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Hey people!! Guess what I'm redoing my profile thing because more people have looked at it and it could use some love and care...so i'm taking the time to add a stupid survey thing. i hate filling out surveys...i do... but anyways if you wanna know about me and all that jazz look down...


iName: Jamie

iAge: 16
iBirthday: march 20
iBirthplace:Sacramento California
iCurrent Location:Cali-forni-a
iEye Color: hazel
iHair Color: blond
iLefty or Righty: righty
iZodiac Sign: pisces -swimy swimy-
iWhat Do You Drive: uhh a black car =)


iColor: aquamarine
iBand: Taylor Swift
iMusic Genre: pop
iTV Show: House
iActor: Orlando Bloom
iActress:Sandra Bullock
iKind of Movie: horror!!
iSport: Soccer
iFast Food Restaurant: Wendys
iFood: Strawberries
iIce Cream: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
iCereal: Frosted Flakes
iCandy: GuMmIe BeArS
iDrink:Dr. Pepper
iAlcoholic Beverage: Strawberry Margarita ...
iQuote: Stupid Shiny volvo owner

--Do You--

iHave any siblings: yes one little sister
iHave any pets: yes 2 dogs 2 turtles a hamster & & fish
iHave a job: does babysitting count?
iHave a cellphone: yes
iHave any special talents or skills: yes i can type surprise surprise
iHave any fears: heights
iHave a bedtime:nope psht bedtimes are for squares
iSing in the shower: yep and proud of it
iWant to go to college: yeppers
iGet along with your parents:sometimes until report cards come out
iHave any piercings: ears
iHave any tattoos: none
iSwear: only when extremely angry
iSmoke: noooo
iDrink: nooo
iDo Drugs: noooo

iFruit or Vegetable: fruit
iBlack or White: black
iLights On or Lights Off: lights off
iTV or Movie: movie
iCar or Truck: car
iCash or Check: cash
iRock or Rap: rock
iChocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
iFrench Toast or French Fries: French Fries
iStrawberries or Blueberries: Strawberries!!
iCookies or Muffins: Cookies
iWinter Break or Spring Break: Spring Break
iHugs or Kisses: eww i hate hugs...i don't like hugs...no i really REALLY don't

--Have You Ever--

iDanced in a public place: yes
iSmiled for no reason: yes
iLaughed so hard you cried: yes
iTalked to someone you don't know: yes
iDrank alcohol: yes only a little...i've never gotten drunk yet tehehehe
iDone drugs: no
iPartied 'til the sun came up: yes
iGotten a ticket: i can't drive don't rub it in hmph
iBeen arrested: no
iBeen convicted of a crime: no
iBeen in a wreck: no again I CAN'T DRIVE DON'T RUB IT IN!!
iBeen out of the country: yes i went to canada...wopee...sound the horns...doo doo doooooo

--Random & Silly Junk--

iEver TP'd someone's house: yeah
iEver egged someone's house: no...
iHow many languages do you speak: well i'm going into spanish two but i can't speak spanish to save my life..so one
iWho do you compare yourself to: uhh idk
iEver regret anything: duh yes
iDo you like being tickled: no...no i can't say i do
iWhat are your goals: to complete this survey...its going well so far.
iAre your fingers tired: yea now that you mention it they are kinda tired
iAre you tired of this survey: yes
iAre you happy: yes cause the survey is over~~!!~~~~~~~~~!! ooo squiggly line thingyyy!!

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