

and with that there lips brush softly against one another again and again and again the kisses becoming more passionate every second. her hands begin to grip the bottom of the shirt which she then puts her hands under easing it up whilst her hands glide over his well toned abs leaving a trail of goosebumps behind every place they touch.

they break apart from the kiss only for her to pull the shirt over his head and toss it to the side, they sit up and she trails warm butterfly kisses down his neck and to his chest "mmmmm, god that feels so good" he moans out

she smiles and brings her lips back up to meet his their mouths immediately opening so there tongues can dance with each other in an amazingly passionate kiss.

he begins to slide her top up at a tortuorously slow pace seperating there lips to quickly pull it of he then trails kisses down her neck until he gets to the place he knows drives her wild and bites down gently whilst sucking on it elicting a moan to come out from deep within her throat.
abandoning the spot he reaches around to unclasp her bra and slides it down her slender arms.

once her bra is removed she puts her hand behind his neck to bring him into another passionate kiss as her breasts press up tightly against his chest still kissing he lies her back down. when air is needed he pulls his mouth away from hers to place kisses on her chest whilst undoing her jeans at th same time. sucking one of her nipples into his mouth he hears her moan and playfully nips at it before lavishing the same attention on the other breast

both nipples now erect he trails his kisses down her stomach causing her to shiver in delight

he grabs hold of the waist band of her jeans making sure he has a firm grip on her panties as well in one swift move they are off and he admires the tanned exotic beauty lying completely naked in front of him he places kisses from her ankles up to her thighs and grips onto her hips as he reaches the place just begging for his attention, he quickly tastes her and sucks her nub into his mouth as her head thrashes from side to side

he licks faster and faster until she is almost crying out when he stops and looks at her breathing heavily ,her cheeks red and her eyes just opening she quickly rolls them over and in one swift motion his pants and boxers are quickly removed. she trails her kisses down his neck and to his nipple where she swirls her tongue around it.

reaching his manhood with her kisses she swirls her tongue around the tip "god baby that feels so good" smiling she nips at it before she takes him fully into her mouth, his hands having a firm grip on her hair. his breathing is coming out in quick heavy pants

"baby stop i need to be inside you now, ohhh, please" she nips at his tip one more time before going up to his level and placing a passionate kiss on his lips,
whilst he rolls them over so he is back on top there tongues dance together.

with one quick thrust he is inside her womanhood her legs immediately wrap around his waist as she brings him in deeper causing her to pull away from his lips to release the moan that has been building up in the back of her throat.

thrusts get faster as well as their breathing and with one last hard thrust they both come together screaming each others names.

he pulls out to lie down next to her pulling her close and kissing her sweaty forehead

"well i gotta say i never thought we'd have sex in your backyard"

"me neither but i liked it"

there lips meet in a soft loving gentle kiss.

10 minutes later and they have just finished getting dressed when her mom arrives home

"that was close my mom would have killed us if she finds out what we were doing"

they both laugh before going inside to snuggle up together on the couch



It was just the two of us. Everyone else was out celebrating Fourth of July. It was rounding near ten and Miley and I just sat in her room. The blinds were open and the door was shut and locked. The only light was the moon and the stars and the occasional fireworks here and there. I licked my lower lip nervously. Miley had just turned eighteen a week ago and our anniversary was yesterday. On my birthday, four months ago, we went out to the beach. Ate dinner, and we talked. Talked about taking our relationship one more step. We’ve been together for two whole years, and I thought we could. She said she wasn’t ready, and I blushed for even asking. But the second time she brought it up. She told me she was thinking about it lately, and she was ready. So we set the time and date. Planned everything out. So here we are, sitting on her bed our fingers laced, nervous as hell.

My thumb ran over her skin many times. We’ve been sitting here for almost a half hour. We didn’t really say anything at times we would say, ‘I think we should start’ and the other would agree but would never move. "Miley…" I finally say after ten minutes has passed. She looks at me and I don’t know if I should say anything. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I’ve asked her that for two days straight and she always said yes. The two of us have been preparing for a long time and neither of us was sure if the other was ready. She reached up and touched my cheek.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" She asked. She rarely asked me, but when she did I always hesitated. Unlike her. I nodded and brought my lips to hers to meet in a soft and slow kiss.

"I really want to." I said into her ear when I pulled away. I felt her shiver when I did that. I pulled away to look her in the eye and noticed how cute she looked in the dim light of the moon. She was wearing fitted jeans instead of her usual baggy ones and a tee shirt, but it didn’t bag like her usual skater clothes. It was like the first time we got together; nervous and embarrassed. When I first met Miley, she was a rebellious skater, who I had no attraction to what’s so ever. Okay that’s a lie; I had a small crush on her until I found out about before Hannah Montana. But that only subsided a little. But never did I think I would be in this position, or dating her never the less.

I let go of her hand and took each side of her face to bring it to mine. Our lips met in another soft kiss and I found that we were getting more deeper into the kiss. I slowly pushed her to her back on to the bed so that her head rested on the pillow. I felt her wrap her arms around my neck and pull me closer. I straddled her hips and brought her closer massaging her lips with mine. I noticed the way of her lips on mine felt different. More something. Something I can’t put my finger on. My tongue darted to her bottom lip and it seemed almost perfect. Sure we’ve had practice for the last two years, but never had I paid so much attention to a kiss. To her lips.

Finally she opened her mouth so that my tongue could slip in and take hers into it’s possession. I could hear her breathing get more ragged as she clung harder to my hair, tugging at it. It was becoming more quicker and much more heavier. She was pressing her lips harder against mine, lifting herself up and I’d pull up trying to slow it down. The two of us pulled away breathing hard. Her blonde hair was splayed behind her and he rested his head on her shoulder breathing hard. I could feel her hand massaging the back of my head through my thick hair.

"You okay?" I asked her. I heard Miley’s soft pants in my ear.

"Mhmm…" she responded, I could tell she was enjoying herself and hearing her soft reply made the hairs on the back of my neck stand. I sat up and so did she. I watched her lick her lower lip, I seemed to notice every move she made. I swallowed slightly and took her into my lap and she fumbled with the buttons of my polo. I could tell she was nervous, just by how she was breathing. She pulled my shirt over my head and I guess she took the time to stare at my naked chest. I felt my whole body flush.

I’ll admit it; I’m not Mr. Buff or anything. I mean yeah I have some muscles but I’m not ripped or anything. I mean I’m working on a six pack, I’ve been doing some crunches and I’m in Volleyball, but I’m not exactly packing. It was my turn, and stared her in the eyes. She was running her hands over my chest and I took in a breath. I slipped my hands into her shirt and pulled it over her head. I discarded her shirt and tossed it to the side. I stared at her, taking her in. I then looked her in the face and she was blushing, almost embarrassed that she was exposed to me. I opened my mouth to say something, but she surprised me by covering her lips with my own.

"Jake…" she pulled away from our kiss and I got scared. What if she didn’t want this anymore, "…go ahead." She had read my mind, granting me permission. I reached behind her and with one hand I unclasped her bra. Sure it took a minute or two, but when it was loose, I brushed down the straps off her shoulders and threw it off to the floor. I stared at her body with such envy. No, I didn’t want breasts, but perfection. Yes. She was the definition of perfection. I looked up at her and smiled at her. Not a grin or a smirk, just a smile. I moved my lips to hers for a moment then started to place butterfly kisses on her jaw line.

We were back to our previous positions. My lips back on hers, I tugged at her bottom lip and massaged her tongue with my own. I heard her moans and it drove me nuts. I moved my lips to her neck and felt her lips on mine. So we lied there for awhile necking each other. I concentrated on her lips and my own, but the fact that her smooth skin was rubbing against mine. That her breasts were being pressed against my chest. At the feeling I grew hard but I wanted this to last as long as I could. We were both on our sides as she bent down to kiss my shoulders and then moved to kiss at my collarbone.

Between her kisses I could hear her voice. "Jake, mine." I heard her say. She was claiming me and I laughed in my mind. "My boyfriend. My Jake. Mine." She repeated and I pressed my lips to kiss her.

"Quiet, Miley. You talk to much." I told her in between our kisses. I once again invaded her mouth with my tongue.


"No…Shh…" I told her still massaging her lips and taking her bottom lip in between mine. She was tangling her hand into my hair and I enjoyed it. I bit and grazed my teeth on her skin of her neck, kissing and nipping to her collarbone. I placed butterfly kisses all over her chest. I didn’t miss a spot. I kissed every inch of her pale body. As I did so, she worked on the zipper of my jeans. I figured she was having a hard time since I moved to tend to her breast with my mouth while my other hand tended to the other one. I bit and sucked softly at the swollen bud and reversed the process. When that was done I lifted my body up and began to unbutton her jeans. I tugged at them dragging them off her small hips. With my help we got my pants off as well, and both of the offending articles of clothing were thrown to the ground.

We looked at each other, and at first I wondered if she would regret this. But I buried that thought in the back of my mind. When she hooked her thumbs in my boxers pulling them down. I raised my hips for her and then pulled down her lacy panties. We were completely nude. I looked at her and she had closed her blue eyes. I touched her cheek. "Miley…" I said and she opened her eyes in a worried manner.

"What’s wrong?" She asked afraid that I was backing out. I kissed her.

"Are you sure you’re ready?" I asked and knew that it was probably the billionth time I checked with her. She nodded.

"I’m ready, and you?" She questioned back at me.

"As ever will be." I told her. So I positioned myself over her and looked at her face. She didn’t close her eyes this time. "I’ll go slow." I told her and she nodded. I put the head in at her entrance and she bit her lip. In sex-ED, they said this would hurt, and I hoped I wouldn’t hurt her to much. So I went in inch after inch. Her breathing became more and more thicker and I looked at her face. She looked like she in was so much pain, and I felt bad. She put her arms around me and her fingernails dug into my back and my shoulders. "I’m sorry…" I said quietly. I moved more in and moved around a bit. And then, I was completely in her, and we were one. She opened her eyes, barely, and nodded at me so I could continue.

I started to pull out slowly and she was starting to loosen her grip on my back. I pushed back in and she let out a low moan. I went in again and this time her face wasn’t filled with features of discomfort but pleasure. I repeated my actions only a little faster, and each time I went back in, I got a moan in return. She tilted her head back and I pressed my lips to her neck. She opened it for me. She was breathing my name out, every time I went in, and I moaned hers out with every thrust as well. We were in harmony, as she bucked her hips up to mine.

Sweat formed at my temples our bodies heated together and stuck. "Jake…" She moaned out and I looked at her. Her eyes were closed and she had sweat building up around her forehead. Ringlets of blonde hair stuck to her forehead. "I…faster…" She commanded, and I did nothing but comply. Our bodies rocked together, becoming one, then apart, then one once more. All in one cycle, and moans were escaping from both our lips.

"Miley…" I heard my self let out. I wasn’t aware of our words anymore. Occasionally the faster would be thrown in. Miley…My Miley…I love you." I didn’t even know I said it. But we kept on until, she couldn’t hold on any longer. I, myself, wasn’t going to last much either. She released and tightened around my member. I hissed at the increasing pressure she placed, and when I couldn’t hold it any longer I let go. When I had no more left in me, I collapsed on top of her. Exhausted, though my thrusts were still going, long and slow. I finally pulled out of her and just lied on top of her. I laid butterfly kisses on her neck and below her ear and on her jaw. She was running her fingers through my hair and I sighed. I rolled off her and held her in my arms. It was perfect. The last firework shot in the air making color lights dance on her face. We were both sticky and I kissed her.

The next morning I woke up in Mileys room. My first thoughts went back to the night before, and I grinned. I moved to sit up, but my arm wouldn’t let me. Under the covers was Miley , and I prayed to god thanking him that Mileys dad had gone on a convention that week. Another reason why we did so much planning. Miley lied there with an innocent look on her face. But I knew she was no longer innocent. I wrapped my arm around her waist tighter, best I could with her gripping on to me. I pulled my other arm from underneath her gently and moved her blonde hair out from her neck and placed my lips at her neck.

She turned around and smiled a lazy smile at me. I pressed my lips on her own. "Morning." I said to her. She covered her mouth and nose and I raised my eyebrow.

"More like morning breath." She said muffle. I rolled my eyes and sat up. I reached over her to my jeans and grabbed my mints. I popped three in my mouth and then blew my breath to her face and she kissed me. I reached back and took a mint putting it between my teeth so she could take it. She leaned back down and I moved to have my head hover over hers. I let the mint her lips and she took it, while we shared another kiss. "Last night was…" She couldn’t think of a word. I reached around for my shirt and boxers. I pulled my boxers on and handed her my shirt. She pulled it on and I rolled us so she was on top of me. "Last night…" she said as she drew circles into my chest. "…You were claiming me. Saying ‘my Miley’." I blushed and she, god help us all, giggled. I rarely hear Miley giggle.

"So were you. ‘jake, my boyfriend. My Jake. Mine.’" I said mocking her and she stuck her tongue out.

"But that’s not all you said…" I raised an eyebrow once more. She made small circles in my chest still and I wrapped my arms around her waist. "You said you loved me." My heart stopped beating. She heard that? I barely even remember saying it. I took a look at her and she didn’t look at me. I ran my fingers best I could through her tangled blonde hair. "Is it true?" She asked me. Of course it was true. I loved Miley more then life itself, and I would have yelled it out to the world

I nodded. "Yeah." I said. She looked up at me a bit surprised. Did she think I was going to say no? "I love you." I told her. She turned to lie on her stomach so she could face me. She bent forward and kissed me.

"I love you too." She told me. I smiled at her and once more attempted to run my fingers through her hair, best I could and then I chuckled and she looked at me strangely. "What?" She asked pushing her small hands against my chest so she could take a better look at my face. "What?" she asked again cocking her head to the side; I loved it when she does that. Even though she gave her innocence to me, she still looked as though she had it.

"Hopefully we have more fun nights." I joked and she smacked me on the shoulder, and then pondered for a moment.

"Yeah I agree." She said as she collapsed in my arms and I raised the sheets up to her shoulders. She kissed my arm. "Mine." I heard her say.End


Fervent Kisses

"Annabeth, are you sure you want to do this?" Percy asked, leading Annabeth into his nearly empty cabin.

"Percy, i've waited too long for this. I believe tonight, is the night, that we will no longer be...innocent." Annabeth licked Percy's lips seductively, sending cold shivers down Percy's spine. Suddenly, he drew Annabeth roughly towards his body, thrusting his lips onto hers, their tounges interlaced in a fervent battle for dominance, The battle raged on inside the mouths of the young half-bloods, as Annabeth tore off the leather belt that held up Percy's jeans, letting them, along with his under-pants, fall to the ground, forgotten in this clash. Percy stepped over his trousers, letting Annabeth's grass-stained capri's join them, in a heap of un-wanted fabric.

There, the two stood, neitgher of them had any clothing on their lower bodies. Still, Annabeth thrust her shoulder's against Percy's, her upper body grinding hard against Percy. He moaned with pleasure, and groaned in delightful pain, as Annabeth knocked her hips against Percy's tingling erection, his back pinned against the wooden wall of the one-room cabin.

Without question, Annabeth drew apart from Percy for a split question, to pull his shirt from his body, leaving Percy comepletely naked. Percy took the liberty of un-dressing the rest of Annabeth, putting them closer to the most intimate, erotic night of their lives, so far.

The short-lived battle of the tounges drew to a close, when Percy pulled Annabeth on top of his large, king-sized bed. Annabeth slipped underneath Percy, pulling the sea-green bed-sheet over their bodies.

"Annabeth, I don't mean to hurt you, or anything. I don't want to hurt you, you know that, right?" Percy's green eyes stared into Annabeth's hard, stone, grey eyes.

"I know, love. Just...do it. Now!" Annabeth clenched, as she prepared herself for the pain that was to be expected. However, when she looked into Percy's eyes, all she saw, was a seductive, alluring grin on his handsome face. Without question, Percy knelt his head, licking Annabeth't thighm watching her shiver with delight.

"Oh god! He has a game plan!" Annabeth thought, which, surprisingly enough, turned her on even more.

"Don't move, Annabeth, or else I could make things...dirty." Percy grinned, fondling Annabeth's breasts, while slowly pressing his tounge against her inner thigh.

"Oh baby! Please, don't stop! Percy!" Annabeth moaned, trying vainly not to buck her hips to Percy's act.

"Is this long enough? Or shall I keep going, to get her up even more? Nah, we've waited too long." Percy thought, in his mind of twisted ideas. He rubbed his erection just outside of Annabeth's enterance.

"Annabeth...?" Percy whispered in her ear. "I'll be gentle."

Suddenly, as Percy thrust himself into Annabeth, her grip on his shoulder's tightened, and her breathing grew heavy.

"Percy...don't move. Please, just wait a minute." Annabeth heaved, her heart-beat racing.

For a good five minutes, the two lay, listening to the sounds of the ocean outside, and the beat of each other's heart. At long last, Annabeth allowed Percy to slowly continue, groaning with the ammount of effort it took.

Annabeth moaned pleasurably, her hips bucking with Percy's timed movements.

Suddenly, Annabeth gasped deeply, trying hard not to skriek, with the sudden burst of ecstasy, having Percy collapse on top of her, his chest heaving.

"Oh god, Percy!" Annabeth panted, her eye-lids fluttering.

"Good-night, my sweet Annabeth. May you never forget this night, of innocence, youth, and, of course, love." Percy sighed, as they both drifted off to sleep, still in each other's grasp.



ok so it goes like this: all the old digidestined are here and so are season 2's I'm Yolen i'm cuz.'s with Yolei, Kami is Tai's and Kari's cuz., Silen is Sora's 18 year old aunt, and Shiara and Kenishi are ken's cuz's. Tai,Sora,Izzy, and Matt are 17.Joe's 18.Davis, Kari, Tk, Yolen, Kami, Shira and Yolei are 15 Mimi's 16. Cody's 12.

"Why me?" I asked, walking down the street."I dunno why you?" I herd a voice wisper in my ear."AGH!" i spinned around."Gah! Ken don't do that. you scared me." I told him."Don't i always?" He asked."Thats not funny."He snickered,"Sorry Yolen couldn't help it."He walked with me for a minute."Why were you walking alone down this road at this time Ken?" I asked."I was visting Shiara." He told me.
"Oh. Well you wanna go over to your house for a bit?" i asked him.He smirked."You bet Yolen." We walked to Ken's house and we saw Ken's mom and dad sitting on the couch. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Ichijouji." I told them."Mama were going to my room ok? See you later." he said and pulled me to his room.
"Ken you in a hurry to go to your room. Why couldn't we talk to your mom?" I asked. Ken pulled me into his room, shut, and locked the door. Then he pulled me close to him and kissed me on my neck ever so softly making me giggle."Oh Yolen i want you so bad right now." he said still kissing my neck.
I moaned softly,"So why not take me?" I asked.He stared into my blue eyes,"Maybe I will." He started to pull my shirt over my head, while kissing down my neck and to my coller bone.I gasped,"N-no Ken stop." He looked up at me."Not on your life Yolen."My eyes widened.Ken pushed me onto the bed and started to pull off my skirt.
I didn't fight him though. I let him take it off in one swift movement. I stood up and kissed Ken."Well fine have it your way." i bent down and unsnaped Ken's pants."W-wha?" He said staring at me on my knee's. I pulled his pants down to the floor staring at his now harding boy-hood.I pulled on the elastic of his boxers and started to pull them down.
His dick was sticking straight up."How tempting," I told him.He didn't answer, he was busy moaning. I licked up the underside of his dick, then i licked the head once."T-that feeels ssoo gggood Yo..." He didn't finish.I slowly stuck it in my mouth and was swirling my tounge around it.I could feel that he wanted me to do it more to go farther.So i deep throated his dick."Yes...Oh...uh.." he said.'Boy does he taste good.' I thought.I started to suck up and down, wanting him to cum in my mouth.
"OOHH!" he half gasped, half yelled.His body tensed up and he shot after shot of hot tasty cum into my mouth.I swallowed it all.He started at me in disbelief as i had stood up and had pulled off my panties and bra. I pulled ken to me and started kissing him.His hands went down to my cunt and fondled it making me quite horny and getting his hand all wet.We fell back onto the bed.
Ken instantly became hard again.He then started to inter me when i gasped out loud."Your a virgin aren't you Yolen?" Ken asked."Well duh Ken, I'm 15 after all.But don't stop." He smirked and continued to go in. I scratched down his back. He griminced in pain but continued to go.I moaned bucking my hips with his thrusts."Mmm...uh...Please.." was all i could say.It was like he could read my mind though cuz he started to go faster.
I wrapped my arms around his neck as he leaned down to kiss mine.i could feel him start to leave a hicky but i didn't care.In and out he pumped. I was in extasy.I could feel my body wanting something.'Ogasaim. Now!' Was what it was thinking. I pushed down at the moment he had pushed up sending me over the edge."Uhh..!" i moaned.
He wasn't done yet though, He continued pumping in and out.I pulled on the zipper of his shirt pulling it off and letting it slip off his shoulder's. He grabbed ahold of my brests and started to massage them while he fucked me.
Ken fucked harder into me, i could feel my body tense up around his dick again."Oh god!" I yelled. Ken's dick tensed up."Uh..Yolen!" he moaned. We both came at the same time.
I collapsed onto Ken breathing deep feeling like i hadn't been able to breath in a while.
Ken hugged me and wispered in my ear,"Thank you my friend." I rolled off of him half asleep,"For what?" i asked.He didn't answer.I had fallen asleep.
"Ken! Is everything all right? I herd yelling!" Mrs. Ichijouji yelled."Everything's fine mamma!" He yelled,"Everything is just fine." he said again in a wisper running his hand softly across my face, then walked over to the phone and dailed a number.
"Hello? Mrs. Inoue?..."

Ok this is my first lemon. How did i do? Did it suck so horribly bad i should stop writing? Email me at Kari_ichijouji2000@yahoo.com to tell me!.


Mer Girl

Author’s notes: This is part 13 of thirteen of the Ray of Light lemon series:D This fic is the 2nd Digimon/Pokémon crossover in the series, and it contains yuri sex (Rika/Misty) and yaoi sex (Ryo/Ash).

Disclaimer: I don’t own Digimon or Pokémon, so no lawsuits please.

This is the final part, so enjoy:D

One day in the Pokémon world, Ash Ketchum and Misty Waterflower were a couple, but they always fought. This time they were fighting about Misty’s bike.

“I told you, I don’t have the money right now!” said Ash.

“Well, then go and get a job!” retorted Misty. “I want my damn bike back!”

“That bike, that bike! That’s all you care about! What about me?! You don’t give me none like you used to!”

“And you won’t get none until you buy me a bike.”

“Fuck you and your bike,” he muttered.

Then Misty slapped him hard in the face.

“I’m outta here!” said Ash. “I don’t need this!”

As he got ready to leave, Pikachu rushed into the house. He gave Ash and Misty two mirrors. They were sparkling. As they gazed into the mirrors, they began to get sucked into them, and they disappeared.

“Pika?” Pikachu said in confusion.

Meanwhile, in Digimon’s real world, Rika Nonaka and Ryo Akiyama were having an argument similar to Ash and Misty’s. But they were fighting about a card match they had.

“You liar! You didn’t play that card!” shouted Rika.

“I did so, you weren’t paying attention!” countered Ryo.

The fought for a long time, then Rika said something very hurtful to Ryo.

“I bet you cheat in your matches. That’s probably how you became the Digimon King.”

“How dare you!” shouted Ryo.

Then Renamon and Cyberdramon came into the room.

“Hey, you too, that’s enough fighting,” said Renamon.
“Yeah, don’t you two get tired of arguing all the time?” asked Cyberdramon.

“She told me I cheat in my games!” Ryo said.

“Rika, how could you?” asked Renamon.

“I think you need some time away from each other,” said Cyberdramon.

“That’s not a bad idea,” said Rika.

Rika and Ryo stormed out of the house.

“Can you believe them?” asked Renamon.
“Give it time, they’ll be fucking each other by tonight,” replied Cyberdramon.

Both chuckled lightly, then Cyberdramon moved closer to Renamon.

“Also I was wondering about us…,”

Renamon pushed Cyberdramon back. “Not in this lifetime, Cyber Romeo.”
“Dammit, Renamon…!”

Rika and Ryo went to the Digital World at the same time.

“Why are you following me?” asked Ryo.
“I should be asking you the same question,” said Rika.

Before they could argue some more, they heard other voices. They rushed to see who was there and Ryo and Rika met Ash and Misty.

“Who are you guys?” asked Rika.

“I’m Ash,” said Ash.
“And I’m Misty,” said Misty. “Who are you guys?”

“I’m Rika,” said Rika.
“Ryo,” said Ryo.

“Where are we?” asked Ash.

“The Digital World,” said Ryo. “How’d you get here?”

“My Pokémon friend Pikachu gave me and her some mirrors and we got teleported here.” He pointed to Misty. Misty just glared.

“Me and him are blowing off some steam at separate parts of the Digital World,” said Rika. She pointed at Ryo. Both of them glared at each other.

“Well, we don’t know our way around, so could you two help us?” asked Misty.

“Sure thing,” said Ryo. “I’ll go with Ash.”
“Fine, then I’ll go with Misty,” said Rika.

And that was that.

Deep in the forest, Rika and Misty searched a long time for the mirror.

“This is a big forest,” said Misty.
“Yeah,” said Rika.

Rika and Misty decided to rest a while. Rika couldn’t help staring at her.

She’s so beautiful, thought Rika. The hairstyle reminds me of me, but I’d never wear those clothes. Nevertheless, those clothes make look really sexy…

“Why are you staring at me for?” asked Misty.

Rika then came back to her senses. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I was just thinking.”


This is when Rika tensed up. She couldn’t tell this stranger that she loved her. But it was now or never. So Rika inched in closer to Misty and planted a kiss on her lips. Misty immediately pulled away from her.

“Uh…what was that for?” Misty asked.
“I’m…I’m sorry,” Rika replied. “But I…you know…love you.”

Misty looked at the ground. “So does this mean you want to have sex with me?”

“You figured it out?”

“Well, yeah, after the way you kept eyeing me.”

Misty then took off the top half of her outfit, revealing her breasts. Then she moved closer to Rika and planted a kiss on her lips. As Rika and Misty were kissing, Misty began to strip Rika of all her clothes, and Rika took off what little Misty had on.

They rolled around on the ground before coming to rest on a heap of leaves. Rika was on top of Misty, one hand running through her hair, and the other rubbing Misty’s breasts. Rika kissed Misty once more before running her tongue down to her neck, sucking on it for a little bit, then kissing both her breasts, working her way down to her cunt. Rika then inserted her tongue into Misty’s pussy and began to lick her out. Misty moaned loudly, then Rika stopped licking and inserted a finger into Misty’s cunt, pushing in and out slowly. Misty began to rub Rika’s hair, then Rika inserted another finger and began to go faster. Misty moaned out Rika’s name and she began to pant. Both Rika and Misty’s bodies were covered in sweat. Rika inserted a third finger and pumped with all her might. Misty’s body stiffened, and she shot her juices all over Rika’s arm, and onto the ground. Rika took out her arm and began to suck on Misty’s orgasm. Tasting Misty’s cum made her orgasm afterwards. Misty and Rika licked each other clean and then got dressed. After a few minutes of walking, Misty and Rika found the mirror that Misty needed to return to her world.

“Wow! We found it!” said Rika.

“Thank you, Rika,” said Misty.

Meanwhile, Ryo and Ash walked near a stream looking for Ash’s mirror.

“So Ash, is Misty your girlfriend?” asked Ryo.

“Unfortunately, yes,” said Ash. “She can be such a bitch sometimes.”

“Yeah, it’s the same way with Rika.”

“You two are a couple?”


Ryo and Ash walked for a long while, and their feet were getting tired. Ryo and Ash saw something shiny near the water.

“Is that it?” asked Ryo.
“Yeah, it is,” said Ash.

Ash and Ryo rushed over to the mirror. Ash picked it up and put it in his pocket.

“I guess we should go back now,” said Ash.

But Ryo didn’t want Ash to leave yet.

“I’m kinda tired,” said Ryo. “I think we should take a rest.”
“Yeah, you’re right,” replied Ash.

Ash and Ryo sat near the stream, and Ash began to take off his hat, jacket and shirt.

“Damn, the weather is hot here.”

But Ryo didn’t hear him. He was too busy admiring Ash’s body.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Ryo. “I was…”
“…Admiring my body.”

Ryo was shocked.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Ash.
“Y…yeah…,” stuttered Ryo.

Ash then moved closer to Ryo and ran his index finger on his metal gauntlet-like thing on his arm.

“Can you show me your body?” asked Ash.

Ryo didn’t protest, and began to take off his shoes, shirt and pants. He was wearing his lucky Cyberdramon boxer shorts.

“Who’s that?” asked Ash.
“My Digimon named Cyberdramon,” replied Ryo.
“He looks cool. I have some boxers of my own.”

Ash then took off his pants and revealed his lucky Pikachu boxer shorts.

“This is my Pokémon, Pikachu.”
“He’s cute.”

Then Ryo noticed a cum stain on his boxers. Ryo bent down and took a sniff and he began to pitch a tent in his boxers.

“So you wanna have sex with me?” asked Ash.
“Yes, but only if you want to,” replied Ryo.
“Sure. This could be a break from Misty.”

Ash and Ryo moved closer to each other. Then they both pressed their lips against each other’s into a long, hard and passionate kiss. They tongue-wrestled for a while when Ryo broke the kiss. Ryo laid Ash on his back, then Ryo turned over on Ash’s stomach, with Ryo’s cock in Ash’s face, and Ryo’s face buried in Ash’s pubic hair.

“You know what to do now, don’t you?” asked Ryo.
“Yeah,” said Ash. “This is 69-ing. I’ve always wanted to try this.”

Ash and Ryo began to bury their faces in each other’s pubic forest and inhaled the scent. After that, Ash and Ryo took each other’s cocks in their mouths and sucked slowly. Ash then began to take his hand up to Ryo’s ass and began to rub it gently. As both of them sucked, Ash then took his index finger and inserted it into Ryo’s hole. He then finger-fucked Ryo while he sucked Ryo’s cock.

The sucking pace increased and Ash inserted another finger and went at the same speed. Ryo moaned loudly because he was getting double pleasure from Ash. When Ash inserted a third finger in Ryo’s asshole, Ryo and Ash went faster. Their tongues danced around each other’s cocks. Both groaned loudly and Ryo shot cum into Ash’s mouth first, then Ash shot his seed into Ryo’s mouth afterwards. Both happily swallowed every bit it.

Ash and Ryo spat out each other’s dicks and then kissed each other again, exchanging the other’s cum. Ash broke the kiss and said, “I want you to do me up the ass. I pleasure you, so I want you to pleasure me.”

Ryo nodded and Ash assumed the position. Ryo spat on his hands and rubbed his saliva on his dick. Then Ryo got behind Ash and inserted his cock into Ash’s awaiting hole. Ash cried out in pain, but he quickly relaxed. Ryo then took a firm, but gentle grip on Ash’s shoulder and cock. As Ryo rocked in and out of Ash’s hole, Ryo began to move his hand up and down Ash’s cock.

My god! thought Ash. Now I’m getting double pleasure! This is getting better every time.

Ash moaned while Ryo was fucking him and jerking him off at the same time. Then Ryo went slightly faster. Ryo matched the rhythm perfectly. Ash was drowned in an ocean of pleasure, he never felt this good before. Then Ryo went even faster than before, ramming hard and deep into Ash’s prostate, and Ryo’s hand was a blur on the Pokémon master’s dick.

The pleasure was too much for Ash, he grit his teeth and sweat was all over his face. Ryo was the same way. Ryo let out a deep groan and shot his sperm into Ash’s asshole. After he felt the rush of Ryo’s cum in his ass, Ash let out a deep moan as well, and shot cum all over Ryo’s hand and on the ground. It eventually poured into the stream nearby.

Ryo then took his dick out of Ash and laid on the ground next to him.

“That felt good,” said Ash.
“You said it,” said Ryo.

They exchanged a kiss once more, then went into the stream. They bathed each other, then got dressed and went back to the spot to meet Rika and Misty.

The four met up with each other. Misty showed the guys that she found the mirror and Ash did the same for the girls. Rika exchanged goodbyes and a kiss with Misty. Ash and Ryo looked shocked, but then they did the same thing. Everybody laughed, then Ash and Misty gazed into the mirror and went back to their world.

Ash and Misty, and Ryo and Rika all lived their lives the normal way before the encounter happened. But they never tell the sex encounters that they had with the same sex. It was a secret they would keep forever.


The Talisman Breaks...

We better follow that Whamon,” JP told Koji.

“Listen, fat guy, I’m following my orders here. I can’t control this thing to follow that Whamon! It has it’s own mind to itself!”

“Who cares?” JP yelled, “We’ll follow that thing, even if we have to paddle there!”

“Oh, can I paddle?” asked Neemon enthusiastically.

“Neemon, we are trying to be serious here!” Bokomon noted.

“I don’t wan to try and be serious- ouch! You said trying!” Neemon complained.

“Welcome to the Hawkmon Village,” A Hawkmon greeted Takuya as he entered a Village, “I’m a tour guide! I can tour you around the village if you’d like!”

“Sure,” Takuya answered, “How much?”

“Humans are free!” Hawkmon replied gladly, “It’s a special discount for foreigners. Just so that they come back.”

“I guess Digimon have economic minds too,” Takuya muttered as he followed Hawkmon around the village.

“This is the four star ‘Bird’s Inn!’ hotel. It has been noted for excellent comfort, because our feather beds and pillows come from our very own feathers!”

“Doesn’t that hurt? To pluck feathers off?”

“We don’t do it that way, which is why it took so long to open this hotel. We collect feathers after each battle, so that we don’t pluck them off and awake… her.”

“Who’s her?” Takuya asked.

“Our Legendary Warrior of Wind!” Hawkmon announced.


“No! I’ll show you to it.” The Hawkmon flew into a building, and Takuya followed him. They found themselves in a museum.

“Behold the Legendary Warrior of Wind!” Hawkmon whispered.

“It’s a-“ Takuya began, but was muffled my Hawkmon.

“Not in front of her!!!” scathed Hawkmon

“Why?” Takuya asked.

“When she awakes, she’ll enter the first person she sees. If you get possessed by it, you become out of control!”

“Wow.” As Takuya explored the area, he remembered about Gigasmon, the Beast Spirit, “You think that maybe that’s a Beast Spirit?”

“She’s a Legendary Warrior, and that’s all I know,” Hawkmon dismissed, “So back to the tour, okay?”

“There’s no way we can keep up with that Whamon!” Bokomon explained, “His tail required a counterclockwise motion to move, and we’ll be driven off course!”

“Or off this dome,” Neemon exclaimed as he slid to the other end of the Talisman, “This is fun!” He slid to the opposite end.

Suddenly JP noticed a thunderbolt shape. He went to look at it only to discover that it was staying the same pace as they were. “Since when has there been thunderstorms underwater?”

“That’s not a thunderbolt, you idiot!” Koji snapped, “That’s a crack! Neemon stop!”

“Why?” he asked as he slid once more into the wall. The wall crashed in, filling the place with water.

“Just great!” JP yelled as they were pushed away from the sphere.

“This is cool!” Tommy yelled, “An underwater castle!”

“It seems fishy,” Zoe wondered, “How many people like having a castle, yet alone one underwater?”

“I do.” The two turned to find Ranamon standing on a platform of gushing water.

“Catch me if you can!” she yelled, jumping from platform to platform.

“Let’s leave,” Tommy suggested, turning behind him to find a long row of water columns.

“Where’d the door go?” Zoe asked.

JP and Bokomon floated in mid water when a passing Whamon picked them up. “More people! This is surely a busy year!” The Whamon brought him to a near island.

“I must be dreaming,” JP told himself, “I could've sworn that we were drowning.”

“You were not drowning, my dear boy!” Bokomon yelled.

Koji grabbed Neemon and began swimming frantically when he stumbled on a castle… underwater. He found a porthole and got into it. As he entered the castle, the porthole vanished.

“You came to play?” Ranamon asked, “Catch me, but you’re not the only one.”

“This is going to be fun- ouch!” Neemon gleamed as Koji snapped his pants.

“That thing is really addicting,” Koji smiled.

“Let’s split up,” Zoe told Tommy, “We can cover more ground that way!”

“If you say so.” The two split up at the hallway fork, Tommy taking the right. It was especially hard for him to look at the platforms high above his head while running. Zoe Spirit Evolved into Kazemon and flew above the platforms.

Meanwhile, Koji and Neemon were making their way around a pool full of sharks, when Ranamon showed up on the balcony above them. “Too slow!” She yelled. The edges narrowed, as Koji hugged the wall while stepping along at the same time.

“You say this will be fun!” Grumblemon grumbled.

“Patience,” Ranamon called, “Take care of the little boy for me, if you’re bored.

“Okay!” As the Earth Digimon left, Ranamon slapped her forehead, “He has a Beast Spirit! Oh well, it’ll be funny to see him die.”

“Ouch!” cried Gigasmon as Korikakumon wrapped the tentacles around his neck.

“Avalanche Axes!” Two axes appeared in his hands as he slashed furiously at the Digimon. A ring of Data appeared around Gigasmon as Korikakumon stole his Beast Spirit. “Now to claim the others!” Korikakumon stole his and Koji’s Spirits before Grumblemon awoke and fled.

“Here!” Tommy yelled to Zoe as he tossed her Koji’s Spirit. Although Zoe was unaware that Koji was in the pool of sharks below her, the Spirit flew by her, and headed straight to Koji.

“LOBOMON!” The Digimon cut a hole in the wall, as Kazemon, Kumamon and Lobomon surfaced to the ocean outside.

“Damn it!” Ranamon yelled.

Nightfall came upon the Hawkmon Village, as Takuya lay alone on his bed. He wasn’t quite used to sleeping at a hotel alone, so he had fallen asleep with all his might. Takuya then immersed into a different world.

“You like that?” Zoe asked, rubbing his cock, making it erect and long.

“What’re you doing here?” Takuya asked as he shivered to her touch.

“Doing what I do best,” she said as she rubbed up and down his dick. As he came in her hands, he awoke from his dream.

“Oh shit!” he yelled, looking at the mess he had made. Then he calmed down. “No one’s here with me! I guess I could do this again.” He knelt beside the bed and put the back of his head on the mattress, so that he was looking at his cock, “I guess I could do this, thanks to my size.” He teased his own piss hole as he shivered to his tongue. He took in the head of the eight inches and licked all around it, causing himself to thrash in excitement. He took in some of the neck as he began pumping. For some odd reason, he yelled out Koji’s name as he came, making his cum drip out of his mouth. He lapped it all up before giving himself a hand job, pretending that Zoe was giving it to him. He squirted his share on the wall, as Takuya longed for some real action.

He lifted the first mattress, so that there was a gap between the two mattresses. Takuya placed his cock on the second mattress, and then placed the first on top of it. He pumped in and out of the hole in the bed that he made, pressing down on the mattress for increased pleasure. He came, as the insides of mattresses became soaked with cum. With all the strength that he had, he got on his bed and collapsed.

As the morning came, Takuya couldn’t help but think: “Now I really miss the rest of them, especially during the night!”

Truth and Dare from Hell


Dear Diary… This is Jun writing. After last night's party I'm very sure the boys would never play the game again. Davis managed to make an ass of himself in a way I never thought possible. And poor Cody had to take a crash lesson of sexuality; I haven't seen anyone's face that red since Davis accidentally slept all day under a hot sun.

But the real laughing stocks would be Matt and Tai. How they allowed themselves to sink that low I'll never figure out but I'll start from the beginning...

The boys had decided not too long ago to see what the game of Truth and Dare were all about. They've heard strange stories about the game that the girls wouldn't even reveal and when there's a co-ed game with boys and girls, it's always weak and tame. They figured an all male party might make the game show its true colors.

They had planned to hold the game over at Davis' apartment as his parents would be gone for the weekend, giving the Digidestined all the privacies they needed. It took some convincing... well, some bribing to keep Jun from complaining about it. Matt reluctantly agreed to take Jun out for a date.

Matt and TK were the first to arrive as Davis greeted them at the door. Matt had managed to pick up a good number of Sakes and beer for the party. "You made it!" Davis exclaimed.

"Has anyone else arrived yet?" TK asked.

"Sorry, TL. You're the first so far. I did get a call a while ago Ken couldn't make it as he had family issue." TK cringed as Davis never got his name right. Matt just chuckled and proceeded to pile the drinks on the kitchen table.

Davis had barely started to close the door when someone blocked it. "Hey!" someone cried. "It's me Tai!"

Davis quickly opened the door. "Sorry I didn't see you there." He saw behind Tai two others: Izzy and Cody. "Where's Joe?" Davis asked.

Tai just shrugged as he walked past Davis. "Maybe he had a surprise quiz?"

"At ten in the evening?" Cody inquired. "I don't think so, he's probably held up somewhere. Is anyone else missing?"

"Ken couldn't make it." Davis sighed

After some moments passed and everyone except Cody (who'd rather drink the prune juice he brought for himself) had their choice of drinks, everyone gathered around in the living room. Some of them were already taking beer or Sake. "This is what we'll do" Davis announced. "We'll take turn to the left, and we'll draw the name of the person you'd be asking out of this hat. That way no one plays favoritism."

TK recognized the hat Davis was holding. "So that's what happened to my last one" he muttered, taking note to get it back after the party's over.

"If you draw your own name out, you will need to redraw. No fair challenging yourself as it'd be too easy. And another thing, you can't choose truth more than once in a row since dare is where the most fun comes from."

Tai spoke up "What happens if you're given a dare and you refuse?"

"You can't refuse at all. But the dare can't be illegal so no streaking in public." Cody raised an eyebrow at the unfamiliar term. "Nothing painful either" Davis added.

"How about if you refuse the dare, you must suffer some form of punishment?" Matt spoke up. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"You will be a slave to the challenger for a week?" Tai suggested. But it was shot down rather quickly.

"Shave your head?" Izzy said but death glares from Tai and Matt made him change his mind. "Never mind..."

TK said "How about if you refuse, you must wear one of Jun's clothes to school, and no underwear or panties under the skirt." Some boys faked vomit sound at the thought of the punishment.

Davis clasped his hands together, figuring the reaction to TK's idea was good enough. "Ok it's agreed, whoever chickens out must wear my sis' clothes. And not a tomboy style but a real girl's Sunday dress." He sat down in the spot between Matt and Izzy. "Who wants to go first?"

"Let the youngest player start" Matt suggested. Davis passed the hat to Cody as no one else wished to go first.

Cody drew the first name out of the hat. "Ok I got Izzy. Now what?" he asked.

"You ask Izzy if he wants truth or dare. If he takes truth, ask him a question, any question. Something like who is his girlfriend. The more personal the question is the better. If he asks for dare, make him do something. Preferably an embarrassing dare."

Izzy chimed in "As long as you don't dare me to break my computer. I'll take Truth."

Cody thought for a bit. "Did you ever look at girlie magazines?" he asked, unsure if that question would be accepted or not.

Izzy blushed a bit. "Well, no. Not exactly but I've seen some porns in the internet." That elicited some howl of laughter from the boys. "Hey I didn't mean to see it, it's those stupid porn pop ups."

"Yeah sure" Matt chuckled as he pulled the hat from Cody. It's his turn now as he drew a name out. "Well, little brother, do you want truth or dare?"

TK scowled at Matt for being called little brother. "Dare! I know you and I'm sure you'd be asking question I'd rather not know."

"Very well, I dare you to drink the whole bottle in one sitting." He slid an opened bottle of Sake that hasn't been used yet.

TK grabbed the bottle, took a deep breath and then drank up the whole bottle. As soon as it was finished, he let out a loud gasp as he took in some fresh air.

Davis took the control of the hat and drew out Cody. "Truth or Dare Cody?

"Dare" he answered.

Davis wanted to liven up the party a bit and with the alcoholic effect starting to kick in, he said "Go French my sister."

Cody looked at Davis with questioned face. Tai, who was next to him, leaned over and whispered in Cody's ear what French kiss was. His eyes grew wide. "You'll have to do it or wear girl's clothes to school."

Cody was rather embarrassed but he decided kissing was the lesser of the two evils so he got up, walked down to Jun's room and knocked the door.

"Who's there" Jun answered.

"Cody. May I see you for a second?"

The sound of the door unlocking and opening was heard. "What is it Cody?" She asked.

"Well..." he stammered a bit, fiddling with his hands. "I was dared to... well... Ihavetokissyou" he managed to blurt out.

Jun didn't understand him and lowered herself so she's face to face with him. "Say again?"

Cody grabbed Jun and plastered his lip to Jun's mouth. A quick round of tonsil hockey and Cody broke apart as quickly as it began. Jun was shocked and flustered at first. Then she got angry. "Why did you do that for?"

Cody just turned and walked away in zombie like movement, still shocked by the kiss. Jun hollered some more "If this was your doing Davis, you better sleep with one eye open or else!" Several boys cringed at her sound and threat.

The hat was passed to Izzy. "Your turn" Matt said.

Izzy drew the name out and said "Tai, truth or Dare?"

"Truth" he answered.

"If you were stranded on an island with only one girl, who would it be." A wimpy answer.

But Tai had a bit of surprise. After considerable thought, he said "I'd have to go with my sister. Sure I would love to have Sora but it's just easier to talk and pass time with Kari."

Matt eyed Tai "Are you sure you're mind is in the right place? I can't quite picture you and Kari all naked and making out." Some cry of protests came around over the disturbing mental image.

"Ack" Tai shouted. "No, not like that!" He tried to backpedal but his face had turned a rather rosy shade of red. "Next please!"

TK took the hat and drew a name tag. "Davis, truth or dare?"

"Truth" he replied.

"Beside Kari, who do you fantasize being with?"

"Well, that's easy. I liked Yolei." A waste of a good question.

Tai took the hat and pulled Matt's name out. "Matt, do you want truth or dare?"

Matt stared at Tai for a while, trying to figure out which was safer. "Dare"

"Strip yourself and leave it that way until the party's over." Matt was shocked. "Come on, it's better to sit naked with us boys than to wear girl's clothes in front of hundreds!"

Matt grumbled as he started taking his clothes off. Tai, Davis, and TK were cheering at him as if he was the stripper. Izzy just shook his head while Cody was trying not to look.

Matt unbuttoned his shirt first, took it off and folded it neatly. Then he undid his pants and let it drop as he got down taking the rest of it off. His socks came off next but he was reluctant to take his boxer off.

It was one thing to share a bath with other boys but to be the only one naked with a chance of a girl accidentally seeing him is a bit much. With some goading from his younger brother, he finally took the boxer off. Some of the boys were laughing a bit at Matt's predicament. He took a swig of a new beer bottle, hoping to forget the embarrassment.

It was back to Cody's turn as he pulled a name out. Davis was his victim, which caused Davis to sweat a bit. "I'll take truth—no wait, dare!" Davis blurted out before Cody could ask.

"Since you embarrassed me by making me kiss your sister, its payback time."

"Please don't make me kiss her. You heard what she'd do" Davis pleaded.

"Strip from waist down and put on Jun's panties."

Tai slapped Cody's back "Now you're getting the right idea for the game" as Davis grumbled and scavenged a bit to find her panties. He'd rather take one out of dirty clothes hamper than to risk asking his sister for a clean one. After he was done changing, he rejoined the group with only pink lacy panties covering his lower parts. He stick wore shirt though.

Matt took a name out of the hat and turned to Cody next to him "Truth or dare?"

"Truth I guess." He wasn't read for a dare yet.

"Does Davis look really cute with pink lacy undies on?"

Davis cried in protest as Cody reeled from such question. "Well... um. Yeah he does look a bit cute but yet it seems so wrong." Davis blushed at being called cute. With his temper rising, he grabbed the hat and found Cody's name again.

Cody just sighed at the odd twist of fate and said "I'll take truth again"

"You've already used truth last and you can't take truth more than once in a row. And now your dare will be to put Jun's bra on. You can find it in the dirty laundry at the end of the hall unless you want to risk asking Jun."

Cody was starting to hate the game but the night was still young so he'd have other chances. He got up and walked away. Davis called after him "You must take your shirt off and you can't cover it."

He came back with a bra. "But I don't know how to put it on."

Tai got up "Here, let me help." Without a warning, Cody's shirt was pulled off. The cold air had hit Cody's exposed skin which made him shiver a bit as Tai guided Cody's arm through the straps before fastening it on his back. The bra he wore was white with frilly laces and a cute looking pink bow in the middle.

"Someone should have bought the camera along for this!" Davis said but quickly dismissed it when he saw daggers from Matt and realized a picture of himself with pink underwear would be really embarrassing.

Izzy sighed and drew a name out. It came out to Izzy so he had to redraw and on the second try Tai's name came up.

Izzy belched a bit. "Excuse me, Tai, Truth or..?"

Tai interrupted "Dare. I'll save the truth in case a certain someone gets my name." He glanced at Davis, worried his twisted humor would put him in worse situation.

"How many girls have you gotten laid and name them all."

"Umm... well..." he rubbed the back of his neck. In his semi-drunken state, his mind was working more slowly than usual. "There's Sora and... Mimi... my school classmate named Yuki and Sakura... I think that's all."

"That's all? Come on, I know you've scored more than that!" Matt shouted.

"Ok, ok! There's Miyuu and..." he said in a soft voice "...and Kari."

"What a pervert" Cody said. "Why?"

"This was a couple years before I went to that summer camp. I accidentally caught my parents making out. I didn't know what it was then and I decided to try it with Kari. One day when I had the apartment all to myself and her, I got her to agree with the experiment. Everything went well when we licked each other and played with 'it' but the first time I tried to fuck her, she cried in pain and I didn't do anything with her since then. It wouldn't be a couple more years before I found out it was normal for girl to have pain on their first intercourse."

Cody's face was turning a bit green from the graphic description. Matt handed Cody a bottle of beer "Here, take this. It'll help you forget it.

"But if you did it with her a couple years before, that means she was only 6 when she lost her virgini—" he was cut off as Matt shoved the beer in his mouth.

"Trust me, its better you don't remember it." Cody didn't like the bitter taste of the beer but didn't protest as he couldn't get the bottle away. Matt was too strong for him to push back anyway.

"It's my turn" TK said and when he drew the name Tai out, he asked.

"Dare" Tai said. "I'm still saving truth."

Matt leaned across and whispered in TK's ears. "No fair coaching!" Tai protested.

"We didn't set rule against coaching" Davis quipped.

When Matt was finished with his suggestion, TK had a fiendish grin that made Tai worry.

"Are you ready?" TK asked.

"Can I change from dare to truth?"

"Nope, you will strip yourself naked like Matt here but you will also shave all your pubic hair."

Tai was glaring at Matt as he got up and started stripping. Unlike Matt, Tai didn't take any time and carelessly threw his clothes about. "You can find shaving cream and razors in the bathroom" Davis said.

"A load of help you are!" Tai snapped as he walked away. He had barely disappeared in the hallway when a loud screech was heard, followed by a loud slam as a door was shut forcefully.

"Uh-oh" Davis said. "I guess he didn't check for Jun first."

Tai reappeared "She didn't just 'happen' to be in the hall, I caught her looking around the corner. I think she was eying you Matt." Matt groaned and tried to hide his pinking face now that he found out Jun was looking at his naked body.

"We'll have to wait for Tai to get back as it's his turn" Izzy said. Matt and TK got up to get some more sake and brought along a couple extra for Davis and Izzy to enjoy. Cody still hadn't drunk anymore since Matt forced-feed him earlier but he was nursing his half empty bottle.

About 15 minutes had passed before Tai reappeared. His dick was still stiff from the sensation of shaving and being seen by a girl. "Happy now?" Tai said. He noticed Matt seemed to be ogling the hairless piece. "Take a picture!" He stormed in and took his spot between TK and embarrassed Cody.

Poor Cody was trying not to look but the appearance of large dick and balls was too enticing for him not to look. His gaze was broken when Tai said "My turn and I hope I get Matt." He was looking toward Matt as he drew TK.

"Well, not Matt but close enough."

"Dare" TK said.


"No I mean truth" TK retracted as he hic-cupped from the drink.

"...masturbate yourself here. You know the rule, no changing minds."

It was starting to be too much for Cody as he took some more drink while TK took his pants and boxer off. Tai could see TK doesn't have much pubic hair but it was starting to develop.

When TK got back down, he started stroking his manhood until it was nice and hard. Then he started rubbing it faster, trying to reach the point as quickly as possible. Whether from the drinks or from the presence of other boys, TK just couldn't quite get the right feeling.

Matt leaned forward and said "Think Kari naked." Tai glared daggers at Matt for that suggestion. But that helped as TK moaned louder and gasped as milky substance shot out. Most of it got on the carpeted floor but some also got in TK's hat with the names.

"Now I got to make new names." Davis grunted as TK fell backward, having reached his climax. Davis didn't take long to write down names and cut them into individual tags as he returned with it. He used TK's other hat that he came in with and pushed cum covered hat aside.

Cody reached to draw a name as it was his turn. He was a bit unsteady from the effect of alcohol as he wasn't used to it and nearly fell face down when he finally got a name tag. "Matt"


"Make me come like TK did." It was new experience to Cody but after seeing how satisfied TK looked, he figured he'd try it and see how it was like.

"My pleasure" he said.

Tai and Izzy shouted "NO!" as they knew of Matt's sexual preference but it was too late as Cody laid on his back and started pulling his pants and underwear down. With nothing but a bra and socks on, Matt admired his hairless body and his tiny meat. Cody didn't expect it but Matt bent over and started sucking on Cody's flaccid dick. Cody gasped at the surprise as his dick became erect in Matt's mouth.

All the new sensations was too much for Cody as he felt some strange tightness in his groin area and then felt something come out. It was like pissing but it wasn't quite the same. "Oh GOD!" he cried out and just laid on the floor panting hard as Matt finished cleaning up the cum.

Tai and Izzy could only shake their head while TK was transfixed at Matt. He knew but he's never actually seen Matt doing anything sexual with another boy.

Matt fished a name out of the hat. "Tai, your time has come."

"Truth! Truth!" he shouted. He had expected this and after the dirty trick with Matt and TK, he won't take any more chances.

"If you were stranded on an island with only me as your companion, would you do sex? And be honest, I know you wouldn't be able to live the next 50 years without sex."

That put Tai in a bad spot. He knew Matt was right; one can only have chastity for so long. But with another male, he felt downright uncomfortable with it.

"Well?" Matt waited.

Tai took a long swig of the sake before answering "You're right. I'd probably end up having sex with you. But if I had choice before being stranded, I'd see a doctor and become a eunuch."

Matt cringed at the thought of his sweetheart permanently losing his manhood and balls. "You do that and my life would be over."

Davis, trying to get this going and away from Tai and Matt love relationship took the hat and drew Izzy's name.

"I'll take truth. Oh wait, I think I took truth last time so I guess dare."

"Use your computing whiz to find a naked picture of Kari (Tai protested loudly) and use graphic program to make it look like Kari and I are together."

"You know I can't do that."


"It's illegal. Porn of kids 18 and under is illegal here in Japan."

"Damn! Well..." Davis thought for a bit. "Ok, with your laptop email a naked picture of yourself to Mimi but don't mention in the email it has naked picture."

Izzy gave Davis a funny look. "She'd kill me if anyone was with her when she sees that picture." But he wasted no time digging up his picture and sending it off to Mimi. "Ok done."

"When did you get a naked picture of yourself?"

Izzy took his bottle up and sipped some sake. "Oh, probably about a couple months ago. You never know when it'd come in handy." After he sat the bottle down, he drew another name. "Davis, what do you want?"


"Ok. Can I get back to you later?" Izzy asked. "I can't think of something yet.

Davis sighed "Ok." He was actually relieved that he wouldn't do something nasty just yet.

TK squeaked "My turn!" He stopped as he swallowed hard. "Sorry" he said in normal voice. "Must be the drink." When he drew the name, he said "Tai again?"

Tai groaned loudly, it seems everyone was picking him a lot. "I'll take dare since I used truth with Matt."

"Just a sec" TK said as he got up and stepped through the group, his naked dick bouncing around a bit. When he returned from the kitchen, he handed Tai a banana. "It's obvious my brother fancies you. Better start getting used to backdoor sex." He said with a grin. "Shove it as deep as you can.

Cody gulped hard, he's never heard of backdoor sex but it sounded bad. He and everyone watched as Tai shifted position so he was on his knees and his ass high in the air. With some effort, he managed to work the banana right at the anus. He tried as hard as he could but had trouble getting it going as the banana was dry. Cody's eyes widened as he saw that.

"Here lemme help" Matt said as he poured a bit of sake right on Tai's ass. The cold drink hitting his hot spot made him yelp loudly.

"Thanks a lot" he grunted as he found the banana was a lot more cooperative and easier now that it's wet. At best he managed to get half the banana in before he couldn’t push it any further. "That's it."

"No it's not" Matt said. "You're inserting the banana the wrong way. If you aimed it so it pointed toward the back rather than the front, you'd get it to go farther. Here, let me do it"

Tai shouted "No" but Matt was already up and twisting the banana around. Tai groaned in pain and then yelped as Matt pushed the banana further in.

Matt was feeling rather aroused as he was playing with Tai's asses and his dick (which had spent most of the night semi-hard) was now fully erect and bumping on Tai's ass as he worked the banana further in.

"Oh shit!" he cried loudly as he felt Matt's dick bumping and the banana deep in his ass. The banana was also hitting the hidden G-spot and having never experienced that pleasure, he bit his lower lips to keep from crying out loud. He didn't want to encourage Matt anymore. But he just happened to look past his legs to see Matt's feet very close. Then he saw his hairless dicks and finally let out a loud moan. He just couldn't hold it anymore and started jerking his dick. He tried to picture any naked female playing with his ass but every female he could think have short blonde hair and blue eyes.

No one noticed it but Cody felt hot seeing Matt poking around Tai even though it just felt wrong. But his dick had become erect and he felt the need to relief it quickly and started jerking it. Like the first time, his climax came fairly easy but hardly anything came out of his dick.

Tai's climax had hit hard when Matt shoved the last inch of the banana completely into his ass. He remained in the position for a few minutes as some of his cum oozed down from his spent dick to the floor. He panted hard and thought back to the fact Matt had made him horny and made him cum much more quickly than any of the females he had been with.

Matt crouched down next to Tai "Now how do you feel about me?" He didn't wait for an answer as he got back to his spot on the floor. Tai tried to sit upright but the banana was making sitting upright hard and somewhat uncomfortable. He reached around to try and pull it out now that he had fulfilled his dare.

"You can't take it out" TK pointed "I never said you can take it out, only that you get banana in your backdoor." Tai groaned and tried to sit upright while ignoring the poking sensation from his ass. No sooner than he sat straight upright when he felt something pop and the pain went away.

"Great, I think the banana broke inside my ass." He finished off his bottle of sake before drawing a name as it was his turn now. He drew the name Izzy. "Damn, no Matt. Izzy?"

"Uh... I'll have Dare for $200" Izzy said.

Tai looked around "Davis, where do you put aprons?" Izzy had a funny look, trying to figure out what evil scheme Tai has in his mind.

"In the closet near the 'fridge. It should be on the bottom shelf below the kitchen towels and washcloths."

Tai got up and walked toward the kitchen. He has to walk in a certain gait because his ass still hurts and he had to resist the urge to shit out the banana. After browsing through the closet, he found what he was looking for. He pulled out a nice pink feminine apron.

He returned to the game and handed it to Izzy. "Wear nothing but this."

Izzy tried to cover his face to hide the embarrassment as the apron is too womanly for his taste especially if he had nothing else to wear. But he took it without any objection. It wasn't until he noticed Matt's eyes were a bit glazed over in anticipation of seeing naked Izzy that he stepped out of the room and changed into apron out of sight. When he returned, Tai and Matt let out wolf whistles but for a different reason. "Take a fucking picture" he snapped at Matt.

"Whose turn is it? Cody?" Davis asked but all he could see was a passed out naked boy with a bra on. "Cody?"

Matt shook Cody's shoulder for a bit but got nothing. "I think he's not used to alcohol and passed out. We'd have to continue without him." He reached and withdrew a name from the hat. "TK, truth or dare?"

TK sighed "Ah what the hell, you'd embarrass me either way. Dare's much more fun anyway."

"Will it be OK to give a choice of 2 different dares?" he asked but no one objected. "Ok TK, you have two choices. One, Davis hasn't cummed tonight so you will help him using only your feet. Number two, I know you used to do that and I'm sure you still can so you will suck yourself until you cum twice."

Davis oohed as Tai looked at TK. "Suck yourself? I didn't know anyone could do it."

TK sighed "You promised not to mention this at all. I'll get back at you." He looked toward Davis "I think I'd rather suck myself."

TK got into a position with his legs straight out as wide as he could go. Then he massaged his dick until it's nice and hard and then bent over. Much to everyone's (except Matt) amazement he was able to swallow his whole dick. "Just remember naked Kari if you need help." Matt shouted.

Tai punched Matt on his shoulder. "Stop using my little sister that way!"

"I'm not the one who fucked with her when she was only in first grade." Tai slouched and moved back.

Davis said "Since it'll be a while, I'll go ahead while he does that weird trick." Without even taking his eyes off TK, he reached and got the next name. "Matt?"

"Truth" he said before realizing he wanted to save it in case Tai picked him.

"Have you and your brother gotten sexually involved?" Davis asked.

TK couldn't believe what he heard and shouted "WHAT?" The excitement must have been much as he shot a load at that moment. "Well, that's one" he said as he went back to self blow job.

Matt blushed and sighed as he eyed Tai. If Tai knew, Matt wouldn't live it down. "Yes, we have. A few times actually. I think the first time was way back when I noticed I was getting hard on whenever I was in the boy's locker room getting ready for swimming. I realized it was naked boys that turned me on so I tried it out on TK and we've made a fling every now and then until our parents separated."

"And you thought me fucking my sister was bad?" Tai quipped. He wasn't angry anymore now that he and Matt had done the same crimes so early. A moan took everyone's attention. TK had just gotten another cum, this time into his mouth. He licked around his lip to clean up the cum and he laid on his back exhausted from a double whammy.

"Damn, how did you get the second one only a few minutes?"

"Hearing Matt talk about our past brought memories back. But instead of recalling when I fucked Matt, I just imagined him as Kari."


Izzy grabbed the name out of the hat before the situation turns into a war. "I got TK. What do you want?"

"Dare as long as I'm not masturbating or sucking myself."

"OK, Davis, I want to redeem your dare. You and TK..." TK groaned as he realized what Izzy was thinking. "... sixty-nine! And stay that way until both of you cums."

Davis and TK looked at each other. While they are friends, they still had an occasional problem and being forced together in sexual position was downright degrading.

But the image of TK and Davis in the class in girl's clothes was worse than this so both got up and walked to a large empty spot. "You want the top or bottom?" TK asked.

"How much do you weight?"

"About 65 Kg. Why?"

"You take the bottom then. I'm a bit heavier." Davis pulled off the pink panties he had been wearing since early in the game before laying flat on his back. TK got down to his knees and positioned himself so his dick would be over Davis' mouth and Davis' rod under TK's mouth. He lowered himself into lying position as Davis started lapping TK's still stiff dick. TK had to coax Davis' dick into erect and was surprised when it came to a good 6 incher. A real monster for someone his age.

TK tried to deep throat Davis' rod but found it to be too long and had to settle for taking about three-quarters in. To make up for the shortfall, he massaged Davis' balls with both of his hands.

Davis had no problem eating up TK's whole 5 inches of love rod. With his hand, he reached around and massaged TK's asses as TK started gyrating his hip.

Matt, Tai, and Izzy just leaned against the couch watching the whole scene. The three just had gotten their third bottle to drink. "Damn, watching my brother and him makes me horny as hell" Matt said. Sure enough Tai looked down and could see the bulging veins on the side of the shaft. Tai noticed his dick were also getting hard once again and saw the pink apron Izzy wore became like a tent.

"Since TK is busy, I'll go." He drew Cody's name. "Well, since he's not awake, I'll redraw." His second try got Davis. "Looks like I have to wait for Davis to be finished."

Izzy went next and drew Matt as his victim. "Well, Matt?"

"Yes?" he said, forgetting about the game for a moment. "Oh sorry, dare."

"Fuck Jun" Izzy answered.

"WHAT?" he shouted.

"Dare is dare. Take it or wear girls clothing."

He grumbled a bit before getting up and walked down the hall. A series of rapid knocking was heard, the sound of door opening, a loud scream of excitement and then the door being shut.

Whether from too much alcohol or just simply too horny, Tai suggested "Why don't we forget about the game and just do it?"

Izzy was also starting to lose it from alcohol just looked at Tai and said "Sure."

As both got up and settled on the couch, they saw both Davis and TK had stopped 6-9ing and started anal fucking. With Izzy on top of Tai, they both started their own 6-9ing.

Morning finally came. Morning came and went and it was into early afternoon before the first one stirred. It was Cody.

He tried to get in the upright position and felt pain on his back and neck from lying in odd position for so long. Not to mention a nasty headache that can be described as a jackhammer drilling into his head.

Then he finally remembered. A game with the boys, then there were something weird going on. He groaned and tried to rub his head only to notice something different. He was wearing a pink frilly apron. He looked down and saw he still had a bra on and he couldn't remember it. He couldn’t remember the panties either and yet he's wearing one of Jun's panties. A clothespin fastened on the side took up some slack as Jun was twice Cody's age and the panties would have been loose.

"What the..?" he whispered, trying to remember how he ended up with the stuff.

"Quiet down! No shouting please" Tai said as he tried to get up. When he saw he was lying on top of Matt, his eyes were as big as dinner saucers. He tried to get up but his dick was still in Matt's ass and took some effort to extract the dick from his ass as the dried cum had become like glue. When he finally got it loose, he was horrified to see his genial is as smooth as a newborn baby's butt.

TK and Davis were next to get up and they couldn't remember why Davis had TK's yellow and green shirt on or TK wearing Davis' blue shirt.

Matt stirred and the first thing he did was to beeline for the balcony. A long whizzing sound pretty much confirmed everyone's suspicions Matt had too much to drink.

They found Izzy on the couch with his laptop still on. The keyboard was covered in gooey white stuff and the web site was still on the screen displaying porns. "I didn't think that position was possible, let alone legal anywhere on Earth" Tai said referring to a picture of a couple in a really exotic position.

Izzy finally roused from alcohol induced slumber and when he saw what was going on, he nearly had a heart attack. "My laptop!"

"Shit, no shouting" Tai snapped, rubbing his throbbing head. "I think we better clean up and get dressed before Jun sees us.

Izzy sat the laptop aside for the moment "I can't do anything about the laptop. All of my cleaning supplies are at home" he said sadly as if his best friend was about to die.

Matt finally came back from the balcony and asked "Any of you homos remember how much I drank? I can't remember the last time I pissed nonstop for more than four minutes."

Everyone glared at Matt over the homo comment.

"I'm going first" Cody said as he gathered his clothes and started for the bathroom. The rest of the company started on cleaning the empty bottles and mopping up as much of the cum stains as they could.

"Damn, that must have been some party we had. I don't remember this much cums in the nastiest hardcore porn video I've seen."

Some 30 or so minutes had passed before Matt finally emerged all cleaned up. He had chosen to go last since he didn't really care. He secretly enjoyed being naked in the all male company. "Davis, your bathroom's a disaster. There's no hair cream!"

"There isn't any" he replied. "You'd have to settle for a mouse nest until you get home.

"Everyone, you remember the excuses we’re giving to our parents for not coming home first thing in the morning?" Everyone nodded. No one would want to admit being in an all gay orgy party anyway.

Before anyone even reached the door, Jun's voice carried over "Sure you don't want to stay around?" She had just come through the hall from her bedroom. "I thought you were so cute, especially when Izzy had that apron on."

Izzy eeped. That means he had been wearing one before Cody ended up with it. "Although I don't approve of Davis or Cody wearing my panties." Davis and Cody looked at each other.

Davis and Cody looked at each other wondering what really happened. "I understand your confusion. Tai, do you remember seeing me in the hallway when you went to shave your thing?"

Tai's face became red at Jun knowing about the shaved part. "I wasn't spying like you though." She took a video tape out from behind. "I was setting up the video camera. And Matt, thank you for a wonderful night. I didn't think any men had the stamina you had when you fucked through 4 orgasms in less than ten minutes."

Now Matt felt really sick. Had he really fucked a woman? "Oh year I'm supposed to remind you since you were dead drunk last night. Matt and Tai lost the game and under the rules you set, you two have to wear my best Sunday dresses all day Monday.

Both Matt and Tai just fell to the ground. "It's all on the tape. Davis, I thought you were just a weakling but you were a real feral animal. Heck, I don't think any animal on the world could last as long as you did."

"I think I'm going to be sick" Davis groaned.

"Cody, you're welcome to come over anytime. You were especially cute in pink clothes and undies." Cody tried to pull his shirt up to cover his face.

"And Tai, next time you take a dump, make sure there isn't any banana before flushing the toilet. I spent about 20 minutes this morning unplugging the clogged toilet."

"Don't worry; I can make copies of this tape so you can see for yourself. But the master tape will be under lock and keys. Matt, I will donate this tape to every porn dealers and mail order services if you won't be my girlfriend for life. How would you like to let the world know you screwed with four different guys in one night?"

Matt could only scream.

A loud knocking at the door got everyone's attention as Davis opened the door. Behind the door was a pair of police officers. "Odaiba Police, we have complaints of indecent exposure and discharging hazardous materials from this balcony. Specifically someone with light colored hair peed into the crowd below. Which of you did it?" It would be a long day for Matt...

... Well, it took some explaining on Matt's part and probably some serious beating on his band's PR but he avoided jail time. And I'm sure glad as he's supposed to pick my up in a couple hours.



The end...?

I got my things and signed out. When I left the prison, my parents, Mr. Katou and my friends were all waiting for me. Everyone hugged me and seemed to be nice to me. We all went to dinner to celebrate my discharge from prison.

Kazu had the most sake to drink that night. But what was odd was I saw a side to him that I never thought I would. I was attracted to him. I guess it’s because of that dream I had so long ago and the fact I’ve been in prison for a long time.

When the party was over, Kazu somehow found his drunken ass into my parent’s car. So he went home with me. I had to carry him to my bedroom. He seemed heavier than the last time I saw him. Is it just me or did this guy put on a few pounds over the years?

I set him onto the bed and took off his pants and shirt. Apparently, Kazu did put on some weight over the years. I wondered how he did it, and then remembered his obsession with junk food. I chuckled to myself and began to rub his chest and belly and I found my dick getting hard, harder than when I was with Jeri.

While I was stroking him, I noticed he began to pitch a tent in his boxers. Then he woke up.

“I knew you liked me after all,” said Kazu.
“Kazu!” I shrieked.

He felt my cock.

“It’s hard,” he observed. “Harder than when you were with Jeri.”

He was acting like a big shot scientist, even when he was drunk. Amazing.

“Listen, Takato, all these years, I wished you were gay, because I love you man.”
“Tonight’s your lucky night,” I replied.
“You mean…?”
“Yeah. I’m in love you with you too. When I was in prison, I just couldn’t think about girls that much anymore, so I decided to think about you instead.”

I saw Kazu’s eyes glow. He didn’t know what to say. So I planted a kiss on his lips. He returned the kiss and we tongue-wrestled for a long while. While we were kissing, he stripped me of my clothes. Then he took off my boxers, while I took off his. I laid him on his back and I turned over so both of us were in a 69 position. We began to lick each other’s dicks and then we sucked each other, keeping the same rhythm. His dick felt so good in my mouth and from the way he was sucking, it felt good to him as well.

After a little bit of slow sucking, we went faster. We both groaned passionately and then went even faster. We sucked with all our might until both of us shot our seed into each other’s mouths. I happily swallowed his cum and he happily swallowed mine.

We then sat up and faced each other.

“Dude, I tasted your cum for the first time in 23 years,” said Kazu. “Thanks.”
“You’re welcome,” I replied.
“Uh…could you…you know, fuck me?”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes! I want you inside me.”

Kazu got on all fours waiting for me to enter him. I reached for my Vaseline and found a new tub. I smiled and rubbed some all over my dick. Then I spread Kazu’s ass cheeks apart and began to insert my cock into his awaiting hole.

“Ready, Kazu?” I asked.
He groaned that he was ready.

I began to buck in and out of his ass, slowly building up pleasure for him and me. As I was thrusting, he began to moan out my name, and so I went faster. Sweat was forming on both our bodies and he groaned even louder than before.

“Oh, Takato…,” he moaned.

All I could do was smile, as I began to thrust faster and harder. Then I began to thrust even faster and harder. He gritted his teeth and moaned through his teeth.

“Kazuuuuu……,” I groaned.
“Duuuuuuudddddeeeeeee…,” Kazu groaned.

I shot my cum into his ass first and then he shot his load all over my chest and legs. We licked each other clean and then he fell asleep.

“Takato…I love you…,” he said in his sleep.
“I love you too,” I whispered into his ear.

Then I planted a kiss on his forehead and then pulled the covers over him. I wasn’t sleepy yet, so I decided to take a shower. I went into the shower and just stood there to let the hot water wash away the years of prison from my body and found that my dick was hard again. I gripped my dick and began to stroke myself slowly, then increasing my pace. I thought of all of the wonderful sex I had with Jeri for a brief while, and then I thought of all the wonderful sex I’ll have with Kazu in the future. That’s when my hand went really fast and then I shot my seed all over the front of the tub. I washed myself clean, hopped out of the tub and climbed into bed, holding Kazu in my arms.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This season is like a whole rewrite of Digimon. Almost nothing is the same as it is in the series, but of course there are things that have to be the same. The series begins with the Frontier gang (READ IT!!!), but progresses slowly into the other seasons.

Now a bit about the author: I’m Zakuyoe (ZAH-KOO-YO-EE); a name based on the two names Takuya and Zoe. You might think that those are my favorite characters, but they aren’t. I particularly like Tommy, Takuya and Zoe, but that’s not the point. I write stories for fun, and what better way to write than to contribute fiction to a website? That’s ‘write’, I’m talking about the Digiartist’s Domain: a theater for your Digimon needs! Well, anyways, read the story.

PRECAUTION: This work of writing contains mature themes that may not be suitable for children under the age of 12. If you so happen to be one, call an exit button immediately. He or she or it will be more than happy to assist you out of this page. In case of disturbing nightmares should ever occur from reading, watch a G rated movie immediately. Stare hard at the screen. If nightmares persist after 3 days, knock yourself out. Handle this page with care; object is fragile.

Copyright 2004, all rights reserved, part of the Zakuyoe Best-Writer Productions. Parts of this and other stories belonging to this company may not be taken without permission first. Things such as character names, attack names, etcetera are not copyrighted by Zakuyoe Best-Writer Productions

Digimon Frontier: The Seasons Crossover

Written by Zakuyoe

Chapter 36: The Crest of Love

“We should be on our way,” muttered Sora as everyone slowly began to wake up, “It’s a really bright day, and maybe it’ll be just as peaceful.”

“I doubt it,” belittled Joe, “I barely even think it’ll be peaceful at all.”

“Joe!” yelled Kari, “Peace is the one thing that we need in mind, and if that’s all you will ever think…”

“Calm down!” yelled Davis, bringing her into his arms. Kari pushed herself out of his reach and ran to Takuya.

“Looks like she has a new boyfriend,” muttered TK maliciously. Davis whimpered.

“Don’t bust it, Davis,” said Tai, “We gotta put ourselves to the future!”

“Let’s just calm down,” said Mimi, being the last to wake up, “We need a better plan.”

“Let’s think of that later,” yelled Matt, “’Cause the Evil guys are back!” Puppetmon, Piedmon, and Duskmon ran towards them from the heart of the neighboring cluster of trees. Mercuremon got there faster with a snap of his fingers.

“Let’s take care of these beasts!” yelled Tai as the Digimon charged. Piedmon turned to the Digimon.

“Shall I end the final act?”

“Agumon Warp Digivolve to… WarGreymon!”

“Gabumon Warp Digivolve to… MetalGarurumon!”

“Biyomon Digivolve to… Birdramon!”

“Tentomon Digivolve to… Kabuterimon!”

“Tanemon Digivolve to… Palmon Warp Digivolve to… Rosemon!”

“Gomamon Digivolve to Ikkakumon!”

“Get ‘em guys!” yelled Tai.

“I’ll take care of them!” yelled Velgremon.

“Not as early as you think! Patamon Digivolve to… Angemon!”

“Veemon Digivolve to… ExVeemon!”

“Hawkmon Digivolve to… Aquilamon!”

“Armadillomon Digivolve to… Ankylomon!”

“Gatomon Digivolve to… Angewomon!” The five Digimon surround the clown.

“I want playmates too!”

“Then so you get them! Renamon Digivolve to… Kyubimon!”

“Guilmon Digivolve to… Growlmon!”

“Terriermon Digivolve to… Gargomon!”

“Go trash that puppet to the yard waste!” yelled Takato.

“And to tackle our last problem…” began Takuya as the others joined his voice.






“Korikakumon!” The five of them rushed towards Mercuremon.

“My, my, Neemon, what have you been doing?”

“We’ve been playing tickle the Digi! Wanna play?”

“Definitely not! I want you to follow me to this cave I found in a park.”

“Okay, but is Calumon coming?”

“Oh fine,” the white Digimon sighed, as the two Digimon followed.

“Trump Sword!” Three swords shot at the Champion Digimon as they struck them.


“Kabuterimon Digivolve to… MegaKabuterimon!”


“Birdramon Digivolve to… Garudamon!”


“Ikkakumon Digivolve to… Zudomon!”

“Now let’s play this our way!”

“Terra Force!” A massive ball hit Piedmon as MetalGarurumon floated to him, Rosemon standing on his back.

“Metal Wolf Claw!”

“Rose Lasher!” The two attacks headed where WarGreymon had already hit.

“Our turn! Wing Blade!”

“Horn Buster!”

“Vulcan’s Hammer!” The attacks collided into the clown, and when they cleared, Piedmon was nowhere to be found.

“We did it!“ yelled Tai as the others celebrated. A laugh was distinctively heard.

“The Digidestined don’t even know when a Digimon dies! Trump Sword! He released six daggers hit the Digimon, returning every one to their rookies except Rosemon, who became Tanemon.

“Now who shall I fire from this play? Ah yes, the bird.”

“Biyomon, no!” Sora’s crest glowed as Biyomon began to glow.

“Biyomon Warp Digivolve to… Phoenixmon!” A large crimson bird replaced Biyomon. “Don’t you dare hurt anyone again? Crimson Flare!” A large blast of fire issued out of her mouth as it encased Duskmon, Piedmon, Puppetmon and Mercuremon.

“We must leave now.” The humans got on Phoenixmon’s claw as the Digimon followed.

“Hey,” Sora muttered to her new shrunken friend as Yokomon smiled.

“It doesn’t matter of the battle, does it Sora? It's as long as everyone’s safe, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Suddenly a loud beeping came from Takuya. He pulled out his D-Tector and found it glowing orange. Zoe, JP, Tommy, and Koji found theirs doing the same.

“You must head for the Rose Morning Star. Quickly.”

“Hmm, what for?” questioned Takuya.

“It doesn’t say anymore,” muttered Koji as he looked down, “This should’ve been easier!”

“So what?” asked Tai, “We’re still going there, right?” Koji nodded.

“We leave tomorrow,” informed Matt.

Night passed soon at their ‘camp’, and many kids were assigned to their own tasks.

“How’s life?” asked Izzy as he, Mimi and Sora went to fetch water.

“It’s been better,” muttered Sora.

“Much better,” added Mimi.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” Izzy felt a little uncomfortable talking to girls on both sides of him.

“Why’d you assign us the wood?” asked Tai as he, Matt, TK and Kari went to chop for wood.

“Because it was the easiest.”

“You call this easy?” yelled TK.

“Not at all, little brother.”

“Oh come on, guys! Let’s just chop this wood, okay?”

“Hmm, it seems to me like putting these tents up will be harder than it looks,” commented Joe as he, Davis, Yolei and Cody set up the ‘tents’. They were actually branches tied together.

Rika, Takato, Henry and JP wandered in the forest for food for the group, but JP and Guilmon kept eating the food that they found.

“Why’d we bring him?”

“We didn’t. He brought himself.”

“So they left us to sit and wait?” asked Zoe as she, Tommy, Koji and Takuya sat in front of the tents, “I can’t just sit here and watch! Let’s go do something.” Takuya and Koji nodded as they left Tommy at the campsite.

“So what’s there to do while waiting…?” Takuya stopped his sentence to look at Zoe, who was fingering the hem of her skirt.

“Well, considering that I prefer a guy, you a girl, and Koji prefers any, we could help our desires out.” Koji nodded at this idea.

“You okay?” Tommy looked to his side as Renamon transported beside the boy.

“I’ll be okay, Renamon. I just need to be alone for a while. Ask me again later.”

“I see.” Renamon waited at his side for about three seconds, “Late enough?” Tommy smiled.

“I’ve heard that joke once. It wasn’t too long ago.” Renamon smiled in return.

“It looks like everyone has a serious and playful side, even Rika.” The Digimon looked to the area where Rika was.

“I saw that when she told me the basis of nightmares.” Tommy grinned.

Zoe let go of her skirt as her bare pussy gleamed at the two of them. Evidently, she had not worn any underwear, so they were free to explore right away. Koji undressed Takuya as Takuya dove to her pussy, eating away her walls. Koji just sat and watched as the two humans pleasured each other. Deciding what his next move would be, he placed his soft cock on her face, urging her to lick. Zoe gave a single lick up his cock, the touch giving pleasure to him. Zoe began to suck on him, which gave the bisexual boy even more happiness. It wasn’t long before she and Koji gave way.

“Next?” Zoe remained still as Koji took his cock and shoved it into her now wet pussy. Takuya did the same with his, only to her anal hole. The double pleasure on Zoe increased her climax greatly as the two rocked in and out of her simultaneously. Even if she tried to hold the flood, it was no use. The pleasure took full toll on her as she sent her pussy juices onto the ground, Koji following suit with his own cum. Takuya continued to withdraw and thrust until he, too, came.

It wasn’t too long before everyone had their part of the helping together, and not long after that when they were sitting around four fires, heating meat apples.

“I wonder what those bad guys are thinking of…?” wondered Izzy as he, Tai, Matt, Sora and Joe sat around a fire.

“We can only guess,” said Matt, “I’m just worried about that Ryo kid. What could his Digimon be possibly going through?”

“Yeah, I feel the same way,” informed Sora, “There’s gotta be something we could do to cheer him up.”

“Maybe flowers?”

“Joe,” began Tai, “That’s usually given for girls.”

“How about some cool paintball gun?” Matt suggested.

“Firstly, could we afford it? Second, We can’t get it in the Digital World!”

“We’ll think of something.”

In the neighboring fire, Mimi, Rika, Zoe, Yolei and Kari were discussing girl issues.

“I like this skirt,” began Zoe, “It’s very light and comfortable, and very easy to slip of, if you know what I mean?” Everyone giggled as the next fire stared in curiosity.

“What’re they talking about?” asked Davis. He, Cody, TK, Henry and JP were sitting quietly, waiting for the food. Every once in a while an outburst would form, but it didn’t last.

“So you’re Ryo?” asked Koji as the boy nodded, “I’m Koji.


“I’m Tommy.”

“The name’s Takato.”

“It’s nice to meet you all.” The boy emitted a yawn. “I’ve got to go to bed now. I’m sleepy.”

“Sleep well,” noted Koji in a different tone as he placed his jacket over him.

“Err, Koji… You don’t plan on doing… it… with him, do you?”

“What made you think that? Only if he wanted me to, I’d do it. I’m not that sex hungry you know. But then again, I’d love to…”

“I pass!” yelled Takato before running away.

“Chill, I’m just kidding.” The four got their meat apples as they began to chow down.

Late night passed as one by one, the others began to fall asleep. It wasn’t long before the near ending fireplace left only Koji, Takuya, and Tommy awake.

“What’s there to do?” asked Koji, “I don’t feel sleepy.”

“Let’s talk about girls,” suggested Takuya, “How’s Mimi?”

“I don’t feel like talking about that,” said Koji, “How about guys?”

“Fine, we’ll just listen to you.”

“Let’s start with Tai. I think he’s cute.”

“Figures,” muttered Takuya as he released a tiny yawn.

“But enough said! I’ve got two of the most adorable here!” Koji embraced both of them in each arm.

“Err…” Tommy was speechless as the boy hugged him. “It’s nice to know that you think we’re cute, but do you have to have all this dramatics?”

“Calm down, buddy,” said Takuya, “Let him have his emotional time. Everyone needs it.”

“Maybe all except you,” muttered Tommy. Takuya attempted a punch, but Koji’s hug caused him to not reach.

“Calm down, guys. I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Don’t listen to him,” muttered Takuya, “Everyone needs to express their feelings at sometime, right?”

“Yeah I guess.”

“Then do I have to be a part of your emotions?”

“Come on, Tommy. When you questioned your sexuality, I let you fu…”

“Yeah, I get it,” Tommy yelled loudly, drowning Takuya’s voice.

“Quiet, you’ll wake up the others.” Koji turned to the sleeping kids, who were still asleep, “I should leave this off here, just in case you find me annoying.”

“Oh, no not at all. In fact…” As Koji waited for Takuya to finish his sentence, Takuya got up and sat on his lap and wrapped his legs around Koji’s. Then he spoke in a young, dubbed voice, “Papa, can you tell me a storwie?”

“Eh?” Tommy giggled as Koji looked nervously, “Yeah I guess. But I have none to tell.”

“But Papa!” whined Takuya in his childish voice, “I want a bedtime storwie!”

“I’m sorry, Takuya. I don’t know any.” Tommy was now fit in giggles.

“How about a game? Game always put me to sleep!” At this Koji felt Takuya dig his butt into his crotch. The pressure on his cock slowly made him want to penetrate that hole, but…

“I don’t know, son. What game do you want?”

“Papa, I want you to choose.” At this, Koji’s hardening cock snapped itself into place at Takuya’s ass crack.

“Uh, okay son. This is a game that us adults call sex. Have you heard of it?” Takuya got rid of his childish voice.

“You betcha I do!” He turned around and pinned Koji to the ground, savoring the sweat on Koji’s skin that had developed while he had put pressure on Koji’s crotch. Tommy found himself growing in his shorts as the two used their tongues to explore each other. The two kissed as Tommy slowly moved his hands into his pants, grabbing hold of his growing dick. He stroked it on the underside as he began to moan. Soon Tommy felt the urge to remove the pants, as he slid them off, now jacking off in the cool night air. Without warning, he shot his load into the air, surprisingly landing on Takuya’s now bare back. He turned around to find its source, while Koji sat up and licked it right off him. Takuya was surprised to find Tommy jerking off from them. Koji followed the gaze.

“Looks like someone really did want the fun after all.” Koji leapt at the boy as he began to fondle his exposed balls, while reaching under his shirt with his head and swirled his tongue around his chest. Placing a kiss on both his nipples, Koji began to suck on Tommy’s neck, leaving a small red spot on it. Koji continued to lick and suck at Tommy’s neck and chest as Takuya stripped completely and kneeled over Tommy’s head. Tommy took the offer as Takuya began his share of moaning. It wasn’t long until Koji withdrew from his feed and lowered himself into Tommy’s crotch, replacing his fingers with his mouth. It wasn’t long before Takuya and Tommy spread cum into their sucker’s face. Takuya licked off Tommy’s cum off Koji’s face, and Koji did the same with Takuya’s cum on Tommy’s face.

“Next?” asked Tommy, looking at Takuya. Tommy turned himself behind Takuya as he slowly inched his was to Koji, where Koji bent slightly to suck on his, Tommy doing the same on the other side, only it was his ass. Takuya moaned as Koji used forceful sucks on him, causing him to rise a little faster. It wasn’t long before Tommy replaced his tongue for the real thing, causing Takuya to wince only slightly. The three continued to fuck until Tommy came. Leaving Takuya’s ass white, Tommy lowered himself between Takuya’s legs and sucked on Koji, while Koji did his job. Soon Takuya sent his shower of cum into Koji’s mouth and Tommy’s hair. Takuya pushed Koji to all fours, which also made Tommy slide under Koji’s legs. Placing each knee beside Tommy, he spread Koji’s ass cheeks, and penetrated him. This continued for a lot longer, but it wasn’t’ too long before they all ended up coming. The three ran off into the woods to bathe before they slept.

“That was a good experience,” muttered Koji as Tommy went under the water and found Koji’s high thigh, washing it off. The three had the basic idea of helping each other wash off. While Tommy did this, Koji rinsed Tommy’s hair.

“Yeah,” muttered Takuya, getting up from the water, “I’m going to go to bed. Remember to sleep there instead of there.” Takuya dressed himself and wandered back to camp. Tommy resurfaced as Koji leaned back at the pool’s edge, Tommy meeting Koji at the face.

“Well,” began Tommy, “He’s out so soon?”

“He wants us to meet him up in bed,” muttered Koji. Tommy went under again as he continued to wash out Koji’s legs and crotch. The feeling was making him hard again, and Tommy noticed this, too. Tommy surfaced, but his arms didn’t. He moved in closer as he took his hands and trapped Koji along the pool edge, using his feet to jack him off. Surprised by this, Koji wanted to help Tommy out, but Tommy only held him tighter to his position. As Koji came, the water of the pool mixed with the warm liquid, and cleansed him off for some reason. Tommy got out of the pool and dressed himself. Koji did the same, Tommy dressing Koji for him. The two went back to camp, where they found Takuya waiting for them. The three rolled around, fucking each other for quite a while before falling asleep.

The next morning was quite disastrous. Takuya’s tent had been knocked over completely, and the three were stuck in it. After some struggling, the three were freed, and the humans and Digimon headed for the Rose Morning Star, where something was definitely waiting for them.

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