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Greetings mortals, I am Lord Telas leader of The Organization. If you have come to this page it can only mean one of a few things:

1. You are wish to find out more about me.

2. You desire to read more of my stories.

3. You feel some sort of need to contact me.

4. You want to use me as a conduit to other stories.

5. Or you want to find out information on unfinished stories or stories I plan on writing.

All of these are magnificent reasons to come to this page and I would wish you luck in all of these endevors; but I must inform you that you will experience difficulty in the first, temporary difficulty in the second, and fourth with confusion on the fifth. At this time I am unfamiliar with the system that uses and will have to get used to it. Also the way my mind works (when it does at all) will most likly confuse and disturb you; as this is one of the few pieces of my writing that will not be checked by a proof reader of decent mental stability.

So enough with introductions, I will try to allow at least one of your potential desires to be fulfilled, so onto partially completed stories and story idea's. ( I encourage all of you to tell me what you think of everything I put up here, not only because I value your opinions as fellow literary enthusiasts but because the masses are what determine if a story is great or if it falls into obscurity. A quick warning however, these descriptions at least for now will be intentionally vague for a few reasons including, but not limited to, fear of my idea's being stolen, not having fully worked out where the story will end up yet, an evil desire to try and make you more courious, and most influentially, I am once more suffering from temporary psychosis.

Planed Stories:


1. Naruto prevents Sasuke from going to Orochimaru. The Council however uses this as an opportunity to banish Naruto to an island off the coast that is sourounded by a reef with only one path through. The waters are said to be filled with dangerous carnivores making escape impossible. Left there Naruto makes a discovery that has monumental ramifications to the Ninja world. When Konoha later rescinds the banashment hoping that Naruto can be used to bring about the end of a war, they find something that will cause them to redifine not only the meaning of justice, but of family, hope, and love itself.

2. When Naruto was six he was attacked and left for dead, as he was dying a strang man came upon him and used a special technique upon him that allowed the young Naruto to live. This technique however cuased him to undergo changes. These changes went undetected by all, even Naruto himself, untill Naruto batlled Sasuke at The Valley of The End. With these new abilities Naruto must recive training from the one who helped him all those years ago, so that he may control his new power and not be controlled by it.

3. Naruto manages to delay Sasuke long enough for Kakashi to stop him from going to Orochimaru. The council fears that Naruto is becoming to strong and makes plans to eliminate him. Naruto catches wind of there plans and flees for his life. Years later a full scale war has been begun between the hidden villages with both sides evenly matched. However the appearence of a new village could bring about a change in the balance of power. As both sides try to secure an alliance with this new village they discover a familiar face in a position of power in the new village. What are his intentions, can they trust him, or is revenge what he desires?

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