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Author has written 7 stories for Cartoon X-overs, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Welcome mortals, to my profile. I am the mighty Dark Phantom Knight! Fear me! Or not, your choice. Anyway, read on to find out about...well, me!

Name:Jacob. That's all you're gettin'.



Personality: I'm pretty lazy, and most of the time, when someone's talking to me, I don't listen, I just nod and say "Yeah, yeah". I can't be insulted. What I mean is, if someone calls me stupid, gay, retarded, I just shrug it off. However, I get TICKED if anyone makes fun of my religon or background, which I take great pride in. I can also be a bit of a pervert at times, but honestley, what teenage guy isn't? I also love to draw. Oh, and my biggest thing: I'm weird. Allways have been, always will be.

Background story: I was your average teenager, living your average life. But one day, while exploring the woods not far from my home, I tripped over something in the ground. I looked at the object. It appeared to be the tip of a metal handle sticking out of the ground. Curious, I dug up the strange object-and was shocked to find that it was a real sword from the middle ages! As I held the artifact in my hand, it started to glow black, and something strange happened to me; a black suit of armor magically appeared over me-which I later found out that despite how bulky it was, I could move easily in it-a black sheild appeared in my right hand, and the blade of the sword itself turned a sinister black color. I had transformed into the Dark Phantom Knight; a ghostly knight who was not only strong, but had super natural powers; like flight, intangebility, shooting ecto-blasts from my hand and sword-pretty much Danny Phantom's powers. So, basically put, I was now a halfa, with my ghost half being a powerful knight. To this day, I travel across the world, putting crime to a stop wherever it's found.

Appearance (When in human form) Very tall, a red t-shirt, blue jeans, a mullet, and my sword is in a sheath on my belt.

Appearence (When in Dark Phantom Knight form): A ghostly knight with black armor, impervious to almost any weapon and/or attack, a black sheild, and a sword with a blade of black metal.

Weapons/Powers: My sword is my main weapon. I also poses intangebility, flight, ecto-blasts, possesion, and many other ghostly powers. Some powers I can use in human form, but certain abilities can only be used in my Phantom Knight form.

Likes: Yu-Gi-Oh card game, warrior monsters, my cats, Rollerblading, the show Class of 3000, The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo, Sonic the Hedgehog comics, the video game Gun, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Jaws, Destroy All Humans, Tony Hawk games, Garfield comics, the Pirates of the Carribean movies, the Harry Potter movies, the Friday the 13th movies, A Nightmare on Elm Street movies, the Transformers movie, the Tremors movies, Guitar Hero, the movie Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid, my girlfriend, and the Resident Evil games (they practically invened Survival Horror games!).

Dislikes: Slash Romance, spiders, my brother, snakes, Darkworld Monsters (man those things are annoying!), Jinzo (when he's used against me), my dog, when my favorite storys are flamed, people who kill others for know reason...(growls agrily), child abuse (THIS IS MY # 1 TURN OFF!!! ANY SICK BASTARD THAT HURTS A DEFFENSELESS CHILD, ESPECIALLY THEIR OWN, IS A HEARTLESS ASSHOLE THAT DESERVES TO ROT IN HELL!!!), Jake Spidermonkey from My Gym Partner's A Monkey (THIS IS MY # 2 TURN OFF!! I HATE THAT GAY BASTARD!!!)

Favorite Characters: Ed, Edd, Eddy, Jonny, Plank, Rolf, Juniper Lee, Danny Phantom, Ember, Sonic the Hedgehog, Cream, Tails, Bo-bobo, Spongebob Squarepants, Bender, and Lilo.

My Main Deck: A deck focused soley on Dark monsters. I also focus not only on power, but on eating away at my opponent's life points.

My Other Deck(s): Elemental Heroes, Earth

Favorite Quotes from Ed, Edd, n' Eddy...

Ed: Pizza slice breaks rock?

Rolf: Rock breaks rock!

Ed: Half-eaten pretzel bagel breaks rock?

Rolf: Must Rolf beat some sense into that over cooked noodle that you call a head?!

Ed: Double D! Upchucked and un-digested! We are as once twice again.

Ed: Stop, Double D! They will dine on you with fast food utensils!

Ed: An apple a day keeps the bus driver away!

Rolf: You have broken the celery stalk on the back of a sea urchin!

Rolf: May your nose fester with the rage of olives!

Rolf: May the fleas from your cow inflame your ruhbarb!

Ed: Hey, neighbor! You wouldn't happen to have any paper I can borrow? Oh, can I borrow this sink?

Ed: Yucky, mushy girl stuff all day! The fish have chips, my freind.

Ed: Uninjured, unscathed, and uncola!

Ed: Prepare to meet your maker!

Jimmy: Atonucci?

Ed: 2, 3 I am going! RAAH!

Ed: I am just a monster in a boy's body.

Ed: A is for helping, which comes from a tree! B is for lifting, Edd and Eddy! C is for Grapefruit, which I don't like one bit.

Ed: Yeah, Double D! An elephant never forgets, but I forget what the elephant remembered.

Jimmy: Ahhh!

Edd: Oh dear! A shreik of terror!

Ed: Dad's home!

Ed: The school will tell Sarah, and Sarah will tell mom, and mom will tell dad, and dad will just sit there and watch TV!

Ed: Sarah will tell mom and mom will tell dad, and dad will say, "Not now, I just got home from work"!

Ed: I forget what we're doing.

Ed: My fantasy come true! I AM buttered toast!

Ed: Hot cocoa and potato salad! Who's with me?

Ed: Plural pronouns!

Ed: Hand em the leaflet, lumpy!

Ed: Oh, look! A whole box of alien exploritory probes, dropped off in an atemp to save fuel during a mutany of pulsing brain mutants.

Ed: Make-up!

Ed: Eddy, are donations bigger than a bread box?

Ed: Eddy, carrots are good for your eyes. Can it dial a phone?

Ed: Love is like an onoin. The more you peel away it's layars, the more it stinks.

Ed: How can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

Ed: Do not be afraid. The spider creature is a fearsome, but sadly misunderstood monster who longs for companionship and checkers.

Rolf: You mock Rolf yet again with the potted shrub of ridicule?!

Ed: Can we stop for ice-cream?

Edd: Ed, please! Eddy's concentrating on the near at hand duel.

Eddy: Like I'll show up, Mr. Give Rolf a Plant.

Eddy: What if we had a clubhouse?

Edd: With clean sheets!

Ed: And a roof!

Rolf: For in the name of the great sheperd elders, Rolf will grill your strudel untill you cry like a teensy weensy baby!

Edd: I must express my concern of acomplishing anything with Jib around. I'm at quite a quandry.

Eddy: Forget your laundry!

Eddy: Talk about adding insects to injury!

Ed: Say it ain't so-eth, Dorkadiah!

Ed: End of first sequence and fade to black.

Ed: But Eddy, how will we get back to where once from we were?

Ed: Tag, you're it!

Ed: I am dead from the neck up.

Ed: Hey, let's bake a pie, then hit me with it.

Rolf: A damesil in need requests room service!

Ed: I am I zombie and I will malice you with a shoehorn!

Rolf: My patience is wearing thin like Papa's head of hair!

Ed: Death to the mole mutants!

Ed: Take me to your plumber!

Eddy: Painting's fun!

Edd: Yes, very liberating.

Eddy: How ya doin', Ed?

Ed: Liberated!

Ed: Hey guys, I may have allready won $10,000.

Ed: Cotton gravy!

Ed: The maple has landed!

Ed: Cheddar!

Ed: Haircut?

Ed: My mom says not to pick my belly button!

Ed: Eddy needs to water the Christmas tree because it's dry!

Rolf: What barbarian would allow their nana to rest?!

Ed: I forgot to wear underwear, guys!

Ed: Your mother wears army boots!

Eddy: How's that for ironing?

Ed: It's his hat, Eddy. He always wears it and he talks forever about stuff. Not to mention his obsesion with cleanlienes. Big problem.

Eddy: Do I look like 20 bucks or what?

Edd: "Or what" is a good question.

Ed: Why-kay-ane-may-I-say Ed!

Nazz: Hi Eddy! Hi Double D!

Ed: Hello Ed!

Ed: I know where we can cool off!

Eddy: And I'm desperate enough to belive ya.

Eddy: Uh, Ed?

Ed: Yes Eddy?

Eddy: As much as I really love the smell of your stinky pits, CAN YOU LET GO OF MY HEAD NOW?!?!

Johny: Another day-(crashes into garbage cans) Ow! Another donut, huh buddy?


Ed: Who know what evil lurks behind the hallowed walls in the House of the Haunted?

Ed: I am the cotton swab! Release the wax, ear person!

Ed: It's the phantom of the ear wax!

Ed: (imitating Eddy) (to Edd, who's imitating Ed) Hey, burrhead! I will now inflict pain on you!

Rolf: You have cursed my rassberies to the life of salad dressing!

Rolf: Why must you spoil Wilfred with this lavish monkey suit? This will only lead him to search for a life as an airline stewert.

Rolf: Wilfred? Have you eaten Rolf's hose again?

Ed: The patient has suffered a penelope to his head-a-saurus area. Not to mention a gush in...his goliath...upper...tube vainy thing.

Ed: The light doesn't get any greener.

Ed: Shush. My yeast is rising.

Rolf: Has anyone ever told you your hair resembles the backside of a chicken?

Rolf: Stop! Do not touch the ice fowl!

Ed: Slide on the soap!

Eddy: Let's go to my place and make some pizza!

Edd: I'll make the sauce!

Ed: I'll get in the way and make a big mess!

Eddy: Obey me, mortal, for I am the great Baron O' Beef Dip!

Ed: (jumps on Eddy and flies up in air) Boing!

Eddy: (smacks Ed with ski like baseball as he comes back down) Smack!

Ed: (flies through air) Whoosh!

Edd: (runs after Ed) Pant! Pant! Pant! Pant!

Eddy: (stands in front of dresser) Let's see what makes this old dresser tick! (pulls bra out of dresser) Woo-hoo! PG-13!

Ed: That's my mom's, Eddy.

Eddy: (drops bra) (in disgust) UUUGGGHH!!!

Ed: Why is Ed sitting in a box?

Ed: Well, that was really swell for Eddy to take my place in the cannon, Double D. He saved me a lot of soot in places I didn't even know I had.

Edd: Ed!! What the Sam Hill were you thinking?!

Ed: Absolutley nothing, Double D.

Favorite quotes from Garfield comics...

Garfield:Growing old is inevitibal. Growing up is optional.

Garfield: Spring is here. The warm spring sun is coaxing trees to bud and flowers to bloom. Fledgling songbirds are testing their lilting voices. Soft spring zephyrs are wafting the seet scent of lilacs. Spring is here. Big, fat hairy deal.

Garfield: I think I'll excercise. I'd better start slowly. Today I shall attempt to register a pulse.

Garfield: A truly lazy person never finishes any...(snores)

Garfield: Take me to your cook.

Jon: I'm going to make a list of things I can do to impress the ladies! (thinks, then starts writing) "Can make a list..."

Garfield: He's writing that in ink, ladies!

Jon: Wake up, Garfield! The whole world is waiting for you!

Garfield: Tell the world to get a life.

Garfield: Life offers us many challenges. And that's why I'm going to hide behind the couch. Don't tell life.

Jon: You forgot my birthday.

Garfield: No I didn't. I don't care!

Jon: All of us have a destiny, Garfield. I wonder what my place in history will be?

Garfield: Somewhere between Floyd the whistling snake and crab grass.

Garfield's campien slogan when he ran for president: Vote for Garfield! You've done worse!

Nermal: Let's celebrate your birthday, Garfield!

Garfield: Go away Nermal.

Nermal: We can laugh and play!

Garfield: Go away Nermal.

Nermal: Or in your case, waddle and wheeze!

Garfield: Come closer Nermal.

Favorite quotes from the game Destroy All Humans 1 and 2...

Pox: To insure this invasion runs smoothly, we must identify the dominant species of this planet. Those lactating bovines are likely candidates.

Crypto: Surely you don't mean those foul-smelling gas bags beyond the fence?

Pox: Yes, I'm afraid I do.

Crypto: But they're covered in nipples!

Dock Worker: Little green men!

Crypto: Not again! Color-blind morons!

Random Person: Midget commie!

Crypto: Probin' time!

Pox: (after you stay on mother ship for long time and not doing anything) Didn't anyone tell you? This game is called Destroy All Humans, not Screw Around on the Mother Ship!

Male Human who's mind I read: (thinking) That Rock Hudson, what a dreamboat! Did I just think that?! Uh...Uh...Lumberjacks, football...uh...(sighs) That's better.

Crypto: This better get me laid.

Crypto: So, you me, jacuzzi, chocolate syrup... what do you say?

Natalya Ivanova: I'm allergic to chocolate.

Crypto: No kidding...that's gotta suck.

Natalya Ivanova: Eh, soviet chocolate tastes like mud anyway. And I have to fit into this outfit.

Crypto: And on behalf of oversexed aliens everywhere let me just say thank you.

Coyote Bongwater:(when he first sees Crypto) Aaah! Godamn flashbacks!

Crypto: Guess again sunshine. Nice setup you got here. Guns, cheep Rusian booze, teenage bra-burning hippie chicks...a man after my own heart, if I had one.

Favorite quotes from the Pirates of the Carribean movies...

Jack Sparrow: Stop blowing holes in my ship!

Cotton's parrot: Wind in the sails! Wind in the sails!

Mr. Gibbs: Lift it like a lady's skirt!

Pintel: 'Ello poppet.

Jack: This is the day you shall always remember that you-(wave washes over him)...Captin Jack Sparrow.

Favorite Quotes from the Tony Hawk games...

Bam Margera: Dude, that was seriously the best run I've ever seen, and I'm lying right to your face, it sucked! (Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4)

Bam Margera: Way to go, dude. That run was bullshit. No, in a good way. (Tony Hawk's Underground)

Bam: Hello, butt nuggets. (Tony Hawk's Underground 2)

Bam: (while watching Skatopia burn) It's beautiful! So beautiful! My life finally has a meaning. (Tony Hawk's Underground 2)

Paulie "Wheels of Fury" Ryan: Please keep your hands and feet inside the porta-potty at all times as you TAKE A DRIP, BITCH!!! (Tony Hawk's Underground 2)

Nigel Beaverhausen: The competition you blokes are doing is tubular! Mega rightchus! Dudes, I'm talking rad to the mizax!

Bam: (makes crazy sign around head) Cuckoo! (Tony Hawk's Underground 2)

Bam: Check this out! It's my BMW. My Boozed-up Moron Wagon. (Tony Hawk's Underground 2)

Favorite Quotes from the Simpsons Movie...

Bart: We'll never know where the treasure is buried.

Some guy I don't know: What treasure?

Bart: The treasure of Ima Weiner.

Some Guy I don't know: Ima Weiner?

Homer/Bart: Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Lisa: I'm so angry!

Marge: You're a woman. You can hold onto it forever.

Bart: This is the worst day of my life.

Homer: Worst day of your life so far.

Homwer: Whad ya get?

Marge: Our wedding video.

Homer: We have a wedding video?

Homer: Spider pig, spider pig. Does whatever a spider pig does. Can he swing from a web? No he can't, cause he's a pig. Look ooooout, he's spider pig.

Marge: You can take Spider Pig with you.

Homer: He's not Spider pig anymore, he's Harry Plopper.

Bart: (in singsong voice) Lisa's got a boyfreind, that she'll never see again-(gets punch in face by Lisa) UGH!

Ned Flanders' Kid: I wish Homer was my father.

Ned Flanders: And I wish you didn't have the devil's curly hair.

Homer: Did I save the day?

Bart: Actually, you doomed us all.

Homer: D'oh!

Favorite Pairings...

Sonic/Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) My favorite pairing! SONAMY 4 EVER!!!

Tails/Cream (Sonic the Hedgehog) So cute!

Knuckles/Rouge (Sonic the Hedgehog) They were made for each other!

Danny Fenton/Phantom (Danny Phantom)/Juniper Lee (The Life and Times of Juniper Lee) It's cute!

Mac (Foster's Home for Imaginary Freinds)/Lilo (Lilo and Stitch) Okay, so I wasn't first to think of this. I still love this pairing!

Yugi/Tea (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Need I repeat myself? They were made for each other!

Yugi/Rebeca (Yu-Gi-Oh!) What? It's cute!

Jaden/Alexis (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) It's so obvious!

Crypto/Natalya (Destroy All Humans) Well, it is cannon!

Edd/May (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy) I thought they looked cute together in the Valentines Day episode. And I still think he has a bit of a crush on her. Did you see that look he had at the end of the episode?

Mac/Goo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Freinds) They're cute together!

Lil' D/Madison (Class of 3000) Don't know why, but I think they're cute together.

Charmy/Cream (Sonic the Hedgehog) I think this is really cute!

Jet/Wave (Sonic Riders) It's cute! (How may times have I used the word "Cute" now?)

Danny/Sam (Danny Phantom) You know it's true.

Danny/Ember (Danny Phantom) Stop looking at me like that! I happen to think this couple's cute. Don't like that I like it? Guess what? LIVE WITH IT!!

Pairings I sort of like...

Shadow/Amy (Sonic the Hedgehog) Okay, so mabey I don't hate this pairing as much as I thought. I'm still a bigger fan of Sonamy, though.

Parings I hate, can't stand, or don't get...

Mac (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends)/Mandy (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) I do not get this couple! I mean, they have absolutly NOTHING in common! Plus, Mandy never shows any sort of emotion at all! How could the hell can she possibly love anyone?!


Name: The Masked Duelist

Age: Unknown.

Appearence: A tall man with messy, black hair. He wears torn jeans, a dirty winter jacket over an old black T-shirt. He also wears a white hockey mask, so we don't know his identity.

Bio: Know one knows who he is or where he comes from. All we know is that he somehow knows Eddy from Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy. He appears in Yu-Gi-Oh: Battle Island. He has a Mask deck. As soon as we learn his identity, I'll add more to this.

Name: Proffesser Sid Mortron.

Age: 31

Appearance: A tall, pale man with black gloves, black boots, and a white lab coat. Oh, and he's bald.

Bio: Mocked since childhood because of his so-called "Crackpot" ideas, he has come to resent all of humanity. In order to exact his revenge on mankind for ridiculing him and his ideas, he constructed Metal Jason, a robot counterpart to the imfamos Jason Voorhes. (see next OC)

Name: Metal Jason.

Age: He's a robot, so he has no age.

Appearance: A robot version of the imfamos Jason Voorhes. He has metal skin, wears a black jumpsuit, and always carries a machette. He wears a chrome mask styled to look like a hocky mask, and he has glowing red eyes.

Bio: Jason Voorhes' robot counterpart, built by the insane Sid Mortron. He is programmed for two things. One: To follow the orders of Sid Hortron, which are to kill anyone Sid commands him to kill. Two: Just for kicks, Sid programmed Metal Jason to think that if he ever met the real Jason Voorhes, to think that he is inferior and must be destroyed.

Weapons: A machette. He aslo has metal skin, making his tough to damage. And, like the real Jason, he has extreme strength.

Name: Jacob.

Age: 14

Appearence: A Sonic the Hedgehog styly cat, He's green, has white fur around his hands, and wears green and orange shoes.

Bio: A Sonic-version of me, designed by my girlfriend. He has my personality, and of corse, likes the card game Yu-Gi-Oh. He has a Darkness deck, and he possess ice powers.

Name: Brittney

Age: 14

Appearence: Another Sonic-style cat, a few inches shorter then Jacob. She has light blue fur, long, light-blue hair, wears a pink tube top that shows a bit of cleavage, blue jeans, and white latex gloves.

Bio: A Sonic-version of my girlfriend, designed by her. She is a huge Sonic the Hedgehog fanatic-and a Shadow fangirl (growls in jealosy...), loves to draw (like me), and has fire powers. She has a Yu-Gi-Oh deck as well; a dragon deck.

Weird is good, strange is bad, and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, than weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, copy this onto your profile!

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Ed, Edd n Eddy is an awsome show! It's been on for nearly 8 years and is one of the few Cartoon Cartoon shows left. If you are a total Ed, Edd n Eddy fanatic, copy and paste this into your profile!

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