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Okay, forwarning you, I suck at bio's. Just thought you should know.

Name: Laetitia

Age: 17 on July 17th. (hehe xD.)

Grade: Senior come fall

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Light Brown

Height: 5'3''

You see what I was saying, I suck at bio's. That little bit of info above so very boring. Oh well, I suppose I should just start of describing me as best I can in some other way. Right-o here I go. Round two.

Okay, well my name is Laetitia and I am a book freak in every respect. The book that's to blame for me becoming a book freak would have to be Eragon by Paolini. I read it in '03 after I saw it a the schools' book fair and fell in love with it... all 300 pages. xD. To this day that book is my favorite along with it's sequel Eldest. My other favorite books would have to be Twilight and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber, Sunshine by Robin McKinley, Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, the Alex Rider Adventures by Horowitz, and of course, Companions of the Night and Dragon's Bait by Vivian Van Velde. I do believe that there are a few other books as well that I call favorites but if I keep going I have a feeling I won't be able to stop. lol.

Ever since my friend suggested writing fanfiction as a way to improve my writing skills, (I was failing horribly in English in the writing department and couldn't find a way to improve) I've become a writing lover as well. I won't let anyone read what I write until I am at least 98 satisfied with it or unless my friend threatens to beat me over the head with my own book until I write it. I have been writing since '04 and most of the things I wrote during study halls and school still remain in the multiple notebooks I have lying around my room never to see the light of day hopefully. I will admit, when I started off, I couldn't even spell especially correctly. :P. I think it's safe to say my grammar and spelling has improved dramatically, hence my now solid C in English instead of the once normal F.

Hmm, a few random facts about me I suppose could go up here, no harm no foul. Well, my favorite drinks are Vanilla Coke and Vault. My movies of all time are Grease (1 and 2), Queen of the Damned, The Forgotten, Resident Evil, Harry Potter Movies, and all the Alien movies as well. In my spare time I enjoy playing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) on my PS2, Tony Hawk, and Tomb Raider. My number one form of amusement would have to be swapping people's normal sun tan lotion for Olive Oil and watching as the cook rather quickly in the sun. I know, harsh, but quite funny.

Oh, and when I am online (only when I'm bored crazy), I tend to either go to this site and hunt for some good stories, or I go this other site called BiteFight. It's a Web RPG. If you want to check it out, go to this link -->

Well, I hope this Bio wasn't too incredibly dull. Well, I hope you have a nice day and don't forget to smile!

Yours Truly,

Mentally Unstable Person (a.k.a Laetitia)

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